So Right

Rebekah Weatherspoon

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So Right

So Right First comes love Then comes the most ill timed proposal in history Kayla Davis never dreamt she d meet sexy considerate and seriously sweet Internet billionaire Michael Bradbury but ten months aft

  • Title: So Right
  • Author: Rebekah Weatherspoon
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 240
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • First comes love Then comes the most ill timed proposal in history Kayla Davis never dreamt she d meet sexy, considerate, and seriously sweet Internet billionaire, Michael Bradbury, but ten months after Michael went from Sugar Daddy to for real boyfriend she can t imagine spending another day without him Cohabitation is totally working throw in a puppy or two and Kayla hFirst comes love Then comes the most ill timed proposal in history Kayla Davis never dreamt she d meet sexy, considerate, and seriously sweet Internet billionaire, Michael Bradbury, but ten months after Michael went from Sugar Daddy to for real boyfriend she can t imagine spending another day without him Cohabitation is totally working throw in a puppy or two and Kayla has her happily ever after wrapped up in a perfect little bow.Until she finds out Michael might have bigger plans for their future, like marriage, kids, and ownership of a professional sports team Kayla is than ready to join Michael on this amazing ride through the next chapter of their lives, but first she needs to catch her breath and see if Michael is ready to be a part of a team and not just the boss.

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    One thought on “So Right

    1. alexis on said:

      Review originally posted on Lacy Literacy:“On the surface, Michael and I made no damn sense. There was the age gap and the bank account gap, and the fact that some dudes don’t like girls as thick and juicy as me, and some black girls like me didn’t mess with older white guys, but beneath it all we were both just two big nerds who got excited about bad food and things like graphic design and user experience." After reading the first installment in the Sugar Baby series, So Sweet, I was left [...]

    2. Mónica BQ on said:

      3.5 rounded upA basic, somewhat predictable continuation of So Sweet. Everything that happens is basically expected. I still enjoyed it. Which is also rare since I'm usually against this much fluff and I'm also getting tired of traditional and conventional endings. I mean, I could really use reading a romance that doesn't end in marriage and children. But again, I was still very much caught up in this story. I'm eagerly awaiting the final book in the series that comes out in November.

    3. Shira Glassman on said:

      A young, chubby Black woman with a great narrative voice is dating a literal silver fox billionaire. How they got together is in the previous book, So Sweet. In this one, the protagonist Kayla has to deal with and process and eventually confront him over the weird and insensitive way he proposed, which casts and awkward tone over the whole engagement. Meanwhile, he bought a sports team so the plot moves to South Florida -- which obviously I was eating up.Kayla wakes up after a night of great sex [...]

    4. Silvana [The Book Voyagers] on said:

      Gosh. Rebekah Weatherspoon is the true queen of romance. Read her books. Watch her characters grow and fall in love and be epic.

    5. Natalie on said:

      this was a quick, fun, fluffy read. loved it even more than book 1. already grabbed book 3 to see how the story ends for Kayla and Michael ^_^

    6. Candice Montgomery on said:

      I NEED MOREEEE! Ughhh, so perfect. This couple is so fun to read. The banter is so perfect and the problems they have are so real.Can't wait for book 3!

    7. Andi on said:

      So dang cute. Loved this one even more than the first. Really enjoyed the character development and banter.

    8. evergreencrime on said:

      ****2.5****Unfortunately, this one was not as interesting as the first part. Some funny dialogues but I didn't really connect to the characters. I get the first book was about them meeting and developing their relationship. That was cute and funny and interesting. This well, this was about Michael buying a basketball team and the effects on his normal schedule. Some cute moments between Michael and Kayla though.I am not going to read the last book.

    9. Anelis on said:

      i think i'll stop hereboring, took me weeks to finish it at times i found it kinda unintentionally rapey [even though everything was written as consensual]

    10. Elisabeth Lane on said:

      Sequel to So Sweet, probably the second of three novellas according to the author. Both have had happy endings with no cliffhangers--subsequent parts just continue the story. It's a very cute, fluffy read with some steamy sex. This part takes the couple through their engagement and the difficulties inherent in merging two lives. Really nailed it as far as I was concerned. Great read, highly recommend.

    11. Annie ~ From Top to Bottom Reviews on said:

      I liked the first one a tiny bit more, but overall this was another fantastic feelgood-story. Exactly what I am in the mood for right now. Love both of the MC's and the side characters!

    12. Harper Miller on said:

      What a delightful follow-up to So Sweet! I really adore Kayla and Michael together. Looking forward to seeing how their love story ends!

    13. Lara Kareem on said:

      This story was Xtra with a side of candy flossLol. Get it.The most unromantic proposal in history.I mean this two have established they love each other.Come on, you could have done it way better. Ass.Then, of course, people don't expect him to be engagedto our wonderful Black MC.Love how they sort through their issues.Plus throw in puppies to die for.Onto the next book.

    14. Emma Lindhagen on said:

      It was great to be back with Kayla and Michael! The prose and characterizations remain excellent, and it was so great to see a romance with an established couple where the drama/plot wasn't based on any misunderstandings followed by door-slamming or anything silly and convoluted, just some very messy and understandable and real feelings. Sex scenes remain hot, too. Already started book 3!

    15. Krystel on said:

      Another one to get easily lost in and a quick, great read. She's made these characters so relatable, which made it even easier to keep passing the pages. If you're looking for a quick fluffy read, this is it.

    16. Aleksandra on said:

      Lovely continuation of the story. I haven't realized how much I missed Kayla & Michael. Rebekah Weatherspoon knows how to attract readers: compelling characters, great chemistry between the MCs, puppies and total sweetness of the story.

    17. Peppermaud on said:

      This book is HECTIC! There is a lot going on. And THAT question was HORRIBLE

    18. Madeline on said:

      I love these ridiculous little books so much. There's no plot and very little conflict. It's mostly just two people being happy together.

    19. Deb on said:

      GreatGreat series. I can't remember how old Kayla is though so I'm not sure of the age difference. I have so much fun reading these books.

    20. Maya Grace on said:

      I think it might say something about the new adult books that I've been reading that, when it comes to this book, one of the things I loved most about it was how wonderfully mature the characters were. I don't mean that in a "they were boring and had no fun kind of way" (because they totally do have fun, and it's totally adorable btw), what I mean when I say that is that they didn't act like petty kids.Seriously, Rebekah Weatherspoon has proven to be one of the best NA authors when it comes to w [...]

    21. Delilah Night on said:

      **some spoilers***I absolutely loved the first book in this series, So Sweet, and I rushed to the kindle store when Rebekah announced So Right had been published. Heads up I’m going to talk about some spoilers. If you don’t like spoilers, click the back button.Kayla and Michael’s story continues in So Right with the adoption of two puppies, the purchase of a Miami basketball team…and a completely bungled proposal.The last two are the central focus of the book.Michael has always loved bas [...]

    22. Robin on said:

      So, this was another book I was able to get in my a book buy. I've had for a minute but sat down and finished it a few days ago. The story basically continues off where So Sweet left off. Michael and Kayla are in New Relationship Bliss. Kayla has started a new company with her friend and her friend's cousin, I believe but I can't exactly remember, and it's going well. Things are looking great and go smoothly until Kayla finds out that Michael has a little bigger present besides the puppies that [...]

    23. Alexandra Simon on said:

      This was a cute follow-up to the first book in the series, So Right, which introduced us to Kayla and Michael. Kayla is a winning female lead and I would happily read a hundred full-length books featuring her, her start-up greeting card company, and the cast of characters that surrounds her (also I wouldn't mind a spinoff series starring Daniella and her rockstar beau, just sayin'). I love Kayla. There was only one thing that kind of bugged me. The main conflict seems like it could have been has [...]

    24. Limecello on said:

      Kayla and Michael.Yes. I loved them in book one, loved them in book two, can't wait for book three. Basically I want book three now. I learned a few days ago Ms. Weatherspoon hasn't written it yet and now I'm sulking just thinking about it.I love that Kayla and Michael still definitely have things to work through - and basically the ~only thing that could've made this book better is if Michael had bought a football team ;)Solid B

    25. Claire on said:

      Sweet, fun, quick read about people it's easy to like/cheer for, and who like each other. I continue to appreciate the matter-of-fact attitude to sex and sexuality, and the way Kayla and Michael talk to each other is really great/refreshing in a romance. (I would also love if we get a Daniella novella at some point, too, but regardless she's an awesome side character.)

    26. Scha on said:

      I absolutely love Kayla, and Michael Bradbury simply can't be real

    27. Tabs on said:

      Nice sequel to "So Right" that gives us some more Kayla/Michael time and adds in two cute puppies.I read this while struggling through the stomach flu and it totally got me through. Weirdo compliment, but compliment nonetheless.

    28. Laura on said:

      Loved this book. I love all of Rebekah's work. I wonder if there's another book coming out or was this the end????

    29. namericanwordcat on said:

      This second installment is as sweet, sexy and funny as the first. I would happier if all three parts were one book but there are great HFN endings. Good stuff.

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