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Go Deep

Go Deep Slade Slaughter Clark I m a southern college football star in my senior year and all eyes are on me just the way I like it I m not riding a wave to the NFL I am the wave and everyone knows it incl

  • Title: Go Deep
  • Author: Bella Love-Wins
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 432
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Slade Slaughter Clark I m a southern college football star in my senior year, and all eyes are on me, just the way I like it I m not riding a wave to the NFL I am the wave, and everyone knows it, including my fans, opponents, coaches, every NFL agent who matters, and the hot little chicks who follow me around I m the whole packagewith a package that leaves chicks wSlade Slaughter Clark I m a southern college football star in my senior year, and all eyes are on me, just the way I like it I m not riding a wave to the NFL I am the wave, and everyone knows it, including my fans, opponents, coaches, every NFL agent who matters, and the hot little chicks who follow me around I m the whole packagewith a package that leaves chicks wanting There s just one exception Cassidy Greyson She is the uptight cheerleader, my brother s best friend, and a fellow student in a few of my courses Getting a piece of her is now my informal senior year pet project Little does she know she s about to be owned Cassidy Greyson I worked my butt off for three school years and two long summers so I could graduate early and get the hell out of my backwater life in Louisiana Sure, I stuck to the cheerleading, but only because it was a family tradition that my mother insisted I keep up Just because my older sister, Caroline, fell for the be a cheerleader to marry an NFL star trap, doesn t mean I want to follow in their footsteps This is why Slade Slaughter Clark doesn t have a chance in hell I ve avoided falling for the arrogant jock up until now, and there s no way I ll let him in My business professor may have thought he was doing us both a favor when he forced Slade and me to partner up for a major project I just wish I didn t have to stare into his sexy hazel eyes or watch him flex his tight, bulky muscles while we work together Author s note Go Deep is a full length, standalone story with a HEA ending and no cliffhanger This story is light on football and heavy on steamy romance.

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    One thought on “Go Deep

    1. Sarah on said:

      Downloaded for free from This was an okay contemporary romance, although making bets about whether you can get someone to sleep with you is never a good idea!6.5 out of 10

    2. Snow on said:

      PredictableI had a hard time liking the hero from the startThen when i actually found the missing link and started to like him just a little bit, it turned into a mushy NA drama with any elements of suspense or eleveationSo, it was kinda boring :/but I truly love SPORT ROMANCEs and i will always go back to this genre, no matter how sometimes they do not completely deliver or pull a touchdown!*shrugs*

    3. ♥ WishfulMiss ♥ on said:

      1.5 - It was a HOT mess - stars Wish the content was as yummy as this cover - unfortunately I couldn't really like either MC in this one.At 5% (Our "hero")Why she didn't want the honor of me tapping that ass was beyond my understanding. And she was a damn cheerleader. These chicks were supposed to be our number one supporters, for fuck's sake. At 6% (During a threesome with two random chicks - again our "H")I didn't even know their names, and I didn't really care. They were groupies, and groupie [...]

    4. Jaime on said:

      Yikes. I wasn't a fan of this book. Cassidy was a stuck up snot and Slade was overly arrogant. And not in the usual way that these types of alpha heroes are. Cassidy was supposed to be the only person on campus that didn't want anything to do with Slade, which she made sure to mention so many times it came off as her gloating about it, but she gave into him so quickly. The progression, or lack thereof, of their relationship was jagged and confusing. In one paragraph she hated him, the next she w [...]

    5. Rhiannon on said:

      This should be re-named “Boys Will Be Boys.” The entire novel was a huge plot that placated how awful men can be to women, especially within the context of college level varsity sports. The plot is typical and uninteresting and executed with no emotional depth or growth. The hero, Slade is a panty-melting quarterback who indulges in threesomes every night while balancing his football schedule and 4.0 GPA. His latest obsession is banging the only cheerleader left on campus who he hasn’t sle [...]

    6. Erica on said:

      Wanted to like this book moreIt's true, you can't expect miracles from college sports romances, and this one was better than some but didn't live up to potential. I like it when the jock is a jerk-I can even live with it if they cross over into major jackass territory. There just needs to be a strong woman there to turn the tables and reel him back in. Slade was more than a jerk but all the same, I liked him. He had a strong personality and was an ego-maniac. It was Cassidy that just fell a litt [...]

    7. Carla Simoes on said:

      Quando li a sinopse deste livro lembrei-me de um daqueles filmes de Fim de semana sobre adolescentes e manoros, tipo Ela é ele ou american pie sabem do que falo, e a verdade é que ao ler este livro foi isso mesmo que me pareceu. É uma leitura leve e descontraida, embora tenha de admitir que é provavel que pessoas mais velhas que não estão para "aturar" cenas de adolescentes, não vão gostar muito, mas como eu não sai da adolescencia assim à tanto tempo deu para me rir um bocado e pensar [...]

    8. Strider28 on said:

      Normally I love football romance books but I was disappointed in this one. Slade Clark is the QB of the football team and headed for the NFL after finishing his senior year. He's been a man whore all through college but there is one girl he hasn't "bagged" yet. Cassidy Greyson is known as the Ice Princess. Despite being a cheerleader and beautiful she's working hard on her grades because she doesn't want to end up like her mom and sister. They both went to college to find a rich husband and get [...]

    9. ReadingisMyEscape on said:

      I really should have stopped when the first chapter included a very description (I mean EXTREMELY descriptive) menage with the H and two other girls. UnfortunatelyI wanted to give it a try as I enjoy sports books/romances and I hoped it would get better. The H was an asshole who made the old "I bet I can sleep with her" bet with his friends. The h was weak who preached about never ending up like her mother and sister (both cheerleaders who married football stars) ONLY to end up EXACTLY LIKE THEM [...]

    10. Samantha on said:

      This story had potential, however, I found it a little lacking. Sure, this storyline has been done before (typical sports/college/big man on campus book). I didn't mind that. When done right I really enjoy that genre, even when it has already been done. Like I said, the story had potential but some things got in the way of giving it a decent review. One small reason being the typos. If you are publishing a book there shouldn't be so many typos (like using the work 'of' instead of 'if'). They did [...]

    11. Liz on said:

      I actuall enjoyed this book even though it was a little predictable. I liked what little drama there was got resolved pretty quick so no angst. There was a few quirks throughout the story that I let slide but the biggest reason I gave this book 3 stars over 4 was the ending. There wasn't one. It felt so rushed at the end and then it was over. No epilogue to round it out and smooth the story over. No closure what so ever. It looks like there will be more to the series but with other characters. I [...]

    12. Akina on said:

      This was an ok read. Not good. Not bad. Just ok. It's not something I would normally read. The theme was just too shallow. Football star and cheerleader having sex. That's all it was. No real angst. No plot twist. Not even a mean girl to add spice. I'm not even sure about the emotions between the main characters. Slade was just too emotionally shallow. I think he could easily move on to another girl at any point- including the end. However, I was engaged enough to finish reading this book. No ma [...]

    13. Claudia on said:

      the story started strong and I like where it was going but when then ending was approaching I felt it didn't get the justice it needed***spoiler alert***when you find out you were a bet, I would hope you would be a little bit more pissed offd having your closest/roommate tell you it was all a joke and that it happens and you should roll with it I was not happyI mean come on your friend should have your back

    14. Alicia on said:

      i enjoyed the book. A love story like no other. Being best friends with the brother and inlove with the other. Finding out the friend was inlove with her all these years. Happy endings are the best

    15. pamela d bryant on said:

      Great!I chose this rating because this was a pretty good book. The characters were great and some were very arrogant. Slade was a very cocky football player . He felt like he get anything wanted and when he woman. But Cassidy gave him a run for his money. He had work already getting here. But there is one thing I just really didn't like what he did he made a wager with his buddies at his frat house. What are you live to regret that one. But after a while everything was back to being alright. I r [...]

    16. Suszet Roberts on said:

      LovedFootball stories have become my all time favorite and this one did not disappoint. We meet Slade the college quarterback who is the jock attitude, Cassidy is the one girl he wants but can't have. Due to having. class together, Cassidy gets to know a different side to Slade, will that be enough to keep a relationship or is it just physical between them. Loved the ups and downs and how they each had to learn to trust

    17. Virginia Mitulski on said:

      Your going to love this book it's about a cheerleader and a star quarterback n that's only the beginning. Bad blood at a college frat party starts the story off with a bang. And then the book is full of nuances and lots of action. I loved this book so much I also reviewed it on . (Go check out that review also) - hope this was ok to review in both places .

    18. Louise Roach on said:

      I was really pleasantly surprised with this book and honestly really enjoyed it. I have read a few books from Bella Love-Wins now and this one has gone straight to my favorites from her! I am a total sucker for a sports romance, and this easy reading, light-hearted, fun-filled read was great. Now if you are looking for loads of drama and angst, then it's not filled with it (although don't get me wrong there's a little bit of the usual college angst!!) but there is lots of love fun and college sh [...]

    19. Amy on said:

      Argh, this was so bad! I can deal with a bad boy who's a jerk at the beginning but slowly changes and grows when he meets someone special, in fact I even like that kind of story line. But this was not the case here. Slade was basically a jerk for 90% of the book - so what exactly did Cassidy fall in love with? As for Cassidy, talk about rolling over way too quickly and giving in to her simmering passion after supposedly stalwartly refusing to become a notch on Slade's bedpost. And, she seemed to [...]

    20. Ms. Ali Cat on said:

      This is the first Bella Love-Wins book for me and I know she is quite prolific. I don’t know what I expected but I was a bit disappointed in the writing. There were a lot of places I wanted to edit and send to her to fix. One sentence is right at the beginning.“Your muscles are so firm,” Blondie moaned out behind me, kissing shoulders and running hot hands down over my chest.” It seems sloppy when read alone, but the missing context is he is with two girls and I had to read this sentence [...]

    21. Atlanta Whitlock on said:

      I knew from the title that this was going to be a book to do with Football, being honest even though I don’t actually watch football myself I do enjoy reading about it. As in books there are no rules, you can pretty much make things up and they all fit together. I enjoyed the storyline and the plot, however the one thing that I didn’t like or think worked well was Cassidy the main lead female character, yes this is going to shock a few of you as it’s not often when I don’t exactly like a [...]

    22. Denise on said:

      I liked it. It wasn’t over the top steamy alpha male about the star QB and cheerleader like I thought it was but it was still okay to read. Cassidy is the only girl on campus that doesn’t give Slade the time of day but when you grew up next door to the guy and has been best friends with his little brother all your life you get to see a side of him that not one ever does.Cassidy has steered clear of him throughout college and the because of a class project that she needs to graduate, she is p [...]

    23. Sonja on said:

      This was an freebie I thought sounded like it might be pretty good. But it was ridiculous. The biggest message seemed to be 'boys will be boys' and that it's a privilege for a girl to be chosen as one of the hot football players' next screw. What the fuck. I expected Cassidy to put up a stronger fight against the star quarterback, Slade's advances. Especially because she has known him pretty much her whole life and knew he was a cocky ass, and said (multiple times no less) that she would never [...]

    24. Erin on said:

      Cassidy and Slade had me drawn in and invested in their story from the very beginning. Slade was the star quarterback, arrogant yet hardworking and determined to make something of himself. He knew that football wouldn't be forever and smart enough to study hard and working on getting a good degree. But everyone saw the cocky football star. Cassidy was one of those people. Cassidy is smart, tough, savvy woman that won't let any guy stand in her way of making something of herself and achieving wha [...]

    25. jennifer kaminski on said:

      Couldn't put it downCassidy was focusing on college and graduation. She wasn't looking for a relationship. Slate was at the top of his football career and had a high gpa that no one knew about. He tried to live the image he was given. A class they shared and a project they had to work on changed everything. They had feelings for each other. Her best friend Shawn was worried about his brother hurting Cassidy and finally admitted he had feelings for her. She had to decide what she wanted and it wa [...]

    26. Amanda on said:

      ****2.5 stars******The only reason I gave this 2.5 stars was because it kept me reading but wow this book was just not for me.Slade was was too perfect. It was like the dude couldn't do anything wrong. No one in this world is that perfect and that bugged the crap out of me. Not to mention his arrogance. It was insane and way out of control. There was nothing I found redeemable about him and that made me kind of sad cause I was looking forward to enjoying this book.Cassidy was okay but I think sh [...]

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