The Cure for Grief

Nellie Hermann

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The Cure for Grief

The Cure for Grief Ruby is the youngest child in the tightly knit Bronstein family a sensitive observant girl who looks up to her older brothers and is in awe of her stern but gentle father a Holocaust survivor whose

  • Title: The Cure for Grief
  • Author: Nellie Hermann
  • ISBN: 9781416568230
  • Page: 477
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Ruby is the youngest child in the tightly knit Bronstein family, a sensitive, observant girl who looks up to her older brothers and is in awe of her stern but gentle father, a Holocaust survivor whose past and deep sense of morality inform the family s life But when Ruby is ten, her eldest brother enters the hospital and emerges as someone she barely recognizes It is onlRuby is the youngest child in the tightly knit Bronstein family, a sensitive, observant girl who looks up to her older brothers and is in awe of her stern but gentle father, a Holocaust survivor whose past and deep sense of morality inform the family s life But when Ruby is ten, her eldest brother enters the hospital and emerges as someone she barely recognizes It is only the first in a startling series of tragedies that befall the Bronsteins and leave Ruby reeling from sorrow and disbelief.This disarmingly intimate and candid novel follows Ruby through a coming of age marked by excruciating loss, one in which the thrills, confusion, and longing of adolescence are heightened by the devastating events that accompany them As Ruby s family fractures, she finds solace in friendships and the beginnings of romance, in the normalcy of summer camp and the prom But her anger and heartache shadow these experiences, separating her from those she loves, until she chooses to reconcile what she has lost with whom she has become.Nellie Hermann s insightful debut is a heartbreakingly authentic story of the enduring potential for resilience and the love that binds a family.

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      477 Nellie Hermann
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    One thought on “The Cure for Grief

    1. Hannah Garden on said:

      This book is kind of blowing me away. I am nervous to finish it, in fact, for fear it will not be able to continue to.**Having finished, I'll say: 1. I stand by the "blowing me away" part, but also that my fear that it wouldn't sustain was at least semi-well-founded. The kind of slow, ponderous, elegiac prose style begins to feel cramped after a while, as, while the events described are harrowing, there's only so much wet reveling I'm built to tolerate. Not that it wasn't an excellent book. Just [...]

    2. Danni on said:

      I found the prose in this book tedious, and the plot left much to be desired. However, the concept was somewhat interesting and I feel like the author has potential to be good. This just felt like she was trying too hard.

    3. Dagmar Cunningham on said:

      interesting beginning and then slow read. The characters never fully materialize. One wants to push the protagonist Ruby to live and do something,which she does in the end. The conclusion is fine. Over all a bit claustophobic.

    4. Kelley on said:

      The book that never ends. It just kept going and going but not much happened. I had a hard time caring about the character.

    5. eb on said:

      Some interesting deep thoughts here, but the writing is dull, and the story reads like an expanded piece from a college writing workshop.

    6. Lauren Albert on said:

      Beautiful. That fear of loss can cause a person to close up is well known. But Hermann makes this understanding vivid and new in her portrayal of Ruby Bronstein. Ruby cannot express her fear and rage about what she and her family have endured but this repression shuts her down emotionally. "She is afraid for the loss of everyone she has left, of everyone she will ever love." But eventually she is able to truly hear the voice of her father--a man who lost everything but life in the Holocaust--whe [...]

    7. Tracy on said:

      I saw a this book on in an article titled "What to Read When You Are Grieving" or something to that effect. As mentioned by several other reviewers, if you are suffering through a loss or grieving, it will resonate with you more than if you are reading it purely for entertainment.

    8. Joanna on said:

      Not terrible but not great. There was just something about this book that was just so blah to me. It was well written and I wanted to like it but I struggled with the flip flopping of memories. At times I had to re-read sections because I wasn't sure if I was reading a flashback or not. I know I was supposed to be pleased with the ending as the main character had this great revelation but with the story line dragging out and bouncing along like a leaf in a breeze the end just seemed like too lit [...]

    9. Bruce Campbell on said:

      In this beautifully crafted variation of the coming-of-age novel, Ruby moves from an idyllic childhood to a tortured young adulthood as her family is beset by challenge after challenge. The joy here is seeing how she meditates on the ways the events affect her interactions both inside and outside of her family. The characters (and the reader) experience grief but also see a path to the cure for grief. Highly recommended.

    10. Amanda G. Stevens on said:

      "It can't happen again, can it?" Ruby says to her mother when the second family member is afflicted with the same kind of brain tumor that killed the first (after yet another family member experiences a mental breakdown). I was hoping the same thing, but on a story level. At some point, the author would run out of tragedies to lob at her protagonist.Or not.Am I saying no one in reality has experienced this much darkness? Of course not. But the fact that "it happened to somebody once" doesn't mak [...]

    11. Chad on said:

      The Cure for Grief, Nellie Hermann’s impressive debut novel, explores grief as an issue of gender and age. Ruby Bronstein is witness to a series of family tribulations, each more devastating than the last. Ruby is the youngest of four children, and all of her older siblings are boys. Growing up, Ruby hovers on the periphery of a fraternal circle, and Hermann subtly shows the exclusion Ruby feels because of her gender. As the novel progresses, Ruby watches one of her brothers disintegrate into [...]

    12. Jenn on said:

      There is no cure for grief in Nellie Hermann's "The Cure for Grief" but you will sure wish there was while you are reading it. Remember when you stopped watching Party of Five because you were like, how many more bad things can happen to this family? Or Six Feet Under? The Bronsteins are that kind of family. Mr. Bronstein is a Holocaust survivor, one brother suffers from schizophrenia and another from a brain tumor and we observe the family through decades in the eyes of its youngest daughter, R [...]

    13. Rachel on said:

      A touching and heartbreaking account of the protagonist's adolescence in the midst of a series of familial tragedies. I found Ruby remarkably easy to relate to, her struggles for normalcy, love, acceptance- a meshing of usual teenage insecurities and stages of grief. The writing was unpretentious, but the feel of her relationships to her brothers, her parents, the friends who touched her life, was palpable and nuanced. Ruby was truly a complete person, made up of all of the glancing "chapters" i [...]

    14. Diane on said:

      Ruby is the youngest child of four, and the only girl. She's smart, acts older than her years and adores her older brothers and wants to be a part of what they do, despite the teasing she often endures. Her father is strict and quiet, and is a Holocaust survivor. It isn't until Ruby is a young teen that she begins to understand what her father lived through as the family travels to Prague, and returns to the internment camp where the father was imprisoned. Some families have more than their shar [...]

    15. Emi Bevacqua on said:

      I hated everything about the first 2/3 of this book, and then I realized how helpful a book like this would be to somebody dealing with the loss of a loved one. And then I realized that everybody in the world has to deal with that at some point, so I'm making a new bookshelf/tag "grief and loss" and will probably come back and re-read this when I need it, and most likely will award it a few more stars then. So this story is a first novel, about young Ruby Bronstein and her family: American mom, [...]

    16. Lisse on said:

      I kept looking for a silver lining - an everything will work out fine and there is a concrete way for Ruby to deal with her greif, but it never really came, which is very true to real life, so I guess I should be okay with that. But when you watch your main character struggle through so many losses, it's hard not to have something absolutely beautiful happen for her at the end of the book - I wanted it for her. I would have liked to see the author have some kind of roadmap through grief, but I s [...]

    17. Susan on said:

      This book really took off in the beginning, I could hardly put it down at first. But by page 140 (a little more than halfway through) it became quite boring. But by that time I felt I had too much time invested in the book, or, I hoped it would redeem itself, so I kept reading. Around page 180, it peaked my interest again, but only for about another 20-some pages, then the rest of the book was a disappointment. The author did, however, have some colorful prose in the text, such as: "I think of t [...]

    18. The Book Posh on said:

      The author of The Cure for Grief has excellent prose, but the prose is wordy. There were times when I became anxious waiting for the author to get to the point. Anxious in a frustrated way. The premise of the story is poignant to say the least. I am still reeling from the level of loss in this family and their ability to bounce back and keep living. I feel that the story could have been more, it could have been epic. It is almost an oxymoron to say that the words killed this book. The words murd [...]

    19. Andi on said:

      This is the story of Ruby, the youngest and only daughter with three older brothers. In her short life she experiences deep tragedy with the loss of several family members. She slowly closes herself off to everyone around her. Because of this, the story line at times seemed to drag and drag and drag But, I felt like I had to finish so I could find out the cure for her grief.Beautifully written moments, and it made me a bit nostalgic for the time period (she graduates from high school in '95). Bu [...]

    20. Melissa on said:

      /images/layouI loved the voice of Ruby and her re-telling of her life from the age of nine and all of the tragedies that befall her family. But I also liked how well Nellie Hermann put you into the life of a teenager-how separate that world can be from family. This is a debut novel with beautiful descriptions that go from loss and mourning to a girl doing every-day things.

    21. jessica on said:

      I thought this book was terrific -- I enjoyed the writing a lot, and felt there was a lot of humor in it, even though parts of the story are heartbreaking. Ruby and her family and friends are described with love and with insight; the author knows how to communicate a whole world through just a detail or two. I raced through this book and many of the images are still with me. Highly recommended!

    22. Christine on said:

      A beautiful book. This is much more than simply the coming of age story about Ruby Bronstein, who manages to grow up alongside great loss and personal tragedy. Beginning with a fall and ending with a baptism, the story is about salvation in many forms- what it means to be a survivor and what it means to save oneself. In the character of Ruby, we find is a relatable heroine, incredibly real; fragile but incredibly strong.

    23. Tracy on said:

      A wonderful first novel from a fresh and engaging author. At times it was bogged down a bit in the middle with the "normal" teenage experiences and romantic angst but as a whole it was a deeply moving and engaging story. It could have easily been melodramatic with all the loss Ruby went though but the author carefully veered it away from that route. It is certainly one of those books that will stay with you long after you reach the final page.

    24. Amy on said:

      This first novel is a bit rambling and introspective, but overall well-written and poignant. My favorite lines are from very close to the end: "How strange, the way moments can feel huge while they're happeningd then turn small, only to become weighty again. how can you ever know which moments matter, if they shift in potency over time?"

    25. Rick on said:

      Good read! for a first book, truly difficult, self-revealing stuff, even though its "fiction". It feels totally from real life as if she was telling us her personal story and that is partly due to language being simple and direct It feels "fresh" somehow. If only everyone could write at least this well and this revealingly, maybe we would "all get along" better somehow.

    26. Angie on said:

      It was almost as if this book was two halves , made into a whole . I found the first half full of characters and the adventures of thier lives , while the second half was mostly played out in Ruby's mind . Not a bad thing , just different . This book would make ideal reading for a book club selection .

    27. Tyra on said:

      I wanted to like this book but I think the title should have been The Cause of Grief: A Novel instead. I do know people that have multiple bad things happen to them in their lifetime, but to place it all on a young girl just seemed excessive. That said, the story itself wasn't bad, but I kept waiting for something GOOD to happen to Ruby.

    28. Katie on said:

      This book makes my family seem minorly dysfunctional in comparison. If you tend to like depressing books, this is well written. To me, it was just too depressing with a page full of positiveness slapped onto the end.

    29. Rose on said:

      This is a poignant, coming-of-age story of Ruby Bronstein, and the family tragedies she deals with, and ultimately comes to terms with. I could really identify with a lot of the situations and emotions experienced by Ruby.

    30. Haley on said:

      This was a well-written novel that dealt with grief, loss, and coming-of-age. I was impressed by the author's ability to tackle those topics without being overly sentimental, and yet still giving a dignity and gravity to the real emotions and struggles human beings experience.

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