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Unlikely All is fair in love and law Sophie Reid is a survivor and she s done just that by steering clear of lawyers and sex with hunky strangers After enduring a childhood of judgmental distant parents Soph

  • Title: Unlikely
  • Author: Sylvie Fox
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 113
  • Format: None
  • All is fair in love and law.Sophie Reid is a survivor and she s done just that by steering clear of lawyers and sex with hunky strangers After enduring a childhood of judgmental, distant parents, Sophie knows that lawyers are the lowest form of life on earth, and she refuses to let anyone tell her different After one smoldering kiss, she plans to leave the lawyer andAll is fair in love and law.Sophie Reid is a survivor and she s done just that by steering clear of lawyers and sex with hunky strangers After enduring a childhood of judgmental, distant parents, Sophie knows that lawyers are the lowest form of life on earth, and she refuses to let anyone tell her different After one smoldering kiss, she plans to leave the lawyer and her bad judgment in the dust.Ryan Becker, attorney at law, with his perfected art of persuasion attempts to convince Sophie that they can have Ryan is ready to take on the biggest challenge of his life proving without a shadow of doubt that he and Sophie belong together Torn between her desire for him and her deep seated mistrust for his profession pulls her in different directions Still harboring pain from her past, Sophie can t see a future with Ryan especially when a controversy puts them on opposite sides With a wedge driven between them, Sophie realizes that she was right all along Now, it s up to the lawyer to convince her that the pain from her past won t destroy their future.

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    One thought on “Unlikely

    1. Sophia on said:

      A stray puppy gets loose on a busy LA freeway bringing traffic to a halt and sparking romance between two unlikely people. I loved the premise for this story.Sophie Reid is a make-up artist who likes to think of herself as a free spirit and is adamantly opposed to people in her life trying to change her. This is why she has a rule never to date a lawyer. Imagine her surprise when the first man to ever spark a true interest in her is none other than a lawyer. She does her best to find things to d [...]

    2. Rani Self on said:

      This was a fun read. As an inhabitant of the San Fernando Valley, it was fun reading about local spots, including our local animal shelter where our (new to us) dog ended up after getting out of the yard. I got to the point where I skimmed over the sex scenes. I don't consider myself a prude, but I like to leave some things to my imagination.

    3. Jaydb on said:

      3.5 starsThis book is so full of surprises. It started out as a feel-good, chic-lit read that you can consume in one sitting. Then it became a little angsty with family issues and the mistaken need to adhere to social norms. Then things took a more serious turn with a battle between unions and execs, and our main characters sitting on opposite sides of the table.The feel-good part:The story started with our main characters scrambling through a traffic jam, trying to save a frightened puppy. They [...]

    4. Judy & Marianne from Long and Short Reviews on said:

      Originally posted at: longandshortreviews/boI chose this book for review because it sounded fun. And it was.Sophie is an unusual heroine. She hides behind a demeanor of in-your-face rebellion with her constantly changing hair color (it’s yellow, it’s pink, it’s blue…) and numerous piercings in an attempt to force everyone to like her just as she is. Thing is, I’m not entirely certain even Sophie knew who the “real” Sophie was. She was just determined to be the polar opposite of eve [...]

    5. Books Mom on said:

      Puppy Love is a fun, sexy romantic romp that would be enjoyed by most romance fans.First I have to say how amazing the hero, Ryan, is. Not every guy would stop in the middle of a busy highway to help someone save a dog. He does, and then goes the extra mile, helping her take it to the vet, and eventually deciding to adopt it. He’s very nearly flawless. He’s handsome, patient, kind, sexy yum!!Sophie, on the other hand, has her share of flaws and more. She hates how her lawyer father behaved t [...]

    6. Teena in Toronto on said:

      How could I resist a book about a dog?!Sophie is driving to work one day when she gets caught in a traffic jam there is a dog running loose on the highway! Sophie jumps out of her car and tries to catch the dog along with another driver, Ryan.Sophie and Ryan are complete opposites and have an immediate attraction. Sophie is a make-up artist who changes the colour of her hair on a daily basis. The day she catches the dog, her hair is yellow to match her car. The next day it was blue and so on. S [...]

    7. Kimberley on said:

      I received a signed copy of 'Puppy Love' by Sylvie Fox through the 'First Reads' giveaway. I don't normally read books from the romance genre but if i'm completely honest the picture of the cute guy holding an adorable dog on the cover lured me in! It was the tale of a relationship between a man and woman that were brought together by a chance encounter involving a runaway puppy. I was apprehensive when I read the words 'Sensuality level: Sensual' on the back of the book. The only other books c [...]

    8. Janna Shay on said:

      Puppy Love is a fun and enjoyable love story. Sylvie Fox does a wonderful job of creating a romantic romp with ‘opposites attract’ characters. The chemistry is hot, the characters lively and colorful, and the sex scenes steamy. The story is well-written and the plot flows smoothly. The heroine, Sophie, a free-spirit with a style all her own, has two things she avoids, dating lawyers and sex. The hero, Ryan, a successful corporate lawyer, finds Sophie’s style extremely attractive and refres [...]

    9. Jessica on said:

      See more of my reviews on my blog Thoughts At One In The Morning.My Thoughts:I love finding hidden gems in the enormous pile of new adult and contemporary romance. I was a little iffy on this one at first, but I pressed on and discovered a very sweet story. It's nice to get a pleasant surprise like that.Sophie and Ryan get along well enough, but Sophie isn't a fan of lawyers, which causes her to keep Ryan at a distance. When their paths cross again, there's a chance she might be swayed, maybe. I [...]

    10. Debi on said:

      I received a copy from Netgally and the publisher for honest review.UNLIKELY by Sylvia Fox is #1 in L.A. Nights series. My first Sylvie Fox book. I liked the easy humor and interesting plot. Fun, sexy, and romantic. It's easy to like quirky make-up artist vs corporate attorney. Sophie Reid bursts onto the scene when a dog is dodging traffic on the highway. She scoops up the dog with the help of a handsome stranger in a suit. Free spirit Sophie doesn't do suits. Ryan Becker's drive and determinat [...]

    11. Darci Goodman on said:

      This review pertains to Unlikely, by Sylvie Fox, Book 1 in the LA Nights series. Thank you to Netgalley and Penner Media for the chance to read and review. I enjoyed this book, It was a cute, quick read with an interesting plot. The story focuses on Sophie Reid and Ryan Becker, who are opposites in every spectrum. The couple meet while trying to rescue a puppy from the freeway. I loved how they met. Sophie is the eccentric artist to Ryan’s corporate law business man. I enjoyed the issues these [...]

    12. Cheryl Sanders on said:

      People say that opposites attract. Sophie and Ryan couldn't be more different. She's a funky, purple, yellow, or pink haired make-up artist. Ryan's a buttoned up lawyer. He loves her just the way she is. After living with her father for so many years, Sophie vowed to never, NEVER date a lawyer. She makes an exception for Ryan until he starts getting a little too close for comfort. Sophie and Ryan are an unlikely pair if there ever was one. I think the only thing they had in common at the beginni [...]

    13. Puna on said:

      I like Ryan quite a lot, Sophie on the other hand I wasn't such a fan of. Sophie seemed to be on the middle of a long drawn out teenage angst & little rich-girl rebellion, doing her best to show the world & her folks that she's nothing like them. Her father is a lawyer/judge and was rather bossy & controlling so she refuses to date lawyers. (Because, obviously it's a job that makes that kind of person.) Ryan is, of course, a lawyer so Sophie has a chip on her shoulder from the start. [...]

    14. Janet on said:

      A Great opposites attract premise featuring well developed characters, Unlikely is a good series start. Sylvie Fox has created a world and populated it with engaging characters. Quite a few of those characters were introduced in this book, and the story seemed a little light as a result of the introductions and character development. Though the story was well plotted, it just seemed to end rather sharply, I am hoping that more information will come out in future series books. All in all a good s [...]

    15. Cathy Geha on said:

      This delightful story was a gift to me from the author through Library Thing. I had no idea what to expect and thoroughly enjoyed the story of Ryan the upwardly mobile lawyer and Sophie the makeup artist who left her wealthy parents behind to be a bit of a rebel. The story starts with a dog chase on the freeway, moves to adoption of the dog and then becomes a romance with Sophie and Ryan eventually on opposite sides of a bargaining table during a labor dispute. How love overcomes all and how Rya [...]

    16. Serena Clarke on said:

      I really enjoyed seeing a different side of the Hollywood scene in this book. And in Ryan, it was nice to read about the kind of guy you really would want as your hero in real life. Sophie had a lot to work through before she could truly let Ryan in, and I have to say I was cheering him on the whole way through. I liked Sophie's quirks, especially how she loved to change her hair colour. Confession: I coloured my hair after I finished reading the book! That says a lot about how the story drew me [...]

    17. Rene on said:

      RefreshingThis book is so refreshing. I think it is an amazing story of strength and courage of someone who tries to overcome the way people look at them. I understand how Sophie feels about trying not to be the person her family wants her to be and being the person she wants. Ryan is so patient with Sophie and her insecurities. This book is definitely a wonderfully refreshing and romantic story. I would recommend it to anyone who has insecurities about sex and romance.

    18. Cathy Smith on said:

      I received the book for free through First Reads. This was a really cute book. Wish the type of dog had been mentioned. But after all Sophie and Ryan go through to get together, it is a well-written, and slighty humorous book. With all the differences they have, you are beginning to wondern she change, and can he adapt? The dog does the best at adapting over all; and the dog gets my vote for best character! Enjoyed it greatly!

    19. Nancy on said:

      **ARC provided by NetGalley via Penner Media/Sylvie Fox for an honest review**Sophie and Ryan first meet rescuing a dog on the highway. This sparks a relationship that makes for a great fun read. Sophie has her reasons for wanting nothing to do with Ryan, but Ryan has his own ideas. I really enjoyed this cute romance and can't wait to read L.A. Nights #2.

    20. Anna on said:

      This book had a solid plot. I liked that these two had some issues from their past and a few other external forces. I like that Ryan had to work for it and that there were some resolutions of Sophie's uh "bedroom issues" which worked out quite nicely. But, the ending was awfully abrupt. I like a little epilogue when two characters grow on me, I want to see some HEA long term with these two.

    21. H.J. Harley on said:

      I was sucked into Sophie and Ryan's world by the end of chapter one. The characters were well developed and the story left no holes to fill. I will definitely be reading more of Sylvie's work. Loved it!

    22. InD'tale Magazine on said:

      Ms. Fox gives the reader lighthearted and fun read with “Unlikely”.Read full review in the 2014 April issue of InD’tale Magazine.

    23. Kristy on said:

      OKThere was something about this book that I just couldn't get past I think it was the characters & how all over the place they were. Overall it was OK but I wouldn't read it again & I probably wouldn't recommend it.

    24. Genia on said:

      Ryan & Sophie met during a traffic shut down of an expressway caused by a run-away dog. The believable and engaging characters struggled with real life situations/issues associated with relationships. They were able to work through and resolve their problems and ended up together.

    25. Faith89 on said:

      Received copy from Netgalley for honest reviewThis was a cute, easy romance. Sophie and Ryan appeared to be complete opposites. Ryan is the corporate lawyer and Sophie is the quirky make up artist. The storyline was pretty simple. Not great but not bad. It was dared for me to finish.

    26. Kristina on said:

      a fun easy read. i loved the chemistry between the main characters.

    27. Willow on said:

      The mysterious is just a good way for me like these two characters!

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