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Shaken Trapped and alone she turns to the one man she left so long agoChoosing her career over love years ago Jessie Morales is finally reaping the rewards of her fateful decision Just as she s relishing i

  • Title: Shaken
  • Author: Sylvie Fox
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 448
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Trapped and alone, she turns to the one man she left so long agoChoosing her career over love years ago, Jessie Morales is finally reaping the rewards of her fateful decision Just as she s relishing in the idea of a possible promotion, Jessie finds herself trapped in an elevator after a life threatening earthquake, questioning the path her life has takenPD officer CTrapped and alone, she turns to the one man she left so long agoChoosing her career over love years ago, Jessie Morales is finally reaping the rewards of her fateful decision Just as she s relishing in the idea of a possible promotion, Jessie finds herself trapped in an elevator after a life threatening earthquake, questioning the path her life has takenPD officer Cameron Becker would do anything for his ex, so when she calls him, frantic for help, he drops everything to be there for her When the immediate danger passes and old yearnings arise, Cameron and Jessie can t resist what they still feel With their families desperate to keep them apart and their careers still tugging them in different directions, can they rely on fate to keep them right where they belong together again

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    One thought on “Shaken

    1. Sher❤ The Fabulous BookLover on said:

      DNF @ 40%.I really tried with this one, it had a lot of potential, but it was hard to connect to the characters. The lifestyle and story was really sad (Yesenia is an undocumented immigrant who's separated from her husband) and it made it hard for me to read. When I read a novel I want an escape and this didn't give me that. I get where the story was going, but the characters were plain, sad and one dimensional. Also the love relationship between the H/h wasn't clicking and I couldn't figure out [...]

    2. Samantha on said:

      It should be noted that I was given this novel in exchange for an honest review. This is my first time ever reading anything by Sylvie Fox. I really like her writing style and so I'll keep my eye out her from now on. This story drew me in with the overview because I'm a sucker for love conquering all. While reading this I wanted to strangle the heroine more than once. She was a royal pain in my ass for not seeing how much her husband loved her. Being of Hispanic background, I found myself wantin [...]

    3. Jessica on said:

      See more of my reviews on my blog Thoughts At One In The Morning.My Thoughts:After really enjoying the first two books in the LA Nights series, Unlikely and Impasse, I became ecstatic to see there was finally a third book. I managed to get my hands on a review copy and dove in happily. Unfortunately, it didn't match up with my love for the rest of the series.Within the first few chapters, I was curious and interested in what was going to happen next. With Jessie's panic in the elevator followed [...]

    4. Taria Reed on said:

      I hate to say this but .I didn't like Jessie. She was a selfish, childish, woman who honestly didn't deserve Cam. He trusted her and she fucked him over. She got him fucked with his job with no lube and didn't think twice about what would happen to him only about her own career. She goes through the story bitching about him not trusting her. Well DUH!! You broke his trust and he has every reason not to trust you. ok ok ok. when it all counted she made the right decision. but she did nothing but [...]

    5. Gea on said:

      Cameron and Yesenia are like dancers out of sync. They keep trying to get into the rhythm but don't go all in. When everything seems to fall apart they get their last chance to get it right.The only thing I think stands out of the story is that Cam says even with lights out and missionary style sex is at the top of his list. Really?That's sad.I received a free copy and this is my honest review.

    6. Cynthia on said:

      All it takes is one choice one wrong mistake and your world has changed as you know it. Jessie husband told her something that he was working on as a newspaper reporter she wrote the story up which ended the sting the LAPD had been working on for months. This got her husband into a lot of trouble with him almost losing his job. He was put back on the walking beat and looked over for other jobs he really wanted. They separated and just about ended their marriage. Jessie will not go for a divorce [...]

    7. Armenia on said:

      This story is about Cameron and Jesse, an estranged couple whose separate lives have become distant because of betrayal and bad choices. Though the feelings of each the H/h seem to want a second chance, they can’t seem to find a way back together until a big quake brings those feelings brimming to the surface. Jesse is caught in an elevator, and trying not to succumb to panic. Left claustrophobic from a previous life event, she’s faced with the realization that Cam is the only person that ca [...]

    8. Heather / Obsessed With Myshelf on said:

      Points for diversity/originality; points deducted for lack of connection. 2.75-3 stars.This story is definitely different than most in the romance genre, which I think is a good thing. And I loved the line ‘once mine, always mine’…so there’s that. However, I really couldn’t love the characters like I wanted to.This book follows Yossenia (Jessie) Morales who is a television anchor on the local sensational Spanish news station. She’s desperate to move up in the world and start reportin [...]

    9. J.M. Adele on said:

      Broadcasting confidential information was enough to boost the career of reporter, Yesenia Morales and damage the career of police officer, Cameron Becker. A betrayal of trust that drove a wedge in their marriage.When Yesenia needs rescuing from an elevator five years later, Cameron comes to her aid. He wants her back. She wants a divorce.The author puts a spotlight on marriage and the tug-of-war between career demands, family expectations and traditions. Cultural differences also pose huge chall [...]

    10. Alima Livzletlivz on said:

      Jesse Morales and Cameron Becker sure left me shaken with unexpected feelings of race and discrimination and of a young couple coping with so many boundaries and a judgmental society. Not that Sylvie Fox takes her readers on a detailed path on that subject, but her characters are inter-racial and she sure brings out the cultural differences that can cause two wonderful people go separate ways.Having chosen her career and family over her marriage a few years ago, an earthquake in LA brings Jesse [...]

    11. Jenn_COBB - Collector of Book Boyfriends on said:

      A lovely story with goodhearted characters that were separated by a misunderstanding and held apart by their pride and stubbornness. Their families weren't much of a support and just made it harder for them to be together and complicated their way back to each other.I am very happy with Cameron and how he acted on his feelings and went for his hearts desire and did his part to get his wife Jessie back.At times I felt that Jessie has been stubborn more than needed and forgot to set her own best b [...]

    12. Cathy on said:

      3.5 STARS"Shaken" is the story of Cameron and Jessie - an estranged married couple. First, let me say that I enjoy Ms. Fox and her writing style. I found that each character and scene is described so that the reader understands the thoughts and feelings of the characters as well as where they are and what is happening. As for the characters themselves, Cameron, an LAPD officer, is terrific! He hates that he's not with his wife anymore and wants to fight to get her back. I was rooting for him the [...]

    13. Bella on said:

      The story is about second chance of love. Jesse and Cam are brought together because earthquake. They are married but living separate for years. After rescue Cam ist detarment to fight for his wife and their love. Jesse is the one who has doubt and have really big family drama to deal with. The book is about real life issues and problems. I liked the characters, they were well written. I enjoyed reading about them. Overall good book about love, family drama and second chance.*ARC provided by Net [...]

    14. Terry Moskowitz on said:

      This was given to me in exchange for an unbiased review. This book is about Jessy a women who deals with the trials of being a citizen when her family is not. She is separated from her husband who is trying to win her back and struggling with her job. All her time and money goes to her family. The story line was good but slow for me.I had a hard time getting into this book, about half way through it became more interesting. You should still read it though because my opinion may not be the opinio [...]

    15. Bibliophile Wonderland Reviews on said:

      *ARC provided by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review*I really tried to connect with book. I thought this was going to be a good book because of the Jessie who comes from a similar background as I do hard working woman who is supporting her, mother and sister. I just couldn’t connect with Jessie and Cameron her husband he is a LAPD officer. I struggled for the book. Took me a couple of tries. I don’t know if it was Jessie that annoyed me in the story or if it was the story itself. For [...]

    16. Courtney Short-prudhomme on said:

      This was an excellent read. I haven't read other books in the series but author still made it easy to follow along jumping in from this point. It was a great mix of romance and erotica love and sex The complex family relationships made it very relatable as well as the very common interracial aspect of the characters. I would def read more of this author's work in the future. I got this book from Net Galley to review.

    17. Faith89 on said:

      Copy courtesy of NetgalleyThis story was ok but I didn't like the characters. Especially Yesenia (Jessie). I didn't connect with her or Cameron. To me, she expected Cam to make all the sacrifices. She broke his trust and then couldn't u derstand why he didn't confide in her. He had his faults too. He could have stood up for her more. The story started off good but lost my attention toward the middle.

    18. InD'tale Magazine on said:

      “Shaken” will grab the reader's attention from the very first page.Read full review in the 2016 February issue of InD'tale Magazine.

    19. Beyond the Pages on said:

      Rating: 1/5Audience: Adult Status: M Chemistry/Intensity: +/-Conflict/Drama: Yes Family Dysfunction: Yes HEA: +/-

    20. Clare on said:

      Cameron wants to get back with his Ex but will Jessie make the same mistake again and scupper any chance of them ever getting back together again. An enjoyable read and I'd read more in this series.

    21. Jennifer on said:

      It was okay. You could already tell what the outcome was going to be.

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