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Cathryn Fox

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Learning Curves

Learning Curves When he wins a sexy bet billionaire Linc Blair can t wait to get Lauren Neill naked He s never gone for her type in the past and he s pretty certain it has to do with her buttoned up hotness than th

  • Title: Learning Curves
  • Author: Cathryn Fox
  • ISBN: 9781633756403
  • Page: 400
  • Format: ebook
  • When he wins a sexy bet, billionaire Linc Blair can t wait to get Lauren Neill naked He s never gone for her type in the past, and he s pretty certain it has to do with her buttoned up hotness than the nagging sense that something is missing from his life But when he gets a glimpse of the vulnerable woman beneath the conservative, yet oh so sexy clothes, it s a gameWhen he wins a sexy bet, billionaire Linc Blair can t wait to get Lauren Neill naked He s never gone for her type in the past, and he s pretty certain it has to do with her buttoned up hotness than the nagging sense that something is missing from his life But when he gets a glimpse of the vulnerable woman beneath the conservative, yet oh so sexy clothes, it s a game changer.Lauren can t believe she s spending a few days with one of sexiest, and most annoying men she s ever met But she can t deny the chemistry between them, and for once in her life she s letting down her guard so she can explore a different side of herself The side only Linc brings out in her.Taking it slow, he unleashes her sexuality and it quickly occurs to him that what started out as a bet for him has become something With their weekend nearly over, and her ex showing interest in this new confident version of Lauren, Linc will have to risk it all if he wants to win the game of love.

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    One thought on “Learning Curves

    1. Carol [Goodreads Addict] on said:

      Learning Curves is by Cathryn Fox. It is part of the brand new Scorched line by Entangled Publishing. This book was generously provided to me by NetGalley, Entangled Publishing, and by Cathryn Fox.Lauren Neill has had one serious relationship but her ex, Matthew, dumped her. He told her she was boring in bed. That she didn’t know how to please him. So ever since then she has concentrated on her work, still hurting from Matthew’s words. Still, though, she can’t help but to notice the oh so [...]

    2. Wendy'sThoughts on said:

      4 Real Win-Win Stars* * * *He's been watching her. and she has been watching him. What may seem like oil and water not mixing is totally not the case. What we have here is a very sexy and enjoyable little time out from the everyday life brought to us by Cathryn Fox.This is a tale of the seemingly playboy type interested from afar in our button downed gal. They cross paths through business and are at a hockey game when a bet is agreed upon if his team wins he gets her for the weekendd if her team [...]

    3. Michelle on said:

      ARC provided by publisher in exchange for an honest reviewAll bets are in and Cathryn Fox has laid everything on the line in her newest sexy novella, theLearning Curve. So if you are looking for a romance that is sweet and sexually charged, then place your bets on this book because making a bet lead one heroine discovering that the man she thought wouldn’t give her a second thought might have been waiting for the right time to claim her?“His filthy , explicit words pushed her to the edge, bu [...]

    4. ChrisCarroll on said:

      Need a hot little read for a spicy afternoon pick me up? Then this is the book for you.This novella has everything that you are looking for in a Quick read. A fine looking man with loads of heat, plenty of sexual tension, and delicious steamy sex. Plus the awesome HEA that we fantasize about in a perfect romantic world.That's what's awesome about Cathryn Fox. She took the best parts of a romantic story, packed it into a beautiful novella and we get everything we want in one quick read. This auth [...]

    5. Laura on said:

      ***ARC Provided by the Publisher and NetGalley***imasweetandsassybookwhore.Novellas are hard to review, as they are by definition, shorter and not as developed, and I like developed stories. That said, it is possible to develop a story in a novella, it just takes a little effort, some attention to a different pacing, and an ability to know what can be skipped and what needs to remain in order for the story to work. Cathryn Fox does a wonderful job with all of this, creating a novella that works [...]

    6. Stacie on said:

      3 "Smutacular Insta-love" Stars!If you are in the mood for a short read with lots of sex, a little bit of heart, and some serious insta-love, this is the book for you! Happy reading!

    7. Maria11 on said:

      Hummm.what to sayIt was short and very sexy. It was instant love and I want to marry you.It was very good writing, but very unrealistic. It was too short to really get a handle on the characters. I have to get on my soap box and say that I do not like this trend with eBooks. Short reads can be fun just like this one, but they just don't hit the right spots! LOL!It was sexy and hot. A light no brainer read. Not bad but not super great.Received an ARC from the publisher through NetGalley for a hon [...]

    8. Steffi on said:

      Thanks to Netgalley and Entangled: Scorched for the digital copy in exchange for an honest review.Unfortunately this book is only a novella because I really enjoyed the story, the characters and their sexual chemistry. I would have loved this to be a full-length romance.The general story is kind of clishée and things in the relationship were kind of rushed but as this is only a short story I understand the author's intentions.I really liked the characters and the sex scenes were absolutely HOT. [...]

    9. Dilek VT on said:

      That is a very short read - 74 pages. A novella actually.Don't expect much plot or character development. Some short steamy story only* I won't read any more novellas because they are never satisfactory enough for me. My grading reflects this feeling of mine

    10. Ginette on said:

      In the minority on this one.Short & steamy part was ok, but I just didn't enjoy the characters. Again just my personal opinion

    11. Dísir on said:

      I’ve always maintained that novellas are tricky business. Short, to the point, with very little manoeuvring space in the narrative other than to get to the heart of the matter with characters that should be more than half-formed caricatures or puppets dangling from the author’s fingertips. Which is why in 68 pages, ‘Learning Curves’ is surprising enough for me to (sort of) buy into this short, short tale that is pretty much a drawn-out transition from UST to RST while charting out a some [...]

    12. Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews on said:

      Slick's review posted at Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews3.5 starsTake two people plus a simple bet and add in incredible pleasure for a weekend and that equals Cathryn Fox's hot, sexy short story, Learning Curves.Linc Bliar and Lauren Neill have been lusting after each other for some time although Lauren really doesn't want to lust after her best friend's cocky, playboy boss. When she loses a bet to him his reward is a weekend alone with her for him to do what he pleases. I enjoyed the set-up to t [...]

    13. Cami on said:

      5 Scorching Hot Stars!!!!This a really cute short read. It was smoking HOT……I mean, I needed a break scorching HOT! I went and took a dip in the pool trying to get a little distance which only accomplished me thinking about the boat scene. Billionaire Lincoln Blair, better known as Linc wins a bet with Lauren Neill. She is not his normal type but he still cannot wait to get her alone and naked. Her “buttoned-up hotness”is all he has been able to think about. Lauren can’t believe she’ [...]

    14. Kjen on said:

      4.5 Sizzling Stars! This was one seriously hot novella! Loved both Lauren and Linccially Linc;) Well written, both plot and love scenes. I've always said "If you can't write love scenesn't." Fox doesn't have this problem, as she manages to convey the emotional and sensual side instead of just the act itself. The characters form a bond outside the bedroom that adds to the story. If you're looking for a hot, sultry beach (or porch, or whatever) read, this is it!*This book was generously provided t [...]

    15. Crystal Yawn on said:

      Holy Moly, after a dry spell of tame books, this one hit the spot!Lincoln is one dirty talking, panty melting bad boy that will leave you gooey panting for more. Add in an unsure Lauren and the sheets are bound to catch fire as Lincoln shows her what she's been missing. I can't say enough how this hot this book is.  I had to take a breather halfway through to calm down.  If you like well done dirty talk, this is a must read.

    16. Caro on said:

      3.5 stars. Well, this was a hot read.Here Lauren and Linc make a bet, and after Lauren loses, she has to spend a weekend with Linc.Well, considering both of them were secretly lusting after the other, I’d say the weekend was bound to be a game changer for them, lol.The story is short (it IS a novella, after all), and it does what it promises, a fun, hot and quick look into these two characters and their time together.*Thank you to Entangled Publishing for providing an ARC in exchange of my hon [...]

    17. Terry Moskowitz on said:

      I rarely give a 5 star but this book is a fast read and it is hot. I could not put it down.Lauren is so caught up in the things her ex told her, however after a bet made with Linc Blair this will all change. One weekend with him, and the heat is on. Not only are they enjoying each other immensely, her ex is noticing her as well. Linc will have none of that and you just have to read it and find out.** I received this book in return for an honest review**

    18. Amanda on said:

      I received an ARC of this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.This is a short read that manages to incorporate some of my favorite tropes into a cute, sexy story that's well paced and sweet. I liked both characters and even though things moved fast, in the context of the story, it was totally plausible. A fast, but satisfying read. My full review will be up at my blog on June 18, 2016.

    19. Beanimous on said:

      I finished this book, but I don't really like it.This book felt rushed, shallow and unbelievable.I failed to have any sense of connection with any of the characters in the book, and I grew inpatient and uncaring towards the end.

    20. Olivia Fox on said:

      A very good short story! Hot and sexy. The protagonist is an accountant whose last boyfriend did a number on her. And when he tries to humiliate her one more time, Linc comes to the rescue.I recommend it for a long commute.

    21. Roneka Robin on said:

      One word. AMAZING!!!! That's all you need yo know now go read this awesome book!

    22. Char (1RadReader59) on said:

      Have you ever had a wanting so deep it made your body tremble? Lauren Neill has but she couldn’t understand it. You know it really made no sense. Her last boyfriend dumped her for being boring in bed and uneventful in life. So how could she feel such strong feelings for Linc Blair. To the point where she could not stop staring at him when he walked into a room? He was one of the most handsome men she had ever seen in her life and she was intrigued by him. Her friend Kelli is Linc’s top regio [...]

    23. Misty (Red's Romance Review's) on said:

      Billionaire Linc Blair is use to always getting what he wants, and so the minute that he sets his sights on conservative accountant Lauren Neill and makes his move, and she denies his attention it confuses him. He's never really had a woman not be interested in what he has to offer, normally all he has to do is flash his smile and it makes women weak in the knees, but with Lauren he's only met with irritation. Every encounter they share, his desire for her grows, but he just can't seem to convin [...]

    24. Melanie on said:

      Cathryn Fox has definitely scored a goal with this one! This quick, sexy read will leave you longing for more of Linc and Lauren. I have a feeling that Linc will be the next BBF for a lot of readers!!Lauren works for a company that does the accounting for a hockey team. When there is a game against her favorite team, not the one she works for but a rival, she decides that she will take advantage of one of the perks of her job and attend the game in the VIP box. When Lauren sees Linc there, she w [...]

    25. Jackie (Jackie's Book World) on said:

      ***Review can also be found at Jackie's Book World.*** :)Not having read any of Cathryn Fox's previous works before, I was impressed with the overall idea and how the author managed to completely tie the story in a novella. At the beginning of the story we get to meet Lauren Neill and Linc Blair, whose sexual attraction is what ultimately brings them together. They had seen each other before, but they've never spoken to each other. Linc happens to be Lauren's best friend's boss so she knows him [...]

    26. Adria (Musings and Reviews) on said:

      Originally posted on Adria's Romance Reviews* A copy of this book was provided by the publisher via NetGalley for the purpose of an honest review.Basically playboy Linc Blair wins a bet against Lauren Neill and her defeat means that she has to spend the weekend in his bed but he bites off more than he can chew when he starts to get to know her outside of bed too. It’s only the weekend but so much can happen in a few short days.This was such a short story but it was fun, super hot, and made me [...]

    27. Kim on said:

      On one hand, I liked that this was a quick read. On another, I liked that I'm done with this book. I really liked Cathryn Fox's serial trilogy, Hands On, and thought I'd give another one of her books a whirl - this time, a standalone book. Unfortunately, I don't think Ms. Fox is cut out to be a good short romance novel writer. Learning Curves' beginning, middle, and end were distinctly chopped up from one another, so much so that the fictional characters gave me whiplash. (view spoiler)[This is [...]

    28. Sophie (Blogger) on said:

      Learning Curves is the third book I have read by Cathryn Fox and I loved it! (Probably more than the first two!) Lauren Neill has always found Linc Blair sexier than any other man in the room or the city really, he is sexy, hot and handsomehe is also very annoying as well. Yet he would never go for someone like Lauren who he probably doesn't even know works for the same company as him, let alone live in the same city.When Lauren attends a game in the company's box, she is put in a situation with [...]

    29. Megan on said:

      This was such fun! Lauren's best friend works for Linc Blair, CEO of a sporting goods distributor. He's hot, single, and *quite* the ladies man, if rumor is to be believed. Lauren has a thing for him, but she hates that she does. She assumes he's just like all the other playboy, user, jerks. No better than her ex, who told her she didn't turn him on in bed and he was done with her. So, she's not very confident in her appeal. Linc has had his eyes on her for a while, but she was taken by her wort [...]

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