The Fortunates

Skyla Madi

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The Fortunates

The Fortunates I d hold on to us until this world fades into the next And when that world dissolves into another Eternity is a long time but it d never change how I feel about you He s a complex man Kaden Sario He

  • Title: The Fortunates
  • Author: Skyla Madi
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 408
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • I d hold on to us until this world fades into the next And when that world dissolves into another Eternity is a long time, but it d never change how I feel about you He s a complex man, Kaden Sario He doesn t know if he wants to help me bring the new world into light or play ignorant and plunge this fragile society further into darkness He claims he s capable of I d hold on to us until this world fades into the next And when that world dissolves into another Eternity is a long time, but it d never change how I feel about you He s a complex man, Kaden Sario He doesn t know if he wants to help me bring the new world into light or play ignorant and plunge this fragile society further into darkness He claims he s capable of love and that he isn t like them, but sometimes I see no difference There s a restlessness growing in the pit of my stomach, and I can t ignore it Something big is coming, and I refuse to be on the wrong side when it hits Finally understand that, in this brutal society, it s kill or be killed.

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      408 Skyla Madi
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    One thought on “The Fortunates

    1. Skyla Madi on said:

      THE FORTUNATES IS LIVE! And SURPRISE there WILL be a third and FINAL book and I've already started it. I PROMISE the wait will not be as long as the wait between book 1 and book 2. <3The Unfortunates (#1): amzn/1YXAyImThe Fortunates (#2): amzn/1YXA6K9 The Misfortunates (#3): Coming soon. Hi guys!I am working very hard on The Fortunates and I hope to have it completed soon. I currently have a teething 6 month old on my hands so I'm unable to be in front of the computer as much as I normally wo [...]

    2. ✿ on said:

      ☆ I received an ARC via the author in exchange for an honest review. Thank you! ☆"What do you want, Anna [Nine]?" he asked, taking note of her subtle flinch"The usual," she said, swallowing hard. "Waraceyou.""In that order?"War is on the rise. Social castes and loyalties are not so clear as they once were. Will love be enough to keep them alive?Taking place right after where The Unfortunates left off, Nine and Kade are faced with a new and deadly revelation about who Nine might really be. Is [...]

    3. KAT ⚛ Kitty Kat's Crazy About Books ⚛ on said:

      ༺**Complimentary Copy**༺ Provided by the author"Skyla Madi" in exchange for an honest reviewThank you!!TITLE: The FortunatesSERIES: (Unfortunate, #2) AUTHOR: Skyla MadiGENRE: Contemporary RomanceRELEASE DATE: May 28th 2016 MY RATINGMy biggest concern with starting this is that I read BOOK#1 back in February 2015 so I'm hoping I don't have to do a re-read for it all to start clicking into my brainAnd the answer to that is NOOOOOO I didn't have to!!THE FORTUNATES:Is told in dual POV'S ( Eighte [...]

    4. Katie on said:

      5 + Stars"I am thankful to experience such love in a world that doesn't allow it. Who would have thought the man with the darkest name could cast so much light? Omgggg I am seriously in love with this book!! I have been waiting forever for this book since reading The Unfortunates two years ago! Kade & Nine are such an amazing couple. Their chemistry and their connection towards one another is something that is felt from page one and I SERIOUSLY cannot get enough of them. And Kade. Oh, Kade. [...]

    5. Alissa Evanson- A is for Alpha B is for Books on said:

      My mind has officially been blown by THE UNFORTUNATES and although it ended in a cliffhanger it wasn't a horrible one but it does nothing to quench my need for this next book! I cannot wait to see what happens! Nine is one of my favorite female characters. She was so strong and determined. This next book is going to be very interesting. Can't wait!!!!

    6. Cristina on said:

      Well, to say I'm disappointed it would be an understatement.After all this waiting I'm sad to say this book was not what I was expecting.For those of you with triggers, let me just say Vince rapes Nine. I couldn't believe it.Also, it ends in a Cliffhanger. We'll probably have to wait another year. After reading this, I will not be continuing the series. Life's too short.

    7. Halime Yazıcı Mimaroğlu on said:

      *********I cant believe what I read stars******When I learned second book of this series revealed. I was like this: and. after jumping in story I cant believe to you Skyla Madi. I fucking Cant believe you.How you could do it to me. to Kaden and to NineI remember when I finished this book with a cliffhanger and my heart broken I was really curious what will happen How will story lead. I didnt expect this Never.And here I m.speechelessWhn Kade or AKA Kaden realize that he cant turn his back Nine, [...]

    8. Alexandria on said:

      Almost TWO YEARS later, surprisingly WORTH THE WAIT!!As soon as up remembered the release date for The Fortunates I swiped it up. I do desperately wanted to hate the book because all I could think about was why the wait?! Why the push back when there is a book of this magnitude! Skyla Madi is hands down one of my favorite authors but the wait kept me pulling back. I kept saying I wouldn't buy it and I knew it wouldn't be good but I'm glad she took the time to write the book the way she wanted it [...]

    9. Tanja on said:

      Skyla you did it again!!!I think I waited an eternity for this book and then it was finally there and I nearly got a heart attack.I read this book twice in 2 days and it just got out 2 days ago. What does it say about me? Probably that I am absolutely crazy which I am, I am utterly crazy about Nine and Kaden and their epic story.Those two are just deeply engraved in my heart and if you read this series you will know why.Skyla has truly created a world like no other and the only bad thing I can s [...]

    10. Alisa on said:

      Fell a little short with all the war/drama going on. She was a little TSTL at times.I put this on my TBR list back in Sept 2014. I was FINALLY able to read it now that's its been published July 2016. 2 freaking years. Eep. I have been waiting forever and I still love the characters and the plot. The series is great, but I hope the next one is a little more developed just MORE content needed especially if you're going to put war/uprising in books. It REALLY needs time to develop and being less th [...]

    11. Biate on said:

      Oh my goodness, this book brings out the worst and darkest part of me. I really wished I had a gun to just shoot Vince myself!

    12. Mercedes McCambridge on said:

      I was really looking forward to The Fortunates. I was surprised on how much I ended up enjoying the first book (The Unfortunates) but the plot of this sequel felt rushed, the exciting sexual tension from book one that made the love story so compelling was also lacking and in the end I am just not a fan of the heroine in what is supposed to be a romance novel/love story getting raped in the middle of the book.

    13. Jennifer Worrell-micaletti on said:

      I absolutely love this series, I so thought this book was going in a different direction then it totally proved my thoughts wrong and I loved that I was wrong! Nine and kade are amazing together and I can't wait for the next book in this series. Skyla, you have an amazing talent inside of you and I am so glad that I started to reading your books. Keep them coming, I love them all!!!

    14. Rachel on said:

      Book 1 left off with a cliffhanger and book 2 was no different. Once again, I didn't know this wouldn't be the last book in the series, but after reading the author's explanation at the end, I understand why a third book is needed to give Kade and Nine a full story without loose ends. This installment was more story and less romance, so I'm interested in seeing more of both aspects in the finale.

    15. Steph, The Academic-Errant on said:

      Like the first book, this has potential if it had a good editor to help with content and style.

    16. Book Maniac Forever on said:

      ⭐️ 5 STARS ⭐️After almost two years of waiting for this second installment in the Unfortunates series, I must say that it was worth the wait. The story continues right where it ended in the first book and I was instantly captivated.Nine is still struggling to come to terms with the fact that the woman who gave her birth is a Fortunate. She's waiting behind bars for her fate to be announced, live or die, and she can't help but feel like she doesn't belong in this cruel unfair world. She w [...]

    17. Suzume on said:

      I simply stopped reading. I think I was at about 41%. I am truly not sure why. I read the first book, and while it was only okay, when I saw the second one was in Kindle Unlimited I decided to go for it. I'm not sure if I was bored, if I didn't like the way the story was going, suddenly didn't like the characters? I know -- not helpful. I do know that the society disgusted me, and I totally sympathized with Nine's discomfort with eating, being waited on, etc. Without spoiling anything, the juxta [...]

    18. S. Nelson on said:

      I've been waiting for this book for quite some time, and I have to say it was well worth it. I LOVED every word in this amazing story. The author picks up right where the last book left off, and although I read the first book, The Unfortunates, a long time ago, I fell right back into the story without missing a beat. The chemistry between Nine (Anna) and Kade is undeniable, and my loathing of Vince only increased in this book. The characters were so well written I felt as if I was living the sto [...]

    19. Kayla on said:

      I'm mad at myself because I was doing so good at reading this book. I was reading every single chapter and not skipping ahead. Then a particular scene happened and I had to know what was going to happen. So, I read a little ahead. Then a little more and a little more. I told myself to just keep going and I basically skimmed over the rest of the book. I'm mad because this is what I did with the first book. I should of slowed down and enjoyed this a little more. Oh well, I'll try and not do this f [...]

    20. Adriana Buiuca on said:

      Well, this was interesting. I like the way the story continues after the Unfortunates and I'm pleased that Kade and Anna are still together, stronger than ever. I'm sorry that Vince had the chance to make her suffer as much, but I have faith that she will get her revenge. Sooner rather than later. And I hope he suffers a long time before he dies. Meanwhile, I'll be waiting for the final book to come out and I hope it will be worth the waiting.

    21. Lisa on said:

      This book was so highly anticipated for me, since finishing the unfortunates I have been hanging out waiting for this book! Skyla Madi obviously takes enjoyment from giving her readers what they want and then twisting some other angle into the story line, leaving you begging for more answers and the next book. You won't want to put this book down & if you are anything like me, you'll be wishing book 3 was available now!

    22. Jana on said:

      Wow!This story keeps getting better and better! I am loving Kade and Nine more and more. Together they are powerful! As you read from Kades POV, learning about the man he was forced to become, conflicted over then man he wants to become for Nine is very endearing. I cannot wait for Misfortune!!

    23. Cory on said:

      I read this too darn quick as I was so excited to get back to Kaden and Nine. I missed them and I thought this book was great in itself as well as a good stepping stone for the next book!Vince sucks!

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