Lessons Learned

Nora Roberts

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Lessons Learned

Lessons Learned Coordinating the publicity tour for Italy s most famous and most adorable chef was just the kind of assignment Juliet relished Carlo Franconi could gather a crowd just by smiling and watching him pre

  • Title: Lessons Learned
  • Author: Nora Roberts
  • ISBN: 9780373093182
  • Page: 389
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Coordinating the publicity tour for Italy s most famous and most adorable chef was just the kind of assignment Juliet relished Carlo Franconi could gather a crowd just by smiling, and watching him prepare a meal was like witnessing a lesson in passionate lovemaking By the time the tour was over, Juliet planned to have Carlo packaged as the world s sexiest chef Women eCoordinating the publicity tour for Italy s most famous and most adorable chef was just the kind of assignment Juliet relished Carlo Franconi could gather a crowd just by smiling, and watching him prepare a meal was like witnessing a lesson in passionate lovemaking By the time the tour was over, Juliet planned to have Carlo packaged as the world s sexiest chef Women everywhere would fantasize about him preparing an intimate meal for two.But Juliet hadn t counted on being part of the dinner plans Candlelight, pasta and romance Carlo distracted her with his charms, setting his romantic recipes simmering in her heart.

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      389 Nora Roberts
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    One thought on “Lessons Learned

    1. Beatriz on said:

      Reto #19 PopSugar 2017: Un libro acerca de comidaUn libro bien escrito, pero que me dejó más bien fría. En ningún momento sentí la pasión de los personajes, ni me transmitió sus sentimientos. Incluso me terminó aburriendo un poco ya que la narración se dedica mucho más a describir el agobiante itinerario de la promoción del libro y los detalles de la preparación de algunos platos, pero sin relacionarlo con la seducción que prometía la sinopsis.Es una novela bastante básica y la au [...]

    2. Tarsis on said:

      Fue entretenido, pero demasiadas descripciones innecesarias, le restaban tiempo al romance entre ellos. La cosa va, cuando Juliet acepta ser la publicista de un famoso chef italiano, contrarios en todo, encuentran el amor durante una gira por eeuu.

    3. Saly on said:

      Rating 3.25I enjoyed this much better than the first book even though I could see parallels between the two heroine's, both ambitious and not thinking much about love and romance, one think I don't get is why can't you have both?The heroine is a publicist whose newest client is a hot Italian chef and his tour for his new cook book. The hero loves women and cooking and he is intrigued by the heroine and her professionalism.It actually takes him too long to even get to a personal level with her si [...]

    4. Alatea on said:

      It was okay.I guess something is wrong with me, not with the book. This one had steamy atmosphere (hot Italian chef), easy to follow plot and literary no problems at all.

    5. Cassandra on said:

      Für Juliet ist die Begleitung der Buch-Promotour des Starkochs Carlo ein wichtiger Meilenstein ihrer Karriere. Wenn der sexy Italiener nicht nur in der Küche nichts anbrennen ließeEin witziges Protagonistenpärchen, bei dem es herrlich knistert. Liebe oder Karriere? Oder geht vielleicht auch beides? Nora Roberts kennt sich garantiert mit dem Stress aus, den ein Autor und seine Betreuung auf einer Promotiontour durch Amerika erwartet. So bekommt der Leser einen winzigen Einblick hinter die str [...]

    6. Carly Ellen Kramer on said:

      What's not to love about Carlo Franconi? But don't insult him by calling him a cook he's a CHEF, and an artist! Reading the humorous tale of how an American publicist finally made his heart tremble made me smile - and gave me a mighty craving for linguini! I would have liked a bit more about Franconi's family, and about the hated LaBare. Those are minor details. If you love romance novels and like to cook, you'll love this story.

    7. Karen Whooley on said:

      LovedI love Ms. Robert's contemporary novels but noting compares to the sweetness of her early romances novels. One of her best!

    8. Xan West on said:

      This is such a classic 80s romance in every way. At one point, the heroine calls herself an 80s woman. She decides she cannot have love and a career, but he teaches her differently. 80s level wealth is tossed around extravagantly. It's got a ton of classic 80s romance sexism, including the obligatory rescue from potential sexual assault & of course this idea that he can persist pushing her for a romantic relationship even when she says no, because romance. It's also very much driven by the s [...]

    9. Maria on said:

      I just finished this and i've got to say that the last few pages and their reunion almost brought me to tears, i really loved these characters, compared to summer desserts, and although Carlo was a ladies man, he was such a sweetheart and i love how after Juliet got the elephant she left for rome, and i just love how romantic they are together, and i love how she didn't want to lose herself and was scared she loved him so much she would leave everything for him, and i loved that sentiment. i lov [...]

    10. Elizabeth on said:

      Carlo Franconi loves women and his work as a world renowned chef, and is content with his life wooing women all over the world. Then he embarks on a tour of the US with his publicist Juliet, and both their worlds are turned upside down.This is a sequel to Summer Desserts (Great Chefs, #1), and both books can be read here Table For Two. It's always interesting to see a womanizer settle down, and once again Roberts does not disappoint.

    11. Melissa on said:

      While I read all of the book, I didn't like it. I just hate to leave a book unfinished especially when I'm so far into it. I just had no attachment to Carlo and the female character whose name I can't even remember. Nora Roberts just has so many books that are BETTER than this. It's a straight up love story. There is no real conflict other than - SHOULD WE?! Ugh. Strong woman with relationship issues falls for suave, over confident man. Done, done, and DONE. This is the darker side of Nora Rober [...]

    12. Cynthia on said:

      interesting premiselearned about what it is like to promote a book.n too much sexual intimacy.

    13. Marisa Sauco on said:

      ¡Me encantó! ❤ Hermosa historia, con personajes encantadores, y contada a la perfección. ¡Amo a Nora Roberts! ¡Recomendadísima! ❤

    14. Elgyn on said:

      Orchidea - překlad Světlana Motýsková, odpovědný redaktor Jiří ChodilŽhavé doteky - překladatel Dita Černá, odpovědný redaktor Ivana ČejkováA stejné překlepy, chyby a špatný překlad?s. 269 Jeho výstup v ranním pořadu dopadl skvěle, což Juliet po zbytek dne naplnilo pesimismem.To mi nepřijde moc logické.His spot on the morning show had been perfekt. That only made Juliet more pessimistic about the rest of day. s. 270 a drtila přitom zuby and tried NOT to clench her t [...]

    15. Twist on said:

      Not my favorite of Ms. Roberts books, but still a good read. It was an interesting glimpse into what a public relations expert deals with. Makes you want to give them a hug for all the crap they have to put up with.I thought the relationship between them was a little odd, but in the end it all worked out.

    16. Christina McAllister on said:

      I did not like this book as much as the first one in the series. I had a hard time to keep my interest. There was way too much description when it came to the main character's cooking and the whole story was kind of bland. The book did get better towards the end, but it took way too long before I was able to say I was into the story. Not one of her best books.

    17. Phylisha Stone on said:

      It's all about a famous sexy Italian male chef and a hard working american publicist.

    18. Ashlee Marie on said:

      I loved Juliet and Carlo's story. I didn't realize that this was the 2nd book of a series. Now, I'll be on the hunt for the 1st.

    19. Brina on said:

      Liebesromane gibt es wie Sand am Meer. Mal sind sie gut, mal sind sie innerhalb weniger Minuten wieder vergessen. Bei Nora Roberts ist es jedoch so, dass jeder Liebesroman ein absoluter Genuss ist, den man nur schwer aus den Händen legen kann."Ein Mann für alle Sinne" ist ein gelungener Roman, der alles besitzt, was ich mir bei einem Liebesroman wünsche: Romantik, detaillierte Beschreibungen bzgl. Charaktere und Orte, sympathische Charaktere und eine Geschichte, die mich von der ersten Seite [...]

    20. Maura on said:

      This was a fairly decent story and I would have rated this higher if it weren't for the hero. He just did not appeal to me and I found myself getting irritated while reading. Juliet is the publicist assigned to celebrity chef Carlo Franconi's publicity tour of the U.S. He sex on legs and Juliet is rather repressed and completely commitment phobic. She starts out trying to keep a distance and maintain a professional demeanor. He steamrolls over all of her objections. My problem with Carlo is his [...]

    21. Mary Aris on said:

      Italian celebrity chef Carlo Franconi is a charismatic ladies man. He can charm women by his mere smile! His latest book, The Italian Way, is a best seller and publicist Juliet Trent helps him to promote his book. To Juliet Trent this assignment is the best so far; it can be her ticket to opening up her own Public Relations firm. Together, Trent and Franconi travel the US on a book tour. By the end of the tour Trent turns Franconi into a celebrity chef sensation. Even to a guarded, career woman [...]

    22. Desty on said:

      Jadi, kalau di Great Chef #1 bercerita tentang Summer Lyndon, kali ini chef-nya adalah Carlo Franconi, chef terkenal dari Italia. Carlo sedang mengadakan tour promosi dari buku terbarunya. Juliet Trent, adalah wanita yang menjadi humas-nya dalam tour kali ini. Sebagai humas, Juliet harus mendampingi Carlo ke beberapa negara bagian di Amerika. Ketika membaca biografi Carlo, Juliet agak khawatir dengan sifat Carlo yang terkenal mampu menaklukkan hati dari banyak wanita. Juliet pun bertekad untuk t [...]

    23. Joana on said:

      Só quando estava na a adicionar o livro é que me apercebi que este é o volume nº 2 de um conjunto de 2 livros chamado "Great Chefs". Contudo, as histórias podem ser lidas em separado e sem ordem que se entende perfeitamente. Agora apenas tenho de adicionar "Um Amor para Sempre" à minha wishlist.Mais uma vez este é um dos trabalhos mais recentes de Nora Roberts, do final dos anos 80, mas ao contrário do livro " A imagem do amor" onde se notava faltar substância, neste livro já se sente [...]

    24. Gramedia Pustaka Utama on said:

      LoL yang ditulis oleh NR memiliki 48 buku, dan setiap buku memiliki keunikan tersendiri, dimana tokoh2 dalam buku yg ditulisnya memiliki profesi yang beragam.Termasuk 2 buku yang dia tulis terkait dengan profesi sebagai seorang Chef, yaitu SUmmer Desert dan Lessons Learned.Carlo adalah seorang chef yang terkenal, dan sangat menyukai semua bahan2 alami, kesukaannya ini sempat membuat Juliet sang humas dalam tour buku masakan terbarunya terbirit2 mencari bahan2 segar yang dibutuhkan sang Chef.Seba [...]

    25. Ayu Wirdha on said:

      Ini buku yg bikin profesi chef atau humas jd kelihatan menarik. Karena NR kalao nyeritain ttg suatu profesi lumayan detail juga. Juliet mendapat proyek sbg humas chef terkenal Italia (Franconi) yg akan mempromosikan buku masaknya di Amerika. Franconi ini bener2 tipikal cowok yg dimanapun slalu menebar pesona ke semua cewek di segala usia, santai. Sedangkan Juliet adalah wanita karir yg praktis, teroganisir & ga suka basa basi.Utk tour promosi ini, mereka berdua harus keliling Amerika mengunj [...]

    26. Leonardo David on said:

      Bueno ¿como explicarlo? No estoy acostumbrado a leer novelas románticas, debo decir que no me decepciona si todas son como esta. Me llega un poco porque pasa algo que, digamoslo así, esperaba que me sucediera a mi. En fin. La historia se centra en solo los dos protagonista y los pensamientos de cada uno se alternan desde el momento en que se encuentran frente a frente; no hay cabida para otro personaje relevante o que tenga algo de duración a lo largo de la historia. Son solo ellos dos y su [...]

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