Wolf's Coming!

Joe Kulka

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Wolf's Coming!

Wolf s Coming As a distant howl echoes through the forest animals quickly stop what they re doing and run for home Look out Wolf s coming As the shadowy figure gets closer and closer and the day draws to a close

  • Title: Wolf's Coming!
  • Author: Joe Kulka
  • ISBN: 9781575059303
  • Page: 237
  • Format: Hardcover
  • As a distant howl echoes through the forest, animals quickly stop what they re doing and run for home Look out Wolf s coming As the shadowy figure gets closer and closer and the day draws to a close, the animals shut the door, pull the shades, and turn out the lights Soon the wolf s glowing eyes appear at the window and the front door opens But things are not asAs a distant howl echoes through the forest, animals quickly stop what they re doing and run for home Look out Wolf s coming As the shadowy figure gets closer and closer and the day draws to a close, the animals shut the door, pull the shades, and turn out the lights Soon the wolf s glowing eyes appear at the window and the front door opens But things are not as they seem in this suspenseful, clever story, and it s the reader who s in for the biggest surprise of all

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      237 Joe Kulka
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    One thought on “Wolf's Coming!

    1. Susan on said:

      Love this one - I always use it for my birthday storytime and have read it with a variety of ages. You can really adjust the level of scariness depending on how you read it. Carrot pizza! Look for the blue balloon and pet spider!

    2. Manik Sukoco on said:

      The book opens with a slightly spine-tingling picture of the woods at early sunset, with wolf-howling heard in the distance. Rabbit, raccoon and pig families begin pulling their youngsters toward home, hustling their babies together. Wolf gets closer, the animal families rush faster. The animals all pile indoors, turn out the light and hide as Wolf (looking suspiciously like a Wall Street executive) makes his appearance. "WOLF'S HERE!""The front door opens with a creak. The big wolf leans in for [...]

    3. Rheta Thola on said:

      This book seems scary until you read the ending. Good illustrations. Great ending for kids(especially after having a series of birthdays).

    4. Rebecca on said:

      The story builds mounds of suspense while everyone is running to hide from the wolf. You gotta read this story with expression. I recommend this book for 1st-4th grades.

    5. Marissa Sansone on said:

      Title: Wolf’s Coming!Author: Joe KulkaIllustrator: Joe KulkaGenre: Online BookTheme(s): Party, Rhyming, Birthdays, AnimalsOpening line/sentence:A distant howl rides the breeze,Echoing through all the trees.Brief Book Summary: When the animals in the forest hear a distance howl, they all get scared and start to run home. As the wolf gets closer and closer to them, they run into a house and hide, shutting all the blinds and being quiet. The front door opens, and everyone yells SURPRISE! Everyone [...]

    6. Brooke Bradford on said:

      Plot: A howl in the woods carries out to the land. All the animals hear the howl and they all start to run, and hide as fast as they can into the house in the woods. Everyone must be quiet because wolf is coming and he is right outside. As Wolf finally opens up the door to peek in everyone is hiding. All of a sudden the lights come on and everyone yells surprise. It is Wolf's Birthday and they through him a surprise party.Literary Merit: The setting of the book is very vivid and the characters a [...]

    7. Nancy Meservier on said:

      In Joe Kulka's Wolf's Coming, a Wolf is arriving, and all of the animals are running away and hiding in a house. Only when Wolf arrives, he's surprised with a birthday party by all of his friends. Kulka expertly structures this book in order to create a feeling of foreboding and suspense. When the book begins, the left hand page features a large illustration of the animals reacting to the news of the Wolf, while the right-hand page is a solid color with the story's texts and small illustrations. [...]

    8. Alice on said:

      4.75 starsI was a little worried about this book. ON the front page you see all these animals with really worried looks on their face, and a sinister looking wolf lurking behind the curtain. I was thinking this was a bullying book or how to deal with a bully or making a bully your friend. This books is a very worn library book fact this book has a quarter of one page missing. in my world that is a GOOD sign that this is a well loved book!! At the second to last page it gave me a HUGE smile and I [...]

    9. Donnalehning on said:

      Who's afraid of the big bad wolfny of the characters in this book! I absolutely loved the twist at the end of this adventure book. My students were sitting up on their knees by the time we got to the end of the book. I won't give the ending away, but my students thought it was terrific. The best part of using this book as a read aloud was that we were able to go back and carefully look at the illustrations after we knew the ending. My students have asked me to read it again and again. I think it [...]

    10. Laura Mueller on said:

      Laura MuellerFebruary 4, 2015EDL53500 Library Materials for Children and YouthTitle: Wolf Coming!Author: Joe KulkaPlot: All of the animals are going into hiding and warning of the wolf coming. The rabbits, the pigs, the racoon and even the spider are taking shelter. Then, the wolf enters the house and everyone yells, "Surprise!" They were having a surprise birthday party for him with cake and everything!Setting: the forest Characters: the wolf and other forest animalsPoint-of-View: third personT [...]

    11. Rosita on said:

      This is not a red riding hood story. The wolf had roar and the forest animals were running to hide inside a tree. The wolf was looking for them. The rabbit pull-dowm the shade and the pig turn off the lamp, so the wolf can't see us at all. All the forest animals need to hush, hush now. Because the wolf is here. the wolf enter the tree house with his worry eyes so he peaked inside. Everyone shouted "SURPRISE" to the wolf. It was the wolf's surprise birthday party. Everyone was laughing have so mu [...]

    12. Eileen Carter on said:

      When you look at the cover of this book, children and parents alike will think it is another three little pig like story. But boy are they in for a surprise. This story does indeed have a wolf and pigs but there are many other animals in the story. The illustrations in the book are outstanding, almost making the wolf seems scarybut is there a twist to this children story? Will the other animals escape from the big, hungry wolf? Why are they all hiding in the same house? You and your child will j [...]

    13. Holly Crepps on said:

      "Wolf's Coming" is a suspensful story about a wolf who is making his way through the woods. All of the other animals start hiding so that wolf won't see them. All of the time, the audience thinks that the wolf is out to get everyone, but the surprise ending makes the story exciting to read. I enjoy reading this book aloud because it gives the reader a chance to change their voice according to the tone of the book. The illustrations in the book follow this same pattern. When the story is suspensf [...]

    14. Lauren Burrell on said:

      This book is about a wolf that is coming into a town. Through out the story everyone is running and hiding from the wolf making the reader think that they are scared of the wolf. in the end however we realize that this is a friendly wolf and the only reason the people were hiding is because it is the wolf's birthday and they are trying to surprise him. This is a fun book that i would recommend for young children probably preschool to 1st grade. I picked this book as my read aloud because its a f [...]

    15. Taneika Miliam on said:

      Text –to-TextI enjoyed reading this book written by Joe Kulka . It reminds me of The Three Little Pigs story with a twist to the end of the story. The story portrays a scary beginning and it ends with a happy ending. That also reminds me of the types of moods changes that the author has. With a group of students, we will discuss the characters feelings . We will use different emotions on a pop cycle stick have the children why they chose the emotion and compare and contrast the stories. This a [...]

    16. Kacie Kirk on said:

      This is a play on the normal red riding hood story. You think the whole time that the other animals are hiding from the wolf because he is going to eat them but yet they are really having a surprise party for the wolf and that is why they are hiding from them. With this book you can use other of the same stories and compare them. It has a surprise ending and can allow the students to predict what is going to happen.

    17. Liz on said:

      A really fun, thoroughly unconventional children's book! Cute animals run around, caught up in a frenzy of hiding because "Wolf's coming!" Dark colors with excellent lighting enhances the mood here the end we find out that they're hiding in order to surprise Wolf for his birthday. There is something very satisfying about that page turn where all the critters are at the party, brightly lit, and Wolf is surprised. Kids will love it!

    18. Claire Freeman on said:

      This book is a great story for prediction in the classroom. There are subtle hints throughout the book that can lead the reader in the right direction, but the ending will most likely surprise everyone. With the detailed pictures and great story line, this book is bound to keep any child's attention.

    19. Jody on said:

      Good story time book. I read the beginning really slow and spooky to give the kids a sense of dreariness and doom, but it doesn't end up that way at all. Be sure to ask the kids at the end if they knew what was going to happen at the end. I got a lot of "Yeah! Uh-huhs!" The illustrations are good-they reminded me of Looney Tunes, but I have to question why the wolf is wearing a business suit.

    20. Ina on said:

      The big bad wolf is loose in the forest and he is coming…causing all the animals to run and hide. Simple, rhyming text builds suspense as the "shadowy figure" gets closer and closer. My story time audience was on the edge of their seats and laughed when we reached the charming twist at the very end. The illustrations are suitably dark and creepy - but didn't scare my audience. Fun read aloud.

    21. Kim Norman on said:

      An absolutely brilliant premise for a book: a bit of shivery suspense, (just right for younger children) but a happy ending that makes the reader laugh with surprise. With the author's permission, I use this book as a reader's theater piece during school visits. Students always ask to perform it more than once.

    22. Coralie on said:

      This children's book was absolutely adorable! I was reading it to two kids whom I look after sometimes. I never read this as a kid, so I didn't know what to expect. As I was reading it, I wondered if I should have been reading it to these small children! It was a little creepy!! But by the end of it, it was so sweet and perfect! I want this book on my shelves one day!

    23. Taryn on said:

      This twist on a "big bad wolf" story is very enjoyable! I would love to include this book in my elementary classroom while examining other stories that include the "big bad wolf." Students could examine how this story doesn't assume that the wolf is a bad and scary character just because of his stereotype.

    24. Miranda Middleton on said:

      I really loved this book "Wolf's Coming" because-The text has a good flow to it-It is rich in characters-There is a plot twist-And [SPOILER ALERT] this book breaks the Typical stereotype of the wolf being the "Bad Guy" I would use this book to open my students eyes to stereotypes and talk about why it's bad to judge a person or people group based off of the words of others.

    25. Anna on said:

      I read this book to some preschool children for story time and they loved it! It starts off with the wolf and it's a little dark and scary until the surprise at the end. It's such a fun book I got nervous with the children and I loved seeing their surprised faces when we got to the last page.

    26. Roben on said:

      Another story hour favorite! The kids in the group were two - five years old. I did hear one "I don't like that wolf!" but we kept the story going and they all liked the way the story ended. Highly recommended!

    27. Jill on said:

      So creative! At first, this book seems like a traditional big, bad wolf tale, but in the end, the animals throw a surprise party for the wolf! Great story, interesting illustrations. This would make a great read-aloud.

    28. Meg McGregor on said:

      A delightful text and stunning illustrations highlight this story about a hungry wolf coming to the little animals door! The surprise twist is great!Read again on March 5, 2014

    29. Halle Dean on said:

      This book was based off of the Fairytale, Little Red Riding Hood. The characters are all running away from the Wolf throughout the forest. The characters keep saying "shh" because the author wants you to think that the characters are hiding from the wolf when in actuality they throw him a surprise birthday party in the end!"Wolf's Coming!" was a perfect book for 1st or 2nd grade. Some of the words were italicized and in a different text color because they were important words to the text like "g [...]

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