The Body Market

Donna Freitas

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The Body Market

The Body Market Skylar has been betrayed By her sister who was willing to sacrifice Skylar for her own plans and by Rain who lied to her about everything Perhaps worst of all Skylar and her friends failed to stop

  • Title: The Body Market
  • Author: Donna Freitas
  • ISBN: 9780062118639
  • Page: 252
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Skylar has been betrayed.By her sister, who was willing to sacrifice Skylar for her own plans, and by Rain, who lied to her about everything.Perhaps worst of all, Skylar and her friends failed to stop the Real World s plans for the people who are plugged in The Body Market is now open for business and Inara, Skylar s best friend, is for sale.Shaken by the betrayal of everSkylar has been betrayed.By her sister, who was willing to sacrifice Skylar for her own plans, and by Rain, who lied to her about everything.Perhaps worst of all, Skylar and her friends failed to stop the Real World s plans for the people who are plugged in The Body Market is now open for business and Inara, Skylar s best friend, is for sale.Shaken by the betrayal of everyone she trusted, Skylar learns there is a price on her head and that a bounty hunter is determined to deliver her to the Body Market.But Skylar is through being a pawn in everyone else s game She may be the only one who can stop what her family started And she must do it before everyone in the App World runs out of time.

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      252 Donna Freitas
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    One thought on “The Body Market

    1. Sarah on said:

      (I received an advance copy of this book for free. Thanks to HarperCollins and Edelweiss.)“The Body Market was open for business.”This was a YA sci-fi story, about people who ‘plugged in’ and lived in a virtual world, and what became of their bodies in the real world.Skylar was an okay character and she seemed intent on doing what she was doing, even if it put her own life in danger because of it. Getting kidnapped wasn’t her finest moment though.The storyline in this was about Skylar [...]

    2. Odette Knappers on said:

      I even loved this book better than the first one, Unplugged. I think this is the first time this has ever happened.What I love so much about this series is that it makes me much more aware of the world we are living in. About all the little beautiful wonders we experience every single day. How much we do with and depend on technology every day. This aspect of this book was even better worked out in the second book than in the first. Because of this, I forgave the fact that the female main charac [...]

    3. Shelley on said:

      *Source* Publisher*Genre* Science Fiction*Rating* 3-3.5*MY Thoughts**Full Review @ Gizmos Reviews*The Body Market is the second installment in author Donna Freitas' The Wired series. Freitas has created a world where humanity split into App World, and the Real World. Skylar Cruz's family sent her to App world to give her a chance at a better life. In App World, you could be anyone, or go anywhere you like by downloading a certain app. But, in App World, she was considered to be a Single because [...]

    4. Maddy on said:

      I loved this book! I definitely thought that it surpassed the first one. The Body Market was super fast-paced and exciting, and I can't wait for The Mind Virus to come out in December!I thought that Freitas did a better job writing the sequel. The Body Market cleared up some confusing parts in Unplugged, and I felt like I understood the connection to the App World better in this book. I enjoyed being able to switch from perspective to perspective, and I especially liked reading from Rain's persp [...]

    5. iva on said:

      The second book in The Wired series is told from multiple points of view, and I’m kind of getting tired that this extra POV is ALWAYS the love interest’s. I would love to read more about this world, but if it’s switching between “will I ever see him again? How do I even feel about him?” and “will I ever see Skye again? How does she even feel about me?”, there’s not much difference. However, the author did manage to let these POV do more than just mope, so ten points to her.The ma [...]

    6. Krutula on said:

      At the end of Unplugged, Skylar had been rescued from her sister's Body Market, but in the start of The Body Market, she is back - as a witness to the grim proceedings of human trafficking. She wants to end it all, but gets kidnapped by a bounty hunter Kit, who has his own agenda when it comes to the whole App World. Skye's approach towards the App World was based on the love she had for her family back in the Real one, but now that she has been betrayed by them, she doesn't know her exact place [...]

    7. Jessica F on said:

      I picked up this sequel hoping it would make good on the promise of the plot more than the first had. Boy, was I disappointed.Imagine a world where techonology has so entranced people that they decide to plug permanently into the virtual and leave their physical bodies behind sounds intriguing, right? The idea is just about the only good thing this series has going for it.The bad? Almost everything else.*SPOILERS AHEAD*In addition to resorting to tired YA cliches like the love triangle, Freitas [...]

    8. Nele on said:

      The Signpost for the Real World It was you.Technology: friend or foe? Technology does alter our brain chemistry, making us dependent of it. Who doesn't have a friend who is practically glued to their phone? Can you honestly say for yourself if it's hard or easy to disconnect from the internet? Is all your information (credit cards, bank details) stored on your phone? What would happen if your phone died? These books are a reminder of what can happen if we stay so dependent of technology. And the [...]

    9. beanbagreads on said:

      This book did not disappoint.I was captured from page one and finished it in four days. I'll admit, I was expecting a more violent ending scene. It seemed quite tame considering it had a 400 page build up, although it held enough suspense to make you unsure of how it was going to end. The structure of the storyline in this book was great, with many conflicts happening. I wasn't quite sure how I would like the multiple perspectives when I first started reading it, but it did feed into all of thos [...]

    10. Jasminka Tanner on said:

      This book was a lot more interesting than the first book of the series, although it was still lengthy and slow at times. For the most part I enjoyed reading it. Skylar was quite a naïve character, trusting a bounty hunter against every piece of logic in her. Yeah of course, it's because of love. Ugh how stupid. Then there were Rain and Lacy. I don't know how anyone could ever like Lacy, much less fall in love with her, but I guess this is just another example of being blinded by "love".

    11. Kerri Jones on said:

      Okay so now I have to wait for the next instalment The Mind Virus so I can get to the end of this frustrating but fascinatingly absorbing YA series. The concepts are really clever as it compares the extension of the App world from how we know it to actually living and being totally absorbed in a virtual world that downloads Apps straight into your brain. I have enough interest to hang out for the final novel in the series.

    12. Ella on said:

      It was alright, and the ending seemed a bit cut short like there's another book to come so I hope there is, otherwise it seems a bit unfinished.

    13. Nicole Houser on said:

      WAY better than book 1. I havent read about the 3rd book yet, But I really hope it closes some open ends.

    14. Nancy on said:

      I love when the sequel is better than the first! With the arrival of a new love interest, this has renewed my interest for what's hopefully the last book!

    15. Paula Heeger on said:

      Zo schrijf je een tweede deel van een trilogie! Volledige recensie: mustmag/recensie-de-mensenmDe Mensenmarkt heeft oprecht mijn verwachtingen overtroffen. Ik wist dat het weer tof zou worden, maar dit had ik niet zien aankomen. Je leest wat er gebeurt in de echte wereld, maar ook wat er in de appwereld gebeurd en vooral alles daartussen. Het verhaal is goed uitgewerkt met oog voor detail, waardoor je de werelden meteen voor je ziet – zelfs de magische droomwereld tussen de echte wereld en de [...]

    16. Marleen on said:

      Zo'n goede aanvulling op unplugged. Verassende wendingen. Heel indrukwekkend beschreven.

    17. T. Jackson on said:

      Great read. Really great story. Loved the characters. Fantastic Story. Could not put it down.

    18. Ajita on said:

      It’s been several months since the first book ended and Sky still doesn’t trust Rain or anyone else who kept her in the dark about her sister and her mission. Jude has opened the body market, where people can buy the bodies, or body parts, from the people who are plugged in. These people have no idea what is happening to their bodies in the real world. Sky wants to stop this but is stopped herself when a bounty hunter kidnaps her. This young man, Kit, can buy back something very valuable to [...]

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