Return of the Hunters

Sonya Bateman

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Return of the Hunters

Return of the Hunters My past came with sharp teeth and I didn t enjoy letting it bite me Gideon Black has just returned from a grueling visit to the Fae realm with a stronger grip on his abilities both as a half Fae and

  • Title: Return of the Hunters
  • Author: Sonya Bateman
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 217
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • My past came with sharp teeth, and I didn t enjoy letting it bite me Gideon Black has just returned from a grueling visit to the Fae realm with a stronger grip on his abilities, both as a half Fae and the DeathSpeaker But none of that prepared him to be kidnapped and dragged into a fight against a god When the Duchenes master, an ancient and powerful Other who s ta My past came with sharp teeth, and I didn t enjoy letting it bite me Gideon Black has just returned from a grueling visit to the Fae realm with a stronger grip on his abilities, both as a half Fae and the DeathSpeaker But none of that prepared him to be kidnapped and dragged into a fight against a god When the Duchenes master, an ancient and powerful Other who s taken the name of the voodoo god Papa Legba, summons the family for attempting to defy him, Denei Duchene invokes a promise Gideon made long before he knew that promises could kill the Fae Now he must travel to New Orleans with the secretive siblings and free them from their bonds or die trying But Legba isn t the only danger lurking in the Louisiana swamps Milus Dei, the cult dedicated to wiping out the Others, has been recruiting a new breed of hunter The most dangerous, lethal poachers they can find, heavily financed and retrained to target and capture all types of non humans And the group currently hunting the bayou is all too familiar to Gideon.

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      217 Sonya Bateman
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    One thought on “Return of the Hunters

    1. Ami on said:

      ~*~ I DON'T PUT ANY SPOILERS BEHIND TAG. YOU'VE BEEN WARNED ~*~This book marked the first time that Gideon working closely together with the Duchenes family, since Tereal and Sadie are going for a mini-holiday and Daoin stays in Arcadia. Apparently, the elder of the Duchene, Zoba, is both 'cursed' and indebted to the powerful voodoo god, Legba, and if they cannot be free from Legba, he will be dead. Gideon is then asked (well, forced kind of) to help by Denei and so Gideon, Reun, and the Duchen [...]

    2. Bonnie on said:

      She did it AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!If you haven't delved into the DeathSpeaker's Codex yet, start with book one, NOW! Do not hesitate even for one moment, and you'll find yourself immersed - from page one - into one of the most unique worlds and characters in Urban Fantasy today!I'm not going to get into the plots, you have the summary's for that, but suffice to say, this is hands down, one of my top three favorite authors and relatively new series going! Her writing will NOT disappoint!

    3. Piseog on said:

      I just wasn't feeling this book. My momentum with this series is running out. I even had to take a break in the middle of this book so I wouldn't end up hating and resenting it. It focussed on characters I didn't care about, and excluded the few characters I do care about. Some repetitive stuff, with Gideon getting tortured and then turning out fine with absolutely no lasting damage, every phone conversation with Abe, Sadie's OTT reactions. I miss the characters from book 1- Taeral was an ornery [...]

    4. Julia Wood on said:

      Omgomgomg I've never been so excited to read a book!!!! I happened to check my email this morning and see that this book was just published and couldn't wait to read it! It did not disappoint, let me tell you. It was nice to be concerned about something other than the main threat, but the way it ties back in at the end was perfection. Can't wait for book 5!!

    5. Donna King on said:

      Rate the book!These are some of the best written books I've ever read and believe me I've read a bunch. These are great!

    6. Craig on said:

      I guess it was too much to hope for that the characters would stay in any way consistent for the whole series. Black is for some reason totally fine with being kidnapped in this book. Despite the thing that defines his whole character being that he was held against his will for 16 years by his "family". His "friends" drug and kidnap him so he decides to never mention it again and help them exactly like they want. Then he gets captured by the rednecks who tortured him for his entire childhood so [...]

    7. Andrew Paier on said:

      Excellent series continuesSonya continues down the right path with this continuation of the series. The main characters continue to learn and grow, but the challenges they face keep pace. An excellent book.

    8. Angela V. Herndon on said:

      I'm really loving this series!!! I really wish they'd make it into a television series or a movie, I know it'll be a hit!!!! I have 2 more chapters to read and I've read the whole series of an awesome storyline!! Awesome Job Sonya!!!

    9. Fergus on said:

      I am conflicted about this book. I have read the 3 previous deathspeaker books and thoroughly enjoyed them.Bateman has great pacing. I find it lovely to be carried along by the combination of action and emothion. A well crafted protagonist with emotional issues and growth can cover a multitude of plot holes To be frank I am not looking to urban fantasy to be logical.That said I have never been embarrassed for an author before and the lack of basic math skills that either the author has or she ha [...]

    10. Andy L on said:

      Another great DeathSpeaker bookAnother terrific book from Bateman . Once again our hero, the death speaker, finds himself exploring the fascinating and deep world where magic monsters and fairy coexist . This time he helps the scary Louisiana clan deal with the ultimate New Orleans monster .One of the great things about Bateman's books, is that all of the character is complex and imperfect , he still knows he has a lot to learn and he wants to do the right thing . I really enjoy the series, and [...]

    11. Kirsty on said:

      Give me more!Honestly, Sonya Bateman could write twenty plus books in this series and I would buy each one! I can't wait to carry on with this series and there's going to be a seventh book which is fantastic news. Once again this installment didn't disappoint; it was short and sweet and still full of action, humour and had the story progress naturally. One day I would love a pretty physical bind up on my shelves by I'm more than happy to read the ebooks for now. As long as Bateman keeps writing, [...]

    12. Heath Greenfield on said:

      Most definitely a guilty pleasureAs to why, out of all the supernatural fantasies out there I like this one so muche characters are just so human, and the Deathspeaker doesn't seem to want anyone to die. He has compassion. Only those who try hard enough actually get taken out. Bateman does a good job both in terms of writing and storytelling. Can't wait for the next one

    13. tracey welch on said:

      Loved it Once again a great story worth your time. This time we get a further look into the live of characters from the first book the Duchenes. They get to be much more than filling for a change. And we get to explore more of Gideon's background too. The on going plot keeps getting more interesting and the character development is growing deeper and more meaningful with each book. You get more invested as you read on. I recommend this series very much.

    14. Laura Daniels on said:

      Pretty goodI like these books because they are a quick easy area. I like the hero and the fact that he is learning and growing with each book but I do have few things that puzzle me. First off, what happened to the coroner, they were supposed to go out then she just disappeared, please explain. And why don't they use Google and do research when going up against their enemies? What's the rush? And hasn't he realized the Milius dei are every where? Other than that I liked it.

    15. Curtis on said:

      Enjoyable book; enjoyable seriesEach Deathspeaker book may be on the small side, but each is packed with action, interest, characters, and a world of urban (etc.) fantasy that is familiar yet new. The plot thickens, the characters grow, and the story continues to unfold in interesting and unforeseen ways. If you like Harry Dresden then you'll love these gems. Highly recommended.

    16. David on said:

      Return of the HuntersAnother great outing for Gideon and his friends, you could almost taste the menace coming from Gideons enemies. As for his former family you would be driven to suicide living with these integrates, he is truly lucky to get away from them, all though it was in bits and pieces. Great storyline and characters, I cannot wait for the next adventure. Fab

    17. Kristy Maitz on said:

      Wow, that was really one enjoyable reading material. Main character Gideon has to help out with a problem he did not it see coming but has still too much of a heart to help those who need his help. It was nicely done.

    18. Nadia kerr on said:

      Love itGreat series so far. All four books that I've read are brilliant. I'm hooked. The detail of scenery and right down to the detail of each character has amazed me. I'm excited to read the rest of the series.

    19. Laura Lavender-blackwood on said:

      Sonya Bateman what can I say but I love love love you. I'm so looking forward to the next book. I can barely sleep, work, eat or give any attention to my family. These books just keep getting better and better.

    20. Shirley Cooksley on said:

      Brilliant seriesAs always a totally gripping story. Characters are interesting and the books always have a different plot. Love the way Gideons character is building cannot wait to see what he will be able to do next.

    21. Diadria Robinson on said:

      This was greatI hate waiting on the next installment, but when it comes out I'm all over it!!

    22. Debra on said:

      Another very enjoyable addition to the Deathspeaker's adventures. In this book, you get to know his roommates, the Duchenes. Plenty of action as Gideon continues to hone his abilities.

    23. Jenniferk on said:

      Excellent installment to the seriesI recommend that entire series, but this is a good story as a stand alone book. Original and characters are all entertaining.

    24. Teri Southerland on said:

      Loved the bookThe characters are witty and seem to come to life. I love how even the hero's have problems. I can't wait for the next one.

    25. Scott Voyles on said:

      Great seriesBook four and the death speaker is finally getting a grip on his power. He now has powerful allies and manages to let go of his past and embrace who he is.

    26. Kenny V_dubbs on said:

      DeathSpeaker gets tougherI continue to enjoy this series. Characters continue to develop well and there is a good balance of emotions. Just read it!

    27. Megan Murphy on said:

      Cant waitYes yes yes he finally is the death speaker! ! Love it can't wait for the next one ! !

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