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Mina V. Esguerra

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No Strings Attached

No Strings Attached Carla s and a whiz at her job she s efficient reliable and a total genius when it comes to putting something together at the last minute Her dating life is practically nonexistent though and eve

  • Title: No Strings Attached
  • Author: Mina V. Esguerra
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 434
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Carla s 29 and a whiz at her job she s efficient, reliable, and a total genius when it comes to putting something together at the last minute Her dating life is practically nonexistent though, and everyone has an opinion about that Her girl best friend who s married keeps trying to set her up with stable banker types, while her guy best friend single and proud of it Carla s 29 and a whiz at her job she s efficient, reliable, and a total genius when it comes to putting something together at the last minute Her dating life is practically nonexistent though, and everyone has an opinion about that Her girl best friend who s married keeps trying to set her up with stable banker types, while her guy best friend single and proud of it encourages her to play the field no strings attached Then Carla meets hot, smug, sexy Dante, and he s everything she didn t know she liked He s also five years younger, and she thinks it makes him perfect for the non relationship she had in mind What happens to that plan when he thinks he s met the one for him at 24

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      434 Mina V. Esguerra
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    One thought on “No Strings Attached

    1. K.D. Absolutely on said:

      Carla is turning 30, still single and unattached. One afternoon during their company's strategic teambuilding, she meets a son of her boss's boss: the 24-y/o Dante. They fall in love with each other. However, Carla thinks that, because of their age difference, the relationship will not go anywhere so they set some rules that can be summarized into: no strings attached.The novel is definitely chick lit: easy read, shallow characters, thin plot. However, I guess that this is how chick lit should b [...]

    2. Sue (Hollywood News Source) on said:

      I don’t give five stars lightly, the book must be able to make my heart race (swoon), make me emotional (cry, tear up), make me delirious (laughed out loud). No Strings Attached managed to deliver every single bit. There’s a strange story behind this book. This is actually my first Mina V. Esguerra’s read, but I never managed to finish it before. I didn’t like it the first time! This is a complete 180 degree turn of events.In hindsight, No Strings Attached seems like a simple book with a [...]

    3. Tina on said:

      Original post at One More PageI attended my godsister's wedding yesterday, the second wedding I attended this year. I came out of my brother's wedding last October relatively unscathed with questions about my own wedding, but this time around, I wasn't so safe. For one thing, I was called for the bouquet toss even if I was trying to make myself scarce at that point (my godsister called me out). Then as we were saying goodbye to the newly weds and my godsister's parents, they were all saying to m [...]

    4. DC on said:

      Disclaimer: I'm rather biased, especially after meeting Dorothea (Middlemarch: A Study of Provincial Life), Becky Sharp (Vanity Fair) and Jane Eyre. Hah, apparently I don't know the "modern woman". Yes, I suppose I don't read much chick lit, so I can't properly judge this. This book is interesting, as it's not as gushy or romantic as opposed to other chick reads out there. It revolves more on the story, as opposed to the sparkling personalities and the sex (although the sex mentioned here is [...]

    5. Ranee on said:

      Had I read this first before Mina Esguerra's "That kind of Guy" could I have judged the character of Anton/Tonio easier? Or maybe tried not to undermine his psyche a bit longer. But he was all that I thought about when I read this book, he was a supporting character to the lead but his story in this book cleared a lot of cobwebs for me. I think I saw a pattern on how Mina writes her characters and her story. But before my emotions gets the better of me, I should clear it that this is about Carla [...]

    6. Jay Tria on said:

      I love that this was about the age gap but not just that. It was about all the other things that age (aging?) and growing up and adulting encompass. I love that Dante and Carla aren't afraid to want things, and to say that they want things, and to tell people repeatedly that 'hey, I know what I want.' I love that they are two people who prefer honesty over drama. And I love that sometimes even when you're trying your best to be honest, a few lies slither through the cracks. And you just have to [...]

    7. Chachic on said:

      Originally posted here.It's funny because the main character in this one reminded me somewhat of the main character in Amazing Grace. I think it's because they're both in their late twenties and they're both being pestered by friends to settle down and get married. That's a pretty accurate portrayal, actually. I'm in my mid-twenties and three of my friends got married this year. I'd like to think that the Philippines is more liberal nowadays but most people still believe that a girl should be ma [...]

    8. Kristel on said:

      I do enjoy a well-characterized romance novel once in a while, and Mina V. Esguerra's No Strings Attached is a quick, one-day diversion that offers a lot in terms of intelligent characterization within the short novella form. However, the main quibble I had with the story itself lies in the fact that it is too short.The story is about Carla, a smart, professional woman who meets an attractive man named Dante during an office party. Sparks fly immediately despite their age difference (isn't it st [...]

    9. Holly on said:

      Carla is the perfect executive assistant. Although she hasn’t had the ambition to move up the corporate latter, she knows how to do her job well and is happy with her consistent performance. She is single though and turning thirty in a few months, as her barkada (group of friends) like to remind her. According to them, she should want more out of life. Of course, all of said friends except one are married, and Tonio is happy playing the field. Mary, Girl Best Friend, is hoping Carla will fall [...]

    10. Maria on said:

      I highly recommend No Strings Attached.*****Nearly everyday and twice on Saturdays.Finally. A Mina V. Esguerra read that fitted me like a glove. *happiness*I enjoyed No Strings Attached mainly because of relatability. Carla and I were almost the same age, and we have the same birthday! But that was just a plus :D I got The Marriage Club and the pressure she experienced from her married friends to settle down. I can relate but I am on the other side of the fence: I belonged to that Marriage Club. [...]

    11. Jess on said:

      I think this was maybe my favorite, because I really liked the look at what it's like to be friends with people who are at different life stages than you. Are you actually friends anymore or is it just habit? It was good.

    12. Silvana [The Book Voyagers] on said:

      I'm so happy I finally got to read this book! I need to continue on rading Chic Manila series because I've only read this one and Better at Weddings Than You, and tbh I still like Weddings more. Maybe it's because this one is older and Mina's writing has changed throughout this time, but I really found it different. Especially with the slight slutshaming and some other stuff ~Note: Mina has talked about how she regrets using this trope and girl vs girl one too hereThough it doesn't take away the [...]

    13. Monique on said:

      My head was still reeling from the effects of 1984 so by way of "cleansing the palate", I decided to pick up an easy, fun and light read. A quick glance at the books lined up in my office cubicle yielded positive results: my gaze fell upon my signed copy of No Strings Attached by Filipina author (and fellow mommy!) Mina V. Esguerra, which copy was given by a fellow member, Tina, in July last year. So, remembering that I made a (new year's reading) resolution to read more local books, and knowin [...]

    14. Janus the Erudite Artist on said:

      Nothing like a quick, sweet, light-read tale to give me the sense of relaxation on a rainy day! I will be honest that I personally could not relate with the characters in this book, but it wasn’t an issue with regards to understanding Carla’s life. I was skeptical about her reaction towards turning thirty and yet not on the verge of settling down. It seemed a bit too fictitious to me. Although it was defined that she may’ve been just a late bloomer, yet again I find it kind of hard to pict [...]

    15. Solaine Chioro on said:

      Gostei, só não foi wow. Achei legal como a Mina abordou a diferença de idade do casal (mesmo achando que 5 anos não é nada demais, deu pra sentir que eles estavam em momentos diferentes da vida e etc), mas mais como isso afetou a Carla não na relação dela com o Dante - que continou mara - e sim em como ela achou que julgariam ela. Essa pressão social tava bem presente e foi até, eu diria, o ponto principal do livro, mais que o romance. Na verdade, acho que não gostei tanto porque o eq [...]

    16. Kat at Book Thingo on said:

      I killed a fairy and realised I was barracking for the wrong guy and I could go back to reading the story anymore. :( Objectively, though, the story is very well written and squarely chicklit in that it explores issues around being a 30-year old single woman surrounded by married friends, and maybe living a different life than you though he wanted in your early 20s. I enjoyed the chicklit part of the story. But the romance always comes first with me as a reader, and I just didn't feel the chemis [...]

    17. Sarah on said:

      As said on the synopsis, Carla's turning big three oh soon but does it mean she can't find love? Or shall I say, true happiness? Nowadays, Age doesn't really matter. Some couple have 10 years age gap. Weird Right? But it doesn't really matter. Her two best friends Tonio and Mary were there, to support her. Mary to find her a potential husband and Tonio to give her fling advices. But one extraordinary day has turned her world in a different view. She met Dante del Rosario. A guy five years younge [...]

    18. Isabel Camus on said:

      I think I am so used to cliched stories that this did not go at all the way I expected it to go. I couldn't read the characters well and just from reading the blurb, I thought this relationship would go down quite differently. Although I think the main character took her bunso complex a little too far. Got kinda annoying. I guess it is sort of how I imagined real life relationships to go. Easy read, quite short.

    19. Maria Ella on said:

      Actually. This is my third Mina Esguerra's book and I actually found it awesome.Review to follow. :)

    20. Tricia on said:

      Ha! I really love this book. It's so fun to read and I love Dante :)

    21. Liezel on said:

      Every girl would want to be in Carla's shoes. Not the cheesy romance but definitely something amusing that will keep you believing in LOVE and that Age doesn't matterally.

    22. Laís Arjona on said:

      4.0/5.0I LOVED this book! It was my third Chic Manila book and I just love all of this.I loved Dante, he's so tranquil and sweet, I loved how he didn't push Carla and how he cared about his family and friends. And I loved Carla too, how she said what was bothering her and how she discovers herself along the story.I liked how the author approached the age gap between Carla and Dante, I liked that she didn't let this srew up their relationship, and I liked how she dealt with all the pression peopl [...]

    23. Emily on said:

      More like a 3,5?This is the second book I read by Mina V. Esguerra (the first one was Better At Weddings Than You) and once again I loved her writing. Mina's style is great and pretty much impossible to drop. I read the first half of No Strings Attached in one sitting, and then caught myself returning to the book several times after that (including right before I went to bed because ONE CHAPTER MORE WOULDN'T HURT RIGHT??) until I picked it up again the next day to finish it.That said, I liked Ca [...]

    24. michelle (magicalreads) on said:

      4.5 starsgahhhh I didn't expect to love this book as much as I did!! It was so cute and fluffy but still had a plot and ahhh I'm so happy right now!! Also, I think I'm really into a casual-dating trope, pls give me more of that

    25. Kaeley Scruggs on said:

      I LOVED almost everything I've read from Esguerra. She's a great writer who creates incredibly relatable characters. I can't wait to read more from her. My full review will be up soon!

    26. Celester Mejia on said:

      No Strings Attached, Mina V. Esguerra's latest addition to her Minaverse, didn't fail us.The story focused on Carla Alejandro and the issues she's faced before she even turned thirty: dating a guy who is five years younger than she is and who she doesn't have much in common with, having two best friends who have very contrasting personalities from each other and from her as well, and being one of the two single people in a barkada (circle of friends) who all have settled down already and wants h [...]

    27. Lynai on said:

      No Strings Attached is one of my Required Reading for this month, and it is such a short and quick read, I should have added one more book to my list. Anyway, this book, despite its shortness and quickness, is a little mature for my expectations. I mean, I am no prude when it comes to books like this but I was expecting a more conservative heroine, perhaps? Maybe because the other Mina V. Esguerra books were a little less daring than Carla.There are a lot of issues in Carla's life that I don't r [...]

    28. Anne on said:

      This is the best Mina Esguerra book, hands down! I liked how it started so unassuming, then surprised me from the events leading to the conflict all the way to the end. Out of all the female protagonists in her novel, I can relate with Carla the most. Well, I didn't lead a vicarious life the way she did, but it was more of the feeling of being myself---away from what family and loved ones expect or want me to be. The story felt like a coming-of-age for most of us Pinays where family, relatives a [...]

    29. Emily on said:

      Not really one of my favorites, but it was okay. I couldn't relate on what Carla was going through--a phrase on the age of almost turning 30 yet still single--and I don't want to experience something like that. I didn't find anything catchy in the story, my own opinion really. But even though I haven't experience something what Carla undergo through, I could still imagine myself being her. Her--the single woman trying to settle down, etc, etc. The author conveyed the book's essence: love didn't [...]

    30. Arlene Manocot on said:

      After reading this book, the story left me hanging, left me hanging with one question, and that is would I be like Carla when I am already 29 and almost reaching the big three-oh in a few months? The fact that I am an NBSB (No Boyfriend Since Birth) for 25 years is still a threat to my barren love life. But I believe faith does not make things easy, it makes them possible (Luke 1:37). So, as I long as I have faith, God will surely, positively and certainly send a Dante directly to me sa tamang p [...]

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