The Unicorn Treasury: Stories, Poems and Unicorn Lore

Bruce Coville

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The Unicorn Treasury: Stories, Poems and Unicorn Lore

The Unicorn Treasury Stories Poems and Unicorn Lore A collection of stories poems and unicorn lore about the mythical creature

  • Title: The Unicorn Treasury: Stories, Poems and Unicorn Lore
  • Author: Bruce Coville
  • ISBN: 9780385419307
  • Page: 474
  • Format: Paperback
  • A collection of stories, poems, and unicorn lore about the mythical creature.

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    One thought on “The Unicorn Treasury: Stories, Poems and Unicorn Lore

    1. Morgan on said:

      Another unicorn anthology I've had in my room for several years that I never read. I kind of liked this better than A Glory of Unicorns in the fact it had more poems, but it still wasn't that great. It features two stories that are more chapters from series that aren't even the first of the books. Like the previous anthology, I decided to actually skip some stories that got boring or that I felt like I needed to read the whole book to actually get.

    2. Jenn on said:

      I read this AGES ago, and it was a quick 2-day read at the beach while Charlotte had her swimming lessons. I was particularly interested in the Jane Yolen stories, because as much as I remember probably reading this as a kid, I don't remember "The Transfigured Hart," and I'm surprised I hadn't diligently tracked it downbut I will now. I do remember "The Boy Who Only Drew Unicorns" - that had stuck with me in the back of my head where I save the good stuff. It's a cute-ish treasury that seems, we [...]

    3. Megan on said:

      I remember only so-so liking this as a child, and that still holds up. I liked several of the stories (the cat one, the one with the maze), but many of the rest left me cold. The illustrations are absolutely wonderful, though.

    4. Noseinabook on said:

      Treasuries are always hard to rate Some of the stories were just ok while others were splendid! My favorite was The Princess, the Cat, and the Unicorn by Patricia C. Wrede. It put a big smile on my face! If your a unicorn fan, this is a great treasury to add to your collection. 🦄

    5. Sandra Stiles on said:

      When my daughter was younger and we owned a ceramic business, she painted a unicorn that she still has today. As she got older and more adept at painting it was repainted a lavender with sparkles all over itl The mane and tail were glittery pink and it had a golden horn. It came as no surprise when she handed me a book full of unicorn stories, poems and unicorn lore. The stories were very crisp and refreshing. This collection of stories and poems were told by some of my favorite authors like C.S [...]

    6. JB Lynn on said:

      This was a charming collection of short stories and poems with one thing in common: unicorns. However, all unicorns are not created equal, and I enjoyed the various types and personalities of the unicorns illustrated in this book.There were a couple of excerpts from larger novels, which I didn't enjoy as much because I would've much rather read the entire novel, and not just an excerpt. My top 3 runner ups for favorite story were: The Unicorn in the Maze by Megan Lindholm, The Snow White Pony by [...]

    7. Caterpickles on said:

      The Eight-Year-Old walked into the library looking for new books about dragons, but walked out with The Unicorn Treasury. How did it happen? Apparently, unlike her mother at the same age, The Eight-Year-Old is completely tuned in to the author’s name. She has loved other books by Bruce Coville in the past, so was willing to give this one a try, even if it was about the wrong mythological animal.Review originally posted on my blog Caterpickles.

    8. Jacqueline on said:

      This beautiful little collection of stories and poems touches the hearts of fantasy believers. While I prefer the original copy style which included illustrations from the magnificent Tim Hilbrandt which harkens to medieval art such as the Unicorn tapestries, the stories are unchanged no matter which edition you have.It's perfect anyone who still dreams of meeting such fantastic creatures on some dewey, moonlit night.

    9. Anna on said:

      This was an excellent collection of unicorn-lore. All of the stories and poems were wonderfully written - I enjoyed them even though I am much older than the audience intended. I believe this is because the themes ran a little deeper than what the surface suggests, which always makes the best children's story. Writing like this always cheers me up.

    10. Emily Morris on said:

      I love unicorns as much as the next fantasy-loving girl, and this makes for a nice enough collection, but reader beware: this is not the store of unicorn lore it claims to be. Which is fine and the collection of stories and poetries in its place makes for a respectable read, with various authors and poets submitting pieces that range from rather dull to excellent. Good for a pick-through.

    11. Melle on said:

      Eight-year-old Melissa would have loved this, and thirty-something-year-old Melissa was enchanted by some of it until a couple of things broke the spell -- the excerpting from larger works in which the stories make more sense and the significant lack of diversity (there are kids across the spectrum who love unicorns and authors and illustrators across the spectrum who love them, too).

    12. Celest on said:

      I've always loved unicorns, so when I saw this I had to have it. One of the stories didn't really keep my attention though, mostly due to nitpick, but I loved the majority of them, though my top faves would be The Princess, the Cat, and the Unicorn, The Court of the Summer King, The Snow White Pony and A Net to Catch the Wind.

    13. Kat!e Larson on said:

      I enjoyed this anthology over-all, and there are definitely stories within it that I will be rereading -- though there are others I will skip over and be just fine. I'd recommend it to anyone who likes unicorn stories and fairytales.Full Review:katesnovelidea/20

    14. Aimee on said:

      This was my favoritest book growing up. I remember being enraptured by this book every time I got it out of the library. It is still a treat, albeit poignant, to return to this wonderful collection every so often.

    15. Espresso on said:

      I had a love of unicorns when I was small. This book has beautiful illustrations and stories that I remember today, though it is nearly 25 years later! Unicorn Treasury is a book that still gives me a warm cozy feeling!

    16. Rachel on said:

      I read this book when I was like 10 years old. I remember thinking it was the best book ever. This book is pretty cute. Some stories are a little too cheesy, but it's okay.

    17. Audrey on said:

      This book made me fall in love with unicorns all over again! The illustrations are charming and intriguing. Each story draws you in. I especially enjoyed the introduction.

    18. Lindsical on said:

      Not as good of a collection as his first unicorn compilation, but I liked it all the same. Unicorns are always fun for me.

    19. Beka on said:

      A good collection of unicorn stories. I especially liked "The Princess, The Cat, and the Unicorn."

    20. Jennifer on said:

      Charming little book for all unicorn lovers, with a lovely little chapter at the beginning about unicorn lore, and then alternative short story-poem layout. A wonderful find.

    21. Andrea on said:

      I still enjoy children's books, and this is a wonderful collection of fantastical stories and excerpts from some wonderful books. A great read!

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