The Legend of Drizzt Boxed Set, Books VII - X

R.A. Salvatore

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The Legend of Drizzt Boxed Set, Books VII - X

The Legend of Drizzt Boxed Set Books VII X A legendary gift from the pen of R A Salvatore This new four book slipcase gift set includes the newly recovered mass market editions of The Legacy Starless Night Siege of Darkness and Passage to D

  • Title: The Legend of Drizzt Boxed Set, Books VII - X
  • Author: R.A. Salvatore
  • ISBN: 9780786949670
  • Page: 133
  • Format: Paperback
  • A legendary gift from the pen of R.A Salvatore This new four book slipcase gift set includes the newly recovered mass market editions of The Legacy, Starless Night, Siege of Darkness, and Passage to Dawn The Legend of Drizzt TM Boxed Set III replaces the existing Legacy of the Drow Gift Set and is a must have for existing Drizzt fans and readers who are just now discoveA legendary gift from the pen of R.A Salvatore This new four book slipcase gift set includes the newly recovered mass market editions of The Legacy, Starless Night, Siege of Darkness, and Passage to Dawn The Legend of Drizzt TM Boxed Set III replaces the existing Legacy of the Drow Gift Set and is a must have for existing Drizzt fans and readers who are just now discovering the greatest fantasy hero of our generation.

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    One thought on “The Legend of Drizzt Boxed Set, Books VII - X

    1. Andy on said:

      It's been close for 4 years before finally returning to the forgotten realms. Been on such a fantasy kick as of late. Opening this book was like instantly meeting up with old friends and not missing a beat with them. Drizzt, Wulfgar (personal favorite), Bruenor, Regis, and Cattie-brie all return much to my delight. The action is fast and furious from the offset. It's Salvatore in his element. Juggling Salvatore, Pratchett, and Jordan at the same time has sent my fantasy heart a flutter. Legacy o [...]

    2. Jonas on said:

      Drizz't is the fantasy equivalent of Steven Seagal. Emminently skilled in a fight, exciting, even, but with the emotional range of a porcupine in a valium coma. The characters aer cliched, and the plots are stereotypical D&D drivel. Nothing new or interesting here, just melodramatic fantasy fare.

    3. Jesse on said:

      Okay, so there are four books in this series, but I'm gonna write about them all at once. The book titles are: "Legacy", "Starless Night", "Seige of Darkness", and "Passage to Dawn".The first book opens with Drizzt coming back to see his friends at Mithril Hall(I don't remember where he's been). Cattie Brea and Wulfgar are engaged to be married (kinda strange, since they are both the adopted children of Brunor Battlehammer).Anywho, Regis comes back too. But its not really Regis, but Artimis Ente [...]

    4. Joseph Gallegos on said:

      Legacy of the Drow, the quartet following the Icewind Dale trilogy, is an improvement upon the Icewind Dale trilogy. It could probably be considered good young adult fantasy fiction, but it's still not great.On the plus side, Drizzt's drow super powers have been toned down. There seemed to be fewer sentences like, "Only Drizzt, raised among the dark elves knew something was wrong." However, his character development and motivations are superficial and lackluster. Why, exactly, did he think retur [...]

    5. Dante Carlisle on said:

      As always I loved this book. R.A Salvatore has a way of bringing classic fantasy together with deep, philosophical insights that amazes me to this day. Fantastically written, and can't recommend highly enough.

    6. Nynke on said:

      Salvatore s writing style is becoming a bit longwinded and plot lines very predictable. whereas i read the dark elf trilogy cover to cover, here i find my self pauzing for a few months between books to read somethimg else. still a great world to escape to thoughst book really picks the pace up again. so added star for that.

    7. Ethan Slack on said:

      In R. A. Salvatore's collection of novels Legacy of the Drow, the reader is once again wisked away to the magical world of Faerûn to follow along on the adventures of Drizzt Do'Urden and his companions. Follow along as they take on the vicious armies of the Drow as they defend the dwarven stronghold Mithril Hall and learn to face inner demons themselves, or take to the ocean as two of our heros journy the seas fighting pirates and seeking a lost island and search for a lost friend. Following th [...]

    8. Michael on said:

      Legacy is a great collection of 4 books with everyone's favorite Drow Drizzt Do'Urden! Collecting the books 7-10 of the Legend of Drizzt. Book 1 Legacy: In the first book starts off right where the last book of Icewind Dale Trilogy leaves off. The Dwarves are busy at work in there reestablish Mithril Hall and Drittz feels as if he finally been accepted and at home. However, old enemies lurk and threaten the Drittz and his friends. Legacy is full of action and in the end it appears nothing will b [...]

    9. Teresa on said:

      Previous series The Dark Elf Trilogy, and Icewind Dale Trilogy.With Bruenor back on the throne in Mithral Hall, Drizzt decides to pay a visit to his home town. Catti-brie tags along and after reeking havoc in the underworld, they barely escape alive. Battle again comes their way when the dark elves decide to wage war as pay back.I'd follow this series with The Cleric Quintet. Drizzt is not actually in this series, some of the main characters end up in future series, so I'd recommend reading it b [...]

    10. JD on said:

      So, I enjoyed these books. Not the most intellectual, but for a fantasy lover that is looking for a fun but easy read, these are good. The fourth book ends without wrapping up all the loose ends, to entice you to his next series I'm sure, but wraps up enough to not leave the reader unsatisfied.The characters of these books are basically well developed D&D characters, which is what the Forgotten Realm books are all based on. They have the traits that are expected and, yet, Salvatore finds int [...]

    11. Daniel on said:

      A good series of books that follows the Icewind Dale and Dark Elf series of books. As with all of Salvatore's books, the writing style is top-notch and very engrossing. The first couple of books are quite different from the last two in that they are centered mostly on large scale war and the tragedies that fall during such a time. The last two deal mainly with the traditional characters and lacks the grand scope of the previous books. There are parts in all four books where one has to wonder why [...]

    12. Ian Hu on said:

      Once again, R.A. Salvatore has outdone himself in another novel about the famous dark elf Drizzt Do'Urden. The book marks the return of the sinister Drow race as they try to conquer Mithral Hall in this epic series which never sets down its pace.The return of the Harpells, Thibbledorf Pwent and many other unforgettable characters made this a delightful read. Salvatore uses extensive vocabulary and a variety of made-up languages in his novel that have been researched in-depth, and the effort put [...]

    13. Owen on said:

      No real surprises here, just 1,000+ pages of vengeance plotting, narrow escapes and overly detailed sword fights, but hey, it worked for Robert E. HowardUpdate: Ok the first 3 books still get two stars, but "Passage to Dawn" gets four. Taking the characters back out into The Realms makes book 4 a lot more interesting. There is a great mix of new characters and some old friends returning, the dwarves and barbarians continue to squabble in ever more complicated ways, and Errtu makes a great bad-gu [...]

    14. Lamonica Hart on said:

      Breathtaking, awesome, excellent, exciting are just a few words that come to mind. Do yourself a favor and just read all of Drizzt books It's like having your own special batch of adventurizing drug that keeps you on the of life edge wanting more and more. The more you read the higher you become wanting to know what's going to happen next.If I could go higher than 5, I would. I read through the entire Drizzt series in 2.5 months. I hurts me to wait until September for "Rise of the King" (book2) [...]

    15. Ray on said:

      This is the 1st of the 4-book 'Legacy of the Drow' series by R.A. Salvatore, and the 7th book overall in his 'Drizzt' books. It's been about 14 months since I finished the previous trilogy, and I found it very easy to get back into the characters that I've enjoyed so much There's a good sense of humor in this entry, plus plenty of battle sequences, and some unexpected occurences (no spoilers here). It was fun to return to this realm, and I'm looking forward to the next 3 books in this series.

    16. Ben on said:

      The best stories in the Legend of Drizzt cycle are to be found in this volume. Here we see all the characters grow, change, and learn. Salvatore seems to be working more on his own story here, and less on satisfying fans of AD&D.The only downside to this series is that, in order for it to make any sense, one has to have read the preceding two trilogies, the Dark Elf set, and the Icewind Dale books.

    17. Amber on said:

      The first book and a half was great but the last book was full of plot holes. Characters would suddenly know things they shouldn't and the villain's plans would change without warning (and not like PLOT TWIST but like "You just said you couldn't do that thing in your inner dialogue two chapters ago). The biggest plot wist was super obvious and drawn out. Disappointing but I have faith that the series will recover.

    18. Vaughn on said:

      The best book series I have ever read.Not only is the writing style completely amazing--because of the beautiful use of short-clip-sentences and vocabulary--but the plotlines of these books are geniously written. Any Salvatore book is a work of art.This genre doesn't get enough credit, and I'd bet that Mr. Salvatore can change that and put the Fantasy genre right out in front with Fiction and Non-Fiction. Read it now!

    19. Trey Dodd on said:

      OK, techincally, I read these three books individually, and I read them out of order (there are about 12(?) books in the series, but I really think these are the best. Nice mix of simultaneous plot lines, some dynamic characters, and written for a very visual person, descriptive without getting bogged down in the details. Probably my favorite books in high school (that or Dragonlance series by Wies and Hickman)

    20. Trey on said:

      Again, added instead of the individual books. Third set of books of Drizzt series. For me this was the pinnacle of the storyline. I read the first sets because I loved AD&D and the world, but these books blew me away. Big battles, lots of dwarfs (i liked dwarfs :-) ), and everything else I liked at the time.

    21. Flowerpower89 on said:

      Typical plot of "hero goes on journey with his buddies who are tokens for other races, to destroy the object that could destroy the world." Characters get 'killed', brought back, the 4th dimension is summoned, and there is at least one Gary-Stu. All the Salvatore books are kind of like that, though.

    22. Jamieson on said:

      A respectable piece of fantasy, Salvatore's Drizzt novels are fun if not particularly challenging. Characters have distinct personalities and sometimes defy expectations, though this is more common later in the series. Highlights are battle sequences and, for me at least, the 'D&D campaign' feeling.

    23. Liliubel on said:

      I didn't enjoyed this books as much as the previous ones.The first half was nice with Drizzt and Catti-Brie sailing with Deudermont, but when they come back to the Icewind Dale is kind of boringybe because there are a lot of parts of the barbarians and I don't like them .___.Personally my favourite part of the story is when they meet Cadderly *^*

    24. Netanella on said:

      It took me a while to get through this quartet of books, although I sped through the first two trilogies. I got a little bogged down in the first couple of books, but things got better with Passage to Dawn. These books are remarkable, and the characters and the storylines stay with you. Defintely would recommend these to fantasy addicts and those interested in a good yarn.

    25. Jet on said:

      The hardbound edition is by first real introduction to Drizzt and Friends' corner of the Forgotten Realms (though I've read TSR's Realms of the Underdark a few months prior, featuring a young Drizzt). Loved everything about it, the story, the settings and the characters, even the villains. And R. A. Salvatorre can write fight scenes.

    26. Ariel on said:

      I enjoyed it, but alot of it just seemed cliche. It almost feels like its Tolkien-Lite sometimes, and he can be wordy and repetitive regarding internal dialogue, character descriptions, etc. But it was whimsical and good for light reading.

    27. Jason Landau on said:

      Drizzit, Bruenor, Cattie-Brie Wulfgar and Regis. I put Salvatore up there with Tolkien and George R.R. Martin as some of my favorite Fantasy writers. I wish we could subdivide star ratings. Not a five but not a 4 either. Great books.

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