Good Morning, Superman!

Michael Dahl Omar Lozano

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Good Morning, Superman!

Good Morning Superman Look up in the sky It s a bird It s a plane It s the SUN When morning comes a young boy must prepare for his day faster than a speeding bullet Follow along as he leaps tall buildings jumps out of b

  • Title: Good Morning, Superman!
  • Author: Michael Dahl Omar Lozano
  • ISBN: 9781623708504
  • Page: 218
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Look, up in the sky It s a bird It s a plane It s the SUN When morning comes, a young boy must prepare for his day, faster than a speeding bullet Follow along as he leaps tall buildings jumps out of bed in a single bound, dons his heroic uniform his clothes , and faces his greatest weakness Kryptonite colored toothpaste Then it s up, up, and away to daycarLook, up in the sky It s a bird It s a plane It s the SUN When morning comes, a young boy must prepare for his day, faster than a speeding bullet Follow along as he leaps tall buildings jumps out of bed in a single bound, dons his heroic uniform his clothes , and faces his greatest weakness Kryptonite colored toothpaste Then it s up, up, and away to daycare The perfect companion to the bestselling author Michael Dahl s BEDTIME FOR BATMAN, this official DC Comics picture book will have Superman fans young and old delighting in their morning routines Includes a morning routine checklist.

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      218 Michael Dahl Omar Lozano
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    One thought on “Good Morning, Superman!

    1. Jon(athan) Nakapalau on said:

      Very nice introduction to Superman for very small children - can't believe he will be 80 next year!

    2. Peter Derk on said:

      Superman saves Metropolis. A kid gets out of bed. Seems like equal work.If I was Superman, I'd be insulted by this book. And then I'd probably complain and the world of mommy bloggers would crucify me. Add another to the list of reasons I'm not Superman.

    3. Amanda on said:

      Oh the feels! I need this book for Mister someday! This book is TERRIFIC on so many levels! POC MC!

    4. Becky on said:

      OMG THE CUTE OVERLOAD IS REAL. Perfect for any superhero-loving kid or storytime.

    5. Laura on said:

      This book, second in a series of super hero books that I've seen, is cute. Like the Bedtime for Batman, this takes a young boy through the process of getting ready, in this case, getting ready to go to school. But, unlike the Bedtime for Batman, this includes girls also pretending to be superheroes, which I liked. Girls, as I have said before, read comics too. I read the same comics that my brothers did, when I was growing up, even though I was reading it for the story, rather than for the fight [...]

    6. Carla Johnson-Hicks on said:

      This is a companion book to Bedtime For Batman, only this one is about morning routines. It will become a favourite of superhero fans. The difference in this book is that there are also female superheros so that girls will be able to identify with the story unlike the last one. This book shows a boy and Superman going about their routine and doing sort of the same things. Superman leaps tall buildings, the little boy leaps out of bed, Superman shows his secret uniform and the little boy gets dre [...]

    7. Wayne McCoy on said:

      'Good Morning, Superman' by Michael Dahl with illustrations by Omar Lozano is a compoanion book to the recently released 'Bedtime for Batman.' They are picture books for young children who also like superheroes.The story, like the previous one, parallels a superhero and a young child. This time around, it's Superman and a little boy getting ready for the day. It shows Superman changing into his uniform as the little boy gets dressed. Superman fights off kryptonite as the boy has to brush his tee [...]

    8. Kat on said:

      Basic Plot: A little boy gets ready for his day. MUCH. CUTE!I loved the first one this author did as a little boy got ready for bed, comparing him to Batman. I love Superman even more, and this book showing a little boy getting ready for his day in parallel with Superman was just adorable. I particularly loved that it was a little boy of color, because I think that superheroes should be accessible to all people. It did create a very strange juxtaposition, though, with all the white people in the [...]

    9. Jason Stanley on said:

      The sun rises, bringing with it a new day in the city of Metropolis. With the rising of the sun, Clark Kent transforms into Superman. At our house, a toddler wakes up ready to conquer the day. But before she can leave the house, there are a number of things to do to get ready.From the creative mind of Michael Dahl, comes another superhero themed children’s book. Similar to his book Bedtime for Batman, Good Morning Superman parallels Clark Kent getting ready for the day with an unnamed African- [...]

    10. Hilary on said:

      Comic-book style with fun parallels between Superman and the young boy. I'm not sure the younger end of the 4-7 age range will be able to easily follow the dual storyline without confusion (at least not the first time around) but the older kids should enjoy it, and parents may appreciate the illustrated morning checklist at the back!Disclaimer: I received a free ARC from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

    11. Jill on said:

      Really cute superhero book that is not text heavy so accessible for the youngest readers.

    12. Kris on said:

      Cute for any superhero fan. My 5-year old Superman fan was thrilled. Love the comparison between kid and superhero.

    13. Barbara on said:

      A young boy rises to greet the day in the same way that Superman, his favorite superhero, does. I like the use of panels that resemble comic book panels that show the boy and the superhero going about their daily morning routines in the same way. As he dashes out of the house into the arms of what is presumably his father, the little guy is clearly ready for action and is "up and away!" (unpaged). I'm not sure if he lives with his mother and his father has come by to pick him up for school or an [...]

    14. Holly Letson on said:

      Let your imagination soar. You can be anything you wish to be!

    15. Alesha on said:

      I stumbled upon this book at work, read it, fell in love, and decided to plan one of next month's storytimes around it! This book is so sweet, it literally caused me to log into GoodReads for the first time in months! It's a simple "morning routine" picture book. The thing that makes it special is that it has lots of comic book elements laid out in a way that's easy for young children to follow. The main character is an unnamed boy who goes through his morning tasks as if he himself is superman. [...]

    16. Kid Lit Reviews on said:

      Good Morning Superman tells the tale of an unnamed young black boy dressing for the day, simultaneously told with Superman beginning his day. The young hero wakes up, full of energy. As Superman finds the evil he needs to cleaned up, the young boy races into the bathroom to clean up. Superman transforms into his uniform, while the boy pops out of the bathroom, fist in the air, ready for the day, wearing a Superman shirt and a red cape.Each spread shows simultaneous activity between Superman and [...]

    17. Kristen on said:

      This was a cute book relating a preschooler's morning routine to Superman's routine. The text was very EPIC. We sure enjoyed the set up and the story. Each page depicted Superman's world and the child's world. My daughter really enjoyed it. She's really starting to like superheros since we got her some DC Superhero girls for Christmas - and she was Supergirl for Halloween.I really enjoyed this book and I think we will look for Bedtime for Batman as well. This was a great book for superhero fans! [...]

    18. Ames Public Library Youth Services on said:

      I loved this book! In it a young boy and Superman are both shown getting ready for the day, with all the steps that it entails (getting up, brushing teeth, etc). I love the way that they illustrated Superman's sequences in a very classic comic style, while the little kid has a more typical cartoon look.This one will be fun to read with Superman fans of any age.The one thing to note in this book is although it is awesome that Supergirl rescues Superman at one point, it is not cool how she is show [...]

    19. Nicola Mansfield on said:

      Delightful! This is a companion book to last year's "Goodnight, Batman" and is as wonderful. It's written in a soothing tone like "Goodnight Moon" which it is obviously emulating. The illustrations show Superman and the little boy doing the same things such as "when duty calls" Supe sees trouble he must attend to while the little boy has to go potty and when Superman faces Lex Luther, "his greatest fears", the little boy faces his toothbrush. Any little Superman fan will adore this!

    20. Jocelin on said:

      This series is super cute. I love the first one "Bedtime for Batman" in which the duties of Batman and a little boy getting ready for bed are compared. This entry of course is the opposite, a little boy getting ready for the start of his day. It's inspiring to see that the author makes the routine of the ordinary seem "super". Great story time book.

    21. Vicki on said:

      What a great way to start the day - rise and shine with/as Superman! The illustration set up is quite clever with a split pages showing the "real" superman and a boy superman.I love the morning checklist at the back of the book.

    22. Brittany on said:

      Any kid (or parent) that likes Superman will enjoy this little picture book.

    23. mg on said:

      It's a great book, but seriouslywhy do the female superheroes STILL wear skimpy clothes, even in freaking picture books???

    24. The Library Lady on said:

      This pairs with Bedtime for Batman, both picture books for people who are buying into the superhero craze. People will appreciate that while Superman and Supergirl are as lily white as ever, brother and sister here are African American. Bound to be popular, and, as I said in reviewing the Batman book, better than the dreadful 8X8 books or even the superhero beginning readers, if you insist on reading these books with your little kids. I personally prefer Max, or Atomic Ace: He's Just My Dad as s [...]

    25. Muriel on said:

      Superman comes to life as your child in Good Morning, Superman! The story takes the reader through what it would be like to be Superman. The reader can fill the heroes' shoes by leaping tall buildings also known as jumping out of bed or other activities from a morning routine. The graphics are true DC Comic graphics and will delight the reader with their cheerful colors. The story will appeal to a younger audience and doesn't have much text. It is a cute way to reinforce a morning routine with a [...]

    26. Becky B on said:

      A little boy imagining he is Superman goes through his morning routine to get ready for the day.Each of the pages in this is split with an illustration of Superman in one part and the little boy in the other part doing what is described (for example, "Duty calls" depicts Superman facing off against villains in the city and the little boy swoops into the bathroom). Tackling everyday routine chores like they are superhero actions is a great way to get things done. I'm just not sure if kids will ge [...]

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