Dragon's Egg

Emily Martha Sorensen

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Dragon's Egg

Dragon s Egg Rose didn t count on becoming a mother to a brand new baby dragon egg She s always wanted to be a paleontologist and is now in college studying to become one But a chance meeting at the American Musu

  • Title: Dragon's Egg
  • Author: Emily Martha Sorensen
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 173
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Rose didn t count on becoming a mother to a brand new baby dragon egg She s always wanted to be a paleontologist, and is now in college studying to become one But a chance meeting at the American Musuem of Natural History turns her world upside down Because, millions of years after dragons have gone extinct, there s an egg that seems to be unexpectedly alive TheRose didn t count on becoming a mother to a brand new baby dragon egg She s always wanted to be a paleontologist, and is now in college studying to become one But a chance meeting at the American Musuem of Natural History turns her world upside down Because, millions of years after dragons have gone extinct, there s an egg that seems to be unexpectedly alive The egg knows what he wants He wants Rose and a stranger, Henry, to be his new parents But can three strangers of two different species become a family A 14,000 word G rated new adult fantasy.

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      173 Emily Martha Sorensen
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    One thought on “Dragon's Egg

    1. Sherry Fundin on said:

      Can a baby dragon throw a tantrum?Wellllllll, let’s find out.This is not your usual dragon tale of hot shifters and the maiden in love with him.It’s a baby.It has been waiting for a long time….waiting…waiting…waiting…for its parents.I felt so bad for the poor guy, so lost and alone.He imprints before he hatches, on Rose and the stranger. He speaks to them telepathically and they cannot say no.Rose’s life quickly spins out of control and I can hardly wait to see what happens when… [...]

    2. Pamela Morton on said:

      I was given an ARC of this book for an honest review and once again Emily wrote one that didn't disappoint. It is a short one, ended too quickly for me, but an enjoyable read. I like how the characters Rose and Henry get along so well together and I found the book was a very fast paced one. its about a dragon egg wanting Rose and Henry as its parents. the series is just starting and I am looking forward to more books in the series. Its for an adult. a g rated book but a very good one. Love this [...]

    3. Melissa on said:

      Dragon's Egg by Emily Martha Sorensen is the first book in her Dragon Eggs series about a young woman named Rose who finds herself the mother of a baby dragon. The book is told in second-person with Rose as the main character. It is well-written and a fun fantasy read.If you like cute fantasy stories and the idea of intelligent dragons, then this one is for you!

    4. Heidi on said:

      Set in the 1920s, Rose desires to become a paleontologist. Her curiosity, desire to discover, and intellectual ability all deem her worthy to acquire said job. When a discovery of eggs have been made and brought to the National Museum of Natural History, Rose is ecstatic. However, what she doesn't plan on is, at least, one of the eggs is fertile and the baby inside has his own plans. Can Rose, along with a stranger named Henry, fulfill the egg's desire?What a lovely and charming read! I absolute [...]

    5. Deb on said:

      An adorable beginning to a story, but I would not call it 'book 1'. Part 1, would be a more fitting title distinction.One of the dragon's is getting ready to hatch, and has chosen Rose and Henry - to people who have never before met - to be it's parents.It's a great start to a romance and family of 3, and if it were not for some of the large words, it could be a great story for children, too.

    6. Lynn Hill on said:

      I have fallen in love with the way Emily writes her books! I have been reading her Fairy series and they are just mischievous little fairies and Emily writes them so you want to have a fairy power too. Now she is starting a new series about dragons and the introductory book is just as delightful. Have you ever wanted to be the adoptive parents of a dragon egg?? Can you imagine just what your life is going to be in store for? I am so excited to see what is going to happen and where this story is [...]

    7. Darren on said:

      I got a ARC of this for my laptop from the author. I enjoyed reading it. It had a good story to it. A good kids book ,for sure. I look forward to the next book by this author.

    8. Christinaraven on said:

      I thought this was a lighthearted funny short story set in the 1920's about Rose who want to be a paleontologist. I thought it was a hoot that the museum is full of dragon bones along with the usual dinosaur bones. How can you go wrong reading about dragons. I liked the different take on dragons as a ton of eggs were found on a dig and off course museums all around the world bought some. However it ends up the eggs were just hibernating and in this first book, Virgil wakes in his egg and Rose an [...]

    9. Jolyn on said:

      Well developed characters and interesting storyEven though this story is short, the characters are well developed and the story is fun and interesting. I am glad I spent the $2.99 to read it and I will also purchase the second story. I already read "Dragon's First Christmas" which introduced me to the series. I hope that Ms. Sorensen writes more stories about Virgil, Rose and Henry.Sex - noneLanguage - it is reported that Henry spews a string of curse words at one point in the story when he is p [...]

    10. Veray Carter on said:

      An interesting story about dragons and some eggs that were found and thought to be thousands of years old, but are still alive and ready to be hatched. I loved the cute couple that the egg chose as his parents and can't wait to see what happens when the egg hatches and to see how the relationship develops. I'm hoping for some sweet kisses in the future. It was very short, only 61 pages, but very enjoyable.

    11. Diana Blick on said:

      Very cuteThis is a very cute beginning, though it actually seems as if a single book has just been chopped into installments. There is really nothing that would indicate that the book is done; it just stops. At that, it stops rather abruptly and short for the price. Otherwise it is well written and very cute. The alternate universe where all this happens is well designed, and the characters are attractive. I'm certainly on to book two.

    12. Joseph on said:

      Interesting but too shortThe concept is fascinating and the world in which the story takes place is well-crafted, but this isn't really a complete novel. It's more like the first quarter of a novel. It only took me a half an hour to read. For the price, it's not really worth it. If the books were .99 or available on Kindle Unlimited I'd be all over this series, but at this rate I'd be bankrupt before I got through the full story.

    13. Irene O'Brien on said:

      Parents to a dragnThis book is an excellent story of the band between parent and child. It is also an excellent fantasy adventure, two strangers who have been chosen to be parents by an unhatched dragon. It is brilliant story suitable for anyone with an interest in something unusual and funny to read

    14. Dianna on said:

      The short story is enough to give you a glimpse of the world. In a surprisingly short tale you learn a lot about who the characters are. I want to know what led to this point, and see where it progresses in the future.

    15. Brandy on said:

      I was so sad to get to the end of the page because I wanted to learn more about Virgil. I love dragons and reading about them.

    16. Turtle on said:

      My only complaint is the length, it is more of a Novella then a Novel

    17. Julie Rose on said:

      Loved it! I loved it so much I wrote to the author wanting to know when the next one was out.

    18. Patsy on said:

      Good readI give this 3 1/2 stars. It was a fun read. I would have given it 4 stars, but it was disappointingly short.

    19. Catherine on said:

      Dragon's Egg is the first book in the Dragon Eggs series by Emily Martha Sorensen. Rose Palmer is passionate about palaeontology, but would like her father's permission to study it; he strongly disapproves of her having choices or opinions of her own and vehemently denies her speaking at times. It's 1920, in New York City. At the current moment, a new exhibition has begun at the Museum of Natural History. It's a display of dragon eggs, something that was recently thought to be rare. However, a m [...]

    20. Tony Lavely on said:

      Dragon's Egg. Cover art by Eva Urbaníková.This book is an enchanting, clean short story that I suspect is targeted for a middle grade and somewhat older audience, even though the protagonists are slightly older than that age group.Rose is a college student, living at home with an oppressive, though loving, father, an enduring mother, and two younger sisters. She is determined to become a paleontologist over the wishes of Dad, who believes a women’s place is teaching if not in the home.Henry, [...]

    21. Emily Pennington on said:

      I received a free review copy of this book in exchange for my honest review. Rose Palmer entered the dragon wing of the Museum of Natural History. She has dreams of studying paleontology and is ready to ask her father at dinner about letting her pursue this path. But in this 1920’s setting, her father feels that she would be best suited as a teacher and might be unwilling to pay the tuition for a scientific career. Mr. Teedle, the curator, greeted her and proudly led her to a glass case displa [...]

    22. Essie on said:

      I love this story. It is just so delightful. Rose wants to be a paleontologist; she is studying for it, but it is 1920. Her father says that women do not need to be paleontologists; they should just teach. Her mother wants her to get married. She visits the museum regularly always the dragon wing. She goes there as usual and one of the exhibits has been changed. There are now several dragon eggs in place and they look different to any other ones found. Then she hears a voice in her head and sees [...]

    23. Danielle Williams on said:

      This was such a fun read. A bit short, but just the beginning of a series, so I'm eagerly looking for more.Set in the 1920s in New York, dragons take the place of dinosaurs in paleontology. They even share names with dinosaurs in our world, a detail I really enjoyed. When a catch of dragon's eggs are discovered in a cave in remarkable condition it is an amazing find for the entire paleontological community. Museums all over the United States vie for a part of the catch and the Museum of Natural [...]

    24. Patti on said:

      What a remarkable short story! This writer managed to bring these characters to life quickly, and then started to explore the possibilities of parenthood between two strangers. Throw in a baby that's not even their species and you have the beginning of a truly entertaining book! When you leave me wanting to know the outcome of this or thatyou have definitely captured my attention and listing your book two on my TBR list! Bravo! My copy was given to me freely with only the request for an honest r [...]

    25. Kim O'Daniel on said:

      Well this may be a sort serial, but well worth it. It is well thought out and flows so well it is over before you know it. This is Rose’s story that is till she walks into the museum and gets not only a fiancé in Henry, but a baby dragon. Rose has always wanted to be a paleontologist; in fact that is what she is studying in college. The world Emily builds for us is truly amazing, Not only do the have myths of dragons, but the have actual fossils of them. And recently the found some eggs, only [...]

    26. Andrea Stoeckel on said:

      I received this book in exchange for an honest review“Maybe not,” Rose said.  She felt a tentative brush of anticipation.  “For a curious child, a world unlike anything in his ancestors’ memories might be wonderful and fascinating.”Rose and Henry meet at the Dragon wing of the Museum. Both are students, and both are fascinated by the newest acquistion of .Dragon Eggsat look like they might actually hatch? At least one if them and he has chosen them as his parents? Now, what will they [...]

    27. Cheryl Drake johnson on said:

      Rose Palmer was a student studying the history of Dragons she was fascinated and she had been since her father had bought her a book as a child. Now she is checking out the museum where a collection of 1 million year old Dragon egg's had just arrived she and the manager Mr. Teedle was talking to her about them and a young man came in and all of a sudden they all had some kind of telepathic communication with one of the eggs in the case on display when they came out of the communication and the y [...]

    28. Teri Miller on said:

      Delightful, but a set upUnfortunately this is one of those partial books, setting you up to buy the next. I felt like I was tricked, and it hurts because the story is delightful. Not exactly a cliffhanger situation, it just ends abruptly and the next page is an advertisement for the next book.I do want to know what's going to happen, but I'm going to have to think about it. I don't like to reward authors for this type of shenanigans. If there had been a short explanation at the beginning of the [...]

    29. Ukgardenfiend on said:

      This story is set in an alternate universe in 1920.A large clutch of dragon’s eggs are found and are distributed around several museums.Everyone believes they are fossils as of course dragons died out millions of years ago.But.A couple of students come along to see the eggs and get adopted by an embryo who has been ‘resting’ in his egg since he his parents died. He is telepathic and identifies them as substitute parents for the ones he lost and thus restarts the process of hatching. Whenev [...]

    30. Hyacinth Janecyk on said:

      Rose really just wants to be a paleontologist. While at the dragon exhibit at the Museum, Rose is talking with the curator Mr. Teedle. He shows her the dragon eggs that the Museum just bought. They don't look like fossilized eggs. One egg decides that he wants Rose to be his mother and another college student Henry to be his father. Can't wait to read more!!! Henry and Rose have to figure what they are going to do, how do humans raise a dragon when dragons have been gone for a long time! When He [...]

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