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Lani Lynn Vale

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Rusty Nail

Rusty Nail He knows that pain makes you stronger Wolf isn t always a good person and he doesn t hesitate to say what s on his mind He is who he is and he doesn t offer apologies He isn t out to impress anyone

  • Title: Rusty Nail
  • Author: Lani Lynn Vale
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 373
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • He knows that pain makes you stronger Wolf isn t always a good person, and he doesn t hesitate to say what s on his mind He is who he is, and he doesn t offer apologies He isn t out to impress anyone, and he doesn t make excuses for his actions She knows that fear makes you braver Raven has made some bad decisions, and she d give anything to go back in time and chooseHe knows that pain makes you stronger Wolf isn t always a good person, and he doesn t hesitate to say what s on his mind He is who he is, and he doesn t offer apologies He isn t out to impress anyone, and he doesn t make excuses for his actions She knows that fear makes you braver Raven has made some bad decisions, and she d give anything to go back in time and choose a different path The reality is that she can t go back, and the day Wolf walks into her life, she finally realizes that maybe she doesn t want to Wolf is everything she s ever wanted, and the exact opposite of what she needs They both know heartbreak makes you wiser Wolf knows that this is not a good idea There are a million reasons all of them bad telling him exactly why he should stay away But when Raven s nightmares burst out of her dreams and into her reality, he doesn t have a choice any He has to protect her, while somehow protecting his battered heart.

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      373 Lani Lynn Vale
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    One thought on “Rusty Nail

    1. Gi's Spot Reviews on said:

      4.5 'Beard Loving' StarsOMG, it feels like I’ve been waiting for this book since for-freaking-ever – ok, not really true since Lani Lynn Vale is a writing super machine, LOL -, but ever since Wolf was first mentioned in Michael’s book, Coup de Grace, my curiosity was awaken, and from that moment on every time he was mentioned in the any of her other books, even if only in passage my expectation for his story raised another level! Let me tell you now that the wait was more than worth it bec [...]

    2. Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews on said:

      DiDi's review posted at Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews4.5 starsI am in LOVE with Wolf and Raven!!! Good God the man is hot! Alpha, bossy, stubborn, sexy, loving and a freak in the sheets pretty much sums Wolf up. Raven is an amazing heroine; she’s been through a not so good childhood and survived the most horrible experience, yet is strong, sassy and not scared to stand up to alpha males. Wolf has also had a hard life so he and Raven could’ve been a match made in heaven or a match made in hel [...]

    3. Libby Harrison on said:

      UrghThe first scene was horrific but felt unemotional. Why the fuck was the h thinking of chickens when a woman HAD A SWORD SHOVED THROUGH HER PREGNANT STOMACH right in front of her?!!I can’t believe how dismissive she was about being tortured and raped for 4 monthsDNF'd for the following reasons:Messy dialogueNo story line (or a fucked up one)Too many names that I am supposed to remember from previous books in the series (girl, do you know how many books I read?? A LOT!!)

    4. Pam Nelson on said:

      5 Rusty Nail Stars Ohhhh WOLF me up baby!!If this is the end of the series it was awesome, I am sad to see it end though. I loved every book! It was a breath of fresh air. You have these tatted up “bad ass” bikers who are also law abiding –ish law men! LOVE it I know I said that already but I did. Ok on to Wolf and Raven, these 2 it was so hard to hear the beginning of this book but I loved how Raven fights through. She is something else I tell you. I love that she doesn’t let her past h [...]

    5. Jessica Alcazar on said:

      NOTE: I wouldn't necessarily say you HAVE to read the previous books before you read Rusty Nail, but Wolf and Raven both play rolls in past books and that is how we meet them but they're not *together* then so . up to you.OKAY, now for the good stuff. Another exceptional addition to an already really good series. It's too bad its come to a close now. I've loved every individual story as well as the series arc as a whole and Rusty Nail continued the tradition of love for me. Wolf and Raven both [...]

    6. Lu Bielefeld ** on said:

      It took me a lot to finish reading because I was putting others in front. I found it very disappointing. I love this author and she is one of my favorites, but the last few books disappoint me. I bought this on pre sale and started reading all full of expectations and nothing special happened in history I stopped in 70% and the rest was dragging.I hope the next one is better.

    7. Red Cheeks Reads on said:

      Rusty Nail is the sixth and final installment of Lani Lynn Vale’s Uncertain Saints MC series. I’ve read the entire series and I’ve absolutely loved it. Without question, it was a definite departure from Vale’s usual writing style, and I think the risk she took in putting out something so different paid off. This series is undeniably a bit darker and edgier than what we’ve seen from her previously. She’s tackled some tough topics in these books, and I think she’s done it well. I was [...]

    8. Emily on said:

      Raven has lived a nightmare and was trying to move on the best way she can, she had been doing alright but when she finds herself fallen for a taken man she knows it is time to move on. Wolf knew that the women he was seeing was just a friend, nothing more. Wolf also knew that Raven was the girl for him but needed to get back on her feet. When she leaves he bides his time, but believes he will see her again. Wolf does see her again but working with someone from his past, Raven knows she wants Wo [...]

    9. Alisa Lawry on said:

      Wtf did I just read? Well it's official this will be the last book I buy from Lani. Since the last few books have been written poorly and rushed, I just can't put myself to read her books anymore. This book was like reading a messed up puzzle. h was raped in past but wasn't fazed about it. The sex was like reading really bad porn lol. Explanations dragged on, half the time not needed. What happened in the diner at the end with all the females didn't make sense at all. Why did she shoot him? What [...]

    10. Nicla on said:

      Just couldn't get into this. Wasn't much of a fan of the hero or heroine. Might try again one day.

    11. Daniela on said:

      Great story! Finally we get Wolf's story and what a story it is. Loved both characters. Sorry to see the end of this particular series but looking forward to reading Kilgore Fire now.

    12. KimBrewing on said:

      This is the final installment of the Uncertain Saints series and it is the book we've all been waiting for - Wolf'sLani is a great storyteller, but I'm not going to lie - there was something missing in this book for me, it felt incomplete. I feel the recent stories only focus on the action part and the romance is a side story. I want to grow with the couples. I mean we start this book with Raven moving away, then they are reunited unexpectedly, Raven needs saving - oh look, they're a couple. Oth [...]

    13. Lori on said:

      My first DNF from this author, whom I usually enjoy. I made it to 29%, I didn't connect with either MC.

    14. Darcy on said:

      As I started reading this one I feel like there was some info missing, like a short story between the last book and this one, one with what happened to Raven and Wolf's sister. Raven was a hot mess, but she was trying to find her way free of that, to live a happy life, but people kept stopping her. It sucked that she ran from a safe place, but I it was easy to understand why. Wolf really didn't give her a reason to stay. The whole dance that Wolf and Raven did drove me nuts. So much of their rel [...]

    15. phoebess on said:

      I need to get something off my chest first: I was a little bit disappointed there weren't any flashbacks, or at least a prologue, of Wolf and Nathan in the beginning of them living together. Or of what Wolf did right after he left the hospital angry in Coup De GrâceThat being said, I enjoyed the book, although not as much as the previous ones because the plot twist felt rushed toward the end (no matter how great the action was).

    16. Elisa Griffin on said:

      Finally finished this series! I loved it. I share the quotes/funny saying's at the beginning of the chapter's with my husband and we always get a good laugh. As with all of Lani's stories I fell in love with Wolf and Raven. The tattoos are so cool. Lani has worked her way right up there to the top 5 one click go to author's for me!!! I highly recommend her! You will be hooked!!!🙌🙌😁😁

    17. Amy on said:

      Rusty NailLani Lynn Vail5 starsFINALLY – WOLFIf you are an Uncertain MC fan you have been waiting for this story. Wolf was first brought to us in Michael’s book – Coup de Grace. In an instant knowing what the man did for his friend in his death made me want his story immediately. However knowing Lani – I knew we would have to wait. Raven is continuing to live her nightmare in her head. She hasn’t told anyone what happened to her while she was taken. The only person that saw her was Wol [...]

    18. Jennifer Pierson on said:

      Raven has a past that nightmares are made of, and she's somehow pulled herself up out of extreme fear. She knows that she made some bad decisions, and would do anything to go back and change things, but she can't go back, so she does her best to better herself. Now that she's on somewhat on an even keel again, the man she's longed for, shows back up in her life, to turn it upside down again. Wolf isn't known to have any kind of filter, and he owns that he's going to say what's on his mind no mat [...]

    19. Marie on said:

      I have been waiting for Wolf's story and Lani Lynn Vale did not disappoint in any way! I LOVED it!! There has always just been something about Wolf that seemed so intense. If you are a fan of Lani Lynn Vale's then you already know that he first appeared in Code-11 KPD Swat when his family falls victim to a serial killer. Wolf gets shot in the head while his wife and unborn child are killed. He then becomes responsible for Nathan, his best friend's child, whose family fell victim to the same seri [...]

    20. MJ's Book Blog and Reviews on said:

      Review by: Jennifer(5 stars)Book Six in the Uncertain Saints MC and it's still freaking amazing! Just in case you missed it, yes this is book six, yes you need to read the previous books. Wolf's book, we finally, finally after waiting for what feels like forever, we get the rest of the story. We met Wolf in Michael's story from SWAT (see told ya to read the rest of her books first) when he was shot in the head by that maniac doctor that was killing all the cops and their wives. He took his best [...]

    21. Dana Busenbark on said:

      In this sixth book of the Uncertain Saints series, we find ourselves seeing Raven and another lady named July in some hot water. What is going on? Who has them and what are they doing to the ladies? When things hit the fan, Wolf finds them. What does he ask Raven if he can do before he even touches her to help her? When Raven finds a dog hanging out around her house, what does she do with him? What kind of dog is he and what has she named him? How did she come up with that name? What does Wolf r [...]

    22. Alphas Do It Better Book Blog on said:

      5 StarsWhat can I say except that I loved it…again! Every single one of Lani’s books I completely devour. And I do frequently over and over again. She’s one of those authors I never get tired of and I always #oneclick no matter what. We first meet Wolf in the KPD Swat series, then of course he’s in all the Uncertain Saints books, then he makes another appearance in the Kilgore Fire series. Seriously, I didn’t think we’d EVER get to his book, but we finally did and it was definitely w [...]

    23. Kristin ~ Book Lovers Obsession on said:

      Rusty Nail is the 6th and final book in the Uncertain Saints series and follows Wolf and Raven. We've met these characters previously and I was super excited to get the whole story! Raven was kidnapped and held with July, Wolf's sister and Wolf was shot in the head in Michael's book. Wolf has his priorities - his son, his sister, his club, and his job. He was not expecting Raven or the feelings she gave him. I loved seeing more of Wolf's history and his softer side. All of LLV's men are super to [...]

    24. Danielle on said:

      5 SMOOCHES!!I read and reviewed this book on behalf of RED CHEEKS READSVIEW: redcheeksreads/rusty-nail-Friend, follow or find RED CHEEKS READS on:Blog: redcheeksreadsFacebook: facebook/redcheeksreadsTwitter: twitter/redcheeksreadsInstagram:  instagram/redcheeksreadsPinterest: pin/8qoEAup: /user/show/2

    25. Shelly Blevins-Middleton on said:

      The End of a Series I have been patiently waiting for this book for months. It did not disappoint. I loved Raven and Wolf, two broken souls who find each other. I read this book super slow for me because I didn't want it to end. I'm kind of sad, but excited for the new series. I loved all the Uncertain Saints and definitely find myself rereading them. I suggest the entire series, but be prepared to binge read all of Lani Lynn Vale booksey are addictive.

    26. Dallison on said:

      The epilogue saved this book from getting one star. Suggestion to the author, please slow down and write the story. The story was rushed with so much missing information. The premise of the book was fantastic, the delivery not so much. Please I am begging, I love your characters and style of writing, but slow the hell down and write the damn story to completion and stop leaving me hanging.

    27. Carcoura LaRomantique on said:

      Wolf and Raven - another LLV home run!!Wolf's story was always wrapped up in so much tragedy, as was Raven's. Their respective plights echoed sadness and pain through previous books, with darling little Nathan the epitome of innocence wronged. Finally Lani Lynn Vale has given all three of these special characters their own book, their own HEA. And I for one am ecstatic!Loved this so so much

    28. Allyson on said:

      For a guy with a kid, there's not a whole lot of Nathan in hereSome of the terminology in this one (and the others in this series) isn't really great (or not something I care for.)

    29. Sylwiaz97 on said:

      Loved Wolf and Raven! They're the best!Great job Lani Lynn Vale again!! <3

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