A Day, a Night, Another Day, Summer

Christine Schutt

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A Day, a Night, Another Day, Summer

A Day a Night Another Day Summer With prose that is at once sensual and spare dreamlike and deliberate Christine Schutt gives voice in this collection to what most keep hidden Many of the stories take place in the home where what

  • Title: A Day, a Night, Another Day, Summer
  • Author: Christine Schutt
  • ISBN: 9780156030663
  • Page: 120
  • Format: Paperback
  • With prose that is at once sensual and spare, dreamlike and deliberate, Christine Schutt gives voice in this collection to what most keep hidden Many of the stories take place in the home, where what is behind the thin domestic barriers of doors tends toward violence, unseemly sexual encounters, and mental anguish Schutt opens these doors in sudden, bold moments and expoWith prose that is at once sensual and spare, dreamlike and deliberate, Christine Schutt gives voice in this collection to what most keep hidden Many of the stories take place in the home, where what is behind the thin domestic barriers of doors tends toward violence, unseemly sexual encounters, and mental anguish Schutt opens these doors in sudden, bold moments and exposes the unsettling intimacy of the rooms and corridors of our innermost lives Yet at the same time, her characters are often hopeful, even optimistic.Startling and smartly wrought, A Day, a Night, Another Day, Summer is a breathtaking follow up to Schutt s widely revered debut collection, Nightwork, and her critically acclaimed debut novel, Florida, which was a National Book Award Finalist.

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    • Unlimited [Ebooks Book] ☆ A Day, a Night, Another Day, Summer - by Christine Schutt ✓
      120 Christine Schutt
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    One thought on “A Day, a Night, Another Day, Summer

    1. Alan on said:

      Wondrous, involving, precise but vivid. Also a tiny bit annoying. Sentence after sentence falls away slowly in your brain, making it work; you read again. And again.Monday and Monday and Monday pass, all ragged-sky and midday-sun sameness, all closets and drawers she stares into. None of what kept time once works. (The Human Season')Watch the way the drinking works on Orin's body, a bag of sand sagged in the easy chair, bobbing in the sprung-seated easy chair, a shapeless shape, a clay pale, a d [...]

    2. Laura K. Warrell on said:

      Christine Schutt is one of those writers who drives you a bit mad with how intricate, gorgeous and unsettling her prose can be. There's magic in it at the craft level: under her hand, words change shape and meaning, sentences that wouldn't work in any other story written by any other writer come to life in her pages. There were times I wasn't quite sure what was happening in the stories I was reading, but it was this disorientation that bewitched me and kept me reading. I was so entranced by the [...]

    3. Rachel on said:

      Christine Schutt's prose is a little too fanciful at times, lending to unwieldy sentences and stories that have no true narrative drive. She is definitely talented, though. A story towards the end about a dying friend was my favorite. Very poignant; she has a kind of slow, reflective, loose style which doesn't make for page-turning absorption, but which made a story about slow, inevitable death indelibly poignant.

    4. N on said:

      If I could one day write a single sentence with as much beauty as Schutt's I would be fulfilled. If you want to learn how to write fiction that refuses to disregard the art of the sentence packed with a universe of meaning, turn to her. I'd consider this work to be the poetry of fiction and I'd consider Schutt to be one of the best.

    5. Steven on said:

      Fantastic, spectral, haunting prosege propelled, lovely, frightening like lightning sometimes

    6. digital on said:

      Christine Schutt's Duchess of Albany is one of the best stories I have ever read in my life. Her style, so elusive and euphemistic, works to exquisite effect in that story: it supports the characterization of the protagonists, and it treats the subject matter with perfect and heartbreaking delicacy.So I was won over by that story, and I took up this collection. Her style works less well here. I'm no slavedriver to the school of Everything Must Be Concrete and Specific, but I felt the Duchess of [...]

    7. Patty on said:

      This is by another author that I encountered because of Shelf Awareness' Book Brahmin. In this case Christine Schutt was the author interviewed. After reading the interview, I wanted to know more about Ms Schutt's writing so I looked in our library catalog. This was the only book we had.I am not sorry that I read these short stories, but it is hard for me to imagine picking up any more books by Schutt. Her writing was wonderful. Sentences like "The mirror, the mirror untethers the room and sets [...]

    8. Mike Polizzi on said:

      The stories here are elegant, effortless and high born. The characters all seem to branch from the same dysfunctional tree or at least would meet at the same parties. The details swoop from the charmed beauty of summer homes to the repugnancies of domestic violence, puberty, college life and squandered fortunes. Like Tina Barney and Nan Goldin's friends swapped places, but the cameras kept clicking. Reading it after Nightwork, the collection stands as a maturation, but I missed some of the rawne [...]

    9. Miles McCoy on said:

      This book made me rethink the impact that individual style has on a work of fiction. The stories aren't that great - many of them are, in fact, very dark in nature. But Christine Schutt's profound style leaves a strong impact on the reader at second glance. Each sentence is artfully written, with careful detail given to the poetic and acoustic nature of each word and its placement in said sentence. If anyone is looking to get into the writing game and needs a good author to look at, I would defi [...]

    10. Katie on said:

      If you enjoy the fractured language of Mary Robison, you'll enjoy Schutt's very odd voice in these stories. I enjoy both, natch. I found these stories to be eerily unsatisfying, but satisfying in their unsatisfyingness. I am a pretentious dickhead for saying these things. Anywho, this book is worth picking up if you're interested in experimental syntax and arresting glimpses into the shittier parts of humanity.

    11. Taylor on said:

      Really liked this, which surprises me because it's precisely the kind of writing that tends to bug me--vague, somewhat elliptical, patently poetic. Yet it works. The writing is still very clean, and the impressions of heartache and trouble with which each story left me, in spite of the absence of many concrete details or a narrative arc, were real. Like reading a series of journal excerpts--private and quiet and sad.

    12. Doug on said:

      I don't just read short stories for plot, sometimes a general mood is enough to keep me interested, but this one for the most part was a little too vague. I could figure out what was going on, but there wasn't enough there to get me to care about these characters. You're on an island, good for you. But if you like dreamy prose, you'll probably like this.

    13. Twobbema on said:

      Not sure why this book rates so high. Each story is told in the rambling thoughts of the narrator. they were often disconnected and not all that memorable.I decided I am going to give her another chance by reading Florida, a National Book Award finalist.

    14. Michelle on said:

      I admired the passion that came through in the stories, however Schutt's overall vagueness didn't keep me guessing or wanting more, it made me care less about what I was reading. Such potential.

    15. John Pappas on said:

      Beautful and skeletal. Though Schutt's metier appears to be longer work, these short sketches carry a strange vibrancy and poignancy. Elliptical and sincere.

    16. Jasmine Woodson on said:

      Not as virtuosic as Nightwork, but similarly themed. (I.E. shades of incest). Reads like Joyce Carol Oates (parodic exclamations included) in a fugue state.

    17. Caroline on said:

      sometimes i come across an author and i think "i think i write like her in some respects" but usually i don't like it.

    18. Lindsey on said:

      I really love her, but she gets old fast. If that makes sense. I can never finish a whole book.

    19. Cassie on said:

      I think the reader has to work too hard to really connect to these characters or connect events throughout the stories. One of the few stories I liked in this collection was "Winterreise."

    20. A.K. Benninghofen on said:

      I'm going to need to sit with this book a while before trying to articulate my thoughts about it.

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