The Mightiest Machine

John W. Campbell Jr.

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The Mightiest Machine

The Mightiest Machine From Ace s series Science Fiction From the Great Years

  • Title: The Mightiest Machine
  • Author: John W. Campbell Jr.
  • ISBN: 9780441531516
  • Page: 410
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • From Ace s series Science Fiction From the Great Years.

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    • [PDF] Ë Unlimited ↠ The Mightiest Machine : by John W. Campbell Jr. ✓
      410 John W. Campbell Jr.
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    One thought on “The Mightiest Machine

    1. Tex-49 on said:

      Il primo 25% tutto speso per speigare particolari tecnici di invenzioni e teorie del protagonista, poi il resto del romanzo ne è comunque infarcito; per ogni necessità in pochi minuti ecco pronta una nuova invenzione o un nuovo marchingegno o arma strabiliante. Se fosse stato ridotto a poche pagine, giusto per narrare solo gli eventi e la guerra tra i due popoli, uno o due voti in più poteva guadagarli. Mentre invece avrebbe dovuto sviluppare un po’ meglio la storia delle origini terrestri [...]

    2. Andy on said:

      Loved reading this early work from one of the pillars of sci-fi. Can see how he contributed to the development of the genre as a whole. Looking forward to finding some more.

    3. Charles Owen on said:

      I picked up this book in a used bookstore. I've seen the John W. Campbell award and knew that he is considered one of the greats of Science Fiction, but I had not read anything by him previously. So, I picked up this copy, from the 1950's, complete with a cigarette ad. I was not impressed.On the one hand, the writing is not really that good. I'll admit it is a fun romp in many ways, but there is never a problem that can't be solved by some new technology they just pull out of nowhere on a moment [...]

    4. Evan Waters on said:

      As much as the Golden Age of Science Fiction is lionized, The Mightiest Machine highlights the weaknesses of Campbell's model more than its strengths. This is a work written under the assumption that science fiction readers were, by and large, science and engineering enthusiasts, and so it is the story of three intrepid scientist engineers (or perhaps engineering scientists) who create a new form of space travel which is explained in very great detail. Perhaps the majority of text in this book i [...]

    5. Karmakosmik on said:

      Scritto nel lontano 1934, I Figli di Mu è il primo libro della trilogia dedicata al geniale scienziato gioviano ideato nella mente di Campbell. Sicuramente ad animae lo scrittore americano c'è una fede totale nei riguardi del progresso scientifico e nella razionalità umana, a cui si aggiunge un continuo dilungarsi in assurde, e spesso tediose, spiegazioni scientifiche delle invenzioni di Aarn (eh lo so, sono un chimico\fisico di professione). Ma non è quello il difetto maggiore di questo lib [...]

    6. Steven Wilson on said:

      John W. Campbell, Jr was a giant in the field of Science Fiction. You'll have to take that on faith, though, if this is all you've seen of his work. By the standards of any era, this is weak storytelling. The characters are flat and interchangeable, the prose has no emotional power, the plot is a jumble. It must have sold purely on its ideas, which, by 2014 standards, just ain't that interesting. And yet, within a few years of publishing this novel, this guy would be editing Heinlein. It boggles [...]

    7. Charles on said:

      This was a fun, nostalgic read (if nostalgic science fiction isn't too much of an oxymoron?). It worked for me better the other time I read it probably around 40 years ago, when I wouldn't have noticed as much such things as no female characters, the unlikely concept of one person making several major scientific and technological breakthroughs all by himself, and almost no remorse for what amounts to an act of genocide.Still, I enjoyed it in a "guilty pleasure" sort of way, and if you enjoy "gol [...]

    8. Edward Rosenfeld on said:

      I remember reading this in 1972, the Ace editiion, I enjoyed it and did not really pay much attention to the bad points. It was from the 30's and showed all the bad points of 1930's scifi.It was a fun romp.What is really important about John W. Campbell Jr. was not his writing, but his work as editor of Astonishing (later Analog) magazine and his pushing of some of the best and brightest Scifi writers of the 40's 50's and 60'sis is where JWC shined.

    9. Witek on said:

      The first few pages are confusing because it's difficult to understand what this book is about, but when it gets going it gets really good. It's a classic old-time space war sci-fi but written in an amusing and interesting way. Very good!

    10. Jonathan Stevens on said:

      A great pulp space opera. Old school hard science fiction; momentum wave packets, magnetic monopoles, etc.

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