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Bring It

Bring It Bring It asks the question What if the CIA s torture program didn t stop it morphed Sabel Security owner Pia Sabel flies into action whenever she sees something wrong Witnessing a child abduction i

  • Title: Bring It
  • Author: Seeley James
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 235
  • Format: ebook
  • Bring It asks the question, What if the CIA s torture program didn t stop it morphed Sabel Security owner, Pia Sabel, flies into action whenever she sees something wrong Witnessing a child abduction in Mumbai led her to destroy a seaside pedophilia compound in remote Sri Lanka The State Department wants her extradited to face related murder charges but she winds up kidnaBring It asks the question, What if the CIA s torture program didn t stop it morphed Sabel Security owner, Pia Sabel, flies into action whenever she sees something wrong Witnessing a child abduction in Mumbai led her to destroy a seaside pedophilia compound in remote Sri Lanka The State Department wants her extradited to face related murder charges but she winds up kidnapped and tortured instead.Sabel Agent Jacob Stearne leads the company rescue mission despite or because of the fact that he s in love with the boss and will stop at nothing to bring her back Working with his former flame, Agent Tania, complicates his thinking but not his focus on their assignment Jacob and his team of decorated war veterans are used to politicians making bad decisions, but they aren t prepared for the ugly reality they uncover Fending off accusations of treason and terrorism, Jacob unravels a network of ambitious government appointees and shadowy contractors to discover who is responsible for the horrific crimes against humanity.Bring It, Omnibus Edition is the second novel in Seeley James s acclaimed Pia Sabel thriller series Originally released in serial format as Trench Coats, Episodes I VI.

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    One thought on “Bring It

    1. Lance Charnes on said:

      Pia Sabel's debut in The Geneva Decision was, as I said in my review, a "refreshing departure from the increasingly calcified norms of action-thriller fiction." She's returned in this, the one-volume version of the six-part Trench Coats serial, but with a difference -- she's not the principal character anymore.In this go-round, Pia -- a former Olympic soccer star turned CEO of her adoptive father's private security firm -- is on a global jihad against a shadowy group that's making pedophile porn [...]

    2. Miekey Rodriguez on said:

      BRING IT is both tremendously compelling and shocking at the same time. We know the government waterboarded and tortured terrorists. After nearly ten years we've finally discovered how ineffective and illegal that torture was, and how the FBI (with many years of interrogation experience, as Mr. James points out in the book) tried to stop it. We can also surmise from the long and sordid history of the CIA, that they might have stopped torturing captives, but you can bet your last dollar they've m [...]

    3. Melissa Krueger on said:

      Seeley James keeps getting better and better. I read this book as it was released in serial form, then re-read it in the final edition. His characters keep getting deeper and deeper. He left some facets open: What happened to Tania's military career? Why did the Major turn down a promotion and leave the service? And of course, what happened to Pia's parents and how/why/was Alan Sabel involved?Tania is elusive in this book, which makes her more intriguing. She's deeper than she was in The Geneva [...]

    4. Shelly Itkin on said:

      The boy’s eyes pleaded for help but a tall Arab man grabbed him and took him away. Thus begins the story of why Pia is in trouble with the law. She tried to rescue him and others but did not do it according to the book.If you read the first Sabel Security thriller you will already know that Pia Sabel owns Sabel Security. She is twenty-five years of age and has already helped people who she feels are being treated wrongly. She has won the world cup and Olympic medals and is much more mature the [...]

    5. Julia Tottenham-Whitehall on said:

      I read the series and loved them all. The author sent me a copy of the completed omnibus version and I re-read it. Wow, I still think the waterboarding scene is the most terrifying thing I've ever read. It changed my perspective on the whole CIA-torture thing. There was another scene at the beginning where Pia kicks the chair out from under a pretentious goverment guy that made me pump my fist in the air. I like this girl!I also like Jacob Stearne. Seeley James has said he's going to focus on Ja [...]

    6. Terri on said:

      Introducing Pia Sabel! Ok, so this is not Seeley James' first book featuring Pia & Sabel Securities (that would have been the Geneva Decision) & her cast of characters, ANY of which could carry their own book btw. Regardless of WHEN I met Pia Sabel, am I EVER glad I finally have! I'm a series follower & in a period where most of my series have gotten predictable & boring, Seeley James' book Bring It! is a breath of fresh air. The cast of characters in James' story are so interest [...]

    7. Courtney on said:

      Originally read this in the serial format, and THOROUGHLY loved it. Pia Sabel is a new action heroine of note and Jacob is a great addition in this second outing. You will not be able to put this down until complete. Beginning-to-End action. The ending is a shocker. Mini-spoiler alert. There is an amazing scene in what was the third segment of the serials that includes a waterboarding scene that is so effectively written that you forever change your opinion of waterboarding as torture. I have no [...]

    8. William Davis on said:

      In his second Pia Sabel novel Seeley James brings us another taut thriller with breakneck pacing. Pia, a world-class athlete who runs an international security firm, is targeted by dark elements within the U.S. government. By taking down an Indonesian army general responsible for a worldwide pedophile ring, she’s drawn the ire of this sinister cabal and is abducted. We are introduced to Agent Jacob, a wise-cracking, ass-chasing hunk who heads up the firm’s search for Pia. He’s a great addi [...]

    9. Magiccats on said:

      Well, Seeley James came through again! Having read the Geneva Decision I was anxiously awaiting his continuation of the series about Pia Sabel and let me tell you I was not disappointed. The Omnibus Edition of Trench Coats kept me on the edge of my chair with heart pounding action and a well thought out plot that kept me guessing. It had gripping suspense and action that spanned the globe. I especially like the fact that idealism drives Pia in this action thriller. Looking forward to more in thi [...]

    10. Carol-Ann on said:

      As always, a wonderful thriller and hard to put down. The novel is well wriien and the characters are like old friends, especially the kind you want on your side! The story deals with Pia looking to rescue children who have been kidnapped and forced into prostitution. The story unfolds with the Sabel team trying to find and rescue them, and track down the perpetrators. These seem to be very highly placed people. The twists, turns and shocking surprise ending will leave you wanting more. I look f [...]

    11. Steve on said:

      This story worked brilliantly in a serialized format. And Seeley James does an excellent job of taking on a sensitive issue like human trafficking. Bring It is a fast paced thriller comprised of 6 episodes that are told from differing perspectives. This approach made the way that the story was told almost as interesting as the story that was being told.This is a fast moving thriller that's built on top of a killer mystery. It's great summer reading!

    12. Martin Pingree on said:

      WOW! James, Pia and her crew take us on another wild ride. This was a real page turner for me. Story line was awesome and the cast as usual were perfect. A high treason Washington conspiracy up there with some of the best. Loads of action, indecision and mistakes along with a new character kept me on the edge of my seat. I highly recommend reading this Pia Sable series of books !

    13. Masuzgo on said:

      A real page turner. Action packed and I couldn't wait to see what happened next. You become invested in all the characters especially Pia. It was my first Pia Sabel book and I can't wait to read more.

    14. Paula Howard on said:

      Bring It is the second book in the Sabel Security team. This time Pia is hunting for a group who are filming pedophile terrorists and then blackmailing them. Pia is out to save the children and doesn't really care who gets in the way.This shadowy group is actually connected to the U.S. government. How far reaching into the hierarchy of the government does this despicable act go? As far as the president? The goal. kill Pia and her team.Pia and her team are pretty beaten up by the time the case is [...]

    15. Liz Vinc on said:

      In "Bring It," Seeley James grabs you from the onset and has you feeling the raw emotions of the protagonist, Pia Sabel. There are lots of twists and turns, and just when you think you have it all figured out matters get worse. One of my favorite characters is Jacob, a refreshing voice and polar opposite of his boss. There are hilarious moments and tense moments, and the ending was as wild as an Ironman movie! When he jumps off the hood of the car, you'll know what I mean.Seeley James keeps gett [...]

    16. Champika Wickramasinghe on said:

      I received this book from my friend. So, I read A to Z. WowExcellent and amazon book. I loved this book. I was captured by this book from the very start and left guessing what would happen next and I was constantly surprised and never disappointed. Easy to understand everyone. As well as, The characters are so strong and made the book so gripping. Pia is my favorite. As well as,Pia Sabel and her Sabel Security team are hot on the trail of child traffickers in a black ops plot that goes up to the [...]

    17. Walter Scott on said:

      A firestorm of a thriller that paints an unsettling picture of the phrase “We have met the enemy and he is us.”Pia Sabel and Jacob Stearne battle overwhelming odds and do it on their own terms. Nobody escapes unscathed.I bought the omnibus volume of the first three Sabel Security novels and I will certainly purchase Death and Dark Money and Death and the Damned, volumes four and five.This is a gritty and compelling novel narrated by turns by Pia Sabel, mid-twenties hand-on owner of Sabel Sec [...]

    18. kim caldwell on said:

      Love this seriesPia a has the strength, honesty and savvy to right wrongs. She'll take the benefits to do the right thing. She and her team just open so much controversy and while setting it right, still take the hits. Bring us more Pia!

    19. Michael Wood on said:

      Extremely Good Adventure/Government-Out-of-Control NovelSeeley James has put together a very good spy novel. Unfortunately, the events he imagines are not too-far from current reality. He has described a government that is lost in the weeds, trying every possible way to accomplish uncertain ends through desperately flawed means. It could well be the Reagan, Bush, Clinton, Bush, Obama or Trump White House doing thisI like the fact that he doesn't play politics(They all made the same unfortunate m [...]

    20. Dave Higgins on said:

      Opening with a meeting between a protagonist and the US Government about accusations of terrorism and murder that is disrupted by organised crime, this book immediately places itself in the Hollywood-action-movie section of the thriller genre. Fortunately, Seeley does not disappoint, taking the reader from big-budget thrill to high-octane spill without losing the last shred of feasibility.This novel was originally released in serial format as Trench Coats, Episodes I-VI.Pia Sabel, ex-Olympic ath [...]

    21. Quillracer on said:

      Up front, I’ll reveal I received this book as a gift from the author, Seely James. Thank you again, Seely, for your generosity. That, however, does not affect this review.Bring It, like the first book in the series, is fast-paced and loaded with tension right from the first page. Great tension makes me sweat – literally. This one did it in spades. There were times I had to put this book aside just to catch my breath.This also is a smoother, more polished book than the first one. That is as i [...]

    22. Roger on said:

      First thing; I liked this book! That said, it was a stretch to think that a world cup soccer player would have the "secret agent"/combatant type skills that the author attributes to Pia, and he does this throughout the book. That said I enjoyed the character development of all the major characters, I'm a character reader, I get into what makes them tick, who and what they are. Pia's soccer background has all but disappeared in this book as James focuses on the main story line; govermental conspi [...]

    23. Will Decker on said:

      If you're looking for a book with a lot of action, gunfights, fisticuffs, and just about everything in between except for sex, this is the book for you. The violence is graphic, the main characters well developed, there's just too many of them. I realize 'Sabel Security' is a large agency, but do we really need to know everyone that works for them? If you can keep track of all the players in this story, it's a very enjoyable read. If not, you might be a bit disappointed. And don't even try to ke [...]

    24. Kelly on said:

      Pia Sabel owns Sabel Security, thanks to a VERY rich adoptive father, but the woman has a very black and white view. If you're a bad guy, she's gonna get you. She's surrounded by a great cast of characters, people who will do literally anything for her. Break into a decommissioned base on a rescue? Sure, boss.Seeley James covers the heartbreaking world of human trafficking and child abuse with great care. And I felt every ounce of rage and desperation written into Pia Sabel's character. Amazing [...]

    25. Carolyn Walkden on said:

      Pia Sabel is becoming more confident and her skills are improving as head of Sabel Security, but still she shows her inexperience by letting her heart rule her head in some situations. She is getting tougher and commands total loyalty from her team. Jacob's humour comes through, although in this book, he is taking his medication and Mercury does not appear to be watching his back. Once again, there is lots of action from beginning to end and a great storyline. I love this series!

    26. Emma on said:

      Interesting second book in the series. I'm still trying to make up my mind how I feel about Pia Sabel. The author has added a second character in this story who writes from 1st person POV and that threw me at first as the story just went from 3rd person POV in one chapter to this character's 1st person POV thoughts in the next chapter. I got use to the switches by the end of the story and it did add a little to the narrative by having these two different points of view.

    27. Leslie on said:

      Seeley James does it again with Bring It! Full of action and adventure, this book will have you on the edge of your seat throughout. The Sabel Security team needs to rescue children from deviates and rescue Pia Sabel when she is kidnapped. This is a very exciting read.I received this book for free from the author in exchange for an honest review.

    28. Dan Dobler on said:

      Enthralling!This book kept me glued to the pages! Everything about this story was so engaging that I found it very hard to stop reading to eat! The description of Pia's torture made me very uncomfortable because it just sounded so freakin real. CanNOT wait for the next one. Pia is a major player in this genre! Well done Mr. James!

    29. Petrina on said:

      Good readThis book was very fast pace. I felt like I traveled around the world before I realized it. I loved the action, the conspiracies, and the cove ups. I kinda like it when the bad guys are somewhat smart. It makes the story much more interesting. Will definitely read another book in this series.

    30. Lynette Eakin on said:

      Another great storyThis sequel is another great story. Will be interesting to see where he takes his characters next. The interplay between characters is enjoyable. I am looking forward to the next book.

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