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Peacock The bet was simple All I had to do was make a guy fall in love with me in one week Normally I d never take such a crazy dare but I could REALLY use the cash so how could I say no Then I met him my my

  • Title: Peacock
  • Author: Nora Flite Allison Starwood
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 416
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The bet was simple All I had to do was make a guy fall in love with me in one week Normally I d never take such a crazy dare, but I could REALLY use the cash so how could I say no Then I met him my mystery date Simon Peacock Cavanaugh Or better yet, just call him Simon the C k He s rude, perverse, and his good looks make me hate him even Falling in loveThe bet was simple All I had to do was make a guy fall in love with me in one week Normally I d never take such a crazy dare, but I could REALLY use the cash so how could I say no Then I met him my mystery date Simon Peacock Cavanaugh Or better yet, just call him Simon the C k He s rude, perverse, and his good looks make me hate him even Falling in love with a guy like him it might be impossible But that s a relief, because really, why would I WANT to be head over heels for a man that s dick than heart A guy who thinks a good first date is hooking up in an alley This simple bet is going haywire Simon is a player who says he doesn t do romance I know I ll never let a bad boy like him close to my heart What if we re both wrong Peacock is a down and DIRTY romance novel that will make you wonder about online match making because are all guys as hot and FILTHY as Simon Hmmm.

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      416 Nora Flite Allison Starwood
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    One thought on “Peacock

    1. ViolinVixen on said:

      peacock[pee-kok]noun, plural peacocks 1. The male of the peafowl distinguished by its long, erectile, greenish, iridescent tail coverts that are brilliantly marked with oscillated spots and that can be spread in a fan. See also: colorful tattoos as seen on Simon’s stunning body, which is incidentally, also distinguished by something long and erectile. 2. A vain person. See also cocky, over-confident, arrogant… need I go on?3. The username of Perfect Click user Simon (Peacock87). See also: pa [...]

    2. April Symes on said:

      Nora Flite continues to do what she does best- write sexy romance stories with heart! This is a fun, sexy, hot, funny, kinky, dirty romance read if you need that alpha, dominant male and the sassy, sexy, somewhat innocent heroine . Simon and the heroine , Tamsin, pretty much got down and dirty in chapter 1 before they knew who one another was but that is the genesis in this story. Tazzy works on a date web site and through that same site she set up a meeting for herself. There is a good reason w [...]

    3. Karin on said:

      This is my second book by Nora Flite and I liked it even more than the first.Tazzy makes a bet with her friend that she can get the guy she got matched to fall for her in a week but, the second she meets Simon she knows this is going to be harder than she originally thought.Tazzy was sweet, funny & a serious skeptic in love. Simon is totally alpha but has a sweet side too.There's a few twists in this book that leave Tazzy reeling when she realizes her friend Riley is not who she thought she [...]

    4. Louise Hallett on said:

      Oh my word - I'm almost speechless over this 5 star book. At first I thought it was going to simply be one of those rude, crude bad boy books with lots of sex scenes and a half-hearted story. I didn't expect it to have me in tears several times!Simon, Simon, Simon how do I love thee? Let me count the ways. Oh boy is he hot. All alpha male and dominating, and so mysterious with a gooey centre and an absolute heart of gold. If I'm honest a few chapters in I thought he was an arrogant a** and wasn' [...]

    5. Linda Barrett on said:

      I voluntarily reviewed an advanced reader copy of this book. This book is 4.5 stars of fun,steam,betrayal and second chances. I really enjoyed reading this book and I couldn't put it down.I ended up reading it in one sitting as the storyline was so entertaining.Simon aka Peacock87 is gorgeous,has the body of a god and is all tattoos and muscle.He looks like a mixture of a GQ model and a bad boy biker.He goes on Perfect click which is an online dating site and ends up meeting Tamsin aka Tazzy.Taz [...]

    6. Sue Siebert on said:

      Wow! This is my first book of Nora Flite or Allison Starwood. I loved this story! It was packed full of Wagers, Deceit, Betrayal, Revenge, AND Love! The characters were realistic and developed naturally as the story progressed. The story started action packed and steamy from the first and went uphill from there. Hot & Sexy is what this was! Rylie was hurt by someone she thought loved her and took her hurt out on Tazzy. Who doesn't want a Peacock like Simon (Seriously Delicious!)? Tazzy had b [...]

    7. Mary Lee on said:

      Loved the second halfThe second half was great. The first half, not so much. There first meeting was nothing more than a wham bam thank you mam. It was really sleazy and I couldn't see why he would ever want to see her again. Maybe if they had some kind of scintillating conversation first. The best wasn't enough to come back for. If he didn't come back after hitting it once, she loses. The author didn't show us any reason why he would come back. In fact, she showed absolutely no interesting pers [...]

    8. Jodi - Alpha Loving Erotic Book Beauty Blogger on said:

      ~Recieved volunteer copy from author~This book has all that and then some! Nora Flite can take and tease you on the pages like noones business, and that's why you get it read asap! Cause you must know what happens next! Tazz makes a deal with a co worker/ friend as they use a date app from work which could get them in deep if found out. It's simple, make the blind date fall for you If it works, Tazz will be alil bit richer The anagram shows her an this blind date of being almost 100% compatible, [...]

    9. Melanie on said:

      I received an ARC of this title from the author for an honest review. Peacock by Nora Flite and Allison Starwood is a sweet story about a dirty boy finding his perfect dirty girl. The sexytimez were fantastically steamy and just the right amount of kink. Dirty words. Mmmmmm. Nice. Seriously, though. The main characters were strong and interesting to read. The antagonist, though. Never have I met anyone so vindictive, and I sure am glad I haven't. That person was mean just to be plain old mean! A [...]

    10. Sheila Schoenauer on said:

      I received an ARC for an honest review. This is the first book that I have read by Nora Flite and Allison Starwood. I was intrigued by the blurb going into this story. Tazzy and her best friend Riley have decided to use the online dating site that they work for, Perfect Click, to bet that Tazzy can’t get a guy to fall in love with her in a week. Tazzy figures this will be a simple bet. However, from the moment she meets Simon she knows she is screwed. Simon is commanding, dirty, and sex on leg [...]

    11. Doris on said:

      Nora Flite has never let me down and she hasn’t this time either. This is a fun, dirty, sexy and quick read if you are looking for that domineering, hot guy that your head says isn’t good for you but everything else says “yes”, “yes”, “yes”! What better way than to win a bet that has you matched up on the internet and think you are going to come out on top. Tazzy is sure she will win this bet and have her “match” fall in love with her but she doesn’t expect Simon to be that [...]

    12. Chasing Away Reality on said:

      This was essentially "How To Lose A Guy in 10 Days" except the woman, Tazzy, was trying to make Simon fall for her. And it had way more sex. In this story, we only get Tazzy's POV, so we are constantly wondering what is behind Simon's ever changing emotions she sees flashing in his eyes. While it was definitely extremely hot, it felt excessive for such a short story. I ended up skimming those sections about halfway through. I liked the story but wanted a little more in terms of the relationship [...]

    13. Ree on said:

      This story was good. I enjoyed the mystery surrounding Simon & Tazzy's relationship. Yes, Simon is arrogant, but his dirty talk made up for it in spades!!!It was good for a change to see that both parties were on the fence concerning love, and it was intriguing to see their responses when they realised that the bet had blown up in their faces. I also liked that Riley got her comeuppance.I definitely recommend this book - you won't regret it one bit!I voluntarily reviewed an ARC of this book. [...]

    14. Melissa Ledet on said:

      Wow just wow. Tazzy and Simon are hot. Tazzy had a bet with a coworker saying she can have a guy fall in love with her in a week. Tazzy meet Simon through a dating app that said they were 97% compatible and turns out that they were actually completely opposites. I could not put my kindle down until I finished this book. I just needed to know that they were going to make it with everything going wrong. I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.

    15. Kimkbries on said:

      I really enjoyed this one. When Taz made a bet with her friend she could make a guy fall in love with her in a week, she planned to win the bet and move on. When she met Simon she was attracted to him and could resist him. Could anything become of them knowing they started as a bet? Would Simon fall for her any way? I enjoyed their story and the amazing chemistry they shared. The turn of events toward the end of the book I did not see coming! Definitely one click this one!

    16. Angela Coulthard on said:

      This is the first book I've read of Nora Flite and Allison Starwood. When I read the blurb for this. I was so excited to read it. And I was not disappointed . This book had me from beginning to end. I don't want to spoil it for anyone. You have a strong independent woman like Tamdon. And a book g alpha male bad boy Simon. Couldn't be more wrong for each other. You know what they say opposite attract. I can't wait to read more books from these two.

    17. Lynn Thinking out loud on said:

      Nora Flite never disappoints me.How do hard abs, and a bet turn into true love? Read Peacock and find out.This is one hot and steamy read ladies.I highly recommend this book.Steam factor 10 stars.I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.Reviewed by Alpha Loving Erotic Book Beauty Blog.

    18. Cheryl Graham Petit on said:

      A fantastic, well-written romance story of betrayal, second chances, forgiveness, a bit of angst, a gorgeous, dirty-talking bad boy biker, love, and a HEA.I volunteered to review an advanced readers copy of this book.

    19. Bookbytch5 janet Gray on said:

      I voluntarily reviewed an advanced reader copy of this book, I really enjoyed reading this book and I couldn't put it down till i finished it. This story was enjoyable and well written. I highly recommend this book

    20. Karen Durant on said:

      Tazzy & her friend Riley work for an online dating site. There's a bet that Tazzy can get a guy to fall in love with her within a week. The app shows that Simon's her match, but when they meet, they're complete opposites. A nice fast paced book

    21. LoriWertz on said:

      This is my honest review for the ARC I received. Can 2 people who are opposite in more ways than 1 fall in love? Can a bet to get someone to fall in love with you in less than a week/month be worth a possible broken heart? Take a chance on Peacock and fall in love.

    22. Shay on said:

      This was an ok read for me. I think for me, I couldn't hear their voices. I needed more from them. I was intrigued by the storyline but at the end of the day wasn't my type of read.

    23. HappilyEverChapter on said:

      > > Judging a Book by it's Cover < < Well-defined, shirtless male. Tattoos on Arm and hip, disappearing below waistline of pants.Plain, gradient background. Scribbly, scrawly script title and thin author font. Synopsis sounds entertaining.> > Looking Deeper < < POV: First-Person - Tamsin (aka Tazzy)This book was DEFINITELY not for me. Two supposedly mature, responsible adults being ruled by their hormones all day, even in public, with little plot to back it up I had a maj [...]

    24. Sharon/JrzyKat on said:

      I understand this was intended as a quick read. I also understand it was intended to be smut. I enjoyed the initial lead in, and liked Taz's character at first. However, as soon as they meet, pretty much the rest of the story was me rolling my eyes. Snorting too commenced soon after. ** After perusing other reviews, it appears that I just have the 'sneak peek' preview part of this story, which only includes 'the alley'. After skimming the other reviews, I'm not in any hurry to grab the rest of t [...]

    25. Lisa Menor on said:

      I voluntarily reviewed an Advanced Reader Copy of this book.Taz262 signed on to Perfect Click, it said that she was Peacock87's perfect match. It was a dare, a bet, and he was gorgeous and cocky. Taz262, aka Tazzy, needed to win this office bet, but Peacock87, Simon was not going to make this easy. Simon was supposed to fall in love with Tazzy, not be a player who probably blasted through a different woman every night. So, Tazzy does the only thing she can do. Play his game and hope she comes ou [...]

    26. Tina on said:

      Awesome storyThis is the story of Simon aka Peacock87 and Tasmin aka Tazzy. Tazzy has a bet with her coworker that she can make Simon fall in love with th h her after that were matched almost 100% of an algorithm from her company's dating site. Yet once Tazzy meets Simon, she's immediately taken with him and they start hooking up. Tazzy knows that love exists but she's extremely cynical after her parent's divorce when she was a kid. Both Simon and Tazzy tiptoe around each other never quite trust [...]

    27. Moon Reviews on said:

      "I voluntarily read an Advanced Reader Copy of this book."Goose bumps, tingling stomach, euphoric sensations. Those are a few of the body reactions you will have while reading this wonderful book!!!! Utterly addictive, with a writing style which enthralls you from beginning till end, a really interesting story, enchanting characters with a lava like level of chemistry, a great plot and lots of twists, "Peacock" is simply a must read!!!!! Impossible to resist and the epitome of the alpha male/bad [...]

    28. Cheryl O'Harney on said:

      Tazzy works for an online dating company her friend and work colleague Riley bets her that she can't make a guy fall in love with her within a week, the guy in question is Simon a.k.a Peacock87 from the dating site they meet and sparks fly what started of as a bet soon becomes much more but things aren't as straight forward as they should be you know boy meets girl they fall in love and everything's all sunshine and roses turns out Simon's in on the bet and he's a very good actor or is he? This [...]

    29. Yoeri Lecocq on said:

      Hm. Kind of a mindfuck. It started out really hot, the alleysex. Then Simon got kind of degrading, which is not really a turn-on. Then after that the feelings the story brings me is all over the place. A complete tailspin. Around the 60% mark, you find out why everything feels so off and Simon transforms into a totally different man than before. It didn't feel realistic to me at all. I felt like a story, it didn't feel real. So the characters never really drew me in. Still an entertaining read t [...]

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