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Old Scores

Old Scores When a Japanese diplomat is murdered and Cyrus Barker is the prime suspect Barker and sidekick Llewelyn must work against the clock to find the real killer In London of the first Japanese dipl

  • Title: Old Scores
  • Author: Will Thomas
  • ISBN: 9781250077967
  • Page: 410
  • Format: Hardcover
  • When a Japanese diplomat is murdered, and Cyrus Barker is the prime suspect, Barker and sidekick Llewelyn must work against the clock to find the real killer.In London of 1890, the first Japanese diplomatic delegation arrives in London to open an embassy in London Cyrus Barker, private enquiry agent and occasional agent for the Foreign Service Office, is enlisted to displWhen a Japanese diplomat is murdered, and Cyrus Barker is the prime suspect, Barker and sidekick Llewelyn must work against the clock to find the real killer.In London of 1890, the first Japanese diplomatic delegation arrives in London to open an embassy in London Cyrus Barker, private enquiry agent and occasional agent for the Foreign Service Office, is enlisted to display his personal Japanese garden to the visiting dignitaries.Later that night, Ambassador Toda is shot and killed in his office and Cyrus Barker is discovered across the street, watching the very same office, in possession of a revolver with one spent cartridge Arrested by the Special Branch for the crime, Barker is vigorously interrogated and finally released due to the intervention of his assistant, Thomas Llewelyn, and his solicitor With the London constabulary still convinced of his guilt, Barker is hired by the new Japanese ambassador to find the real murderer In a case that takes leads Barker and Llewelyn deep into parts of London s underworld, on paths that lead deep into Barker s own mysterious personal history, Old Scores is the finest yet in Will Thomas s critically acclaimed series.

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    One thought on “Old Scores

    1. Sandy on said:

      4.5 starsCan I start with how much I love these covers? Each is a work of art with shadowy figures, unmistakably Victorian, shrouded in foggy gaslight. The tone is set. You know you’re in for a clever, atmospheric mystery full of colourful characters.It’s 1890 & at the home of Cyrus Barker, staff are getting ready for a special visitor. Barker is hosting a Japanese delegation who are in London to open an embassy. The ambassador is a soft spoken, gentle man who appreciates Barker’s gard [...]

    2. Minx -The Genre Minx Book Reviews on said:

      I really enjoyed that this book was titled Old Scores as it was indeed a book about settling old scores. Cyrus Barker was an enigma of a man and in this installment readers will learn more about Cyrus’s history and how his past and present collide in a drastic way. In addition, there is also a nice mystery, character growth, a little bit of romance, and a surprise ending to keep you entertained.This series, Barker & Llewelyn, is set in Victorian London during the late eighteen-hundreds. Ba [...]

    3. John Bohnert on said:

      Another interesting case for Barker and Llewelyn in Victorian London.I've now read all nine novels in this series.

    4. LJ on said:

      First Sentence: I suppose it all began with the garden.A delegation of Japanese diplomats is in London to discuss opening an embassy. Enquiry Agent Cyrus Barker, who lived in Japan, is asked to show the gentlemen his garden. When Ambassador Toda is murdered later that night, and Barker found across the street, he is arrested, interrogated, and finally released. Scotland Yard isn’t convinced of his innocence, but the new Japanese ambassador implores Barker and Llewelyn to find the real killer.O [...]

    5. Kathy on said:

      3.5 stars for me - not my favorite book of the seriesI continue to enjoy the relationship between Barker & Llewelyn and their household. We are signaled early on that there are dark and difficult buried events of the past that will feature in the main action simply by Llewelyn's reading of Barker's body language when he greets the Japanese delegates that arrive to view Barker's garden. Not long after this visit one member of the delegation is killed.We learn a thing or two about Japan along [...]

    6. Susan in NC on said:

      4.5 stars - I love this series, which seems better with each outing. In this case we learn more about the dour and mysterious Cyrus Barker’s past as he and assistant Thomas Llewelyn try to track down the assassin of the Japanese ambassador.The mystery was very interesting and I was pleased to learn more about Japan and it’s history. I look forward to the next in the series. Recommended to fans of historical mysteries with a soupçon of humor!

    7. Simona on said:

      I was going to give this book the customary 4 stars I gave to the others in the series, but I realized that I really, really liked the book - they are getting better and better. I love the characters and the way they are ripening and shaping themselves, 5 stars. I highly recommend this historical mystery series.

    8. Judy Lesley on said:

      Thank you to Minotaur Books, St. Martin Press for a review copy of this novel.Oh, how lovely it was to be back in London spending time with Cyrus Barker and Thomas Llewelyn as they tackle the problem of the murdered Japanese Ambassador. The date is 1891 and there is a delegation of Japanese officials sent by the Emperor to set up an Ambassador's residence and offices in London. Japan had been under American influences for many years, but now they want to begin thinking globally. So what all does [...]

    9. John Campbell on said:

      Whether one reads for the destination or the journey, Will Thomas delivers. Personally, I try to linger in these books. The interesting and relevant details never invade. The touches of humor add charm, encouraging a bond between the reader and the POV character, Thomas Llewelyn. Cyrus Barker becomes our mentor. In these stressful times, entertainment like this uplifts. Be it Mac, Etienne, or Harm, all of the regular characters contribute to the pleasure. The mystery presented in Old Scores is w [...]

    10. Eyehavenofilter on said:

      3 & 1/2 stars really. If you enjoy the pace of Jane Austin and some really spot on History lessons, mixed with pre- Sherlock Holmes type detective work, this series is for you. I find myself lost in 1890’s London and the formality of the dress and behavior both good and bad. Plus the Japanese visit was a grand bit of entertainment and education.

    11. Margaret on said:

      Was a little disappointed with this one. It lacked the snappy comments and one-liners I've come to expect from the series.The plot was interesting, with the Japanese ambassador found murdered and Cyrus Barker the chief suspect, who is then hired by the new ambassador to discover who murdered his predecessor.A good, workmanlike addition to the series, but lacked, for me, the spark that set most of the others apart.

    12. S Dizzy on said:

      Engaging, intelligent mystery with insight into the ancient Japenese culture. Llewelyn's sardonic wit is a welcome bonus to these intense stories. It was also enlightening to get some of Barker's background. The series simply gets better with each successive story. The characters are meaty and the mysteries are thrilling.Chapter 14, page 119 - "Each night, Cyrus Barker falls asleep in this manner: he lays his head on the pillow, he closes his eyes, he relaxes his body, and within sixty seconds, [...]

    13. Lisa Kucharski on said:

      Love this series, and got this book as soon as I could from my library. After the sensational Ripper story the mystery here returns to the roots of Barker’s history and history of the time crossing paths and murder again. Japan is working on getting an embassy in England and the ambassador is murdered, the day after he sees Barker’s garden. Barker is the prime suspect but as usual, he turns the table and becomes the better detective than special branch or the special branch.It’s a story wh [...]

    14. Kimberly on said:

      3.5 starsI hate picking up a series midway. I didn’t realize Old Scores was a series until chapter 3 but by then I was hooked and didn’t want to put the story down. This book makes a great stand alone, there was only a few times that a person was mentioned who I didn’t know or wasn’t given a good background on. I’m interested in starting the series from the beginning now. I do think the language was a little off for the time period the book was set in. For example a character said are [...]

    15. Susan on said:

      Readers will learn more about mysterious private enquiry agent Cyrus Barker when he's hired to investigate the murder of the Japanese ambassador, a murder that police are sure Barker committed. He was, after all, found outside the house where the victim was staying, with one bullet missing from his recently fired gun. The Japanese have just sent an ill-assorted group of dignitaries and their body guards to open an embassy and to purchase British goods, and one of the things the ambassador wants [...]

    16. Chris Apolant on said:

      The absolute best in this series thus far. Plot heavy, snappy dialogue, character development and lots of political intrigue. Plus, there was some very satisfying delving into Barker's mysterious past. More in depth review to follow, but for now, suffice it to say this was a very strong installment.

    17. BOOKLOVER10 on said:

      "Old Scores," by Will Thomas, deals with closely-guarded secrets, past wrongs that can never be forgotten, and power struggles among competing factions. In 1890, Japanese dignitaries (who have expressed an interest in establishing an embassy in London) visit private enquiry agent, Cyrus Barker, to tour his magnificent garden. Later, when one of the delegates is shot to death, the Japanese military ambassador hires Barker and his twenty-six year old assistant, Thomas Llewelyn, to find the perpetr [...]

    18. CJ on said:

      I came into this novel with no knowledge of this series or of this author and my only expectation being that if I liked Shelock Holmes, I may find this series interesting. That ended up being an understatement! I thoroughly enjoyed this novel and will be reading more from this series.Taking place in London in 1890, Cyrus Barker, a private enquiry agent, and his associate Thomas Llewelyn must solve the murder of the first Japanese diplomatic Ambassador to England. Complicating issues, Barker hims [...]

    19. Pamela on said:

      This book was sent to me free, for a review. I am honored because Will Thomas is one of my favorite authors. This is the ninth book in the series . I enjoyed reading it very much. I enjoy all the main characters, which are well fleshed out, even the dog. I always think of Barker as Sherlock Holmes type character, and Llewelyn, his young protege. This book dealt into Barker's past, and his partners future. We also saw more of Barkers ward, who has now married. The book circles around The Japanese [...]

    20. Ionia on said:

      This is one of the best in the series, I think. I'm always happy when there is a new Will Thomas book making the rounds. There is something quite uplifting about returning to familiar characters that I've grown to admire throughout a series and I find myself eagerly anticipating the camaraderie between Cyrus and Thomas. I love the way they interact with one another and this book is a perfect example of why I enjoy them so much. I always find the glimpses into the past that this author reveals to [...]

    21. Angeline Emery on said:

      Old Scores is the 9th book in the Barker and Llewelyn series. Set in Victorian London, it's a mystery rich in atmosphere and intrigue. Reading this book was my second experience with the series, having read book 7 last year. I felt it was well worth rediscovering these characters, because of how well they play off of one another. The story is told from Cyrus Barker's point of view, as he observes and works alongside his mysterious boss, Thomas Llewelyn. Llewelyn is a Private Enquiry Agent as wel [...]

    22. Maranda on said:

      This is a bit Sherlock Holmes-y taking place in London 1890. Point of view is from Thomas Llewelyn's perception being the Watson in this series. Cyrus Barker is the investigative genius that seems to be in the wrong place at the wrong time and is repetitively getting arrested. This is an okay stand alone with only certain characters involved probably given more depth in prior installments of this series. The murder, clues, and blood hound trail is riveting as is the Barker revelation into his tr [...]

    23. Vanessa on said:

      Another strong entry in the Barker and Llewelyn series, though this struck me as more of a "novel" novel than a mystery; it's an expansion upon well-established characters (we get lots of backstory, however unbelievable, of Mr. Barker) with a murder attached to it, rather than a proper private inquiry agent story. To Mr. Thomas's credit, that's no grounds for complaint. He has built of wonderful world here and one, if a reader can make a suggestion, I would hope that in upcoming novels he also e [...]

    24. Carol Crigger on said:

      I always look forward to a Barker & Llewelyn novel. The stories just get stronger all the time, with Thomas Llewellyn, a narrator in the style of Dr. Watson of the Sherlock Holmes adventures, becoming wiser and more reliable. There's a breakthrough in this novel devoted readers won't want to miss. The history of Japan's expansion into the West is a part of history that in a roundabout way explains their entry into WWII fifty years later.The only thing that bothers me is the woman Thomas has [...]

    25. Doug S. on said:

      The latest in the Barker & Llewellyn series, I found Old Scores to be a bit of a disappointment. While I definitely liked it better than Hell Bay, which I found to be a poor imitation of Agatha Christie's "And Then There Were None", I found it to be sloppily constructed. I couldn't tell whether an overly-aggressive editor removed some critical passages or whether an aggressive editor was instead needed to point these gaps out, but the book itself seemed to make several unexplained leaps mid- [...]

    26. Argum on said:

      As the title suggests, we do get more about Barker's mysterious past revealed, but it isn't pleasant. The Japanese, seeking to get out from under the American thumb, have come to London. They set up an embassy and one of the first stops is Barker's beautiful garden. There Llewelyn notices a strange reaction between his boss and one of the party. Later that day, the ambassador is dead, Barker is caught lingering with a fired weapon across the street and arrested. Shortly after his release, the ne [...]

    27. Rosemary on said:

      The Barker and Llewelyn pair of 19th century London enquiry agents has eclipsed their former exploits (and that includes Jack the Ripper) with their working to uncover the murderer of the first ambassador from Japan to England. Nothing was predictable in this tidy mystery. Murder, of course, but the threads seemed translucent and occasionally disappeared. The cultural comparisons between China (Barker’s origin) and Japan were teased out gracefully. The streets of London and the occasional land [...]

    28. Kathleen Gray on said:

      A very cool historical mystery! If you like novels set in Victorian London, this ones for you. You'll fairly quickly see the parallels between Barker and Llewelyn and Holmes and Watson but that wasn't a deal breaker for me as that sort of symbiotic relationship always makes for a good read. I read this as a standalone so the background on Barker which came out as he investigated the murder of the Japanese Ambassador was surprising to me. This is a clever well written piece of entertainment, Than [...]

    29. Writemoves on said:

      This is the second book that I have read and enjoyed in the Cyrus Barker series. I read The Limehouse Text earlier. There were interesting stories within the main story which was the murder of the Japanese Ambassador. Barker was initially accused of killing the Ambassador but was later hired by the Japanese embassy to investigate the murder. Barker's past personal history figures very prominently during the investigation. His knowledge of the Japanese language and its culture proves not to be a [...]

    30. Jen on said:

      Old Scores by Will Thomas is a Barker & Llewelynn installment set in 1890 in London. Shortly after the Japanese delegation visits Cyrus Barker's Japanese garden, the Japanese ambassador is murdered. Barker is arrested and roughly interrogated by the Special Branch before being released.Thomas Llewelynn, Barker's assistant, learns a little more about Barker's background in the search for the true murderer of the ambassador. This is the 9th book in the series, and I've only read one other, but [...]

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