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Steven R. Boyett Ken Mitchroney

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Fata Morgana

Fata Morgana At the height of the air war in Europe Captain Joe Farley and the baseball loving wisecracking crew of the B Flying Fortress Fata Morgana are in the middle of a harrowing bombing mission over Eas

  • Title: Fata Morgana
  • Author: Steven R. Boyett Ken Mitchroney
  • ISBN: 9781504757447
  • Page: 199
  • Format: Hardcover
  • At the height of the air war in Europe, Captain Joe Farley and the baseball loving, wisecracking crew of the B 17 Flying Fortress Fata Morgana are in the middle of a harrowing bombing mission over East Germany when everything goes sideways The bombs are still falling and flak is still exploding all around the 20 ton bomber as it is knocked like a bathtub duck into anotherAt the height of the air war in Europe, Captain Joe Farley and the baseball loving, wisecracking crew of the B 17 Flying Fortress Fata Morgana are in the middle of a harrowing bombing mission over East Germany when everything goes sideways The bombs are still falling and flak is still exploding all around the 20 ton bomber as it is knocked like a bathtub duck into another world.Suddenly stranded with the final outcasts of a desolated world, Captain Farley navigates a maze of treachery and wonder and finds a love seemingly decreed by fate as his bomber becomes a pawn in a centuries old conflict between remnants of advanced but decaying civilizations Caught among these bitter enemies, a vast power that has brought them here for its own purposes, and a terrifying living weapon bent on their destruction, the crew must use every bit of their formidable inventiveness and courage to survive.Fata Morgana the epic novel of love and duty at war across the reach of time.

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      199 Steven R. Boyett Ken Mitchroney
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    One thought on “Fata Morgana

    1. Tadiana ✩Night Owl☽ on said:

      99 cent Kindle sale, Sept. 4, 2017. 3.5 stars for this 2017 SF novel, kind of a throwback, reminiscent of Golden Age SciFi. Final review, first posted on Fantasy Literature:It’s 1943, at the height of the air war during World War II. US Air Force Captain Joseph Farley and his crew of nine men fly a B-17 bomber on missions out of England, bombing German factories and other military targets. On their last mission their bomber Voice of America, a never-ending source of problems (“fixing this on [...]

    2. Arah-Lynda on said:

      Fata Morgana:  A Fata Morgana is an unusual and complex form of superior mirage that is seen in the narrow band right above the horizon.  It is the Italian name for the Arthurian sorceress Morgan le Fay, from a belief that these mirages, often seen in the Strait of Messina, were fairy castles in the air or false land created by her witchcraft to lure sailors to their deaths.    Source:  I have not read a great deal of Science Fiction but the premise of this book intrigued me.    In this [...]

    3. Stacy on said:

      Oh my gosh! This book was soooo good. It made me cry a few times, and others had me laughing out loud. I really must read more by this author. It was about a WWII bomber, the Fata Morganna, that went through a vortex into the future. He met a girl and fell in love. This crossed a few genres-- historical fiction, sci-fi, romance I liked the ending too, not what I expected, but now that I am done, I can see nothing else would have really worked. I received this book as an ARC from Netgalley. My th [...]

    4. Tammy on said:

      The nitty-gritty: An exciting time travel adventure that is, at its heart, a love letter to the B17 Flying Fortress bomber.It’s been six years since Steve Boyett published Mortality Bridge, and so I was thrilled to find out he had a new book coming out this year, co-authored by his good friend Ken Mitchroney. Fata Morgana is set in two time periods, first in WWII Europe, where the crew of the B17F bomber the Fata Morgana is getting ready for their next mission, and later in a far-flung future [...]

    5. David on said:

      The B-17 "Flying Fortress" really wasn't much of a fortress - it was an aluminum tube with some guns mounted on it, a bomb delivery system with the bare minimum equipment to keep its crew alive in order to reach its target and (hopefully) make it back.The hundreds of air raids on Germany were the stuff of nightmares, both for the crews and for the civilian populations below.Fata Morgana is one of those time-travel novels where a World War II crew somehow finds itself in an alternate reality. It [...]

    6. E.P. on said:

      A fascinating melange of WWII "aviation lit" (to coin a term) and hard sci-fi, with a side of metaphysics and fantasy, "Fata Morgana" is a unique book. It's not exactly something I would normally read, but I found it extremely interesting nonetheless.Somewhat to my surprise, since I was expecting sci-fi, the book starts off with a detailed and lengthy scene about an American bomber crew flying missions over Germany in 1943. The planes and fight scenes are described in loving, exquisite detail, h [...]

    7. Bronagh Miskelly on said:

      I received this book for free via Netgalley in exchange for a fair reviewThis WWII meets sci-fi story is very much in the tradition of H Rider Haggard and Edgar Rice Burroughs’ John Carter series, and indeed draws on a theme going much further back in legends and sagas. You can also point to similar themes in many works include those of HG Wells and CS LewisThe hero (here accompanied by a band of followers, here in the guise of a WWII bomber crew) is pulled into a mysterious realm where he fac [...]

    8. WW2 Reads on said:

      Normally a Nonfiction reader, I was unexpectedly unable to put this book down. The reader is thrust into the story of an American bomber crew - a part of the story that is sure to thrill every WW2 history fan - and then taken on an unexpected journey into another world. Part detailed history, part science fiction, it is a refreshing exploration of the impact of history on individuals and individuals upon history. The book is officially released in the US by Blackstone Publishing June 2017. If yo [...]

    9. Cathy on said:

      4.5 stars The first section of the book is a terrifically exciting account of a B17 bomber raid over Germany in World War 2 that has a real sense of authenticity. It’s here we are first introduced to the wise-cracking but close-knit crew of the Fata Morgana, led by Captain Joe Farley. Suddenly, however, from WW2 historical fiction, the book suddenly mutates into science fiction as the aircraft and its crew is transported through some kind of vortex into a seemingly alien world.They find themse [...]

    10. Jolie on said:

      This book made me a little sad in spots because my grandfather was a gunner on a B-17. He didn’t serve in Europe, though, he served in the South Pacific. It wasn’t until my son, then 5, started expressing an interest in airplanes, that he started talking about the war. Of course, he didn’t tell my son everything, just the names of the planes he flew on and he had pictures of “the ladies” as he called the planes. My son was fascinated that planes had people painted on them and was fasci [...]

    11. Cassiopeia's Moon on said:

      I got an ARC of this through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.This was a very up and down read. It started off shakily to then develop into something very promising. Then it fell again but managed to finish off in a decent way.The story follows a crew on a bomber plane during World War II. They are sent on a mission over Nazi Germany but something goes wrong and they find themselves stranded in another world. A world struggling with its own problems.I liked the concept of the story and [...]

    12. Gregory on said:

      What a fabulous book- I highly recommend it! My main reading genres are science and historical fiction. What a joy these two genres are melded in Fata Morgana, a very special B-17 Flying Fortress. I thoroughly enjoyed Steven Ambrose’s characters, who have a timeless feel. Fata Morgana was well-researched, fun and hard to put down. The pacing and action kept me up into the wee hours. I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review-thanks NetGalley!

    13. Richard on said:

      I received this book free from the publisher through NetGalley in exchange for a fair and honest review.Even though the first 20% or so reads like a WWII war story set in the air battle and bombing of Germany, this book is a science fiction novel. “Fata Morgana” is the name of a brand-new B-17 bomber that the crew of a bomber named “Voice of America” receives after that plane is shot down on a mission, and crash lands on a beach in northern England. The novel was written by Steven R. Boy [...]

    14. Maryellie on said:

      An excellent book! I could not put it down and read it all at once. Thank you for the wonderful journey.

    15. Jane on said:

      I received a free copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.2.5 stars (rounded up to 3)This was a weird book. I don't really know how to categorize it. The book is set during WWII and follows a group of men that crew a B-17 bomber. They are flying a mission over Germany when the plane is sucked into another dimension. The crew is stuck in a decaying world between two groups of last survivors. Their plane is confiscated by one group and the men are rescued by the other. Th [...]

    16. Jen on said:

      What happens when you cross a World War II story with time travel and alternate timelines that are often prominent in science fiction? A result of such a mixing of elements is found in Fata Morgana by Steven R. Boyett and Ken Mitchroney.To read this, and other book reviews, visit my website: makinggoodstories.wordpress/.As the crew of the Fata Morgana bomber flies over Europe on a mission to drop bombs in Germany in 1943, they encounter some strange electric energy and find themselves transporte [...]

    17. Spinning Jenny BB on said:

      I am surprised at how much I enjoyed this book; I've not read much WWII historical fiction, and I don't think anything to do with the U.S. Air Force, but I do loves me some good sci-fi! Fata Morgana is a classic WWII American Air Force drama juxtaposed with epic science fiction, and it works!!The WWII action is so well-researched you can't help but get caught up in the surreal-ness of the violence of war. The technical aspects are astounding, but better yet, the constant banter between character [...]

    18. Erich on said:

      A great bomber crew finds itself brought to another world and caught between ancient enemies. I saw this on NetGalley and grabbed an ARC when I read the description. The bomber crews' character development was spot-on and true to their (greatest) generation, but I was a little disappointed in the the off-world character development and world-building. I'll pass my pickiness off as reading too many good books with ancient civvies taking each other on, but I think most will enjoy this book's lands [...]

    19. Clyde on said:

      This is a real genre crosser. We get WW2 bomber operations and aerial combat over Germany. We get travel to alternate worlds. We get lots of action in which the heroes have to survive and overcome impossible odds again and again. We get some really really bad enemies. We even get some romance and a bit of humor.Basically Fata Morgana is a good story well told and with a very nice ending. It was slightly spoiled for me by a real deus ex machina moment late in the book (view spoiler)[in which a ge [...]

    20. Neil on said:

      I received a free copy via Netgalley in exchange for a honest review.Unfortunately I felt the plot lost its way once it moved into the future.This just was not for me.

    21. Ray Foy on said:

      Fata Morgana is a WWII adventure tale meshed with a SF time-travel tale. The meshing is done in the literary form of a frame, where the opening and ending acts are set in the “real world” of 1943 and some years beyond. The middle act is set in the SF alternate dimension and the interaction of the two dimensions, and how the characters cope, is the driving force of the story.The book’s compelling aspect for me is its use of the B-17 Flying Fortress as the vehicle connecting the two worlds. [...]

    22. Les on said:

      DISCLAIMER: Review copy from NetGalleyAn action-packed story that is part World War Two action adventure and part post-apocalyptic future sci-fi. Right from the start this book reads a lot like a film script and had what I felt was quite a young adult vibe to it. I'm certain that I would've enjoyed this a whole lot more as a 13 or 14 year-old, but this isn't meant as negative criticism, merely observation because the dialogue (aside from the very occasional profanity) did seem quite "youthy". Th [...]

    23. John Purvis on said:

      “Fata Morgana” eBook was published in 2017 and was written by Steven R. Boyett (steveboy) and Ken Mitchroney. Mr. Boyett has published six novels and this is the first for Mr. Mitchroney. I received an ARC of this novel through netgalley in return for a fair and honest review. I categorize this novel as ‘R’ because it contains scenes of Violence. The story is set during World War II. Captain Joe Farley and his B-17 crew are on a bombing mission over Germany. While trying to avoid pursuin [...]

    24. Roger Ball on said:

      Best SF I've read in a long, long time.Two of my favorite reads just collided in a fantastic SF novel. I love to read good WWll novels, both fiction and non-fiction, just as much I love really good SF. That is, when the characters are well written and their personalities draw you into the story and make you care. This can happen when a good historical scholar and writer such as Stephen Ambrose weaves the lives and personalities of real people and happenings into great stories. This can also happ [...]

    25. D.F. Haley on said:

      Let's take a B17F Flying Fortress, snatch it out of time in the middle of a bombing mission in World War II, and make it the center of a space age saga. The plane, it's crew and the "can do" attitude are superimposed on a dystopian future war of attrition between struggling remnants of humanity in a world literally shattered by perpetual war.We've seen this plot before, whether a battle group of destroyers in a Pacific vortex, or a Connecticut Yankee, or a host of other time travel military stor [...]

    26. Cmoore on said:

      I loved this book!  *I also loved the rabbit hole the authors tossed me into I'm in awe of the real phenomenon that is (a) Fata Morgana! There's a lot of photographic evidence of this weird type of event*  I love the way the era (WWII) is portrayed, and the crew's interactions aboard the B17- flying fortress. The great plane's like a time capsule herself, as Captain Foley flies his intrepid crew into the heart of the WWII battle, and beyond I also enjoyed the easy camaraderie of this motley cr [...]

    27. Michael on said:

      I snagged this book for free on my Kindle through NetGalley. When I started it I thought it was going to be some sort of historical fiction novel, but after finishing it I would say it's a blend of historical fiction and science fiction. The plot revolves around a young group of B-17 bomber crewmen and the author really nails the time period and American slang used among young soldiers in the war. The crew each have noticeable personalities which made it easy to feel like I was hanging out with [...]

    28. Dr. Jim on said:

      It is hard to be a critic of this particular book without giving spoilers. I like Boyett as an author, so choosing the book was easy for me. It was a very interesting idea for a story, it just seemed disjointed or perhaps forced. It is hard for me to put my finger on what bothered me exactly. Lots of other reviews have made articulate attempts at that problem. It almost seemed like it needed another revision or two.Despite that feeling, I still would recommend the book. It was a good read from a [...]

    29. Ron on said:

      A Near MissOh, I so much wanted to fall in love with this novel.The stalwart crew of a B-17 are on a bombing run over Germany when they run afoul of a mysterious portal that sends them to a strange new world. The buildup is first-rate, with a lovingly crafted portrait of the 8th Air Force's assault on German industry at the very height of WWII. There are sprinklings of strange goings on throughout this section: a shot up bomber full of dead men that seems to land itself; a pilot's recurring visi [...]

    30. Bradley Flower on said:

      I really liked the book BUTThe part of the book that takes place in WWII was great, well detailed, and painted a great picture of B-17 bombing runs over Germany, actually made me feel as if I was right in the run Flak bursting around, pinging off the body of the bomber.And then the future happens.And it fizzles, the author could have done a better job of telling the story in the future tense, rather than focusing on how much the entire air crew was smoking. A bunch of questions were in my head, [...]

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