A House of Mysteries

Bella Forrest

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A House of Mysteries

A House of Mysteries Fall deeper into the journey as mysteries begin to unravelReturn to the lives of the Novaks Pre order now

Fall deeper into the journey as mysteries begin to unravelReturn to the lives of the Novaks Pre order now

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    Bella Forrest
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One thought on “A House of Mysteries

  1. Mikayla on said:

    AwesomeYet again another great instalment from Bella. Can't wait for the next one, instant pre order from me for sure. Recommended d this series to everyone.

  2. Valerie (Dobby_Howler_Puff) on said:

    That was a good cliffhanger! The ending was better than expected. I'm actually excited to start the next one!

  3. Jade Marie on said:

    Bella absolutely blows my mind!! I know I say this about a lot of her books. but hey, this IS Bella I am talking about Once again, I could not out the book down, nor could I turn the pages quick enough!! This books is shrouded in mystery. With each flip of the page it goes deeper and deeper, keeping you wondering what is going to take place next, how things are the way they are and what could possibly happen next!! The Characters in the book are just as much a mystery as the storyline itself. I [...]

  4. Steph L on said:

    I don't know how BF does it but she always manages to get me completely enthralled in her books. she keeps it new and fresh and exciting! love this series!

  5. Judy Robertson on said:

    thank you Bella Forrest for giving us another excellent book from one of my favorite series, A shade Of Vampire. and book 43 was. filled with mystery, excitement, romance starting to surface. this book was a page Turner, I couldn't wait to see what the 3 new oracle's were going to do next. I was anxious to see if the druid and Serena were going to see that they were attracted to one another. I wanted to see if Field and Aida would act on their attraction to one another. I couldn't put the book d [...]

  6. Sophia on said:

    How excitingOh the excitement that I have when I am deep in the shade! This is just the most exciting adventure and the deeper i fall into this the eager I am to know what will happen next! I am absolutely devouring the pages so absorbed in what is happening, it looks like I'm off to the next book!

  7. Sjs on said:

    Will the Phoenix rise again?Sacrifices - blood, blindness, mental torment - so much going on. The great grandchildren of Derek & Sofia are getting into as deep and dark areas of the supernatural as their parents and grandparents. will they all survive?

  8. Lisa Welch on said:

    Stuck with no escapeAnother amazing chapter of the shade Totally new concept that the parents won't be looking for them and gasp will not be coming to the rescue The kids are on their own with unknown perils at every corner and changing into who knows what

  9. Rachel Mcilreavy on said:

    Love itLove the new story line and characters Fantastic author my favourite books of all time Just keeps getting better

  10. Elizabeth Choi on said:

    Cant get enoughWhat a tangled tale .I couldn't stop reading this one. Cover to cover it is so full of ups n downs ,twists and turns and love.

  11. Gidget on said:

    GenesisIt be good. Me no know how grammar works? Nur Speled. Gudbu ";$--$:$;3%(:3%+! Dhdv djdb djdbdjd ndvd djdb DJ dddd

  12. Jill on said:

    A must readA must read.A Shade of Vampire is a MUST READ if you love paranormal readingis is a book for teens and older

  13. Rebecca Pomaibo on said:

    Always a good read. Love this series. Can't put these books down. Waiting impatiently for the next in the series. Thank you Bella!

  14. Tara on said:

    Good Read !!!!I am excited about the next book and can't wait to see what happens between Darven and Serena. I am also curious about Phoenix and Shell girl.

  15. Rosemarie Isaac on said:

    Great readThis is a great series of books. I love the different love interest in each one. Can't stop reading them

  16. Greta Riordan on said:

    I really enjoyed this book, so many mysteries to solve. Poor Draven losing his eyes, and Poor Phoenix being asked to sacrifice for a woman in a shell.

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