Little Beauty

Anthony Browne

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Little Beauty

Little Beauty A very special gorilla is taught a very special skill sign language He appears to have everything he needs but one day he signs that he is sad and needs a friend His keepers bring him a tiny cat call

  • Title: Little Beauty
  • Author: Anthony Browne
  • ISBN: 9781406308662
  • Page: 301
  • Format: Hardcover
  • A very special gorilla is taught a very special skill sign language He appears to have everything he needs, but one day he signs that he is sad and needs a friend His keepers bring him a tiny cat called Beauty and the two of them become inseparable.

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      301 Anthony Browne
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    One thought on “Little Beauty

    1. Jackie "the Librarian" on said:

      Gorilla has everything he needs, but he is lonely. So, he asks his keepers for a friend, using sign language. They give him a kitten, Little Beauty, and tell him "Don't eat her." The gorilla loves the kitten. He gives her milk, and honey (she just looks at the honey) and they are very happy. The illustrations will have you smiling as gorilla and Little Beauty swing through the pages (sometimes literally) having fun and enjoying each other's company. I love the mismatched size of the friends, and [...]

    2. Jackie "the Librarian" on said:

      If you like cute cats, and gorillas, you will love this book. Drawn from the true story of Koko the gorilla, and her kitten All Ball Koko's Kitten, Anthony Browne puts his own twist on this tale of a gorilla who wants a friend.In this version, the gorilla has all the comforts of home, including an easy chair and a television. What he doesn't have is a friend. Since he is able to communicate with sign language, he can ask for one, and in comes Little Beauty, a cute tabby kitten, and a lovely frie [...]

    3. Hannah on said:

      A very special gorilla seems to have everything he needs, apart from a friend. When his zoo-keepers give him a kitten to befriend the pair become inseparable. However, when the gorilla gets angry and breaks the TV the zoo- keepers are not impressed. It seems as if this might be the end of their friendship, until the quick-thinking kitten steps in and they live happily ever after.The story line itself can be a starting point for discussion about loneliness, friendship, and kindness, potentially s [...]

    4. Aleksandra on said:

      This is a story of a gorilla who learned sign language. He lives at the zoo and seemingly has everything, including a TV. However, he is sad and lonely. One day he signs to his keepers that he would like a friend, so they give him a kitten named Little Beauty. The two friends are very different in size and appearance, but they get along well and do everything together. One day, while watching a movie about King Kong, gorilla gets mad and smashes the TV. When the zookeepers come, they want to tak [...]

    5. Christine on said:

      Review of Nonprint: Nutmeg Media: Little Beauty (Picture Book Read on DVD)This is a wonderful children’s book written by the award winning British author, Anthony Browne. This book is inspired by a real-life gorilla, Koko, who communicated through sign language. In this book a gorilla learns sign language and seems to have everything, but is still sad because he does not have a friend. The zookeepers decide to give the gorilla a kitten, Beauty, as a friend. The two become wonderful friends. On [...]

    6. Chelsey on said:

      In “Little Beauty” by Anthony Browne, a trained gorilla that does sign language wanted a friend. So his keepers gave him a tiny kitten and they became the best of friends. The artistic elements are heavily weighted and varied throughout this book. The end pages were a burnt orange floral pattern which was shown in a few of the illustrations. On the dust jackets were excerpts of a short summary about the book, tells what inspired Anthony Browne to write this story, where he is from and other [...]

    7. Rakisha on said:

      Gorilla lives in a zoo but he has a TV, a recliner and eats and drinks from plates and cups. He is lonely, so his handlers give him a kitten (Little Beauty) who becomes his close friend. One day when he watches King Kong on television, he becomes so angry at the story that he breaks the television. Angry at Gorilla and scared for Little Beauty, his handlers threaten to take away his friend. But someone comes to Gorilla's rescue. Who could it be? Its Little Beauty. She learned sign language from [...]

    8. Zaynab Modaykhan on said:

      This book is about a gorilla in a zoo that does Sign Language. He is a sad gorilla because there are no other gorillas in the zoo and he has no friends. Th keeper gave the gorilla a little friend called Beauty, who was a little kitten. The gorilla loved Beauty, he fed her and they were very happy. They did everything together. One day, gorilla and the kitten were watching a movie together about a gorilla who climbs the Empire State Building. Gorilla became angry and broke the TV. The keepers wer [...]

    9. Amanda on said:

      As I read this book I was thinking it was referring to a gorilla I have heard about learning to sign for communication. I thought was a cool concept to take a real event and turn into a childrens story. I thought it had a really weird twist with no consequences and did not like the endings. I also felt that the illustrations were inconsistent and on various pages looked like another illustrator threw their images in. I guess since I knew of this actual gorilla I was hoping for a more accurate ac [...]

    10. Marie on said:

      Admittedly, I am not a fan of Anthony Browne. Of all of his books, though, I like this one best. The story of a lonely gorilla who signs (similar to Koko and the kitten) getting a kitten as a friend is one children will find appealing. The faces of the gorilla and other characters are very expressive. I think children will be tickled by the twist at the end.

    11. Joshua on said:

      I first read this book in Spanish, which I do not speak (Cosita Linda). So I got to make up a story of my own based on the pictures. It ended up with Kitty taking a bullet. It was AMAZING!When I read the English version, it only slightly differed from my own except for the ending in which everyone lives The reviews talk about the illustration, but the story is really just ok.

    12. Karen on said:

      The goofy, besotted gorilla expressions, the contrast of the huge gorilla and the teensy kitten and their joy in each other, and finally the twist at the end (kitty understands what to do to save their companionship), made this an "ahhh" read that made me smile. Can't imagine anyone that wouldn't.

    13. Tayler K on said:

      Saw this in a slow moment at work. I love cats, and I thought it was very cute that the beginning illustrations had the cat's face and gorilla's face in the center of the roses.From that point on, I was disappointed. Like others, as soon as I realized this was about a signing gorilla with a kitten, I thought it was a story about Koko in children's format. But this is just a generic gorilla that knows sign language and has a pet kitten and lives at the zoo--with an armchair and tv. So the setup w [...]

    14. Joel Hopkins on said:

      Not one of Browne’s most intellectually stimulating books but the emphasis of size disparity between the gorilla and the kitten really pushes home the concept of a classic “gentle giant” persona. The moral of the story is the power in creating friendships with people different to ourselves and sticking up for each other in times of strife. Through the kittens actions towards the end it is shown that by sticking up for our friends we all get the best out of situations. (The two main charact [...]

    15. Steph on said:

      There isn't anything about Coco the Gorilla that I don't love. Not too long ago, I had a difficult time convincing my students that everybody lies. A handful swore up and down that they never lie. I then referred to the story of coco the gorilla who tore a sink off the wall. When the trainers found the sink ripped from the wall, they asked gorilla, "what happened? Who did this?" Coco then pointed at his kitten for the blame.That anecdotal story wasn't enough to convert some of my students that e [...]

    16. The Reading Countess on said:

      This little beauty (did you see what I did there?) will be woven into our nonfiction unit after I read aloud Koko's Kitten. The illustrations alone make it a winner. Little Beauty will likely jump start discussions not only about nonfiction text (real facts vs. what the author artistically embedded), but also some of the "softer" skills like theme and how readers "read" text images.

    17. Melanie on said:

      A gorilla who lives in a zoo and has learned sign language asks for a friend. The zookeepers decide to give him a kitty. Gorilla and cat become best friends. One day the gorilla gets very angry and breaks the television. when the keepers demand to know who did it and threaten to remove the cat, cat speaks up and says it was him so as to not be separated. Accompanied by his signature artwork, this Anthony Browne book will be a favorite with children for many years to come.

    18. Gloria Clayton on said:

      My daughter loved reading this book with me. I enjoy the theme of unlikely friends, as well as what I am guessing is a nod to beauty and the beast. The artwork is beautifully detailed.

    19. Natalie on said:

      The illustrations are so fun and the story is based on a true story which makes it even more intriguing. My kids love this and want to read it again and again. One of our new favorite authors!

    20. Kathryn Beek on said:

      A heart-warming story, reminiscent of the tale of Koko and All-Ball, which raises more questions than it answers. Beautifully illustrated in a wide range of complementary styles.

    21. Patrick MacDonald on said:

      "Little Beauty" is a feel good story about a lonely gorilla who knows how to use sign language, but has no one to play with, so the keepers get him a cat. They become best friends, the gorilla feeds the kitten milk, honey takes care of him like its his own, they do everything together. One day the gorilla acts up and the zoo keepers come to punish him but the kitten shows why he is a true friend.This was a fun story to read, it had very little text but interesting pictures that differentiated th [...]

    22. Den on said:

      A gorilla is taught sign language and he signs that he needs a friend. They give him a cat and they become very good friends. Then something upsets the gorilla . & there is a surprise solution

    23. Elizabeth Menchaca on said:

      “Once upon a time there was a very special gorilla that could use sign language” He was provided with all the basic necessities of life such as food, comforts and even some entertainment but that is not all this gorilla needed to be happy, he was very lonely and sad, so he asked his keepers for a friend. Soon after he was given a kitten named Beauty. “The gorilla loved Beauty” they immediately became the best of friends, they did everything together (even go to the bathroom!) and the gor [...]

    24. Natalie on said:

      "Little Beauty" is about a Gorilla who lives at a zoo who is lonely and desperate for a friend. through use of sign language the gorilla tells his anguish to the zookeepers who decide that they should get the gorilla a friend, namely a pet kitten they call "beauty" they quickly become best friends until one day whilst watching an upsetting film (it can be assumed King Kong by use of the illustrations) the gorilla becomes angry and breaks zoo property and when the zoo keeps go to reprimand the go [...]

    25. Rebecca on said:

      Little Beauty is an Anthony Browne book that was published in 2010. The gorilla motif, which exists across many of Browne's works, is present. However, this gorilla is zoo bound. While taking on some human characteristics and human conveniences provided by zoo keepers, his freedom is limited to requests made through sign language. And so, on the very second page, the enlarged typography announces that the main character is "sad." Browne captures this emotion through the eyes of his gorilla who s [...]

    26. Goshen PL Childrens on said:

      Read for Storytime, February 22ndTheme: Stories about Feelings

    27. Meghan Klyczek on said:

      A very special gorilla seems to have everything he needs, apart from a best friend and he is very lonely. When his zoo-keepers give him a kitten to befriend, the pair become inseparable and they become the best of friends that I think this gorilla was longing for. However, when the gorilla gets angry and breaks the TV, the zoo- keepers are not impressed. It seems as if this might be the end of their friendship, until the quick-thinking kitten steps in and they live happily ever after.The story l [...]

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