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Kayal On a farm out in the middle of the desert Kiley is trying to get away from it all and find inner peace But when a bright light chases her down and sucks her up into the air she gets further away fro

  • Title: Kayal
  • Author: Linda Mathers
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 336
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • On a farm out in the middle of the desert, Kiley is trying to get away from it all and find inner peace But when a bright light chases her down and sucks her up into the air, she gets further away from everything than she planned.Kidnapped and drugged by an evil alien, Kiley has no choice but to submit Just when she thinks her bleak future is set, a handsome alien rescueOn a farm out in the middle of the desert, Kiley is trying to get away from it all and find inner peace But when a bright light chases her down and sucks her up into the air, she gets further away from everything than she planned.Kidnapped and drugged by an evil alien, Kiley has no choice but to submit Just when she thinks her bleak future is set, a handsome alien rescues her and sets a course back for Earth.Kayal is kind, attentive and not to mention drop dead gorgeous And there s something about the way that he touches her that sets her skin on fire and sparks flying through her veins.But as she draws closer to her alien saviour, she draws closer to home, and with it a whole host of uncertainty Should she go back home Or should she ride out the adventure she s having to its fullest potential As she toys with her decision, the universe helps make it for her.Warning This scifi romance is intended for mature audiences.

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      336 Linda Mathers
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    One thought on “Kayal

    1. Susani on said:

      Writing style is not for me. I don't think I have ever read a book with so many adverbs/adjectives. Great idea though.

    2. Rebecca Grove on said:

      Kiley is hiding away in the desert to get her head straight. Her life seems to be blah and pointless and then suddenly she sees a bright light and a spaceship coming after her. She tries to escape but she ends up being captured and kidnapped by an evil alien. That alien keeps her tied up and drugged into compliance. The alien wants her to become his mate/sex slave and even brands her with his mark. All hope seems lost until another alien comes in and fights the evil alien and rescues her. Kayal [...]

    3. Emily Pennington on said:

      Part of a blockade facing down government spaceships above Elden 9, Kayal and the others were ordered by their leaders to stay in formation, despite repeated threats. When they refused to back down, the government ships attacked. Though greatly outnumbered, the rebels fought hard against the enemy. With an electromagnetic pulse, Kayal rescued his friend Klius from a grueling attack. But neither noticed a ship launched from the planet, and Klius was shot down and crashed on the planet below.Kayal [...]

    4. Amanda H. on said:

      I enjoyed this story about Kylie and Kayal, Kylie being the human and Kayal the alien she meets. He rescues her from another member of his species who wants to keep her as a slave, because they view humans as inferior life forms. I thought it was an interesting take on human slavery with a science fiction twist to it.The battles Kayal wages from his spaceship are well depicted, as are the periods when Kylie's kidnapped and drugged. However, the parts where I felt the story could have been improv [...]

    5. Kathleen Nichols on said:

      ***I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book in exchange for an honest review*** This book was a quick and easy read – what I'd call a lunchtime read. The story is fast moving with a civil war where the political and moral values differ greatly on Eldan 9. Mix in an Earth female abducted by a disgusting Eldar 9 citizen believing in slavery, a strong but struggling Earth women, and a dashing big blue hero/resistance warrior ashamed of his planets ideologies. Kiley has been abdu [...]

    6. book-faery on said:

      Lack of explanations and detailsWith some extra work this might have been a decent sci-fi romance. I have read quite a few books in this genre and usually there is a attempt to explain why beings from two different planets can understand each others language, alien implant etc. but this was never explained. The use of human slang and cliches by the aliens/Eldans also bothered me since it was implied that the Eldans had little to do with earth beings before, if this is true why do they use human [...]

    7. Christine Karmelreads2665 W. on said:

      Alien RescueAlrighty, this was my first book by Linda Mathers. I would just say that for an alien on type of genre. I would not classify this book as a romance so much as a abduction attraction type of reading.The story was light on back ground in the sense of there was a plot that caused whatever to happen but you don't get a whole lot of information.You do find out more about the characters as the story progresses as much as you can within 80 pages that may answer any questions you have when y [...]

    8. Holly Bargo on said:

      Purple prose and adverbs galoreThe title novella of this book, Kayal, is fairly dreadful. If you like overwrought purple prose and a surplus of adverbs, then you'll like this story. Other grammatical errors occur, including subject-verb disagreements, wandering apostrophes, and malapropisms. The following stories included within the book do not improve. I often enjoy alien romances, but the differences between human and other need to be greater than skin color. After all, in realistic terms, a h [...]

    9. Cali Jewel on said:

      Out of this world Sexy, Hot, Exciting, Action Packed and Intriguing Romantic Adventure with all the bells and whistles. Our wold is in danger of being plundered for its resources by an Alien race we do not even know has targeted us. On a farm out in the middle of the desert, Kiley is the first to be plucked from earth to serve the needs of an evil alien as ordered by their King. Kayal is a renegade Alien that comes to her rescue and is kind, attentive and not to mention drop-dead gorgeous. This [...]

    10. Mary Getz on said:

      I voluntarily ARC for honest review. The strong structure storyline and well developed characters and supporting characters brilliant exquisitely well written . The story is drama rom-com adventure provocative captivating emotional rollar coaster action hostilities sizzling chemistry strength of character and captivating from start to finish 💋 💖 . Where Kiley and Kayal what both them need. Are their starmate. First time reading from this author Linda Mathers. I can't wait to see the next b [...]

    11. Goddess of Chaos on said:

      Kayal fights for what he believes inKayal is perhaps an idealistic hero. When his government, leaders, and the wealthy implement plans not everyone on their world agrees with, Kayal and other rebels form a blockade trying to protect other planets from those whose actions they are confident their world will come to regret. Kayal is an easy hero to fall in love with!Kiley's life is at a cross roads and then things take an unexpected turn and that's before she meets the idealistic hero and finds he [...]

    12. Linda on said:

      It is about a group of aliens that that has been abducting human females to have their children. Kiley is abducted and thinks her life as she knows it is over. Kayal offers her another option. He has his own agenda. I enjoyed the story. I liked that she did not give up and showed strength in difficult situations. He was willing to take incredible risks to do what he thought was right. They make a good couple.I am voluntarily reviewing a copy I received.

    13. Jackie on said:

      2 stars cause I atleast finished it. Wasted my time on this novella. Didn’t bother with reading the other included novellas. The characters just didn’t make me care, just blah. He was almost a bit wimpy, she was just a doormat. I guess they deserved each other. There were too many inconsistencies & unexplainable things that happened that just make this a weird story.

    14. Sherry Westendorf on said:

      Back and forth kidnapping and rescuing and finding love in between. What a way to be kidnapped. Read the war of the worlds and then go outside when the porch light goes out. That is the start of her roller coaster. Very well written and enjoyable. Lots of fun, excitement, and steamy. I recommend it. I was given a review copy and voluntarily review it.

    15. Kristi on said:

      This was a very enjoyable short story. I would have preferred their time on the ship getting to know each other would have been expanded upon more so that their romance didn't feel so abrupt, but it was still good. Since this is the first book that I've read from Linda Mathers it was enough for me to want to check out other books from her.

    16. Alysha on said:

      Kiley was kind of meandering through life until one night she's kidnapped by an evil alien who essentially chloroforms her and brands her. Kayal thwarts the evil plans while rescuing the damsel in distress. What I liked was that Kiley and Kayal got to know each other instead of falling into bed five minutes after meeting.'I received an ARC of this book and voluntarily reviewed it.'

    17. Nicole on said:

      We are introduced to a greater conflict that has the potential for an overarching scifi epic but the story overall was a bit rushed and more heavily sexual than plot focused. Enjoyable diversion, but not engrossing read.Copy received in exchange for honest review.

    18. Sandi on said:

      KayalI wasn't too impressed by this book. I felt it wasn't up to the usual standards of Ms Mathers. I have read many of her books and never had a problem but found this book didn't have the usual flow or the smooth transition from scene to scene or chapter to chapter.

    19. Cheryl Viner on said:

      If you are a fan Star Wars you will really enjoy this book. It opens with a space battle, then goes on to a damsel in distress, a rescue and then a fight for personal freedom until the HEA ending. I would say it is more sci fi then a romance/

    20. Rebecca on said:

      The book was great. I wanted it to not end. This is my own personal view of the ARC copy that I got of this book. I'm really enjoying this author. I cannot wait to read more by her. This is a must have book.

    21. Jacqueline Ellison on said:

      Nothing like waking up in a strange room strapped to a bed and a strange man by her. Kiley was kidnapped in the middle of the night by a strange grey telling you to call him master. Interesting take on humans and aliens.

    22. Anneli on said:

      ** I received an ARC and volunteered to read and leave a honest review of it. Through Fiery Romance mailing list.***It was good, and I think alot of people will enjoy it, but it was not for me. I'm not that into sci-fi and Aliens.Thanks to Linda for providing me with a copy!

    23. Juanita E. Arp on said:

      Enjoyed reading this book, it has a great storyline. Can't wait for more from this author. Received a FREE ARC copy to read volunteerly for an honest review.

    24. Emily on said:

      This was a short book but enjoyable. I do not normally gravitate to the alien plots but this was worth checking out! Kiley and Kayal have good chemistry and this book gets steamy!

    25. Holly on said:

      Interesting read. Kayal rescues Kiley from the fate as an alien sex slave and their chemistry just clicks with a whole lot of heat. I freely reviewed this ARC.

    26. Karen on said:

      This is a short, quick read. It is a good story, but could have included more details. ***I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.***

    27. Victoria on said:

      A fun short story complete with a strong heroine, a an evil alien who abducted her and a hot hero who rescues her from a life of slavery. Adventure, suspense, humor and romance! Great fun!

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