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Debra Kayn

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Hard Escape

Hard Escape A sexy gripping romantic suspense He leads She follows She might have Stockholm Syndrome Heidi Lundin has lost her name her identity and her past She s just another homeless person trying to make i

  • Title: Hard Escape
  • Author: Debra Kayn
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 333
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • A sexy, gripping romantic suspense He leads She follows She might have Stockholm Syndrome Heidi Lundin has lost her name, her identity, and her past She s just another homeless person trying to make it through the night Until the biker from Notus Motorcycle Club keeps saving her and won t let her drift back into the shadows One moment brings her out into the light,A sexy, gripping romantic suspense He leads She follows She might have Stockholm Syndrome Heidi Lundin has lost her name, her identity, and her past She s just another homeless person trying to make it through the night Until the biker from Notus Motorcycle Club keeps saving her and won t let her drift back into the shadows One moment brings her out into the light, and the people she desperately tried to protect are in danger again Glen suspects the woman he caught stealing his wallet and sleeping in the alley behind Vavoom s Bar isn t telling him the truth As a member of Notus Motorcycle Club, he searches for missing persons in partnership with the local police department all the time Not once has he ever had someone find him But, nothing prepares him for the story Heidi shares or the revelations that come from helping her Somewhere in their psyche, beyond their intelligence to decipher facts and know the difference between right and wrong, their love becomes uncontrollable Each book in the Notus Motorcycle Club series is a standalone and can be read on its own.

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    One thought on “Hard Escape

    1. Betul on said:

      I have a thing for characters that are homeless or are running away from something or someone. So the blurb really piqued my interest. I really enjoyed the first 75% of the book but at the end it didn't fully satisfy me. I was expecting a bit more angst and suspense. The last quarter just fell a bit flat to me. I would've loved to see more development in Glen and Heidi's relationship and that was the major factor why I didn't give this book 4 stars. I did enjoy both characters and liked that per [...]

    2. Maria Passia on said:

      Glen and Heidi's story will leave you breathless! Heidi is homeless, forced to abandon her home and everything she knows in order to protect her family. Glen is a member of Notus MC, dedicated in searching for missing persons. She has lost all hope but he is determined to help her and won't take no for an answer. Will they find the strength to face their past and fight for their future together? An amazing and suspenseful love story by Debra Kayn! I love her new series and can't wait for the nex [...]

    3. KimBrewing on said:

      Absolutely loved it. I enjoyed the first book in the series, but I devoured this one.What do you do when you fear for your life and the others you love and have no where to turn? This is the question Ingrid facedd she did what she had to do. For two difficult years this young woman survived on the streets taking on a new name and blending in. As we get the details, your heart will break and you will cheer her on. Glen is a member of the Notus MC. His life is fine. He works, helps his brother's w [...]

    4. Karen on said:

      I wouldn't go as far to say ,"gripping suspense" for a description of this book in the usual way. The suspense was in how Blue (Heidi) lived the streets. I truly appreciate how strong a person must be to live that life. Even after they are able to leave they are differenteeping anywhere but not very deeply food is less important than other things. Author gave the character a lot of dignitye job search/success and how she didn't steal. I sure hope there are a lot of Pauleys in this world too.I wa [...]

    5. Phuong on said:

      What I love about reading books written by author Debra Kayn is that she always brings something new and eye opening with her stories and opens my mind to all sorts of circumstances that one might endure and survive. In Hard Escape, the heroine Heidi escaped an abusive relationship and ended up homeless in order to protect those she loved. I loved her inner strength, determination and perseverance in what was a very difficult situation she found herself in and she survived without losing her sou [...]

    6. Caryn Denny on said:

      FRAUGHT WITH FEELINGSThere is an underlying message in most of Debra's stories and this one is no exception.Mental and physical abuse is real and much too prevalent in our world. Many are trapped by fear of the abuser's retribution if they try to get away or tell someone who can help. That is what Ingrid went through when she escaped her abusive and smart abuser. He consistently hurt her physically but left no marks. She believed him when he said he would kill her parents and his own father if s [...]

    7. Robyn Jones on said:

      Debra Kayn is a genius. Finished her newest book Hard Escape this morning at around 2 am. I started at around 1030 and couldn't put it down. Not even to sleep. Its the next in the Notus MC universe. I hate to say series because these are stand alone books but you get so much more out of them if you read them in order. This book centers around Glen and Heidi. He is the treasurer of Notus MC with a whistling habit ;) and she is a beauty on the run from her past. From their first meeting sparks fly [...]

    8. Trudy Dowling on said:

      Debra Kayn's has a way of making her stories feel real. Hard Escape may be a romance but it dealt with some very serious issues. I got so much more that "entertainment" out of the story. I have gotten carefree, in all honesty I have become complacent. Everyone needs to be more alert to their surrounding and to other peoples situations. We our own first line of defense. The romance between Glen and Heidi (aka Ingrid) was fantastic!! Glens was just who Ingrid needed to feel that she was safe, prot [...]

    9. LaLa on said:

      Fine. Could have used a bit more character development. I chose this book because I wanted some non-stereotypical MCs, and was drawn to a cover with a FMC with a buzz cut. I'd have to say, Debra Kayn definitely delivered in some ways, but followed pretty typical romance novel tropes in others. The fact that the MMC was super cas about committing murder, even it is was "outside the law justice," was a little creepy, but maybe this is a normal thing for biker romance. It's a genre I'm pretty new t [...]

    10. Angela Wade on said:

      Debra Kayn hits all the feels with this one. Glen will be your new BBF.A story of one type of homelessness. Heidi left her life and went into hiding in plain sight. An abusive relationship, threats to her family sent her running. Glen is a good man and a better Brother. NOTUS MC helps search for the missing. When Glen meets Heidi he feels something doesn't add up about her. Heidi is defensive and determined to stay hidden. Can love find two such different people?

    11. Chris Murray on said:

      Love or In LoveWhich is harder to escape? An abusive relationship or the life once you escape. Difficult to answer and I love Debra Kahn's story to find the answer. With the help of Notus MC, we follow the rollercoaster path of Ingrid and Glenn journey. This deals with two very difficult struggles, abuse and homelessness. There could be some triggers. This book grabs you on the first page. I read it in one sitting.

    12. Heather Senechiame on said:

      Age is nothing but a number, remember that. Oh man my heart hurt for Ingrid/blue/Heidi. For someone as young as her, she went through a lot and grew up quick. Glen and his sexy self did not disappoint and was a good night in shining armor. The book started so well and I was hooked. Throughout we learn so much about both of them and eventually get to the bottom of it all. The cover models, right in point w the characters!!!

    13. Megan Hubble-Roney on said:

      I was a little leery about book 2. For the life of me, I couldn't get into book 1. Heidi and Glen were a good read. A fast and steady read that kept me interested from beginning to end and I'm now curious enough about Clara and her sister and Clara and Wayne to go back and give it another try. It's been a while since I've read anything by Kayn, but I remember enjoying everything that I have of hers. Hard Escape falls right in with the rest.

    14. Tammy Ballenger-anderson on said:

      Loved this book. As always you did a great job. There was part of this story I wanted to cry. Being homeless is no fun and plus running to save family. Then you meet someone to help you and I can understand why it was hard for her to trust at first. This MC helps find missing people which in turn is a great read. What a great love story. Keep up the great work. 👍

    15. Brynne Hounsell on said:

      EmotionalGlen and Ingrid have extremely different stories and completely different background, but they love fiercely, protect soundly and ate loyal to a fault. They meet under extreme circumstances and unconventional means but their connection is unbreakable - they will fight for each other no matter the cost, no matter the risk and no matter the consequences.

    16. Tracy Hunt on said:

      I want more!!I love this series! Debra Kayn has done it again. I'm hooked on all of her MC books. Can't wait for them to find Rich. And I can't wait to watch Chuck fall! Thank you Debra Kayn !

    17. Andrea Gillan on said:

      Great seriesThese guys are brilliant. They a strong and faithful to each other and those of their town. A woman down on her luck comes to the attention of one of them but they all step up as a group to protect her.

    18. Georgia Wooten on said:

      Great series!Can't wait for the other rider's story. If you like bikers and the ones they love you'll enjoy this series.

    19. Lauree on said:

      Great bookLove this book. Read it straight through. Loved how Debra showed that no matter what happen Blue keep strong and came out stronger.

    20. Sara on said:

      There is not enough words to explain how brilliantly beautiful this story was , Debra Kayn is quickly becoming one of my go to authors.

    21. Rose on said:

      Hard Escape is the second book of the Notus Motorcycle Club Series written by the awesome author Debra Kayn. This is Glen and Heidi (aka Ingrid), a very romantic, dramatic and emotional story with a great end. I will happily recommended to any fan of MC romances. Can't wait to read the next book in this awesome series.

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