Blurring the Lines

Kirsty Moseley

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Blurring the Lines

Blurring the Lines Blurring the Lines is a direct continuation of Guarding the Broken To enjoy this novel you need to have read the FREE Part With Ashton at her side Anna begins to feel like her old self again Toget

  • Title: Blurring the Lines
  • Author: Kirsty Moseley
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 236
  • Format: ebook
  • Blurring the Lines is a direct continuation of Guarding the Broken To enjoy this novel, you need to have read the FREE Part 1 With Ashton at her side, Anna begins to feel like her old self again Together, they re rebuilding her life and attempting to heal old wounds The time they spend together, the closer they become, but unfortunately this only serves to coBlurring the Lines is a direct continuation of Guarding the Broken To enjoy this novel, you need to have read the FREE Part 1 With Ashton at her side, Anna begins to feel like her old self again Together, they re rebuilding her life and attempting to heal old wounds The time they spend together, the closer they become, but unfortunately this only serves to complicate matters further The undercover pretence of being boyfriend and girlfriend slowly ceases to be a game as both find themselves increasingly blurring the lines between the act and the reality With her father now President Elect, Anna and Ashton are finding it increasingly difficult to maintain some semblance of privacy With the world s press obsessing over the future First Daughter, Ashton s job of protecting her has just become a whole lot harder All the while the trial grows ever closer, looming over them both, taunting them, reminding them that it isn t over yet After all, Carter Thomas will stop at nothing to be reunited with his Princess Author s note Part 1 Guarding the Broken and part 2 Blurring the Lines were previously published in 2013 as one novel of epic proportion Nothing Left to Lose was a runaway bestseller that has people all over the world falling in love with Agent Ashton Taylor.

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    One thought on “Blurring the Lines

    1. Elizabeth Neal on said:

      Ashton and Anna, under the guise of being in a relationship to explain his presence, start to realize that they stopped pretending a while ago as true feelings have begun to grow between them.As her life begins taking a different path yet again, she's slowly healing, as well as dealing with her dad preparing to become the new President of the United States. This fact now puts the spotlight even more on Anna, making Ashton's job to protect her more difficult, and the opportunities for privacy har [...]

    2. Christiann Igou on said:

      Blurring the lines picks up immediately where Guarding the Broken ended. The emotional journey that Anna & Ashton go on in book two is nothing short of a roller coaster! Book 2 is darker and grittier than Book 1 and shows us more of what Anna endure at the hands of Carter!The love between Anna & Ashton is unbreakable but it is both without extreme heartache! There was one point that I felt completely gutted! The strength of both characters is astounding and lovely to read!Another wonderf [...]

    3. Michelle Brace (Wicked Babes Blog Reviews) on said:

      WOW what a conclusion to Anna and Ashton's story. This book was full of so much. We learn more and more secrets of Anna's, Ashton is fighting hard to get Anna to not only let him in but to fall in love with him, Carter is making life difficult, her dad and his political career. I just couldn't put this book down. I was rooting for these two to find a happy ending and truly enjoyed their story. Their story isn't easy, it isn't always sweet (even though Ashton is), but its full of heartbreak, susp [...]

    4. Lady LivingIn Bookland on said:

      With Anna barely getting used to a new life, comes more changes, which thrusts both Anna and Ashton into the limelight. Something neither of them are used to or understand the full implications of. With juggling school, and pretending to keep up their "relationship", emotions are suddenly highlighted when removed from their routine. Making both of them reluctant to say anything. Excerpt:I wasn't just crazy about him; I was totally, utterly, and devastatingly in love with him.I'd fallen in love w [...]

    5. Wit & Wonder Books on said:

      ** ARC provided by the author for an honest review **Kirsty Moseley’s Blurring the Lines picks up where part one left off so it is necessary to read Guarding the Broken first. Filled with more secrets and even more love, the broken girl finally learns to live again for her fierce protector, in this stunning conclusion to Ashton and Anna’s story.I loved Jack so much, I still did, and he would always have a piece of my heart, but impossibly, I’d fallen in love with Ashton so hard that it act [...]

    6. Clare on said:

      After reading Guarding the Broken and falling in love with Ashton and Anna's characters I couldn't wait to get started on this part of their story. After learning about all the horror and pain that Anna has suffered at the hands of Carter and his men, Ashton is the only one who seems to have been able to connect with her and get her to let go of her guilt about Jack and open up her heart to him. But if you thought that this would be an easy ride now for Anna and Ashton to get to their HEA then y [...]

    7. Melinda on said:

      TOP 10 RECOMMENDEDIn one word for Kirsty Moseley, WOW. I still don't know how I got through Book 1 with my heart still intact. Kirsty Moseley once again teared me apart with Annabelle and Ashton and boy this 2nd part just WOW. Going through the first book and reading what Annabelle went through was heartbreaking but seeing Asthon's reaction was jut amazing. What I liked about him in this book is that instead of pity, sympathy that everybody throws in Annabelle's way we see Ashton showing her how [...]

    8. Natalie Rowe on said:

      honest review.This book is the second part of Kirty's Guarded Hearts series. It begins where the last book ends and continues through the shared point of view of Anna and Ashton. The Good StuffI prefer this part of the series to the first, it focuses more on the story of Anna's past life with her captor, Carter and how it affects her current relationship with Ashton. The book before focused a little bit more on Ashton and Anna developing their relationship after Anna's hard past. Now that it's [...]

    9. Reckless Readers on said:

      Wow just wow this novel is totally and completely captivating in every single chapter. I had to know what was going to happen to Ashton and Annabelle so bad it was hard for me to put this one down.The build up from book one continues​ on about when and where Carter would come for her intensifies immensely. Carter kidnapped Annabelle and held her hostage, after killing her high school sweetheart! Now the jerk has been released from jail!!!I was afraid for Anna and even more terror-stricken when [...]

    10. RBCRRBLOGGER on said:

      Reviewing on behalf of Relentless Book Chics Ramblings and ReviewsA thrilling conclusion to an emotional story.I’ve been a fan of this author since reading Always you which was the first book I ever read on my kindle so I always look forward to any releases she has. This duet is quite dark and the subjects may be triggers for some people so read with caution.Anna and Ashton have both developed deep feelings for each other and living together, attending college and going on regular fake dates b [...]

    11. Pamela Lilley on said:

      Book 2 continues straight where book 1 left off and we see Ashton and Annabelle’s relationship going from strength to strength, that is until Carter puts a spanner in the works. Beautifully written in dual POV we see both sides of this intricately woven tale of love, lust, and obsession as it comes to life on each page. We see Anna become so much stronger as her love for Ashton intensifies. Ashton, as in book 1, is ever the most perfect book boyfriend. As heart breaking and as frustrating as t [...]

    12. A Book Lover's Emporium Book Blog on said:

      I have ALL the emotions right now. After all the dilly dallying in Guarding The Broken, Ashton and Anna finally confess their undying love. We've all known how they feel about each other right? Sigh. I was perfectly miserable with them both a lot of times along the way; grieving with them and crying at their heartbreak. When the action kicks up a notch or ten, I was a ball of nerves! My poor shoulders were up by my ears and my stomach was knotted.So many tears! Some of happiness, some of sorrow [...]

    13. Kim Sutton on said:

      The perfect ending to the most amazing series! I can't recommend this enough! With the help of the gorgeous Ashton, Anna is finally piecing her life back together. From her previous thoughts that her life was so broken she had nothing Left To Lose anymore, he makes her see she was wrong. It's all going fantastic until the evil Carter Thomas comes back to ruin things. I hate Carter with a vengeance, he's one of the most vile and hated characters I've ever met. This is a major test of the couples [...]

    14. Bo on said:

      Following the Annaton love story, the second book is just as good as the first. It maintains the level of curiosity (even for me who have read it previously). It was able to sustain the intensity and raw emotions of characters and being able to connect to their readers. It’s heart-stopping and painful to read but at the same time, you can’t not know what the outcome will be.The characters’ action will make you hate them at some point but will also be the same reason you will love them so m [...]

    15. Wendy Livingstone on said:

      This is the second part of this awesome series, and continues straight on from where #1 finished. Anna and Ashton are slowly rebuilding her life, as she heals from her traumatizing past. As they appear in public as boyfriend and girlfriend though, the lines are slowly blurring as true feelings develop. No spoilers; this is an absolute must read, you will not be disappointed.I am in awe of this exceptionally talented author, and her ability to write a story in such a way that it remains with you [...]

    16. Ani Bari on said:

      Part Two flowed easily from Part One, seamlessly continuing this angst filled story to give you, what I consider, perfection.Queue more shouting at the heroine for being stupid, then thanking her for making those decisions. You knew something big would happen in Part Two and I was not disappointed. My heart was in my throat and I had an idea of where I wanted the author to go but was worried she was going to leave me devastated.I honestly didn't think I would rave as much as I am. My friends tol [...]

    17. Emma bramley on said:

      This is the second book in this series and the final part in the story. The story continues with these amazing characters. This book is even more gripping and suspense filled than the first. This is definitely a emotional roller coaster of a ride of a story. This is the concluding part to the story and what an amazing ending it is, you will be on the edge of your seat. I can't wait to read more from this author in the future. Highly recommendedI voluntarily reviewed an advance reader copy of thi [...]

    18. Maisy on said:

      I can't believe it's over!😭I absolutely adored this series and now its gone. The relationship between Anna and Ashton was so heartfelt and emotional and Moseley made me hate carter with such a strong passion. Jack wasn't nearly mentioned as much in this book but he is still an integral part so I'll mentioned him anyway. Anna's love and guilt for jack was so realistic (something I often say about a lot of Moseley's writing) This series brought both tears if sadness and joy to my eyes, beautifu [...]

    19. Maria Angie Mendoza on said:

      Blurring the lines is the gut wrenching and gripping conclusion of Guarding the Broken. You can't read this book without reading book one first.That said, the story of Anna and Ashton takes a new turn as secrets and truths are revealed. But theirs is not a typical couple relationship. As Anna is forced to face the demons from her past and her father aspirations become more public, the intensity and emotions between them take on a whole new level.Can Anna and Ashton survive the turmoil?4.5 stars! [...]

    20. Cody Nicole on said:

      Blurring the Lines was a perfect conclusion to the story between Anna and Ashton. I think most people will fall in love with this story simply because it is so gripping that you need to know what happens.I adored how the book flowed from the first and into the second, and these two novels only reinstate my love of Kirsty Moseley!Full review at childishlypassionate.wordpres

    21. Warpedmind on said:

      Excellent book. This is the continued from Nothing left to lose. Anna's father is now President elect of the United States. This on top of Carter's trial coming up is enough to have Ashton worried that she may need more protection. Carter has found out where she is and started sending love Psycho letters to her. Which she is still in the dark on. This becomes kidnapping, murder, rescue and love story all in one. She keeps you on the edge of your seat unto the very end.

    22. OKbook Hoarder on said:

      An Epic Conclusion to Guarding the BrokenFind out what happens to Anna and Ashton in Blurring the lines. Kirsty Moseley did another amazing job. I read this when it was all one book on WattPad back in 2012/13.

    23. Gem on said:

      Five Stars Aren't EnoughI absolutely loved book 2, I loved each page. So many emotions and I couldn't put it down. Ashton is the absolute book boyfriend

    24. Nic *The Wandering Bookaholic* Spears on said:

      A good second instalment for Nothing Left To Lose.A little stagnant in places but definitely got a lot better towards the end.

    25. Andrea on said:

      Great sequelThis was a fantastic sequel and conclusion to Annabelle and Ashton! I loved every second of it! I highly recommend it!

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