Doomsday's Child

Pete Aldin

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Doomsday's Child

Doomsday s Child This is an updated cover edition of B VCBF H Elliot is alive Billions are dead Millions are a little bit of both An American private security contractor Elliot is used to doing things the hard way

  • Title: Doomsday's Child
  • Author: Pete Aldin
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 214
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • This is an updated cover edition of B071VCBF6H.Elliot is alive.Billions are dead.Millions are a little bit of both.An American private security contractor, Elliot is used to doing things the hard way In the post collapse wasteland of Tasmania, the only way to survive is by going it alone So when Elliot is made responsible for orphaned boy Lewis, the hard way gets evThis is an updated cover edition of B071VCBF6H.Elliot is alive.Billions are dead.Millions are a little bit of both.An American private security contractor, Elliot is used to doing things the hard way In the post collapse wasteland of Tasmania, the only way to survive is by going it alone So when Elliot is made responsible for orphaned boy Lewis, the hard way gets even harder.Hunted by the men who murdered Lewis s family as well as by the teeming undead, Elliot tries to teach the boy what it takes to survive in this harsh new world He s not sure Lewis has what it takes to make it.As the body count rises and the undead close in, Elliot s not sure he does either.

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    • Best Read [Pete Aldin] Á Doomsday's Child || [Fiction Book] PDF ☆
      214 Pete Aldin
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      Posted by:Pete Aldin
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    One thought on “Doomsday's Child

    1. Sergiu Pobereznic on said:

      This novel offered everything that a Zombie Apocalypse might offer, gore and all, but… and here is the difference and why I enjoyed reading Doomsday’s Child (great title BTW).There was a little more depth with regards to the crafting of the story. The characters (and characterization of them) remained consistent throughout and believable. You can say so much in a sentence and the author did. The relationships evolved in a natural way given the time frame. The landscape where the action took [...]

    2. Beverly Laude on said:

      A great beginning to what I think will be a great series! This book has what you would expect from a zombie novel, including a reluctant hero, loads of action, villainous people preying on the situation and ZOMBIES!The beginning of the book introduces the reader to Elliot, a private security contractor who is ex-military with obvious PTSD. He arrives in Tasmania just as the zompoc begins and tries to makes his way in an unfamiliar land. He comes upon the predictable biker gang causing murder, ra [...]

    3. David Goode on said:

      This is the first zombie novel I have ever read. I must admit, it strays pretty far from what I would normally read but after picking up and enjoying Black Marks by Aldin, I gave it a good shot.I wasn't disappointed. In fact I smashed the book out in 2 days. The combination of an ex US military protagonist stuck in the back blocks and bush of Tassie during a zombie apocalypse makes for very entertaining reading. Elliott, the protag, is a compelling complex character who, through the apocalypse a [...]

    4. Joy Killar on said:

      Brilliant, Compelling, and Unique!As not only a fan of the zombie genre, but also as one who has fully embraced the survivalist lifestyle, I can attest to the fact that Doomsday’s Child by Pete Aldin captures the very essence of what the end of the civilization will look and feel like. Mr. Aldin writes with such clarity and detail that the reader becomes fully absorbed into Elliot’s world, a world that reflects the last crumbling vestige of human existence. In fact, his detailed descriptions [...]

    5. Tina on said:

      You know that feeling when someone you know writes a book in a genre that you generally stay well away from? Well, that was me a couple of weeks ago when I purchased this book from the author (for clarity Pete and I previously worked together). My bookshelf is crowded with historical stories, police procedurals, science fiction and a bit of Jane Austen just to mix it up a bit. So, with some trepidation, I started the bookme hours later a rather exasperated and hungry husband wondered out loud wh [...]

    6. Ann O'Nymos on said:

      Apocalyptic survival story with undeads.This isn't a stereotype zombie story with slashing and gore (although there is that too) but more of an end of civilisation and will humanity survive story. The characterisation is very good. Elliot is a 38 year old man with military training, stranded on Tasmania when the world suffers from a disease that turns the people to zombies.The real threat in this doomsday time is the loss of humanity among the survivers. The undead barely play a part, they are m [...]

    7. Kay Smillie on said:

      I enjoyed this book very much. This is the first piece of work I have read by this author, and it won't be the last.I loved the cover for starters. It made you look closer into the artwork to enable you to see the detail of the zombies. The guy, Elliot, is a 'normal' guy with handgunsuntil you read differently. The characterisations are full and very well written. I'm sure if you removed the zombies, this would make a great 'end of the world survival' story on its own, but the gore's good too!Al [...]

    8. Rob Turnbull on said:

      I've read a lot of post-apocalyptic and dystopian books and I would rank Pete Aldrin's Doomsday's Child in the top tier with J.L. Bourne's Day-by-Day Armageddon, Keith Blackmore's Mountain Man, and David Simpson's Zombie Road. Not to detract from the very solid plot and on-spot pacing, but what particularly stood out for me with Pete's book was the relationship between his two protagonists, Elliot and Lewis: It was special, it was genuine, and it surprised the hell out of me with how easily it c [...]

    9. Devin Madson on said:

      Books don't often keep me awake at night, but this one sure did! Between being desperate to know what would happen next and petrified that zombies would eat me if I slept, it is most assuredly a page turner. Doomsday's Child deals wonderfully with the ever fascinating disconnect between physical survival instincts and everything it means to be human, add all the horrific tiny details of what it would truly be like trying to live, to sleep, to eat, to survive in such a brutal world and I was sold [...]

    10. LisaMarie on said:

      I enjoyed this story.More than just a zombie story, Doomsday's Child by Pete Aldin weaves a tale of survivors trying hard to find their place in this new world. A world where you have to protect yourself from the living as much as the dead.An orphaned teenager, Lewis, and a reluctant hero, Elliott, are coupled together in their quest to find safe harbour for Lewis so Elliot can be on his way alone. Steady pace, plenty of action and lots of choices to be made.

    11. Ellen Reese on said:

      WowThis was one of the best zombie genre books I've read. The plot was a normative zombie apocalypse "we need to survive" varietybut (and this is a big but) the character development was amazing. I cared about these people and felt compassion. The writing was outstanding. Overall, a big Bravo to Mr. Aldin. The story could continue and I really hope it does. I would love to see the next chapter in Elliott and Lewis' lives.

    12. Ian Welke on said:

      The Australian setting and characters offer a unique take on the apocalyptic zombie story. This is fast paced and original. Plus, much like Aldin's werewolf novel Black Marks, he does a great job of delivering both story and a message.

    13. Shannon Lawrence on said:

      A fresh take on the zombie tale, set in Tasmania. As with any zombie novel, it's the characters that make the story, not the monsters, and Pete doesn't disappoint. The human monsters are a bigger concern than the decaying ones, but so are the inner demons of the protagonist.

    14. Kathy on said:

      GoidThe beginning of this story was sightly slow but it picked up after chapter 3. Lots of action and suspence.

    15. Rhonda on said:

      Enjoyed this one and hope there's another one. I liked the characters and the overall story.

    16. Crystal Cunningham on said:

      This was a really fast paced and great read! I received a free copy of this book as part of a zombie book discussion group I'm in. This didn't influence my opinion of the book in any way. I was sucked into the action of this book from page one, and I found myself nearly unable to put it down. The characters are flawed and feeling people, and I think that added to my enjoyment. It felt more realistic. This book is gory and graphic and exactly what you would expect in a zombie book. But the true m [...]

    17. Tamra Crow on said:

      I just finished reading this awesome book, and I must say that I loved it, could not put it down! Following this American veteran across the zombie ravaged land of Tasmania as he tries to keep a teen alive and to safety was amazing! The author made you feel what they were going through, put the emotions and turmoil down in raw reality and kept me glued to the pages. As with most apocalyptic stories, the zombies aren't enough, the people man, the people! Action packed, evenly paced, full of depra [...]

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