Sparrow Girl

Sara Pennypacker Yoko Tanaka

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Sparrow Girl

Sparrow Girl Ming Li looked up and tried to imagine the sky silent empty of birds It was a terrible thought Her country s leader had called sparrows the enemy of the farmers they were eating too much grain he sa

  • Title: Sparrow Girl
  • Author: Sara Pennypacker Yoko Tanaka
  • ISBN: 9781423111870
  • Page: 114
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Ming Li looked up and tried to imagine the sky silent, empty of birds It was a terrible thought Her country s leader had called sparrows the enemy of the farmers they were eating too much grain, he said He announced a great Sparrow War to banish them from China, but Ming Li did not want to chase the birds away As the people of her village gathered with firecrackersMing Li looked up and tried to imagine the sky silent, empty of birds It was a terrible thought Her country s leader had called sparrows the enemy of the farmers they were eating too much grain, he said He announced a great Sparrow War to banish them from China, but Ming Li did not want to chase the birds away As the people of her village gathered with firecrackers and gongs to scatter the sparrows, Ming Li held her ears and watched in dismay The birds were falling from the trees, frightened to death Ming Li knew she had to do something even if she couldn t stop the noise Quietly, she vowed to save as many sparrows as she could, one by one

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    One thought on “Sparrow Girl

    1. Lisa Vegan on said:

      I really liked this historical fiction picture book. I love how it shows what a huge difference one person can make. a young child in this case. I also appreciate the ecology lesson, in this case how sparrows kept the locusts away and therefore were the true protectors of the crops.I wasn’t that wild about the illustrations, though the colors, hues, and atmosphere fit the story well. The people’s faces really didn’t work at all for me though. I found them creepy and they detracted from the [...]

    2. Krista the Krazy Kataloguer on said:

      Unbelievably, this story is based on a true event that happened in 1952. Mao Tse-Tung ordered all sparrows in China to be killed because he thought that they ate too much of the wheat crop. Sparrow Girl is the story of Ming-Li, who loved the birds and, despite the law, determined to save some of the sparrows. Pennypacker does a great job of showing, through this tale, the consequences of upsetting the balance of nature. Sadly, in real life, though the sparrow population was decimated, the wheat [...]

    3. Jo on said:

      Oh I really loved this. What a beautiful story. Sad but beautiful. The story takes place in China where war has been declared on the sparrow population. The farmers decide that sparrows are their enemies because they're eating too much grain. The next day the farmers take to the fields and shoot firecrackers into the sky to basically scare the sparrows to death.A little Chinese girl named Ming-Li tries to make them stop and she and her older brother come up with a plan to save them. Whenever Min [...]

    4. Barb Middleton on said:

      Ming-Li likes birds and so does her brother who has a pet pigeon. When Chairman Mao orders war on the sparrows who are eating the wheat, Ming-Li is worried. She creeps to her brother’s bed and asks him what if other birds get killed…like pigeon?Mao tells the people to bang pots, pans, and set off firecrackers to scare the birds to death for three days. Not only is the campaign successful, other birds die as well, including the brother’s pet pigeon. Saddened by what is happening Ming-Li and [...]

    5. Peacegal on said:

      Sparrow Girl is a sweet and inspiring picture book that carries the massage of kindness even in the face of incredible odds. Set in 1950s China, the book tells the true story of Chairman Mao's "War on Sparrows" in which he commanded his people to harass songbirds to death. No birds would mean greater grain harvest, Mao reasoned. In actuality, the absence of birds just allowed swarms of locusts to decimate farmers' crops instead. Little Ming-Li is in the middle of the chaos as her town carries ou [...]

    6. Stacie on said:

      This has everything I want in a children's book. Ming-Li is just a small girl in a village in china. Everyone is killing the sparrows because they are eating too much grain. Only Ming-Li thinks about the impact their loud noises and fireworks will have. She's the only one who asks, "What about the other birds?"Ming-Li is brave. She finds sparrows that are still alive, barely, and she takes them home. She saves them. Only later when the farmers realize how important the birds were to their crops, [...]

    7. Kristen on said:

      Quieter and heavier than the typical picture book. This book is based on the actual Sparrow War in 1958 in China, when Chairman Mao declared that all people were to make noise for three days to kill off the sparrows who were eating too much wheat. Of course, when the sparrows died, the locust population exploded and did even more damage. In "Sparrow Girl", Ming-Li rescues some sparrows and hides them in the barn, ensuring that there will be sparrows in the future. The art is appropriately dark, [...]

    8. Tamsyn on said:

      Beautiful book about "Sparrow War" of 1958 when Mao forced the Chinese people to exhaust and/or scare to death the sparrow population to save the grain for the human population. Sara Pennypacker tells the story from the perspective of Ming-Li, a young girl who is distressed by this action and decides to try and save some of the sparrows. Author's note at the end tells how the plan backfired and caused widespread famine because of the lack of insect predators. Great illustrations, too.

    9. Megan on said:

      Beautiful, moving story about a girl who saves the sparrows as her town is trying to kill them. When locusts take over in the spring and the townpeople recognize how much they need the sparrows, they are grateful for her wisdom in saving some of the sparrows.Concise, beautiful text - I wish there had been information in the book on the historical event that inspired this book. I'm doing an author study in Sandy's 4th grade class so I'm reading everything I can by Sara Pennypacker.

    10. Deeann on said:

      I read this one because it was suggested for a science unit on the food chain I was teaching my son. It seemed a bit below his level when I checked it out of the library, but decided to have him read it anyway. He really enjoyed it and recommended that I read it as well. I'm glad I did. It's a great story, based on real events, with a great moral. Highly recommended for all ages.

    11. Bernadette Kearns on said:

      A beautifully illustrated story based on a real event: the killing of all sparrows in China during the 1950s. My 6th graders were rapt with attention as the heroic Ming-Li bravely disobeyed the orders and instead showed how small girls can bring about a miracle. The story was lovingly told and I can't rave enough about the gorgeous pictures in this book.

    12. Bkrieth on said:

      Wow! I had no idea the events in this book happened. Yet another example of the hubris of humans believing they can control nature. Interesting book.

    13. Leslie Miller on said:

      Great historical fiction about the Sparrow War of 1958. Sad but hopeful.

    14. Jennifer B. on said:

      This is based on a true story, when war was waged against the sparrows of China. In 1953. Mental.

    15. Amanda Walz on said:

      This is a beautiful book that gives hope to a horrible true story. The little girl and her story are fictional, yet what happened to the sparrows and other birds and the outcome are horrible true.

    16. Annie Payne on said:

      A very interesting read! Perfect for little minds who love a dark story!

    17. Amber Griesmer on said:

      This book tells a version of the true story of China's Sparrow War in 1958, when Chariman Mao Tse-Tung decided that over the course of three days, all able-bodied citizens would make as much noise as possible in order to scar the sparrows and either exhaust them to death or cause them to have heart attacks. The sparrows were being blamed for eating too much of the country's wheat crop and heavily contributing to famine. In this story, the small girl named Ming-Li hates that all the villagers are [...]

    18. Alice on said:

      I sat in a conference where Sara Pennypacker was talking about this book. For a second, I thought this was a fictional tale, or parable, but after I looked onlineI found out it is TRUE! In 1958 The Chinese Government decided that if the sparrows were killed, they wouldn't eat the crops and all would be well. So the Chinese Government or "The Leader" as it is referred to in the book, armed the citizens with firecrackers so the birds couldn't rest, die of exhaustion or heart attack. What they foun [...]

    19. Ed on said:

      Pennypacker, Sara. (2009). Sparrow Girl. New York: Hyperion. 40 pp. ISBN 978-1-4231-1187-0 (Hardcover); 16.99Concerned about crop damage caused by birds eating grain, Chairman Mao declares war on sparrows and orders all citizens to join the war designed to eradicate every single sparrow in the land. Young Ming-Li yearns to be a loyal citizen and to earn her father’s respect, but her gut tells her to defy her father and ignore her duty because sparrows are important. This picture book is based [...]

    20. Laura Mcclanahan on said:

      Genre- Children's Picture BooksThe text begins with a reference to Hamlet: "There is a special providence in the fall of a sparrow." More mature readers would associate any quotation from Hamlet as an ominous sign- something drastic is going to happen in this text. This is a GREAT way to open into a book, although I am not sure children (whom the text is written for) will fully grasp the reference. The author's note at the end, however, gives historical background to the Sparrow War in China.The [...]

    21. The Styling Librarian on said:

      Sparrow Girl by Sara Pennypacker, illustrated by Yoko Tanaka – published in 2009, picture book based on real event – Historical Fiction – My son sat silently while I read this book with a few gasps here, a few “don’t they know better’s?” there, and a discussion on choices people make when influenced by dictators and how humans choice can effect their ecosystem. I didn’t predict from the cover what this book would be about but I was so appreciative that I noticed Sara’s name on [...]

    22. Allison on said:

      This book is beautiful. The raw emotion the author uses to convey this story is very moving. As a reader you feel sorry for each little sparrow that falls from the sky and you experience the grief Ming-Li feels seeing the birds suffer. Not only does this book lead the reader on an emotional journey, it also holds great significance. The leaders in the book were foolish and made a decision that caused the whole nation of China great misery. The moral of the story is that sometimes we attack one p [...]

    23. Erin Reilly-Sanders on said:

      I'm rather glad that this is a true story, as it is too sad to make up. While Sparrow Girl and the true events that inspired Sparrow Girl are rather grim, the story is possibly too optimistic. I had picked this one up because it was supposed to have a feminist message, which it does although Ming-Li's "talent" is the rather traditional female emotion/sympathy/feeling. While I like the style of the illustrations, I find it vaguely disturbing that, for a Chinese story, the illustrator is Japanese. [...]

    24. Spencer E. on said:

      Sparrow Girl is a historical fiction picture book. It was fantastic because it was about a girl that cared about and wanted to save sparrows in China in 1958. When most people in China were trying to kill the sparrows by making as much noise as they could including setting off fire crackers, Ming-Li wanted to save them. My schema with this is that Ming-Li likes sparrows alot. She thinks they are important. Her father thinks she is not a farmer and does not understand. He thinks the sparrows are [...]

    25. Rebecca on said:

      Kudos to another picture book that tells a seldom-told story, because I'd never heard the story of the Sparrow War: in 1958, Chairman Mao Tse-Tung decided that sparrows were eating too much of China's wheat crop, and ordered all the citizens (kids too) to go out and make as much noise as possible, to scatter the sparrows and, quite literally, scare them to death. Using firecrackers and noisemakers, the planned worked too well -- without the sparrows, locusts ate the crops, contributing to a fami [...]

    26. Laura on said:

      This story is based on true events in 1958 from Chairman Mao's plan. Ming-Li's family lives in rural China and, facing a shortage of grain, they declare war on the sparrows. People all across the country set off firecrackers and bang drums to literally scare the sparrows to death. The following year, the crops are destroyed by insects because there are no sparrows to eat them. Fortunately, Ming-Li, a wise and gentle girl, has saved several sparrows in the village barn. She is recognized for brin [...]

    27. Rodolfo A. on said:

      The book of sparrow girl is about a girl that save the sparrow.Sparrow are types different birds.The book was caundufe sad to me because they were killing sparrow because they were eating there food.During the book i said to me a qustion Why the spa-rrow were eating tere food?i think that they were so hungry. The problem is they were killing sparrow.The sparrow girl was helping the sparrow because she like the sparrow.She were taking good cary of the sparrow.When it was the time she free them to [...]

    28. Shelli on said:

      So different from what I have grown to expect from the extremely funny Sara Pennypacker. Sparrow Girl is based on a true tragic event that happened in China in 1958. Tiring of the sparrows greed with their wheat crop Chairman Mao Tse-Tung declared war on the sparrows. For three days and nights the towns people were instructed to make load noises and literally scare the sparrows to death. The Chairman didn't not think long term though on how the sparrows death would impact the crops and the envir [...]

    29. Amy Brown on said:

      This book illustrates the interconnectedness of nature and is a fictional account of what happened when Chairman Mao Tse-TUng declared war on sparrows in 1958. SPOILER ALERT***In this story the leader said that sparrows are eating too much of the crop so people should go out and make loud noises that will startle the sparrows and cause their death. The plan works and many sparrows die. Ming-Li doesn't believe in what everyone is doing and she tries to save some of the sparrows. The next year the [...]

    30. Melanie on said:

      A darkly illustrated book telling the true tale of the decimation of the sparrow population in China in 1958. Dictator Mao Tse Tung believed the sparrows were eating too much wheat. So he ordered the Chinese people to make as much noise as possible over three days to kill the birds with heart attacks or exhaustion. It worked. But the wheat was far from saved. The lack of birds to eat insects led to a plague of locusts which killed the wheat. A 3-year famine ensued which resulted in the deaths of [...]

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