La Porte des enfers

Laurent Gaudé

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La Porte des enfers

La Porte des enfers Au lendemain d une fusillade Naples Matteo voit s effondrer toute raison d tre son petit gar on est mort Nuit apr s nuit bord de son taxi vide il s enfonce dans la solitude et parcourt au hasard le

  • Title: La Porte des enfers
  • Author: Laurent Gaudé
  • ISBN: 9782742777044
  • Page: 313
  • Format: Paperback
  • Au lendemain d une fusillade Naples, Matteo voit s effondrer toute raison d tre son petit gar on est mort Nuit apr s nuit, bord de son taxi vide, il s enfonce dans la solitude et parcourt au hasard les rues de la ville Un soir, dans un minuscule caf , il fait la connaissance du patron, Garibaldo, de l imp nitent cur don Mazerotti, et surtout du professeur ProvoloAu lendemain d une fusillade Naples, Matteo voit s effondrer toute raison d tre son petit gar on est mort Nuit apr s nuit, bord de son taxi vide, il s enfonce dans la solitude et parcourt au hasard les rues de la ville Un soir, dans un minuscule caf , il fait la connaissance du patron, Garibaldo, de l imp nitent cur don Mazerotti, et surtout du professeur Provolone, personnage haut en couleur, aussi rudit que sulfureux, qui tient d tranges discours sur la r alit des Enfers Et qui pr tend qu on peut y descendre Ceux qui meurent emm nent dans l au del un peu de notre vie, et nous d sesp rons de la recouvrer, tant pour eux m mes que pour apaiser notre douleur.C est dans la conscience de tous les deuils les siens, les n tres que Laurent Gaud oppose la mort un des mythes les plus forts de l histoire de l humanit Solaire et t n breux, captivant et haletant, La Porte des enfers nous emporte dans un voyage o le temps et le destin sont d tourn s par la volont d arracher un tre au n ant

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      313 Laurent Gaudé
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    One thought on “La Porte des enfers

    1. Helen Ροζουλί Εωσφόρος Vernus Portitor Arcanus Ταμετούρο Αμούν Arnum on said:

      _Η αγκαλιά του διαβόλου ανοίγει στη Νάπολη_«Ας ακουστεί το γέλιο σου μέχρι εκεί κάτω κι ας ζεστάνει όσους μας λείπουν». Μετωπική επίθεση στο θάνατο με οδηγό το διάβολο και τοπογράφο τον Άδη επιχειρείται σε αυτή τη μακάβρια και βαθιά συναισθηματική ιστορία. Η δαντική κωμωδί [...]

    2. Chris on said:

      I received and advance copy of this book from the publisher through Netgalley in exchange for and honest review.The nice people at Gallic books sent me an email asking me if I would "Fancy a Trip to the Underworld" and asked me to consider reviewing this book. I confess that I wasn't sure about this one, but I do like Gallic and they have provided a constant stream of books that I love by authors that I am unfamiliar with but have now become favorites. Despite my hesitation, I gave it a try and [...]

    3. Sue on said:

      An unusual take on grief and remorse, and a very effective one. Matteo feels responsible for his son’s death and jumps at the chance to see if he can locate him in the underworld. He finds that ‘Hell’ is a place of no comfort, where the dead are constantly reminded of their mistakes and missed opportunities - much the same as Matteo’s life has become since his son died. His journey takes him through the different stages the dead experience before they are snuffed out for good. I was part [...]

    4. Aaron Nash on said:

      2 and a half stars.Sometimes when you read a book it just doesnt do it for you. This was one of those times. It isnt bad, but i just found myself bored with it. The characters werent all that good to read about and for a relatively short book many times i found that it dragged. The premise itself is interesting though and the descriptions of hell were really smart. It was Good but not great. I received a copy of this from netgalley and these are my thoughts.

    5. Cathy on said:

      I received an advance review copy courtesy of NetGalley and publisher, Gallic Books, in return for an honest review.This is a strangely unnerving little book, blending a story of loss and vengeance with elements of magical realism and questions about the nature of life and death. Gaude powerfully depicts the impact on Matteo and his wife, Guiliana, of their son’s death. Matteo is consumed by guilt, constantly reliving the day his son was shot and wondering about “the minute microscopic chang [...]

    6. Mandy on said:

      I enjoyed this up to a point. Gaudé writes so well, so fluently and so empathetically that his exploration of how grief and loss undo couple Matteo and Guiliana after the death of their son is both haunting and very moving. But I just couldn’t buy into the central premise of the book that there exists some sort of mythological underworld with access from our own world and the events that transpire in that cross-over from one world to the next didn’t work for me. Nevertheless, it’s an inte [...]

    7. Jim Coughenour on said:

      What began (I thought) as a Neapolitan revenge story shifted into a more sinister key, with visions of the afterlife more horrifying than anything in Virgil or Dante. I found the plot almost incoherent, and fairly sickening – despite (at mid-book) a somewhat enjoyable cast of disreputable characters, including a café owner who can craft a coffee for any mood or occasion. I need a cup now to chase this story from my mind. Death comes as the end, said Agatha Christie, and we can only hope she's [...]

    8. Breakaway Reviewers on said:

      There is no hope in this book yet it is strangely life affirmingAlthough this novel is set in Naples and its surrounding areas the author is French and the book is a translation from his mother tongue. Translated books often lose a good deal in the transition. There are a few wonderful exceptions such as “The Name of the Rose” and “Focault’s Pendulum” by the marvellous, late Umberto Eco and the Kurt Wallander series by Henning Mankell but by and large it usually pays dividends if books [...]

    9. Becky on said:

      I loved this story of guilt, revenge and loss set against the backdrop of Naples. The characters are brilliantly portrayed and the concept of portals to the underworld being squirreled away under various cities is handled very well. A really interesting and we'll written short novel.

    10. Ryan Sparks on said:

      I received this ARC from NetGalley and the publisher, Gallic Books. I know I'm not the first (and I'm sure to not be the last) person to pick this one up expecting a horror novel. However, don't let the genre deter you from giving this a read. I was pleasantly surprised to find this was not just another author's take on the horrors of hell. Instead, Hell's Gate focuses more on the grief and psychological effects parents go through when losing a child. There's not much to the characters in this n [...]

    11. Lisa on said:

      The Underworld doesn’t often make it into the books I read. I used to read Charles Mikolaycak’s exquisite illustrated version of the story of Orpheus and his doomed quest for Eurydice to my students, and of course there is Dante’s Inferno which tells the story of the poet’s journey through Hell, guided by the shade of Virgil. But as Professor Provolone remarks in this novel, the modern world regards such ideas as insane.Laurent Gaudé’s Hell’s Gate – with its allusion to Dante’s [...]

    12. Bo'ness Library Bookgroup on said:

      "When his son is killed by gangsters' crossfire on his way to school, Neapolitan taxi driver Matteo is consumed by despair. But just when he feels life has lost all meaning, he encounters a man who claims the living can find ways into the afterlife. And legend says that there's an entrance to the underworld beneath Naples. What if Matteo had a chance of bringing Pippo back from the dead?"We found it impossible to categorise this book. It isn't Crime, although crimes are committed, and it isn't H [...]

    13. Chrissie on said:

      This is a brave book that changes the way we think about what happens after death .I found it very haunting and heart wrenching for the parents of the dead little boy ,but the aspect of a Hells Gate was very daunting and frightening .Why would an innocent child end up in hell, what happened to Heaven ? I loved the characters and its true that when a tragedy happens to a family it either makes them stronger or tears them apart .If you could exchange your life for the life of your dead child you w [...]

    14. Jimena on said:

      A thrilling story that will change the way to think about death and what lies beyond.

    15. Clem's on said:

      sublimissime entre la mythologie, la marginalité et l'amour famillial a mettre entre toutes les mains!!!

    16. Jill Elizabeth on said:

      “We no longer believe in anything. And in order not to depress ourselves we call that progress.”Oddly, this one was a slow start for me, but I’m so glad I stuck with it… The opening is rather banal – and then suddenly quite horrifying (I have a toddler) – and as I had not read the blurb recently, and couldn’t recall precisely what the book was about, I was having a hard time getting invested in the story as a result. Then I went back online to check the blurb – and knew I’d hav [...]

    17. Janet Emson on said:

      Matteo’s world comes to an end when his 6 year old son Pippo is killed, caught in the middle of a gang war. Guiliana, Pippo’s mother finds the only way she can cope with her grief is to never think of her son again. Matteo meanwhile, finds himself driving around the city of Naples at night. It is on one of these lonely drives that he encounters a man who tells him about the underworld. The world where souls roam and the dead live. And so Matteo vows to recover Pippo from Hell’s Gate.Though [...]

    18. Maria Beltrami on said:

      Non è fino a oltre la metà che si capisce la vera natura di questo libro. Inizia infatti come una comune storia ambientata in una Napoli moderna eppure senza tempo, incredibilmente ben descritta visto che l'autore non è italiano. Un uomo compie una vendetta per una morte avvenuta tanti anni prima: un bambino ucciso da un proiettile vagante durante una sparatoria. Il bambino è l'unico figlio di una coppia che quella morte consumerà fino al suo limite estremo. Ma chi è quell'uomo, quale lega [...]

    19. Lestat on said:

      So, apparently I had wished for this book on Netgalley, and promptly got it. I don't remember why I wished for it, it doesn't seem like my kinda thing. I don't know what to make of it either - its fantasy elements seem contrived and derived from so many known works of art. It doesn't feel very original, yet its foundation is overwhelmingly practical. Matteo and Giuliana are torn apart by the sudden violence that kills their son - the first third of the book wallows in their unending grief; their [...]

    20. Andy Weston on said:

      It's not an easy thing to use the supernatural to a good effect in a novel, at least, not to for my taste. Gaude does it really well here. For the concept of Hell there must be a religious slant but Gaude's handling of this is with great expertise. He is a Frenchman writing about Naples in 1980 just before their great earthquake. Several characters from the Church play key roles in the novel, but there is controversy as the priest central to the story offers safe haven to his colleagues who the [...]

    21. Theediscerning on said:

      There's no denying the power of the heartfelt pieces of writing about grief and redemption here, but I didn't particularly like the weirder, more metaphysical aspects of it all. The start, where you think you're reading one of the publisher's noir efforts, is great, as a man takes revenge on a Mafioso in bloody fashion, and a child gets killed in a gang shootout. After that you do need at times to brace yourself for what comes ahead – not just the daunting encounters with broken hearts and sel [...]

    22. Mohsen Shah on said:

      Loved the book. Dante crossed with horror.Lots of twists and turns. Quite a disturbing read.I enjoyed the book but couldn't understand why dad went through everything and the son quite happily returned leaving dad in hell . I could'nt put this book down but it was an uneasy confusing read and I couldn't take an ending from it.Really didn't like this book . Didn't understand it and couldn't sleep after reading it ! Sorry made me quite depressed!Shelf Readers Group

    23. Jon Mackley on said:

      Really enjoyed this book. It was was thoughtful and poignant. What would you do to recover someone who's life has been cut short too soon? How does grief affect us and cloud our judgment? What is the nature of revenge? Shades of Dante and Virgil, this is a short novel, but that's part of its impact.

    24. Bateman Anne on said:

      A disappointing Kindle cheapie which was mind-numbingly dull with sentences of on average 4 words.

    25. Scope on said:

      Yeah, I visited the hell's gates of this book. And found only 1 star beyond it.

    26. Daphne Sharpe on said:

      I found this book to be a most unusual, yet rewarding story of love and loss,and the overwhelming grief experienced over the death of a child. This book will not suit everyone as it questions religious beliefs, but it is well written and conveys wonderful visual images. It is creepy in its telling yet awesome in all senses of that word. A young six year old boy is caught up in crossfire between rival gangs and is killed. Matteo his father was present but failed to protect his son. In the followi [...]

    27. A. on said:

      Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher, Gallic Books, for an advanced review copy.Initially, I was expecting some sort of a horror novel, but Hell's Gate is surprisingly more. It is a tale of revenge, redemption, and love. The novel starts off with a rapid and violent beginning, reminiscent of something written by Jim Thompson. Then there is the backstory that fuels the revenge, a backstory that starts off as a simple narrative of a tragic event but then turns into a desperate story of madness an [...]

    28. Leah Tonna on said:

      At first I found this story fascinating, I felt so much sympathy with the parents of the little boy shot dead while being dragged to school by his father. However, the introduction of each new weird character confused me as to where the book was heading. I didn't really understand, (and still don't) the idea of a gateway into the Underworldd it took a very long time to get there. Not one of my favourite books, sadly a little too muddled for me, too cruel and vengeful.

    29. Célia on said:

      “A Porta dos Infernos” é o mais recente livro do escritor francês Laurent Gaudé, tendo vencido o Prémio Goncourt em 2004. Deste autor, já foram também traduzidos em Portugal, os livros Noite Dentro, Moçambique e Outras Narrativas, O Sol dos Scorta, Eldorado e A Morte do Rei Tsongor (todos das Edições ASA).Neste livro, seguimos duas linhas temporais: 1980, quando Pippo foi atingido acidentalmente por uma bala, e todos os acontecimentos que lhe sucederam, nomeadamente a dor dos seus p [...]

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