A Winter Haunting

Dan Simmons

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A Winter Haunting

A Winter Haunting A once respected college professor and novelist Dale Stewart has sabotaged his career and his marriage and now darkness is closing in on him In the last hours of Halloween he has returned to the dyin

  • Title: A Winter Haunting
  • Author: Dan Simmons
  • ISBN: 9780380817160
  • Page: 475
  • Format: Paperback
  • A once respected college professor and novelist, Dale Stewart has sabotaged his career and his marriage and now darkness is closing in on him In the last hours of Halloween he has returned to the dying town of Elm Haven, his boyhood home, where he hopes to find peace in isolation But moving into a long deserted farmhouse on the far outskirts of town the one time reA once respected college professor and novelist, Dale Stewart has sabotaged his career and his marriage and now darkness is closing in on him In the last hours of Halloween he has returned to the dying town of Elm Haven, his boyhood home, where he hopes to find peace in isolation But moving into a long deserted farmhouse on the far outskirts of town the one time residence of a strange and brilliant friend who lost his young life in a grisly accident back in the terrible summer of 1960 is only the latest in his long succession of recent mistakes Because Dale is not alone here He has been followed to this house of shadows by private demons who are now twisting his reality into horrifying new forms And a thick, blanketing early snow is starting to fall

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    One thought on “A Winter Haunting

    1. karen on said:

      oh my god thank you dan simmons!oh, dan simmons, i wish you had dedicated the terror to me instead of this one. spooky month is not going as well as i had hopedis is fine. it is a very straightforward, classic-feeling horror novel,like an early stephen king or something, and i still think simmons is a good writer, but this one just didn't thrill me the way the terror did is at once a psychological horror novel and a traditional-ish ghost story, with some mythology thrown in for spice. it is tric [...]

    2. Thomas Strömquist on said:

      A really enjoyable follow-up to the brilliant Summer of Night! We revisit some characters from that summer of 1960 at a much later date - however, I'm pretty sure there's no problem at all reading this one stand-alone. That said, it must be noted that having read the first book really adds a dimension as you get a fuller and quite vivid picture of the characters of the stories. As this is a ghost - or at least a mystery - story, I won't be writing about any synopsis as to not reveal anything. It [...]

    3. Maciek on said:

      This was a really pleasant surprise. As I was not extremely impressed with Summer of Night, I didn't exactly rush to read A Winter's Haunting, which was said to be a sequel.I wish I didn't, as it's not a direct sequel, only uses certain events and characters from the first novel. It's an excellent tale in its own right: Dale Stewart, one of the characters from SON, returns to the town where he grew up. After a failed marriage and a sucicide attempt, he decides to finish writing his novel. He fee [...]

    4. Carol on said:

      Something's waiting for me at Duane McBride's old family farmhouseWhen the haunted 52 year old Professor Dale Stewart decides to return to his childhood stomping ground to revisit the inner demons of his past (by writing a novel) and expunge the errors of his ways, he encounters more than he bargained for with spirits from beyond as well as some pretty nasty humanoid beings.While satisfyingly creepy, I did not find this novel truly scary like The Terror, but did like the way it was presented wit [...]

    5. Rachel on said:

      This book is appealing in so many ways: The plot twists and turns with truly frightening moments and the suspense will keep you reading. Whenever I thought I figured someone out or knew what was going on, I was taken by surprise in where the story turned. The tension did not let up, although there was some comedic relief! I LOVED the ending. I will add to my review later :)

    6. Edward Lorn on said:

      2.5 stars rounded up.I didn't like this one as much as my buddy Thomas, but I enjoyed it enough to finish it. Toward the end I realized I just didn't care about the main character. Reading about Dale Stewart as a kid in Summer of Night was big fun. But the grown-up version is nowhere near as entertaining. I did appreciate the twists, but overall, I am left with a numbing feeling of meh. A Winter Haunting is not a direct sequel to Summer of Night, meaning it does not continue that storyline, but [...]

    7. Rich Stoehr on said:

      I think that Stephen King tried to do this in "It," and I think he and Peter Straub tried it again in "Black House." Whether this is true or not, neither book succeeds in the way that "A Winter Haunting" succeeds. Here, Simmons gives us what we so rarely see in horror fiction - the psychological and emotional aftermath of a horrific experience.Simmons also takes the standard genre elements and turns them on their collective head, all the while telling a good story that keeps you reading. "A Wint [...]

    8. ☮Karen on said:

      Dale Stewart, fresh from a suicide attempt and heavily medicated, returns to his home town near Peoria to work on a book while living in an old farmhouse where as a child one of his friends died in a farming accident. The dead boy is in fact narrator of some chapters. The house comes alive at night and spooky things go bump, buMP, BUMP; and the audio reader Bronson Pinchot does a wonderful job of making us a little creeped out and pleasantly entertained all at once. Big black dogs (aka hellhound [...]

    9. Orbi Alter on said:

      Da je netko drugi napisao ovakvu knjigu, mozda bih i pomislila da je nista poseban zanrovski roman, ali ono okej Ali kad ga Simmons potpisuje i kad je jos k tome nastavak knjige koja je toliko fenomenalna da me jos uvijek drzi pod dojmom, pa malo zaljubljeno uzdisem na spomen nekog lika/situacije iz prethodne knjige - onda je to potpuni promasaj. Naracija ide u tri pravca: pricu prica ubijeno dijete iz prve knjige koje mi je bilo najsimpaticniji lik i on prica o dogadajima 40 godina kasnije i o [...]

    10. Mindi on said:

      So I recently read Summer of Night, and after I finished I was excited to find out that there a couple of novels that follow up on the some of the characters from that book. A Winter Haunting is mainly about Dale Stewart, one of the main characters in SON, but it pretty much at least mentions every important character from the first novel. It is even partially narrated by one of the other characters, and I loved those parts of this story. The book takes place 40 years after the events in SON, wi [...]

    11. Shorty on said:

      I didn’t know this novel was the third part in a series, but I’m not in the slightest upset about this news. I’m heading off to find book one and two to listen to, and then I’ll probably just listen to book #3 again so they are then set straight in my head. And with a good book like this one, listening to it again is no chore. In fact, I listened to the last two-thirds of the last chapter three times just now, so I could keep everything straight in my flu-addled brain. It was awesome, an [...]

    12. Peter on said:

      On a Halloween night, Dale is returning to his dying childhood town of Elm Haven, Illinois. Dale is a survivor of an unhappy marriage, that lead to divorce and a fail attempt to have an affair with one of his students. Dale also failed at trying to kill himself, the gun jammed. With all his problems, Dales is being treated for server depression. Dale is taking a sabbatical from the college that he is teaching at. Dale is also a writer and is looking for the right environment to write his new boo [...]

    13. J.K. Grice on said:

      A great "sequel" to the classic tale, SUMMER OF NIGHT. Dan Simmons at his best again!

    14. Cody | codysbookshelf on said:

      Dan Simmons returns to the territory of his classic novel Summer of Night in its sequel, A Winter Haunting. Taking place almost forty years after the events of its predecessor, Haunting sees Dale Stewart -- a recently divorced and suicidal college professor/author -- return to the small town of Elm Haven and the memories from childhood it holds for him. He rents the home of a childhood friend for nine months, hoping to finish his latest novel and get a grip on his post-marriage life. From the st [...]

    15. Bandit on said:

      Warningis review may contain minor spoilers for those who have not read Summer of Night. Minor really, nothing that the 2011 edition of Summer of Night's intro doesn't contain, but stillader beware.Also, one really should not be reading this book before Summer of Night. Also, pretty much any genre fan should read Summer of Night. This novel is not a must read for everyone, but any fan of Summer of Night would enjoy it, if only just to revisit the beloved characters of the first book. After the g [...]

    16. ✨Susan✨ on said:

      I did not read the first book but this was a very creepy book all by itself. Dale Stewart is a college professor whose marriage is almost non-existent and has lost his job. He thinks that returning to his home town to discover where his lost memories from the summer of his eleventh year, maybe just the thing he needs to help him get things straight in his head. Upon his return on Halloween night to Elm Haven he feels that things aren't quite right but he can't put his finger on what. Soon he enc [...]

    17. Cheryl on said:

      A good horror story about a man who is dealing with the demons of his past - both figuratively and literally. The first half of the book is a little slow; however, readers who stick with it will be rewarded by a very good second half. The book is a sequel, of sorts, to Summer of Night, but you don't have to have read that book (I didn't) to understand this one. There is alot of psychological horror in the plot, along with the supernatural. While this isn't my favorite book by Dan Simmons, it sti [...]

    18. Eric Liddle on said:

      Loved it. Was actually compelled to write my first review of a book ever when I closed it earlier today. Is it "Summer of Night"? Nope. I thoroughly enjoyed that book as well, but for different reasons. The prequel was nostalgic, adventurous, and scarier with a wide-eyed innocence. In this one, Simmons strips off any sentimentality (from this story or "Summer"). Duane, the narrator now actually "shakes his head" at the wistfulness of the first story--which is interesting given what we find out o [...]

    19. Robert on said:

      It turns out that this book is the sequel to a book, Summer of Night, that I've never read. It doesn't seem to matter much; I understood and liked it anyway.It's a ghost story and a story about a man who has become self-destructive; an easy and entertaining read. It doesn't have the ambition of many Simmons novels, but it does have a few red herrings to keep you guessing about what is going on, as the past literally comes back to haunt the protagonist when he returns to his home-town and spends [...]

    20. Melissa on said:

      I read this when it was first published and had no idea it was a sequel. A few years ago, I read the first book, Summer of Night, and looooooved it. Finally, I got around to re-reading (listening) to A Winter Haunting and now I am familiar with the characters and their history. So, even better this time around. I wish the book could've gone on and on because it was just so darn creepy and held my attention.

    21. Chuck on said:

      4-starsThis is was a bit of a slow burn, but it was definitely good. Dan Simmons is a total pro.

    22. Kathrina on said:

      Maybe more of a 2-star "it was ok", but I can't bear to give Dan Simmons anything less than a 3. It started out gang-busters -- unusual narrative perspective, spooky, portentous backstory. Then we meet Clare Two Hearts, and I'm pissed as hell to be spending time on her. And Duane's voice keeps shouldering in on the narrative -- clever in the beginning, disruptive by the middle. I get that device, in the end it makes a kind of sense, but Clare can go hang. If she's a red herring, too many words a [...]

    23. Randee on said:

      Dan Simmons is one of my favorite authors. I've been reading his work for many years and I have enjoyed every book. This is another story set in Elm Haven, Illinois with some cross over characters from a previous book, "Summer of Night." You needn't read the first to enjoy the second. "Summer of Night" takes place several decades previously when the storyline featured children. The crossover characters in "A Winter Haunting" are now in their 40's. Mr. Simmons once lived in southern Illinois wher [...]

    24. Shardangood on said:

      Do 4 * a questo libro, anche se in realtà sarebbero 3,5 approssimate per eccesso. Non potevo dargli 3* come a "Clickers". Per caso le due storie, lette una dopo l'altra, presentano dei punti in comune che permettono di metterle a confronto. Entrambe hanno un protagonista maschile, che è uno scrittore, il quale ha deciso di trasferirsi per un periodo di tempo in una piccola cittadina. Entrambi al loro arrivo devono fare i conti con lo sceriffo del posto (pure in nomi si assomigliano, uno è Con [...]

    25. David on said:

      This book is a sequel to A Summer of Night, and once again I feel like Dan Simmons is imitating Stephen King. While A Summer of Night was extremely reminiscent of King's It, A Winter Haunting features one of the kids in that book, forty years later, a washed up college professor returning to the little Illinois town where it all went down. This of course reminded me of King's Dr. Sleep, which was a sequel to The Shining, starring a grown-up Danny.Dale Stewart isn't a psychic, though. He's just a [...]

    26. Cody Lakin on said:

      A Winter Haunting, the sequel to Summer of Night, is one of the best ghost stories I have ever read. This was something I began to realize around the halfway point in the novel, and something I knew for a fact by the time I had finished it. And this is something that keeps happening with my recently discovering Simmons and his genre-bending mastery of novel-writing: it's almost exhausting reading his books and being so blown away by the brilliance of each and every one. I have only have so much [...]

    27. Karlen on said:

      Wow, that was boring. Perhaps this suffered due to a bad narrator on the audio version but I could not pay attention and when I did, I did not care. There was no tension. There was nothing spooky. There were hardly real characters. I found myself two-thirds of the way through wondering when the action was going to start. Was the whole thing supposed to be narrated by Dwayne? That seemed like a narrative framework that Simmons only remembered occasionally and then would throw in awkwardly.Speakin [...]

    28. Erin on said:

      My advice: Read Summer of Night first.(Note- This isn't a proper review, just a word about reading order.)I've heard A Winter Haunting described several ways: as a direct sequel to Summer of Night, as a loose sequel, and as a stand-alone novel whose characters overlap with SoN and Children of the Night. Since I particularly love haunted house tales and AWH was the only one available for Kindle*, I was tempted to skip SoN and read this one first. I'm so glad I didn't.I finished SoN a few days ago [...]

    29. Joyce on said:

      So glad to find this on audio--finally--and wonderfully read by Bronson Pinchot in a low-key Midwestern voice that underlines the growing horror. This is a sequel to Summer of Night (which I hope to listen to on audio one day soon), but you don't need to have read that to appreciate this story. We know we're in trouble when the opening words are from a kid who died 40 years earlier! Duane was killed by a rampaging tractor (I think--farm equipment in any case) in SON, but he introduces us to his [...]

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