The Hour of the Dragon

Robert E. Howard

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The Hour of the Dragon

The Hour of the Dragon This is the only novel by Howard featuring his Conan character It was originally published as a serial in Weird tales from Dec to April This edition is volume of a set of authorized editio

  • Title: The Hour of the Dragon
  • Author: Robert E. Howard
  • ISBN: 9780399120961
  • Page: 221
  • Format: Hardcover
  • This is the only novel by Howard featuring his Conan character It was originally published as a serial in Weird tales from Dec 1935 to April 1936 This edition is volume 1 of a set of authorized editions featuring a collection of Conan novellas which were first published separately in the 1930 s.

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      221 Robert E. Howard
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    One thought on “The Hour of the Dragon

    1. Jason Koivu on said:

      When you think of Conan you think of thisThen you think of the screaming barbarianWhoops, sorry, I meant thisBut if you read one of Robert Howard's original Conan the Barbarian stories what you get is something that should be titled Conan the Part-Time Barbarian, Part-Time Diplomat, because there is WAY more talk and politics than expected. What did I expect? I thought I'd get more fighting, more monsters and just more action in general. What I got was a whole lotta this *makes talking motion wi [...]

    2. Tosh on said:

      e hour of the Dragon has come…After reading one of Howard's shortstory collections I discovered he'd also written a full length Conan novel. The one and only - originally written in five parts for the magazine Weird Tales under the title The Hour of the Dragon, then eventually published as a book under a new title. Apparently a publishing company looking to fit this novel in with a themed series of Conan stories decided that Conan the Conqueror was more appropriate. Personally, I like the orig [...]

    3. S.E. Lindberg on said:

      "From death to death [The Heart of Ahriman] came, riding on a river of human blood. Blood feeds it, blood draws it. Its power is greatest when there is blood on the hands that grasp it, when it is wrested by slaughter from its holder. Wherever it gleams, blood is spilt and kingdoms totter, and the forces of nature are put in turmoil." -- Thutothmes of Khemi (The Hour of The Dragon, by REH)The Hour of the Dragon (1934-1936), is Robert E. Howard''s only full length novel of Conan, the barbaria [...]

    4. Arley Dial on said:

      In this final (chronologically) Conan story, Howard demonstrates why he was one of the best adventure writers of all time. In the only novel he ever produced, Howard is able to maintain the blistering pace he is known for, while still weaving a complex and interesting tale. The story is set during Conan's time as King of Aquilonia, which is a period in the hero's life often overlooked (I'm looking at you, Hollywood.) In act one, King Conan is defeated and the kindom is wrested from his grasp. We [...]

    5. Jim on said:

      I'm reading an online version on Wikisource. I think this is the original that was published as a serial in the pulps. ensource/wiki/The_HouThis is a great Conan adventure that winds up showing us a lot of his previous life, so that makes it a lot of fun. All the convenient elements got to me, though. One or two in a short story are fine, but an entire novel was too much. (view spoiler)[ Zenobia, must have been the best setup gal in all the western kingdoms to accomplish what she did so quickly [...]

    6. Derek on said:

      I could read this many times (three, so far) and pick out some new facet each time. F'instance:* Howard touches several times on the theme that Conan's lone-wolf nature is both strength and weakness. He is dedicated to his kingdom, but is not committed to it: he neither married nor produced an heir. Upon his presumed death, the barons cannot rally around an heir and thus the center of the kingdom will not hold.* A foozle quest--in this case the Heart of Ahriman--is required to save the kingdom, [...]

    7. V. on said:

      The problem with a lot of genre classics is that their ideas have been ripped off so often they end up reading like they're full of cliches even though they were the originators of those familiar tropes. But when it comes to the best of the pulp writers there's an electric vibe that runs through them that doesn't fade. Like the stories of Raymond Chandler or Lovecraft or even Poe, they're just very entertaining and fun.Conan stories vary in quality, but this one, the only full-length novel, has [...]

    8. Jack on said:

      With this book, Robert E. Howard proved that he could maintain the skillful prose and pacing of his Conan short stories in a full-length novel. Wonderful passage:They traversed a long, dark, vaulted corridor in which, Conan noticed uneasily, the skull on the staff glowed phosphorescently. He felt a surge of unreasoning, wild animal panic that urged him to rip out his knife and slash right and left at these uncanny figures, to flee madly from this grim, dark temple. But he held himself in check, [...]

    9. Joe Russomanno on said:

      For people that don't know, Howard is the Father of Modern day Sword and Sorcery. For people that think he invented it, all I can say is see the King Arthur legend and even that isn't the first.As for this particular story. If you think Lord of the Rings etc. are the centerpieces for fantasy fiction, well you're mistaken. This right here should and is in my opinion, the crown jewel of fantasy fiction. An evil wizard with power beyond belief. Treacherous rulers who plot against the hero. Epic bat [...]

    10. J.j. Metsavana on said:

      Puhas tükk iidsetest ulmekirjanduse katakombidest pärit kulda. Kaetud kummaliste graveeringute, ammu unustatud keeles kirjutatud ruunide ning paljude seda näpata üritanud fantaasiakirjanike aastakümneid tagasi kuivanud vereplekkidega. Salapärane kuju aga särab edasi ja teeb seda ka kaua peale meie surma. Las barbarid uputavad maailma young-adulti või vampiirikroonikate alla, vana artefakt elab kõik nad oma varjatud peidupaigas üle ja särab endiselt kirkalt ka palju aega peale kõigi n [...]

    11. Charles on said:

      My edition is from Berkley. This is Howard's novel of Conan with minimal editing.Howard's only full length novel about Conan, and it contains some sections that are loose rewrites of a few of the Conan stories. This is a really enjoyable novel, with great atomsphere and action.

    12. Gabriel Wallis on said:

      There's really nothing like reading a good Conan book. So far, in my reading of all things Conan, I've only read the original stories, written by creator Robert E. Howard. I haven't ventured out and read any Robert Jordan, Steve Perry, Leonard Carpenter, or any other Conan authors out there, due to the fact that I want to read the originals first to obtain what Robert E. Howard envisioned. Conan the Conqueror was an excellent book, probably the best Conan book I've ever read. There was only one [...]

    13. Michael on said:

      Book 9 in my re-read of the Conan series. Spoilers ahead!Conan the Conqueror picks up two years after the events in The Scarlet Citadel, and is essentially the same story expanded into novel length. Luckily, I enjoyed The Scarlet Citadel, so I didn't mind the extended do over. And really, if you've made it this far in the series, you should be no stranger to treading familiar ground. Much of the story is comprised of Conan in pursuit of an ancient jewel, the Heart of Ahriman, that will allow him [...]

    14. Terence on said:

      The only Conan novel written by Howard, The Hour of the Dragon delivers everything a fan of the Cimmerian would want - beautiful women needing rescue, several evil wizards to defeat, and a well-paced adventure that has Conan striving to recover the Aquilonian throne and thwart the efforts of Xaltotun to restore the empire of Acheron. This is the umpteenth time I've read the novel since acquiring this Sci-Fi Book Club edition almost 30 years ago and it's still great fun.I like to believe the foll [...]

    15. Mark Stone on said:

      To think that as good as Howard was writing Sword & Sorcery he was even better in writing Westerns according to his contemporaries. While I haven't read his Westerns to comment on that comparison personally, I can tell you that The Hour of the Dragon is perhaps Howard's finest writing in the Sword & Sorcery genre. Some of what happens is a little too happenstance for me, but that wasn't enough for me to knock this book from 5 stars to 4. An incredible read; a must read for those of us wh [...]

    16. Rob on said:

      Howard's only novel-length tale of the redoubtable Cimmerian. When serialized in Weird Tales, it was titled 'Hour of the Dragon,' which de Camp said had little to do with the story. As if "Conan the Conqueror" does.To me this is the last truly worthwhile book in this series. The tales after this are almost wholly not Howard's work (unless you count some vague notes), and it shows. This was my first exposure to Conan, other than Marvel Comics. I preferred this to the comics, but I prefer the earl [...]

    17. Charles on said:

      This basically "Hour of the Dragon" retitled to fit the series demands, and edited by L. Sprague De Camp, even though it really didn't need any editing. Still, the power of the original certainly shines through here.

    18. Ron on said:

      Hard to beat the original Conan. The character never dies Conan is forever.

    19. Mike Billington on said:

      What can I say about Robert E. Howard that hasn't already been said?Should I say that he almost singlehandedly invented a whole genre of fiction? That his world-building skills were unsurpassed? That his use of the active voice was almost without parallel?I could, but that's all been said before.What I can say is that I've been reading Howard's tales of the giant Cimmerian since I was 10 and, now at three score and ten, I still enjoy them.Howard created a forgotten age in his Conan stories and i [...]

    20. Lior on said:

      Can Epic Fantasy get any better than this? In the only Conan novel written by Robert E. Howard himself, an evil wizard dead for 3,000 years is resurrected by a group of usurpers to help them take over Conan's throne in Aquilonia, and ultimately, take over the entire Hyborian kingdoms. The story is fast-paced, inventive and exciting. Conan is what he is. A rough and tough Barbarian, but also a man of honor and integrity. Really amazing when you realize this was written in the 1930's before Epic F [...]

    21. Сибин Майналовски on said:

      Е точно това не ми хареса. Не знам защо, ама четенето беше чиста мъка. Две звездички отгоре заради баце Конан, че, както всички знаем, той е най-големия, ама излагация. Даже и годината на написване (1934) не го оправдава :(

    22. M on said:

      I will call it "surprisingly good".Howard's whole appeal is you can't put his stories down. No matter how corny they get, you keep turning the pages because his writing is so crisp and evocative that you need to know who Bronan the Insanian is going to decapitate next, and why, although the why is rarely fleshed out.I didn't figure he would've been able to keep this up for a full novel, but he did, and it breezed by like one of his short stories. It was a Conan story, so talking about the plot w [...]

    23. Michael on said:

      This is the only novel Robert E. Howard ever wrote about Conan, and somehow I never got around to reading it. It is a lot of fun; like watching a cartoon or playing a video game: Conan has become the king of Aquilonia, Conan is deposed from his throne by an evil wizard who has been resurrected from the misty past of Hyperboria, Conan goes on a quest to find the one magical jewel that can send said wizard back to the Abyss, Conan beats the crap out of everyone who gets in his way. Plus: a lot of [...]

    24. A.M. on said:

      Four defeated lords resort to necromancy and bring back a two thousand year old magician (Xaltotun) from the dead. Their aim? Power. But in order to get it and take over all the kingdoms, they need to kill Conan who is currently serving as the King of Aquilonia. They use magic to collapse the cliff on Conan during a battle, but it was only a stand-in. Conan was struck down by a shadow in his tent before the battle and could not ride out. He rails as his army is left leaderless and lost; thousand [...]

    25. Peter W Blaisdell on said:

      Howard's only full length Conan book is the very definition of sword and sorcery. This story has also been entitled, THE HOUR OF THE DRAGON. Though the author wrote in the 1930s, a great deal of modern epic fantasy is informed by the vivid, fluid approach Howard takes in telling his tales. In THE HOUR OF THE DRAGON, Howard wastes little time on characterization or description, instead focusing on headlong forward momentum for his plot wherein Conan confronts a fantastically evil wizard returned [...]

    26. Philip Schmohl on said:

      It is the only book length telling of the Conan sagas and one of the Howard works L. Sprague Decamp and Lin Carter didn't get there hands on to bastardize! I came of age as a boy to the Conan tales. Howard helped me define my manhood, yeah, that may be pathetic to some, but in an alcoholic household with an absentee father - it was a big help to a confused, searching kid. Unfortunately, these tales made a fighter out of me an alpha-dog in every circle in which I moved or had my being. I made man [...]

    27. Chompa on said:

      I listened to an audiobook version of this available free from Librivox. librivox/the-hour-of-the- Magnificent. I read a bunch of Conan when I was much younger and I've read a story or two in recent decades, but this sole novel of Conan by REH is something I'd never read/listened to. It is absolutely amazing. Howard is a consumate writer with vocabulary that might be challenging, but a dictionary (or google search) will bring you up to speed. His words though are very evocative and quickly bring [...]

    28. Angel on said:

      Según pone en el prólogo, esta es la única novela que escribió Howard sobre Conan, el resto de libros se componen de recopilaciones de historias con un mismo marco temporal, eso le da a este libro un dinamismo que otros no tienen, al tener una mayor extensión, el autor se recrea más en los detalles, se podría decir que este libro, por medio de su argumento, da un repaso a toda la historia de Conan, desde que salió de Cimmeria hasta el momento actual.Quizas peque de una resolución bastan [...]

    29. Stephen Nicholson on said:

      This is the best possible Conan novel. You may know it better as Conan the Conquer, but that title doesn't really reflect the theme Howard was going for.Set during the Conan's time as King of Aquilonia, dark forces conspire to strip Conan of both is title, and his life. Captured, he narrowly escapes and sets out to reclaim his throne. It's a great read, touching upon some very interesting themes, and the people who help him are often poor or disenfranchised. It's one of the best Conan stories Ho [...]

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