24-Karat Kids

Judy Goldstein Sebastian Stuart

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24-Karat Kids

Karat Kids Meet Dr Shelley Green newly minted pediatrician After graduating medical school at the top of her class Shelley is hired by Madison Pediatrics the Upper East Side s most exclusive practice Suddenly

  • Title: 24-Karat Kids
  • Author: Judy Goldstein Sebastian Stuart
  • ISBN: 9780312343279
  • Page: 105
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Meet Dr Shelley Green newly minted pediatrician After graduating medical school at the top of her class, Shelley is hired by Madison Pediatrics, the Upper East Side s most exclusive practice Suddenly this self described schlumpy girl from Jackson Heights is thrown into the world of the rich, famous, and very neurotic Her life is about to change in a big way Meet Dr Shelley Green newly minted pediatrician After graduating medical school at the top of her class, Shelley is hired by Madison Pediatrics, the Upper East Side s most exclusive practice Suddenly this self described schlumpy girl from Jackson Heights is thrown into the world of the rich, famous, and very neurotic Her life is about to change in a big way Hyper parenting has reached epidemic proportions and Madison Pediatrics is its over privileged epicenter Shelley, a superb doctor with a kid friendly touch and a genius for diagnosis, quickly becomes the Upper East Side s latest must have accessory, the darling of the fabulously wealthy with kids crowd Now she s slimming down, dressing up in Fendi and Prada, and weekending in the Hamptons No wonder Arthur her adorable schoolteacher fianc is baffled Enter Josh Potter blueblood hunk who never seems to have his checkbook around What he does have is charm, connections, and enough sex appeal to set Shelley s head spinning Before long, Shelley s plate is way too full men and medicine, elite nursery schools and rooftop swimming pools Can she handle it all without losing her soul Find out in this delicious dose of fiction that brims with acerbic wit, dead on satire, and finally, poignancy and heart.

    • À 24-Karat Kids || ✓ PDF Read by ✓ Judy Goldstein Sebastian Stuart
      105 Judy Goldstein Sebastian Stuart
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    One thought on “24-Karat Kids

    1. Diana on said:

      I was really into it I mean, I really liked it. It's a very girly book, chick lit, beach read, whatever. I love books about the Upper East Side and this one was giving me what I wanted, descriptions of the snotty, rich and famous. Then all of a sudden Well, what would you do if you were speaking to someone and in the middle of telling you a story they just stopped. Like, "Well I was walking in the street, and all these cars were coming, and then there was a bear running towards me and then I had [...]

    2. Tanya on said:

      A light and quirky read. Even though I guessed every character's drama before the author revealed them (beyond predictable), I was totally let down by the ending. It was abrupt and left so many strings dangling. I hate wondering what happened to certain characters! Still - definitely the type of easy reading I needed at the moment.

    3. Katie on said:

      A quick. light, chick lit read about an upper east side pediatrician - entertaining - especially b/c the main character does everything right and has all the right answers 2 weeks out of residency and always says the right thing to parentsha!

    4. stephanie on said:

      a welcome, wonderful surprise. seriously. first there's the fact that the cover is genius (i hate that they don't have the paperback cover for you to see) - but it looks like you could be reading a book about child-rearing, instead of a beach blonde book. i mean, it lists a DOCTOR as the first author. then there's the fact that it's the first novel i've encountered that decided to chart the territory of the UES pediatricians' offices. (there is seriously so little territory left to write crap ab [...]

    5. Sarah on said:

      A fast light read. Enjoyable as a beach-read, chick-lit type book. I certainly don't think much of the nouveau rich or the sense of entitlement that the upper class set in this book has. I enjoyed the author's commentary on hyper-parenting and the wonderful rapport that the main character had with the children in her practice. I was a bit worried that the book was going to end with her having lost herself, however. I was eager for her to rediscover the person she was inside with the beliefs that [...]

    6. Crystal Holt on said:

      I'm only about halfway through this book and it is so funny! I've heard of helicopter parenting (guilty!) however hyperparenting is a term not so familiar to me. I can relate to so many characters in this book from the unsubstantiated inadequacy felt by the parents of the over privileged to the constant validation the main character seems to need despite her scholarly background All presented with a twist of hilarity! Hopefully, it will continue to entertain throughout the remaining pages. I hav [...]

    7. Maneesha on said:

      A cute book with a 'Devil Wears Prada' storylinepoor Queens girl gets job at upscale Manhattan practice, gets sucked into the lifestyle and then realizes how much better off she was before she changed etc etc. The heroine is lovable and it was nice to read a book where the protagonist is a successful career woman. My only problem with the whole book was that the ending was a little abrupt for me. I mean, you knew what was coming, but the book ended so soon after the climax it kind of felt too su [...]

    8. Lauren on said:

      I might be my love of medicine, combined w/ my love of kids, but I really enjoyed this book. I thought it was a little short. I especially liked the pediatric cases that came into the dr. office. I do hope there is a sequal, there seems to be plenty of material for another story. It's a quick, delightful read!

    9. Valerie Roller on said:

      Its a light summer read. It was cute and entertaining but if you're looking for something with more meat on it, this isn't it. Its fluff. Not bad, just not Charles Dickens. It was a story about a pediatrician who's trying to balance her old life with her new one. She has to learn a few lessons in who her real friends are. Some romantic drama. All in all a good beach read.

    10. Arlene on said:

      A good beach read about a new pediatrician who gets a plum job at a Manhattan Pediatric Office. Between dealing with her newly acquired wealth, her professional persona and the helicopter parents she sees every day, Shelly Green stays very busy. As she matures as a doctor and a person, she finds her feet in the adult world.

    11. Jessica on said:

      I really enjoyed this book. To me, it read like a memoir of a doctor named Shelley Green's first year as a practicing doctor, rather than fiction. I thoroughly enjoyed this very quick read. It gave me a glimpse into the lives of the affluent in New York's Upper East Side, as well as East Hampton society. I found it charming, and would recommend it to my friends as good light-hearted chick lit.

    12. Crystal on said:

      If your looking for a fun, easy, innocent, beach read than this is a good one.A little humour, an little romance, a little life struggle, and just a little "yea right".The book does end a little suddenly but since it's not a deep book I didn't feel it ruined anything.

    13. Janelleehat on said:

      So I picked this book up at the library last week for a fun read and it was just that. A totally light-hearted, fun read. It was super funny and cute, some loose morals but she didn't go into any details. I enjoyed it.

    14. Sharon on said:

      Fun book following a young woman who becomes a Pediatrician in a New York office with some famous clientele. It was fun to watch her grow and transform into a different person, only to find that what she really wanted was what she had before all of the fame and fortune came to her.

    15. Jess on said:

      this is the most recent book I picked up at the local library. An interesting beach read, reminiscent of Jennifer Weiner's "fish-out-of-water" style of writing as the young Jewish pediatrician tries to carve herself a place in Manhattan's most exclusive medical practice.

    16. Richa on said:

      I thought the book was okay. I think the only thing that really held my attention was the medical part of the book. I could relate to the main character in some ways. Simple book, with a very simple storyline. It isn't to exciting but it's readable.

    17. Erica on said:

      I read this while I was working at a summer camp where the campers were mostly from wealthy families from the Upper East Side of NY, so I really enjoyed the timing of the read.Overall I loved this book! Loved it!

    18. Jen Ifer's Inklings on said:

      This was a cute book about upper east side. It was mindless chick lit with some funny parts and a little life lesson too. While this book certainly wouldn't win any great literary awards, it is still an enjoyable read.

    19. Jamie on said:

      Along the same vein as The Devil Wears Prada and Confessions of a Shopaholic and The Nanny Diaries, but better, in my opinion. No "Southern-hating" like in DWP, no complete unreality like in COAS, and no complete self-absorption of the authors like in TND.

    20. Christy on said:

      A doctor joins a practice that caters to only the most privileged children money can produce. She struggles to define her priorities in a world of fame and fortune. From the cover, I was expecting something less thoughtful. This was a pretty good chick lit.

    21. Adi on said:

      The characters are flat and uninteresting, there is no plot to speak of, and by the end I just kind of wished the protagonist would get hit by a bus. I read a lot of chick lit and this was the worst incarnation of it. I have no idea how this got published.

    22. Karen on said:

      Um, yes, in a moment of weakness, i bought this for $4.99 at the local bookstore and finished it in a couple of hours last night. A great "i need to zone out book"

    23. Julie on said:

      Total fluff, but a good quick read. If you liked The Nanny Diaries, you will probably like this book.

    24. Jenlbot on said:

      I love mostly anything on the upper west side of NYC. Probably because it is my total fantasy to live there and will NEVERte story. Fun!

    25. Omni on said:

      ive been kind of bummed and exhausted and "as i lay dying" wasnt cutting it, so i picked up some fluffy distraction. This was vapid, quick, and mindless - perfect.

    26. Cindy on said:

      The stories of upper east side parents are pretty humorous and probably true since the book is authored by a real NYC pediatrician. But the storyline is kind of predictable.

    27. Diane Dunham on said:

      A funny and light read. The type of book to read when you want and need a good laugh, and don't want to have to think too hard about what is going on.

    28. Michelle on said:

      She becomes a pediatrician for a bunch of stars and rich people, predictably falls into "the life", and just as predictably decides she's "deeper" than that

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