Babar's Museum of Art

Laurent de Brunhoff Ellen Weiss

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Babar's Museum of Art

Babar s Museum of Art Babar and Celeste turn the Celesteville train station into a museum filled with elephant art inspired by master painters

  • Title: Babar's Museum of Art
  • Author: Laurent de Brunhoff Ellen Weiss
  • ISBN: 9780810945975
  • Page: 258
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Babar and Celeste turn the Celesteville train station into a museum filled with elephant art inspired by master painters.

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      258 Laurent de Brunhoff Ellen Weiss
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    One thought on “Babar's Museum of Art

    1. Jessica on said:

      Babar's Museum of Art by Laurent de Brunhoff follows the story of the well known Babar and Celeste as they turn an abandoned train station into and art museum (closed on Mondays). Once the art museum is finished, all the citizens of Celesteville come to the grand opening. The little children admire the art and see themselves in it. Different elephants and animals like different types of paintings and notice different parts of the painting. Cornelius wants to lecture the children about the painti [...]

    2. Eli on said:

      We picked this one up at the library and it has now migrated to my to-buy list. The story focuses on Babar and Celeste's remodel of the abandoned but architecturally beautiful train station into an art museum for the town. As usual with the Babar series, the story is excellent. However, the illustrations are by far the most enjoyable aspect. Revamping classic paintings such as the Scream, Van Gogh's Self Portrait, A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte and others into elephant inspi [...]

    3. Lily on said:

      Excellent. Classic for any art or history elementary teacher. I love how they replaced the people in the paintings with Babar elephants. My favorite painting depicted in the book, is Luncheon on the Grass.

    4. Nicole on said:

      Babar and Celeste decide to convert the old train station into an art museum for the people of Celesteville. They fill it with an amazing array of art from their personal collection, and we learn about enjoying art along with their children at the grand opening.A fun beginner's look at the great masterpieces. Adults will recognize the works of famous artists changed to reflect the elephants' world.

    5. Susan on said:

      An engaging presentation of museums, especially an art museum which is not loaded with gadgets like a children's museum, but requires a certain patience (TRANLATE FOR CHILDREN: potential for boredom). I like the way the children are allowed to see themselves in the art in the most basic of terms, "I like red", because really, if you like a painting by a great master because he used a cool color of red, hey, power to you.

    6. Patricia on said:

      The elepantized artwork is great. It was nice to compare it to the real works. When Babar and Celeste go on a balloon ride, they notice that no one uses the train station any more--opting to drive their own vehicles instead. Celeste really loves the old building and decides that it need to be saved. In order to save it, it is turned into an Art Museum.

    7. Becky Galambos on said:

      I picked this little book up for a friend's child and decided to read before gifting. A lovely little read, explores children and art - I kept getting the Sondheim song of the same name stuck in my head. It's fun to try to guess all the paintings that they have replaced the people with elephants (answers are in the back of the book).

    8. Sally on said:

      Love the idea of mimicking masterpieces with Babar elephants as the subjects rather than humans. Although, I wish they had included the originals in the back of the book or something. Parents will likely understand most homages, but it would benefit parents and children to be able to easily compare to the original.

    9. Dana Still on said:

      Twin Text: I would pair this book up with Paul Cezanne by Iain Zaczek. Babar's Museum of Art introduces children to art in a whimsical and beautifully illustrated way. It is important that we introduce art and artist's to our children, with these two books we are able to do that with whimsy and beauty.

    10. Kathy Ellen Davis on said:

      We all know that I love Babar.This one is cool!I really like the elephant take on famous paintings,and how Celeste encourages the kids to take whatever they want away from the art.This would be a good one to have in the classroom before a museum visit.And a good reminder to let the kids say WHATEVER they want about the art,even if it's: "I like the red!"

    11. Tricia on said:

      a trip through the art museum with great works of art displayed with elephants. i think it would've been better if the actual works were used or if the artists' names were referenced so that kids could learn who painted the works. viv got bored and lost interest.

    12. Alexandria on said:

      In this story, the elephant in Celesteville don't use the train station anymore they want to go in cars. So Celeste Babar's wife tells why don't they make a museum of art. I saw the elephant paintings and the real paintings.

    13. Chris Aldrich on said:

      Contains some of the great painters and artists with recreations including elephants. The plot could have been more interesting, but contained some nice openendedness for sparking discussion for the readers.

    14. Urbanfaerie on said:

      wonderful read! :) i'm a big fan of Babar and this not only indulges my childhood love for the series but also gives a wonderful glimpse to the world of art for kids (and adults) alike :)

    15. Edmund Davis-Quinn on said:

      Lots of fun playing with classics of art with elephants, I laughed a lot. Also thought of the Musee d'Orsay in Paris which I believe used to be a train station.

    16. Mckinley on said:

      The train station is empty and Babar has a lot of art Masterpieces with elephants instead of humans.

    17. Lauren on said:

      My family and i went to are local Museum and saw the Babar exhibit it had really cool art.

    18. Kelsey Bates on said:

      While the text is substandard, the illustrations (especially those of famous artwork featuring elephants) is very cute.

    19. Kristen Jorgensen on said:

      This is a great book. What a wonderful way to teach children about historical works of art. It's fun to compare the paintings in Babars museum to the real thing. Very clever.

    20. John on said:

      Celesteville's abandoned train station is turned into an art museum.

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