The Greatest Show Off Earth

Robert Rankin

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The Greatest Show Off Earth

The Greatest Show Off Earth Raymond s had a rough couple of days Snatched from his allotment by a flying starfish from Uranus and sold as a delicacy in a Venusian food market it seems like his luck has changed when he is rescue

  • Title: The Greatest Show Off Earth
  • Author: Robert Rankin
  • ISBN: 9780552139243
  • Page: 274
  • Format: Paperback
  • Raymond s had a rough couple of days Snatched from his allotment by a flying starfish from Uranus and sold as a delicacy in a Venusian food market, it seems like his luck has changed when he is rescued by the travelling circus But then this isn t an ordinary circus.

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      274 Robert Rankin
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    One thought on “The Greatest Show Off Earth

    1. Dan on said:

      In the early stages of this book I wasn't keen on it. The story opens when Raymond is abducted by an alien starfish and his friend Simon is left on Earth feeling a bit guilty about it. I wasn't too sure on the ridiculous concept, nor how the two storylines were not really connected at all. I particularly didn't like the way the author linked the end of one side of the narrative with the beginning of the other side of the narrative, every single time he switched.But then I got about halfway throu [...]

    2. Buzz Ryan on said:

      Nice hat.Nuns in bondage.These memes will be with me the rest of my days! I very much enjoyed this work!

    3. Sadie-jane (sj) nunis on said:

      typical rankin fashion he mixes sci-fi/fantasy and a lil potty humouri enjoyed this but not one of his best in my humble opinion still fun though

    4. Leila Anani on said:

      Raymond gets sucked up into space by a giant starfish from Uranus called Abdullah. His best friend simon watches and runs off and hides - Raymond has intergalactic adventures - involving escaping human eating aliens and joining the circus meanwhile Simon discovers a sinister plot back home involving the local chicken farmer and an Antichrist called Sate-Hen.While I don't find this Rankin's best novels it is highly amusing although some of the jokes are a bit lame - We have some dumb toilet humou [...]

    5. Anita Radeva on said:

      Ако някога се нуждаете от супер смешна книга, фрашкана със саркастични лафчета и нелепи ситуации, това е правилния избор! Досега не съм попадала на книга, с която да се смея на толкова много места! Явно Робърт Ранкин си разбира от работата. Двамата главни героя са еднакво инт [...]

    6. Colin Forbes on said:

      Not one of Rankin's finest.While I normally enjoy his absurd tales, this one just seemed a bit too random and disconnected. The schizophrenic scene switching without so much as a blank line between paragraphs got tiring well before the half way point.There are still plenty stupid gags that raise a laugh, but as a whole it was more a case of wanting it to be finished, rather than wanting to finish it, if you see what I mean.Can do better!

    7. Nathan Dehoff on said:

      Raymond, a plumber from Bramfield, is abducted by aliens and sold for food on Venus. He escapes, however, and teams up with Professor Merlin’s circus. Raymond’s best friend Simon remains on Earth, but his adventures are no less bizarre. Throughout the course of the story, we learn that the hollow Earth theory is actually true, and that the solar system is ruled by triplets who hate each other. Also, there’s a cult worshipping a human-chicken hybrid called Sate-Hen, a steamship that travels [...]

    8. Daníel Freyr Jónsson on said:

      I have read quite a few of Rankin's books and for me this in not one of his better works, although it is littered with running gags, incredible characters, astounding silliness and toilet humor.The two narratives are to loosely bound and Rankin's method of changing between them soon becomes tiresome. There are a lot of plot holes that the author is apparently well aware of because he usually dismisses them out of hand as narrative necessities and/or makes up Deus Ex Machina solutions for them, o [...]

    9. Tim Schneider on said:

      Maybe I just wasn't in the mood. I love Rankin's work. Occasionally it's the stuff of epics. But this one really didn't work all that well for me. I didn't feel that the two different narratives were sufficiently connected to really work together well, though I appreciated the way that Rankin segued between the two. The running jokes fell incredibly flatd I suspect that Rankin felt so also as he pretty much abandoned them in the final third of the book. The part where Raymond goes in to the dung [...]

    10. Rebecca Johnson on said:

      This was a recommendation from my uncle (who insisted on my reading Robert Rankin) which I enjoyed more than I thought I would. A kind of ridiculous humour, Terry Pratchett-meets-Douglas Adams, it tells the story of two friends: one of whom is kidnapped to be produce at an alien meat market, and another who reads of his adventure in a future-telling book he stumbles across and is shot at for.Overall it was pretty funny, but in a ‘that’s just so pathetic I can’t not laugh’ kind of way. Wh [...]

    11. Andrew on said:

      This was O.K. not the best I have read by this author and it is really a book which links two separate absurd tales.e absurdity is fine as at times it works really well and it is Robert Rankin's stock trade.ever I just felt the book lost some momentum and as such I lost interest as it was reaching closurewhich is a shame as in a perfect world that would have been when I was most gripped.However a satanic sect worshiping a chicken/human hybrid, a book dictating future events in the then presentla [...]

    12. Bee on said:

      Robert Rankin is an acquired taste. His completely wacky style isn't for all, and I think he's probably more into British humour and copious amounts of toilet jokes than is good for him. The man defined my sense of humour when I was a teenager and this book had me in stitches at the end, I actually burst out laughing with tears streaming from my eyes at one point and I was giggling like a girl for a good 20 minutes before I could read again good times

    13. Saul Mcintyre on said:

      One of the early Rankin books and one of the best, full of the usual running gags and taking tea with the parson. Great fun

    14. Ellen on said:

      This book was too weird for color TV! I loved it! That's easier than trying to describe this book. It was strange, weird, bizarre and very very funny!

    15. sarah Ameen on said:

      this book is frigin' awesome really funny if you're into English humor

    16. Stoneme Mayo on said:

      My all time favourite Rober Rankin book. Having met him a number of times he will no-doubt slip me a fiver for saying that he is a top bloke.

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