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Barbara Bush: A Memoir

Barbara Bush A Memoir Barbara Bush endures as one of America s most popular First Ladies She has won worldwide acclaim for her wit compassion and candor as both a presidential wife and mother In this New York Times bes

  • Title: Barbara Bush: A Memoir
  • Author: Barbara Bush
  • ISBN: 9780743254472
  • Page: 314
  • Format: Paperback
  • Barbara Bush endures as one of America s most popular First Ladies She has won worldwide acclaim for her wit, compassion, and candor as both a presidential wife and mother In this 1 New York Times bestselling memoir, Mrs Bush offers a heartfelt portrait of her life in and out of the White House, from her small town schoolgirl days in Rye, New York, to her fateful unionBarbara Bush endures as one of America s most popular First Ladies She has won worldwide acclaim for her wit, compassion, and candor as both a presidential wife and mother In this 1 New York Times bestselling memoir, Mrs Bush offers a heartfelt portrait of her life in and out of the White House, from her small town schoolgirl days in Rye, New York, to her fateful union with George H.W Bush, to her role as First Lady of the United States Here, she writes candidly about her early years with George Bush in West Texas the tragic death of her young daughter the world of Washington politics and the famous figures she s met her role as the nation s leading literacy champion her feelings about the Iran Contra scandal, the Persian Gulf conflict, and the Cold War the disappointment of the 1992 presidential campaign and the mixed blessing of regaining her private life d much Filled with entertaining anecdotes, dozens of personal photographs, and a healthy dose of humor, this memoir is as compelling and honest as the former First Lady herself.

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    One thought on “Barbara Bush: A Memoir

    1. Naomi Blackburn on said:

      I loved this book and have repeatedly recommended it. I believe this book is 600 pages long and I read it in less than 3 days because I could not put it down. Hands down, BB is my favorite first lady of all time. She never ceases to crack me up with her unpretentious, sarcastic wit that even has me blushing on occasions and asking if she really just said that! I was not as crazy with the follow-up to this book so make sure to get the right book as the covers are very similiar.

    2. Bobbie on said:

      This is a fun, rollicking read. Barbara Bush was very well-suited to the job of first lady. She is blessed with charm, fortitude, the ability to enjoy (or at least pretend to enjoy) attending one function after another, and a seemingly cast-iron stomach. She also has a wonderful sense of humor, which makes the book a joy to read. Looking for the inside story? Barbara Bush tells it like it is, and doesn't clean up her stories to protect the sensibilities of anyone, whether they be a former head o [...]

    3. Verona on said:

      I love Barbara Bush, her style, her personality, her mothering, her stand on things she believes in, her love of family and her husband, her loyalty, and more! I supported her husband as our president, and later her son as our president. I believe she had great influence on these men in her life and helped them to be the great leaders and great in personal values that they were. I enjoyed reading about her in this book. It just helped me admire her more.

    4. Mom on said:

      I read this book a long time ago and I intend to read it again in the future. I must have not had my account when I read it since it wasn't in my read folder.

    5. Patriciadubray on said:

      I fell in love with this woman and love who she is and what she represents. A great read.

    6. Christopher Wensley on said:

      I only have a few memories of Barbara Bush, all of them good, but it is funny how someone who once so dominated the headlines can disappear with nary a word later in life. Having found the time to read her memoir, it was a fun experience to step into the Bush 41 White House for a few days and meet a real terrific woman.Barbara Bush: A Memoir is one of the best edited political autobiographies, it avoids the usually pratfalls that doom many a reader. The auto-bio always seems to start off page 1 [...]

    7. Benjamin Thomas on said:

      Generally speaking, I don’t spend a lot of my reading time reading political memoires, and especially not autobiographies. I feel certain they are edited to present the best possible light on the subject. However, it is December, and I often round out the year by reading books that I might not otherwise pick up in an effort to expand my horizons. This book came to me via my parents’ bookshelves and I thought since both Barbara and George Bush are nearing the end of fascinating lives I would [...]

    8. Margaret on said:

      Every time I picked up this book, it was like kicking off my shoes, curling up in an armchair with a cup of tea and chatting with Mrs. Bush just as if she were in my living room. I found her to be honest, witty, caring, and "real".Faith, family, friends. That's what Mrs. Bush believes in and that comes across in every incident that she relates from her times as Vice Presidents' wife and then First Lady. Her diary entries were fascinating and kept my head spinning with all the events she attended [...]

    9. Russell Sanders on said:

      First off, I want to make it clear I think Barbara Bush and her husband George are genuinely good and nice people. I don’t agree with their politics, but with all we contend with in Washington these days, their politics look extremely moderate. Motivated by recent health scares for both these nonagenarians, I decided I wanted to know more about them both. I picked up Barbara’s 1994 memoir, Barbara Bush: A Memoir, and began reading. At first, I found it fascinating, learning about them both i [...]

    10. Michelle on said:

      I had a very hard time getting through this book and yet there were parts of it that I thoroughly enjoyed reading; in particular the behind the scenes personal relationships with all the foreign ambassadors, pranks and private jokes, real life in the White House etc. The e-version of my book was chocked full of errors so that in itself was hard to ignore. How does this happen? Doesn't someone check these things? My expectations for the book were to "get the know" the former First Lady and that w [...]

    11. Craig Adamson on said:

      Barbara Bush seems to be one of the nicest people on earth. The funniest and most heart-warming part about this book is that she genuinely likes everyone and can't compliment people enough. You just don't find that in America, let along someone who was involved in state, federal, and international politics all her life via her husband. She shows it is both good and honorable to treat people with respect, and she really values friendships and loyalty. And therefore she is quite a devoted wife and [...]

    12. Connie on said:

      Barbara started her preface by stating that she had led a life of privilege and no one has ever had a better life. Seriously, it made me want to gag and I thought about not even reading the book. But I am so glad I decided to continue on. She truly made the best of everything that life dealt to her and made her own life of privilege.I loved reading about her and George in their early years of marriage, and wish there would have been more of it. She is such a devoted wife and mother. I had no ide [...]

    13. Laura on said:

      I am sure that Michael is so done with me reading this book because I keep wanting to talk about it. I have every reason not to like this book: it is like 600 pages, full of name-dropping, and sometimes it digresses into the ramblings of an old ladyt I really enjoyed it. The book is 20 years old, rather than make the book less interesting, it made it more so. She was writing it just as she was leaving the White House and the Clinton's were beginning their terms. One of the reasons I picked up th [...]

    14. Elijah Christopher on said:

      The only reason I picked up this book was because I liked the unusual shade of blue it portrays, I didn't care to read the title. Bush is good at documenting, but she can't write. This book was painful to get through, mostly because I could care less about hearing about an average life. I gave this book two stars because I found a quote in it that I liked. Also, Bush appears to be a moral person who cares for her husband and family. That is an essential aspect that is being thrown away in this d [...]

    15. Kim on said:

      Barbara Bush is a fun, engaging, interesting, poignant, self-effacing writer. I learned a lot about the Bush dynasty through her book; which is an intriguing subject by itself. It was fun to read about their lives as seen through her eyes. After reading this I ended up listening to it as an audio book, which is read by the author. I think I enjoyed it more! It was wonderful to listen to her tell her own stories. Whether you are Republican or Democrat, liberal or conservative, most can agree that [...]

    16. Gophergirl58 on said:

      Where hasn't this lady been? What has surprised me most in reading former First Lady Barbara Bush's memoir is how extensively she traveled, both with and without her husband during their political years. I did end up with a slightly different view of Mrs. Bush after reading this, and really tired of her editor still allowing so many times of the words "marvelous," "lovely," and "glorious" as it was tiring and I do not wish to hear these words for awhile now, LOL. But talk about President George [...]

    17. Janis Knecht on said:

      Despite her privileged background, Barbara Bush came across as an ordinary woman with extraordinary qualities of wisdom and compassion. Both she and her husband were raised to make their lives useful and to do good. Throughout the book, Barbara's dedication to these Puritan ideals shines through.She is never pompous or ostentatious. You feel as though if you sat next to her on a three hour flight and you could talk with her, and depart with your mood lifted. This memoir is the graceful written a [...]

    18. Elizabeth on said:

      I really enjoyed this book. Mrs Bush is an engaging and charming author. She describes a fascinating life and I felt that she displayed grace and depth of character throughout many of the challenges that she faced, while still remaining a human-ness. I think this book would have been even more interesting if I had a clearer recollection of the world events it talked about. I might read another one of her books, but I think at this point I would be even more interested in reading books about othe [...]

    19. Maureen on said:

      A statement Barbara Bush makes in the beginning of her memoir is "you can like it or not. I have chosen to like it". A credo she developed observing her mother, who apparently, was not a content woman. That credo resonates throughout the book. Barbara appears to take any situation and make the best out of it. I found this to be interesting, particularly George and Barbara's early years together. They lived in some very modest places; in some sharing a bath or kitchen with other couples!

    20. Clara on said:

      I remember watching my mom read this book when I was five or six. I remember watching my sister read it when I was 11 or 12. When we picked it up at Goodwill this month, I decided that it was finally my turn to read it. It was an extremely enjoyable book and it was very good for me to read it during this election year, because it reminds me that every person involved in politics is just thata person. A very timely reminder. I also appreciated how much Mrs. Bush expressed her deep love and respec [...]

    21. on said:

      In an effort to read a biography of every President and First Lady, I turned to this one, knowing I'd find a straight forward account of Mrs. Bush's life. Known for being blunt and extremely honest, the book truly reflects Mrs. Bush's personality. It is factual but without an agenda, and records American history from her birth in 1925 through World War II, her marriage to President Bush, and their front seat to politics from Vietnam to the Cold War. Above all else, Mrs. Bush reflects on her most [...]

    22. E on said:

      A sweet friend gave this book to me a couple years ago and I'm ashamed it has taken me this long to read it. It's a VERY interesting travel-log/biography. It made me think that I need to be more politically literate, and makes me distrust the press even more. Mrs. Bush seems like a very genuine, hard-working, down to earth, lovable lady. I loved hearing about behind the scenes and the 'normal' family type stuff. But I heard that the audio book is read by Mrs. Bush herself and is wonderful. Maybe [...]

    23. Elissa on said:

      Wonderful read. I came away with an understanding of how much she has been through and how she was able to bear it all with such grace. It is no wonder that this woman has a spine of steel, unmatched common sense, a super sense of humor and a heart of gold. You will love her more after reading thisIt is so well written that you will laugh, ponder, be angry and maybe even cry in the course of reading it.

    24. Jeff on said:

      She's an excellent writer and included a good mix of information about her own life along with her husband and family. that was a relief as I wondered if it would be all about George Bush, but she included a lot of commentary from her perspective as wellpecially informative was the behind the scenes info about life as a VP or President.With this book, she confirmed her status as the best First Lady of the last 40 years (or longer).

    25. Suzan on said:

      A very well written memoir my Barbara Bush (no ghost writer).She writes about her growing up years, marriage to George, the death of their daughter, getting into politics, and being First Lady. She shared some great inside stories. She is a classy, down to earth lady, who promoted literacy while she was in the White House. Yeah!

    26. Sue on said:

      I really enjoy Barbara Bush's sense of humor. I heard her speak at Baylor several years ago. She doesn't take herself or her family too seriously, what a wonderful asset, since she is who she is! I did get bogged down in some of the campaign details, but the stories of behind the scenes are fun.

    27. Sandi on said:

      I think we all needed to know Barbara Bush better and this book will certainly do that. Her dedication to literacy, her remarkable family (she raised remarkable children, while partnering everything her husband was involved in), and pets! Read this and be astounded by how much she has done.

    28. Tonni on said:

      I really loved reading this book. It was fun to see the White House and Presidency through her eyes, especially considering all the events that took place in the world while her husband was in office. Mrs Bush has a gift for storytelling that made learning about her life truly enjoyable.

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