The Fury

Jason Pinter

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The Fury

The Fury Am I my brother s keeper If I d known I had a brother I might have been But he s dead shot point blank in a rat hole apartment wasted by hunger and heroin Stephen Gaines a man with whom I shared no

  • Title: The Fury
  • Author: Jason Pinter
  • ISBN: 9780778326274
  • Page: 336
  • Format: Paperback
  • Am I my brother s keeper If I d known I had a brother, I might have been But he s dead shot point blank in a rat hole apartment, wasted by hunger and heroin Stephen Gaines, a man with whom I shared nothingexcept a father.For some reason this stranger who shared my blood came to me for helpd I blew him off thinking he was just some junkie Now I m forced to questAm I my brother s keeper If I d known I had a brother, I might have been But he s dead shot point blank in a rat hole apartment, wasted by hunger and heroin Stephen Gaines, a man with whom I shared nothingexcept a father.For some reason this stranger who shared my blood came to me for helpd I blew him off thinking he was just some junkie Now I m forced to question everything I ever knewd figure out why this man was murdered in cold blood.All I can do for Stephen Gaines now is find his killer and with the help of Amanda Davies uncover the whole, hard truth If it means tracking down a vicious drug kingpin who may or may not exist then so be it.

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      336 Jason Pinter
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    One thought on “The Fury

    1. Torsten on said:

      I have never read a crime novel with as many blatant errors as this one. I am wondering how this can make it past proofreading and editors?The story itself is good and the writing not bad, but it is as if it has been churned out too quickly, without considering the fine details. This is a fatal flaw in a detective novel where the readers will be paying close attention in attempt to solve the mystery as he/she goes along.Examples:Stephen Gaines is first described as "disheveled, wearing rags" - l [...]

    2. Andy Plonka on said:

      Good series featuring a New York City journalist who can't seem to help getting himself into al kinds of trouble. This time he ends up investigating the death of a half brother he never knew he had.

    3. Robert Beveridge on said:

      Jason Pinter, The Fury (Mira, 2009)The Fury is the fourth novel in Pinter's Henry Parker series. Had I known this, I would probably have not had Vine ship it to me, as I haven't read the first three books in the series. It doesn't help that I also missed in my skim of the product description that the book is published by Mira, and my encounters with Mira-published novels have, to date, been entirely unsatisfactory. This did, however, give me the chance to address two questions that have been sit [...]

    4. Laura on said:

      2 1/2 stars The is the 4th Henry Parker book. This is the first one that I have read. I don't feel that I missed out on the story in this book without having read the prior books, but they were mentioned quite a bit and I may have missed out on some of the relationships that that Henry has with other characters.In this book, Henry finds out that he has a brother, but only after his brother is murdered. Then his father is accused of the crime. Henry isn't close to his father, but he believes in h [...]

    5. Sandie on said:

      Secrets from the past collide with the present in the continuing saga of journalist Henry Parker when a seemingly indigent and strung-out addict approaches him outside his office building desperate to speak to him. The man is later found murdered and police discover that he is Parker’s half-brother, Stephen Gaines.Haunted by painful memories of his estranged, abusive father and cowered mother, he nevertheless decides to journey from New York to his childhood home in Bend, Oregon seeking answer [...]

    6. Cheryl on said:

      Reporter Henry Parker is back. This time he may have found himself in a way over his head. Henry was leaving the office, when he was approached by a drug junkie. The man tells Henry…” The city’s gonna burn.” Henry may have given the guy a chance if he hadn’t been a junkie. That evening, Henry receives a phone call from the authorities. They want Henry to come down and identify a body. It is the same man who Henry ran into earlier today. His name is Stephen Gaines. Supposedly Mr. Gaines [...]

    7. Sheila Beaumont on said:

      In these days of print journalism's decline, we are seeing quite a number of mysteries featuring investigative reporters, including Jason Pinter's compelling Henry Parker series. "The Fury" asks the question "Am I my brother's keeper?" Our hero, a New York Gazette reporter, confronted by a homeless-looking junkie who begs for his help, brushes him aside, and later finds out that this stranger, identified as his half brother, has been murdered.To investigate the slaying, Henry, along with his gir [...]

    8. Mirella Grace on said:

      Ceritanya makin bagus Bisa bisa dapet bintang 5 Sayang, akhir cerita gak seperti yang aku harapkan. Gak tuntas gitu. Curiga, jangan jangan buku ke 5 yang The Darkness bakal nyangkut ke masalah yang ada di buku The Fury ini Mudah mudahan iya, udah penasaran abis soalnyaDi buku ini, lagi lagi si Henry Parker kudu nyelidikin konspirasi sebuah kasus. Dimulai dari tewasnya Stephen Gaines, saudara tiri yang gak pernah dia kenal or tahu, lalu penangkapan ayahnya atas pembunuhan Stephen, sampe buntutnya [...]

    9. Jaime on said:

      I didn’t realize this wasn’t the first in the Henry Parker series until after I started reading it, which is unfortunate since I actually *do* have the first book sitting in my TBR pile. Thankfully, reading the previous books is not crucial in your enjoyment of this book — you just miss out on some character development, though several previous events are alluded to. Henry’s not the easiest guy to like, but I found that I warmed up to him. He’s had an unhappy family life, so when a mur [...]

    10. Shannon on said:

      Another great Henry Parker adventure.This story follows the aftermath of the tragic life of Henry's half-brother--a brother he didn't know existed. We get to travel to Bend, Oregon and there meet Henry's dysfunctional mother and father. After a brief stopover, it's back to NYC where Henry's investigative nose digs deep into his brother's past causing (in true Henry form) quite a bit of trouble for both him and Amanda. Pinter does a great job compelling the reader to turn pages (as witnessed by m [...]

    11. Kercelia on said:

      The Fury is a moderately entertaining read if you like mysteries and thrillers. The story centers around Henry Parker, an up-and-coming newspaper reporterdiscovers too late that he has a half-brother. He soon must try to solve the mystery of who murdered his brother. His girlfriend, Amanda features prominently in the story, and much is revealed about the isolation that exists between he and his parents(whom he has not seen for a decade). Henry has several close calls during his adventure. I did [...]

    12. Mike on said:

      This is the fourth book in the Henry Parker (reporter) series. I like the Henry Parker character alot and the suspenseful pace of the book was good. I now move onto THE HUNTERS which is an ebook novella that bridges THE FURY with the newest release THE DARKNESS. I do recommend that you read the series in order which starts with THE MARK.

    13. Julie on said:

      I definitely enjoyed this book. I like Henry and Amanda's relationship. I was also intrigued by Henry's relationship (or lack thereof) with his family. Good cliffhanger. Looking forward to plunging right into The Darkness and reading more about Jack O'Donnell. (I was disappointed in the numerous spelling and grammatical errors.)

    14. Clay on said:

      Not a bad read if you're looking for a quick, cheap thrill. A decent mystery with a decent plot. Holds your attention, but a tad predicitable and plays into stereotypes a bit too much. The characters seem a bit stock if you will. Would be good for a day at the beach.

    15. Jennifer Brooks on said:

      21/3/17 - Quick paced, easy read, journalist based mystery. Ending slightly disappointing, but left open for next book.10/9/17 - read opening chapter, seemed random and slow. nothing pithy to grab me.

    16. Bill on said:

      Not quite as good as the earlier entries in the Henry Parker series. The plot is strong with journeyman writing, but Pinter tends to turn to melodrama throughout. I found it tiring after a while. But I stuck with the story and found it a worthwhile read.

    17. Mike on said:

      Excellent read with a few twists and turns. Might need to go back and read books 1-3 in the series!

    18. Carol on said:

      Just found it on my bookshelf at home. Hadn't been to the library for a while, so didn't have anything else to read.

    19. Lori on said:

      To be continued in The Darkness. Henry has a half brother, with a mysterious past. Very quick read.

    20. Kelly Barhorst on said:

      Pinter delivers with the Henry Parker series. Interesting, page turner and makes you excited to read the next book. I enjoyed this book.

    21. Tammy on said:

      I thought this book was pretty good, maybe could have been a little more exciting, but overall pretty good.

    22. Jack on said:

      I like the main character a lot, writing is decent, plot is average. I'll probably read more of them because I like the character

    23. Diane Fanning on said:

      A very enjoyable series from Jason Pinter. Henry Parker is a very empathetic protagonist even though he can be a bit of a bonehead with personal relationships at times.

    24. Caity on said:

      More of the same repetitive drivel about Henry Parker and his perfect-but-damaged girlfriend, Amanda.I couldn't even finish it.

    25. Hobby on said:

      more about this book, just check my complete review at here :( lemarihobbybuku )

    26. Raquel7vegas on said:

      I'm reading this book again! I read this first and it wasn't the first so I went back and read the first ones now I'm re-reading this one :)

    27. Pauline on said:

      Enjoyed this book but always feel that something is lacking. No idea what and wish I could write a book.

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