Southern Ghost

Carolyn G. Hart

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Southern Ghost

Southern Ghost Bookstore owner Annie Darling must set aside her shame and do some serious sleuthing when her husband Max becomes the prime suspect in an unspecified crime involving a beautiful blonde

  • Title: Southern Ghost
  • Author: Carolyn G. Hart
  • ISBN: 9780553562750
  • Page: 134
  • Format: Paperback
  • Bookstore owner Annie Darling must set aside her shame and do some serious sleuthing when her husband Max becomes the prime suspect in an unspecified crime involving a beautiful blonde.

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    One thought on “Southern Ghost

    1. Mauoijenn ~ *Mouthy Jenn* ~ on said:

      This was the first of the Death on Demand books I've read. Of course, I had to start in the middle of the series. The first few were not in at the time, but I wanted to see if I would like the characters and the storyline. It wasn't bad and I had heard her writing was different in this one than the others so I will stay with the series for a few more books. To really make up my mind.

    2. Donna on said:

      Wasn't as wowed by this book as I was with by the first couple books in this series. It seems as the series goes on, the books get less interesting. Which really saddens me, because I LOVED this series at first.

    3. Sara on said:

      A little slow, a distinct lack of references to other mystery novels and writers (one of Hart's calling cards), and an unnecessarily convoluted family history. My least favorite of Hart's "Death on Demand" series so far.

    4. Anita on said:

      This was a very intense cozy mystery. I loved the characters and the plot. The setting was so wonderfully described that it seemed like another character. The only drawback was the length of the chapters. I felt they were too long.

    5. Jim on said:

      This series frustrates me. I like the stories, the plot and the characters but I don't care much for the Author's style. I thought this particular story was a bit below par with the central characters mostly watching events unfold around them. The mystery was fun but I struggled with the way it was presented.

    6. FangirlNation on said:

      Southern Ghost, the eighth book in the Death on Demand series by Carolyn G. Hart is a much-deserving winner the 1992 Agatha, Anthony, and Macavity awards for Hart, then-president of Sisters in Crime. In this book, Max takes the lead from Annie, who usually gets the pair embroiled in their mystery cases. Max starts investigating a 22 year old death, reaching back to 1970. Read the rest of this review, more reviews, and other wonderful, geeky articles on FangirlNation

    7. Karen on said:

      wellreadpiratequeen.cTo be completely honest with you, I'm not quite sure how to go about writing this review. It's not that I don't know how I feel about the book because I was more than happy with it and will slap 4 stars on it on GoodReads (very few get 5). It's that it's the eighth book in the Death on Demand series and I don't want to give too much away about any of the previous installments -- which you should really read before you read this one. Well, I guess it's probably not absolutely [...]

    8. Martha Davis on said:

      A few weeks ago I was listening to "Book Club Girl's" BlogTalk Radio show and she was interviewing Emily Gray Tedrowe about her book "Commuters". I book I've read and reviewed earlier. Well, in the course of the interview Emily mentioned how she found it odd more author's didn't write about their characters reading and I believe she also talked about how they didn't talk about other books or authors in their books. I had to agree with her. I always find it weird that characters don't read or tal [...]

    9. Kate on said:

      "Annie Darling, owner of the Death on Demand bookstore, is shocked to hear talk about her husband, Max, and a beautiful blonde. By the time she's faced down a hostile police chief and bailed Max out of the Chastain, South Carolina, jail, the lady has vanished and Max is the prime suspect in an unspecified crime. The baffline, bloodstained trail leads straight to the doorstep of Tarrant House, home of a venerable Southern family with a violent history dating back to the Revolution -- and ghosts o [...]

    10. Ruth on said:

      I thought we had turned a corner. I truly believed that we'd gotten past the everyone-realted-to-the-heroine-is-accused-of-murder stage in this 8th book in the series, but no. At least this time the suspicion was fairly short lived. It could have been wonderful, I'm not certain. There are two timelines in one, intertwined plot line in _Southern Ghost_. It might be that if I read this again some other time flipping back and forth between the two time lines would be cool. But in this read they fel [...]

    11. Jane Reads on said:

      Two cases for Annie and Max to solve, in mainland Chastain, SC.A beautiful blonde, last seen in the company of Max, has disappeared, and is presumed murdered. Max is in jail for the alleged crime, but Annie is certain he's innocent.While Max and Annie are looking for the missing woman, they're also carrying out what she hired Max to do - find out what really happened 22 years ago when her father and grandfather died.

    12. Opera4fun on said:

      Really enjoyed this charming cozy mystery set in South Carolina. I haven't read Carolyn Hart's Annie and Max Darling "Death on Demand" series in quite a while but as I was reading I caught up rather quickly with the spirit of the series. Annie owns a mystery bookstore called Death on Demand in South Carolina. She has two adorable cats (Agatha and Dorothy L) and a new gorgeous husband named Max. Invariably, someone is dead and Annie gets involved in a spitited way to help solve the crime. This st [...]

    13. George on said:

      #8 in the Max and Annie Darling mystery series set on Broward's Rock off the South Caroline coast. Max is hired by a young woman to discover what actually happened 22 years ago with the deaths of her grandfather and father. The action takes place in a small town on the "mainland" near Broward's Rock. The town is dominated by two interconnected wealthy families who settled there in the 18th Century.The woman quickly disappears under mysterious circumstance leaving Max as a suspect in the eyes of [...]

    14. Lollyletsgo on said:

      Its true that this particular book from the series doesn't follow her usual narrative, but that's okay. She still gives you a great mystery. Ms Hart is fabulous at throwing all of these "clues" to you, so that you can try to figure it out on your own- that's half the fun of reading mysteries! The red herrings, the important ones all a mishmash, and again that's what makes a really great author great Some of the reviews discuss the family history, well, yea, there have been murders IN THE FAMILY [...]

    15. Fmorlan on said:

      I enjoyed this book. Annie and Max are hired by Miss Dora to help solve a 20ar old murder. It intertwines the past with the present while Laurel is researching ghosts in Charleston. She seems to bring information with each call that triggers Annie to thought about ghosts in Chastain. It is different from other death on demand as there is a missing person, a family with secrets but no body to actually say there was a murder in the present. The history unfolds a murder in the past that helps to de [...]

    16. Diane on said:

      Spoiler alert before you read further.The main story is very good but all the side stuff was annoying. Be prepared to find a little of everything in this book. Mistress, murder, incest, jealousy, rotten relationships Well maybe the story wasn't so great after all.Extra Stuff:1. Who cares about how the cat is acting.2. The mother in law's obsession with ghosts has no relevance to the story.3. The postcards from the co-worker are just plain dumb.4. All the references to other books and authors are [...]

    17. Amy on said:

      Eh. I was expecting a collection of short stories about ghosts in the south, this was not. That's what I get for not reading the cover panels. Not too bad of a book, set in the South Carolina lowcountry, it's the story of Ross Tarrant, & his deceased parents, the Honorable Augustus & mother Amanda, who is still a ghost. Twisty. I liked it pretty well, other the author name dropping her favorite authors every few pages & her tendency to repeat herself. Other than that, especially for [...]

    18. Tammy Ketring on said:

      This book was.This book was a good read, but now the best until the end. It was not a "have to keep reading until I find out what happened to them". I love the books set around the southern part of the country and the setting was gorgeous to read about. Might read more of the books, or not. Have not decided at this time

    19. Tammy on said:

      A missing lady. A twenty two year old covered up murder mystery in the affluent South Carolina Low Country. Keeps you guessing. My only complaint was I felt like this might be a series where I should know the mystery sleuths. (I found out I was correct; book #8 in a series) Very enjoyable and will reread.

    20. Wendy on said:

      I did not like this installment off the death on demand series as much as the others in terms of the storye time jumps were a little confusing. But the characters were much more developed them other books and Annie seemed to be a little more relaxed and not so uptight ( maybe because she was drinking much less coffee :))

    21. Mary on said:

      This is my favorite book so far in the series. This book is done a little different than the ones before because the murder doesn't take place present day but in the past. I think doing it this way adds a different dimension to the story.

    22. Laura on said:

      Good book that read at a fast pace and made me not want to put it down. I definitely thought I had the character nailed down and while there was definitely something going on there, at least my second choice was the one and there was a twist!

    23. Jessi on said:

      Max is hired to help a beautiful blonde but when she disappears, Max is implicated. Annie comes down to help him decipher what is going on with one of the oldest families in Chastain, South Carolina. Is there a ghost running around the plantation or something more sinister?

    24. Eilonwy on said:

      Fun story narrated by Bayley Ruth, a ghost who returns to earth to help save the reputation of a ghost who hasn't departed yet for heaven. Cheerful tone, with entertaining comments on her fashion choices, and glimpses of heaven. Becomes a murder mystery. Entertaining characters.

    25. Sheila Carsins on said:

      Excellent Mystery!This one will keep you guessing until the end. The tale is well written, with a full cast of suspects that all have motive, ability, and the means to fit the crimes. Well done, as always!

    26. Margaret on said:

      Out of the ordinary characters in a small South Carolina town keeps this mystery interesting. You can't help but like the heroine - she runs a bookstore. edit | upload j

    27. Haley on said:

      I really enjoy this series. Just when I think I know who did it, I don't! Plenty of suspects you aren't sure of.

    28. Kathy Warren on said:

      I love the Darlings. Southern Ghost was a great mystery and will have to admit I didn't have a clue who done it. Great mystery.

    29. Jody Hamilton on said:

      Enjoyed this book in the Death on Demand series as I read my way through it.

    30. Laura on said:

      I read the whole book but don't know that I would recommend it. Also, weirdly for a book in which a number of characters were big mystery fans, there was a "Busman's Honeymoon" error.

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