The Black Hole

Alan Dean Foster

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The Black Hole

The Black Hole Novelization of the Walt Disney film

  • Title: The Black Hole
  • Author: Alan Dean Foster
  • ISBN: 9780345285386
  • Page: 167
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Novelization of the Walt Disney film

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      167 Alan Dean Foster
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      Posted by:Alan Dean Foster
      Published :2019-02-10T15:36:12+00:00

    One thought on “The Black Hole

    1. Eric on said:

      When I picked it up I hadn't realized this was a novelization of the Disney movie - I was hoping it was a book that inspired the movie. No such luck. It reads like a novelization, very directed and fairly dry.I have only seen the movie once, long ago shortly after it was released (in 1979), but in the era of Star Wars it captured my imagination and reserved for itself a special little place in my heart - despite the fact that I can remember only vague images from the movie.The book is a good ref [...]

    2. Erik on said:

      I am beside myself to explain how it is possible I liked this novelization of the movie better than the movieter I saw and liked the movie first. Perhaps it is the King Effect, where every book is far better than the movie? But those are not novelizations. Hmm, odd. Anyhow, it was a solid read that went by quickly. It wasn't Shakespeare or anything, but the story was good and the science wasn't complete bunk. The loss of 2 stars was caused directly by the ending. I won't disclose it here, but it [...]

    3. Ryan on said:

      A novelization of the 1970s movie. The crew of the starship Palomino encounter the legendary research vessel Cygnus, eerily stationary near an enormous black hole. Upon boarding the Cygnus, the crew meets the crypt Dr Hans Reinhardt and his creepy robot servants. The Palomino crew just wants to repair their ship, but Reinhardt has other plans for them. Adventure ensues.A pretty straight-forward translation over from the movie, without too many differences. The two most interesting characters wer [...]

    4. green tea girl on said:

      I gave up on this one.The original film was one of my favourites as a kid, definitely one of the movies that got me into science fiction, and I thought that I could relive some of that wonder through reading this.It's as dull as dishwater though, not even up to the same standard as his other novelisations (love his Star Trek books). Avoid.

    5. Helen on said:

      Curious about the movie now. The suspense was great and I really thought they were going to be able to escape. Some might consider the mystery ruined when we find out what happens through the black hole, but I rather appreciated the effort. A little cheesy, but on the whole a quick, fun read.

    6. Read1000books on said:

      This book started out slow (2 stars), then turned really good in the middle (up to 4 stars), but absolutely fell off the cliff in the very last three pages (no spoilers here :) ; down to 3 stars). I know it's sci-fi but good grief

    7. Ken on said:

      I really enjoyed this sci fi romp. I was very pleased with the ending.

    8. Drew on said:

      This is more a 2.5 than a 2.I struggled a lot to get through this at first. The first 2/3 of the book was pretty slow paced and difficult to get through. The characters were interesting enough, and weren’t boring, nor was the plot, it was just slow.That being said, once I got to the end of the book the adrenaline picked up and made the experience not feel wasted. The ending made me not regret the read.Ultimately it’s a decent little sci-fi romp to fill the time.

    9. Lamar on said:

      Good B-Movie from Disney due to being the first Disney film with death and profanity on screen and being the first PG rated film from the studio at a time when the studio wasn't doing much animation. If you like the movie, the book is okay to read but not really great enough to finish.

    10. Wesley A on said:

      I found it very interesting, there are good twists in it to keep you interested, it was just a little bit too technical sometimes, but besides that a great book.

    11. D. E. on said:

      A Walt Disney movie that was slightly different than the novel. A lot of parents tookj their children too see a Walt Disney movie. But were disappointed when it turned out to be young adult.

    12. Bowie V. on said:

      Beautiful and mesmerizing novelization. And one of the most beautiful finishes I've ever read in my life. A blessing.

    13. Poppy on said:

      This is my childhood memory . I bought a random book from the book store , a collection of 5 short SF novels which was rewrited by the editor to cater to chinese kids taste . it was so impressed that i still couldn't forget this book . i would like to read the original text of this story !

    14. Chris on said:

      This book was published in 1979 to coincide with the release of the Walt Disney movie of the same title. You know a book is old when it has 'WITH COLOUR PHOTOGRAPHS!' in bright red capitals on the front cover.The crew of the deep space research vessel 'Palomino' discover a derelict ship adrift in space. They identify the ship as the 'Cygnus', lost decades ago. The crew of the Palomino go aboard the ship to look for survivors and find only one; Dr Hans Reinhardt, the head scientist of the origina [...]

    15. Adam Wilson on said:

      The Black Hole by Alan Dean Foster was a science fiction novel for me. I mean that it was predictable for me because it involved things like space ships, robots, lots of technology that the author must explain to the reader, and a large chunk of the story being devoted completely to these and other complex explanations. I find that characterization in a lot of novels like this gets forgotten about when it comes to descriptions of futuristic things. Still, I was drawn in (no pun intended) by the [...]

    16. Neil on said:

      I have not read this book in over thirty years. I read it again on a nostalgic whimsy. It was a decent adaptation of the movie [although the ending of the book differs from the movie’s ending]. I know other reviewers have mentioned this, but there is a really bad typo at the very end that ruins the ending of the book [which, in my opinion, is worse than the movie’s ending]. From what I remember, it essentially follows the movie scene-by-scene. There is very little, if any, character developm [...]

    17. Emily on said:

      I didn't realize this was a film novelization when I picked it up, but it did read cinematically. More dialogue and description than characterization, it was quite suspenseful, particularly towards the end. The final scenes were probably better on film, as it was difficult to track what was going on in all the action. The plotting and conceptualization was intriguing and it was a pretty quick read. Overall, satisfying, but not mind blowing. The ending was a bit disappointing, although points for [...]

    18. Tia Taylor on said:

      For the most part I really enjoyed reading this book, all up until the end that is. I was highly disappointed in the way the story finished, I would have preferred for the story to be left to the readers imagination rather than to have some poor explanation of what's through a black hole. Especially when that explanation leaves the characters as nothing more than a consciousness floating in oblivion. I would have rather they died.

    19. Simon Ford on said:

      Not too shabby, ADF is a pretty reliable author to do a movie adaptation and this was a walk in the park for him.This was meant to be Disneys answer to STAR WARS, enough said. An enjoyable film with a fine cast.Always good to read a movie novelisation as you get a behind the curtain glimpse of the characters motivation and reasoning behind their deeds and how and why they do react to the circumstances/events.

    20. David on said:

      Most dated sci-fi is not great at engaging me or drawing me into its imagination. But The Black Hole did. The characters were well balanced to bounce off each other and each provided good narration throughout the book.The plot was genuinely interesting and the science was not too wacky or ad hoc as I've found to be usual in dated sci-fi. A very solid 3 stars, not quite 4. The ending was a bit strange. But then, it does tackle a very tricky subject which is hard to do well.

    21. Dodie Reed on said:

      I enjoyed the book. I saw the movie a hundred years ago and can't remember a thing about it! A small group of scientists and pilots are on their way home when they encounter a black hole. There is a huge ship that was assumed lost twenty years ago. They board her and find only one man and a huge number of humanoid robots on board. Then the excitement begins!

    22. Joe Oliveri on said:

      I enjoyed this book, although Foster has a quirky writing style that I found distracting. The Black Hole is simply a novelization of the movie (which I also enjoyed, aside from the ending), so don't expect any additional back-story or development of the characters. If you liked the movie, though, you'll probably like the book as well. It's a fun, quick read.

    23. Sarah Sammis on said:

      I'm going to have to go back and rewatch the movie but I think the book and film have slightly different interpretations on the ending. Other than that the book is a fairly straight-up version being nearly identical to the film (minus of course the great theatrical score). It was an enjoyable and quick read.

    24. Jerry on said:

      An otherwise great space opera yarn with two significant problems: A nonsensical ending that would be hard to show in movie form--isn't this a novelization of a film?--and a rather egregious typo that makes said ending difficult to decipher. I haven't seen the original movie, but I would hope it is better than this.

    25. Ben on said:

      2.5 stars. My halfhearted hope that this novelization - by the prolific adapter Alan Dean Foster - would be able to capture some of the same weird vibe as the film was mostly unfulfilled. It's not a bad adaptation, but it fails to really add anything worthwhile, and the minor differences between the two media are relatively insignificant.

    26. T on said:

      A very strange movie-to-novel adaptation that expands nothing within the storyline and presents a scene by scene re-telling of the film. The ending--the last chapter--made more sense than the ending in the film, but it sure wasn't worth reading through the whole movie over again to get there. If you're curious, flip to the end after having seen the film.

    27. Kelsey on said:

      My edition had a really, really odd typo in the last paragraph of the last page that made the whole consciousnesses-drifting-in-the-void-forever even weirder. the book was pretty mediocre, being a novelization.

    28. Travis on said:

      Love the movie and this is a solid adaption, even fleshing out a few vague bits that the movie rushed through.Still wished they'd do a sequel, even though I'd most likely be sitting by myself in the theater.

    29. Randy on said:

      Turned an absolutely horrendous movie into a decent novel. He seems one of the few writers that takes the time to do such.

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