Holy Terrors

Mary Daheim

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Holy Terrors

Holy Terrors Catering the annual brunch and Easter egg hunt is a hair raising hassle for Judith McMonigle hard working hostess of the Hillside Manor Inn especially when the reclusive wife of a local moneybags is

  • Title: Holy Terrors
  • Author: Mary Daheim
  • ISBN: 9780380762972
  • Page: 210
  • Format: Paperback
  • Catering the annual brunch and Easter egg hunt is a hair raising hassle for Judith McMonigle, hard working hostess of the Hillside Manor Inn especially when the reclusive wife of a local moneybags is fatally perforated by a scissors wielding fiend dressed in a bunny suit Never one to pass up a good murder, Judith joins forces with her ex beau, Lt Joe Flynn, and her irrCatering the annual brunch and Easter egg hunt is a hair raising hassle for Judith McMonigle, hard working hostess of the Hillside Manor Inn especially when the reclusive wife of a local moneybags is fatally perforated by a scissors wielding fiend dressed in a bunny suit Never one to pass up a good murder, Judith joins forces with her ex beau, Lt Joe Flynn, and her irrepressible Cousin Renie to investigate the crime But their list of suspects multiplies faster than a hutch full of rabbits and Judith soon realizes that her own life is in serious perilwhen her unsolicited snooping puts the killer hot on her tail.

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      210 Mary Daheim
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    One thought on “Holy Terrors

    1. Syl on said:

      This is the 4th of a long series of Bed and Breakfast mysteries, involving two friendly cousins and their warring septuagenarian mothers, who provide a comic relief. Judith runs a B & B from her renovated dilapidated family homestead. She is a widow of 4 years standing, who escaped from a bad marriage after the death of her cribbing and hugely obese husband. Her former lover, Joe Flynn (am not sure of the name) had re-entered her life in the first book, and they are on the verge of getting m [...]

    2. Lindsay on said:

      Better than her latest book. The characters didn't seem quite so crazy. I don't like the mom. She's mean. Hopefully the author kills her off. The storyline took place around Easter so I think that made it more interesting.

    3. Zuzana on said:

      The mystery wasn't bad but I loathed almost all of the characters. Mean, bigoted, hypocritical or just plain crazy.

    4. George on said:

      #3 in the Judith McMonigle bed and breakfast (Judith is the owner/operator of one) mystery series set in the Pacific Northwest. There is a murder at Judith's parish church and school area and Judith is one the last people to speak to the victim. There are secrets galore among the parishioners and Judith's quirky neighbors. These secrets and inter-relationships hinder discovering who the murderer is.Helping to keep the lighter tone to the mystery are Judith's mother (in the running for the world' [...]

    5. Linda on said:

      All of Mary Daheim books are good. Easter Egg Hunts are the last place you would think that you could find a body and this time Judith was not the person to find it.

    6. The Badger on said:

      I have an affinity for cozy mysteries. They generally aren't written in pursuit of a spot on the bestseller list; rather, cozies are written to give the reader a sense of comfort and calm (ironically, by way of murder). My mom read cozies to escape her three eccentric young daughters and grumpy husband: one daughter, the artist, painted five-foot tall green flowers on the side of the freshly painted rental when she was four; the adventurous daughter asked which way north was, and was found by ne [...]

    7. Sara on said:

      I don't know why I keep reading these books; almost every character in them makes me irrationally angry and annoyed. I think, I just keep hoping that the mystery will be worth it -- sort of like Charlene Harris' books about a small Texas town. The mystery in this book wasn't too bad, actually - nothing special, nothing awful, but honestly the protagonist is so unlikeable, I'm incapable of cheering for her. Probably the most hilariously ironic part of the book was when the author makes this state [...]

    8. LJ on said:

      HOLY TERRORS - OkayDaheim - 3rd in Bed-and-Breadfast seriesCatering the annual pre-Easter brunch and egg hunt is a hare-raising hassle for Judith McManigle, hard-working hostess of the Hillside Manor. And this year's egg scramble gets particularly messy when the reclusive wife of a local scion is fatally perforated my a fiend dressed in a bunny suit. Never one to pass up a good murder, Judith solicits the help of her sometime-beau policeman Joe and her irrepressible Cousin Renie to get energized [...]

    9. Danielle on said:

      I have read the first books of this series and enjoyed them. This novel, however, was tedious. There were a lot of people to keep track of. I kept getting confused as to who was who. Additionally I was unclear on the ages of the previously mentioned group of people. Maybe the ages were mentioned in passing, but I don't recall. It was difficult to wrap my head around. The plot seemed good. Started out good, but then it fizzled. Though there was no outward disapproval of the gay couple, there were [...]

    10. Emily Davidson on said:

      I bought this book at a church rummage sale for a quarter, and that was a quarter which was wisely spent. It seems odd that a murder mystery could be considered hilarious, yet this one was. Also, although there are a lot of twists and turns and a large cast of characters, each person has a distinct personality, which makes them easier to keep track of. And, like all good murder mysteries, the clues the reader needs to solve the puzzle are right there in the textyou just have to be clever enough [...]

    11. Georgette on said:

      As with many of the Bed and Breakfast Series, this book is best read in order.d I am totally out of order and need to get back .spite this ,it was easy to get back into the wild and crazy lives surrounding Hillside Manor, Judith and her cousin Reenie who live on or near Heraldsgate Hill. This book #3 in the series is lots of fun, and easy to read, woven together around the Easter Holiday and the attendees of SOTS(Star of the Sea) Church, a murder and the usual whodunnit and the mayhem that follo [...]

    12. VJ on said:

      I have a love-hate relationship with these characters. The mysteries are well thought out with lots of red herrings and many different threads all woven in. I do like Judith, but I think she's a ninny sometimes! Joe alternately makes me adore him and detest him. Renie mostly makes me laugh. I still can't figure out why the characters keep the dumb cat around if they all despise him so much!!!In any case, this book had just enough twists and turns so that I didn't put everything together before t [...]

    13. Beth on said:

      Another in the series of what might be called "cozy" murder mysteries. Interesting, real characters with a continuation of their life stories and how the murder gets solved by their knowledge of the people involved and the background.Only strange thing is - how many people are around multiple murders in their lives? Now really. They are needed for the premise of the series butProbably will read more of these as they are an easy read with some thought involved to see where the story is going.

    14. Laura on said:

      I didn't like this book as well as the first one, but better than the second. Mary Daheim introduces so many "suspects" in each book that it is a bit confusing, and this one proved even more so, but in the end the murderer wasn't a total surprise (although I didn't really expect it.) The motive was a bit weak, but the banter and repeat characters of the book made a far fetched murder worth the read.

    15. Erika on said:

      The mystery was good, everything else not so much. Even taking into account setting, religion and time of writing, Judith is a ninny. Also, the overuse of last names on all the minor characters got tiresome by the end of the first chapter, let alone the end of the book. What kept it entertaining was Judith's interactions with Renie and Gertrude and the Duffy's secret pasts.

    16. Susan on said:

      The women in Star of the Sea parish gather to help with the annual Easter egg hunt, but all the gossip is about the recent death of a wealthy parishioner. Then a body is found, and Judith McGonigle learns that money was left to a mysterious woman. Judith is worried about the annulment request of her long-time love, Joe Flynn, but concentrates on finding a murderer.

    17. Chris on said:

      I have read several of this author's books and enjoy them as a quick read. You have Judith who is the owner of a B&B. Her cantankerous mother keeps her on her toes and her cousin Renie keeps her grounded. Her killed the wife of the heir of fortune after an Easter egg hunt at the church. Judith his helping her ex-flame Joe with the case.

    18. Diane Falvey on said:

      the Third installment of this great series. Feel like i'm really starting to get to know the main characters in the stories. Once again an intriguing murder mystery. Love the way all the pieces of the puzzle come together at the end.Each book leaves me eager to read the next.

    19. Glenn Harris on said:

      Innkeeper Judith McManigle has yet another murder mystery to solve while trying to keep her guests and her extremely cranky mother happy. As this series goes on, you can see Daheim getting the kind of control over her dialogue and materials that she later displayed so well in the Emma Lord series.

    20. Janet Robel on said:

      I really enjoy these bed and breakfast mysteries. Judith's mother Gertrude always has me in stitches. This is the third book in the series. I've already read the other two and plan on reading all of them in order.

    21. H.S. on said:

      It's been a while since I read this series and took several chapters to get into it.

    22. Michele on said:

      I started this series ages ago, but got right hack into it and really enjoyed it. just when you think there are no more skeletons inxanyone's closet, think again.

    23. Susan on said:

      Too many characters to keep the relationships straight. This series should be better than it is; I like the Emma Lord one much better.

    24. Dale Rosso on said:

      I really enjoy the Bed & Breakfast mysteries because they take place in Seattle where I grew up. Daheim is up to her usual standard with this entry in the series.

    25. Francesca on said:

      This series is my go-to for rainy days and cozy reads. It's not the best book in the series, but it is a fun, interesting read nonetheless.

    26. Debra McEathron on said:

      this is the third book in this series and it it is a quick fun readsetting up clues to figure out her done it.

    27. Rebecca on said:

      I enjoy this series.s quirky and I adore Judith and her mother they just crack me up that being said this one was a little off the wall.

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