The Boy Who Kicked Pigs

Tom Baker

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The Boy Who Kicked Pigs

The Boy Who Kicked Pigs This is the story of Robert Caligari a thoroughly evil year old who gets his kicks from kicking pigs After a humiliating episode with a bacon butty Robert realizes just how much he loathes the hum

  • Title: The Boy Who Kicked Pigs
  • Author: Tom Baker
  • ISBN: 9780571197712
  • Page: 471
  • Format: Hardcover
  • This is the story of Robert Caligari a thoroughly evil 13 year old who gets his kicks from kicking pigs After a humiliating episode with a bacon butty, Robert realizes just how much he loathes the human race and his revenge is truly terrible.

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      471 Tom Baker
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    One thought on “The Boy Who Kicked Pigs

    1. Aviendha on said:

      Tarantula, bilardo sopasıyla değiştirelecektir, örümcek -ismi Bluebottle- mükemmel durumdadır ve iyi bakılmıştır. Bilardo sopasına da aynı şekilde davranılmış olması gerekmektedir. Örümcek nazik davranılırsa çok sevecen olabilir. Sineklere tapar, yani pis bir ev tercih sebebidir ama zorunlu da değildir. "Yerel gazete ilanı"Kitap, 13 yaşında ki Robert Caligari'nin toplumun kurallarına aykırılık içeren saldırgan davranışlarını çeşitli öykülerle sunuyor. İl [...]

    2. Jim on said:

      I picked this book up a dozen times but never bought it. Thank God for Christmas and daughters. It's a grusome little work, a wonderful diversion. If this was all Tom Baker was remembered for then that wouldn't be a bad thing at all.

    3. Aslı Can on said:

      Çizimleri de anlatımı da çok eğlenceli. Beni en çok gülümseten ve hatta güldüren kitaplardan biri oldu.

    4. Larnacouerde SH on said:

      Lakin ne muazzam illüstrasyonlar ve açıklamaları!İlahi Robert, hiç gülesim yoktu. Üzülesim hele hiç.

    5. Nathan Johnson on said:

      Everything required to make a good book is here.Indeed, even most people giving low ratings agree that the narrative is excellent. Where most people find fault is in how very graphics and disturbing some of the imagery is.I would agree that midway through the book it goes down a very dark path. This is no light hearted satirical romp about a "naughty" boy. This is a story about a very demented child and where his devious actions lead him.I am on the fence about whether or not this is truly a chi [...]

    6. Kristina on said:

      Είχα πολλά χρόνια να ξαπλώσω με ένα βιβλίο και να χαχανίζω μέχρι να τελειώσει. Αυτό συμβαίνει όταν ένας Doctor Who αποφασίζει να γράψει ένα grotesque παραμυθάκι με υπέροχα illustrations απο τον David Roberts τα οποία μου θύμισαν τα βιβλία του Ρόαλντ Νταλ και τον μελαγχολικό θανάτο του Στρειδάκη

    7. Jon on said:

      I listened to the audiobook version of this very dark and twisted tale, which Tom Baker narrates himself with gruesome relish. Being of the age to fondly remember Baker's post-Doctor Who stints on British children's television with The Book Tower and Jackanory meant that any semblance of objectivity flew out of the window as soon as he began reading.To summarise: I thoroughly enjoyed this.The story itself would have been a solid four stars, but I do feel that Baker's narration of the audiobook e [...]

    8. Chryssa on said:

      The story itself was okay, although it did get pushed a bit too far in my opinion -- especially for a children's book, if it can really be regarded as such. Some of the jokes in it were okay too, for people who enjoy this kind of humor at least. Personally, I found a great number of them to be plain annoying or even kind of silly. All in all, an almost pleasant read, in large part due to the very interesting illustrations that accompany the story.

    9. Νικόλας Μάντζαρης on said:

      Ο εκδότης το χαρακτηρίζει με τον υπότιτλο «γκροτέσκο αριστούργημα». Μου θύμισε σενάριο για αρρωστημένο “B movie” ή comic. Aν τη βρίσκετε με κάτι τέτοια ίσως και να σας αρέσει. Δεν θα το πρότεινα. Μαθητικό χιούμορ (με λίγα καλά σημεία, στα σκίτσα) και γκροτέσκο για το γκροτέσκο.Διά [...]

    10. Lilly on said:

      Αν ξεκινήσουμε από τον τίτλο, ομολογουμένως είναι αρκετά πρωτότυπος. Όπως και το θέμα του βιβλίου: ένα αγόρι τα έχει βάλει με τον κόσμο, μισεί τους ανθρώπους και θέλει να τους εκδικηθεί με κάθε δυνατό τρόπο. Απλά έχει κάτι και με το χοιρινό, δεν μπορεί να αντισταθεί, πρέπει να [...]

    11. Sinem Akyıldız on said:

      Sadece domuzları mı? İnsanları, her şeyiNefretle beslenen bir çocuk ve hikayesi. Fakat farelere dikkat:)

    12. Use-your-imagination on said:

      While waiting for my train I was browsing through the bookstore and picked up this little book and sat down on their comfortable armchairs to read a few pages and didn’t get up until I finished it all (luckily still making it on time for my train). The cover of the book would indicate children’s book, although it’s far from it. The book can only be described as unsettling and grotesque, where things escalate pretty quickly into a gory tale. I also think the illustrations really do bring th [...]

    13. J.E. Remy on said:

      Tom Baker's autobiography was probably the most honestly introspective, intriguing, and amusing autobiography I've ever read. This short work of fiction is just as fantastic. The Boy Who Kicked Pigs is the story of a friendly, young sociopath, and it's an amazing dive into the grotesque. You can almost hear Baker's voice narrating, and the illustrations by David Roberts truly bring the characters to life.Baker has more side streets and cul-de-sacs in his writing than a Terry Pratchett footnote, [...]

    14. Godzilla on said:

      This was a very quick read, which was in turns beguiling, disturbing and thought provoking. The illustrations accompanying each page are wonderful, darkly complimenting the narrative.I'm not sure I'd class this as a children's book, as it is quite gruesome in places, yet it starts off with comments directed at the reader as if they were a child.The story fairly fizzes along, and the action isn't short in coming. There are some wonderfully dark comic moments which descend into quite an horrific f [...]

    15. Hattie on said:

      I'm not quite sure what to say.You certainly get what you're asking for, and the cover doesn't lie. It is gruesome. Especially the end. The majority of the book might be slightly morbid but there's a humour and light heartedness that gives you a little bravado - then all of a sudden that disappears and the book ends abruptly with a grotesque little end for our devil-of-a-protagonist. Nonetheless it's well written and really entertaining, with the right amount of satire and clever wordplay to kee [...]

    16. Gracie Langford on said:

      This book has great plot and twist at the end but I think it could have a bit more detail at the start of the book. Plus I think there was a little too much detail at the end of the story. Though I think there could have been more information about Frank Grice and how he met Boris.

    17. JUSTIN BLACKWELL on said:

      Kind of a Roald Dahl type story for older people adults and teensRobert what a nastey piece of work! very good narrative, amusing but also violent with graphic descriptions. I recommend this book and not just because Tom Baker is the greatest Dr Who but because its off the wall and weird.

    18. Michael Fletcher on said:

      I literally have no words that could adequately express what I thought of this book. I think I liked it though.

    19. Sky on said:

      A quick read, and despite of it being "dark and twisted," I enjoyed it. The story itself deserves four stars, but the illustrations for me were a five. I loved them.

    20. Francesca on said:

      Not one of my favourites but I liked the ending. And I liked the sarcastic, witty humour it had occasionally.

    21. K.C. David on said:

      I read this book one third of the way through before I dropped it. It was boring, jokes, or whatever this attempt at making them was, were not funny.

    22. Richard on said:

      Firstly, a confession. I am of an age where Tom Baker is *my* Doctor Who. And, at least in part I purchased this book because of it having been written by Tom Baker. But it sat on a bookshelf for a very long time, without ever having been read. And then one day my daughter, who is currently 8 years old picked it up and asked whether she could read it. I offered to read it myself first to check that it was suitable.Boy oh boy, am I glad I did!This is a very short book, only 124 pages in all, but [...]

    23. Lisa on said:

      I found this book in the library and debated several times on whether or not to take it out. I never did, but instead I had a day were I had three hours to spare and sat down in the library and read it.Thinking back on it, I'm pretty sure I recieved several weird stares off the librarians due to the fact that I occasionally made disgusted or shocked facial expressions while reading this.To me, this is what would have been written if Tim Burton had wrote Artemis Fowl (without all the magic, obvio [...]

    24. Harfendaz on said:

      "hepimiz biliyoruz ki polisler birilerini gülerken görmeyi sevmezler""seri ilanları tercih ederdi. Seri ilanları çok dikkatli inceliyordu çünkü ona, insanların akıllarından ne geçtiğinin iyi bir resmini çiziyordu bu ilanlar. Seri ilanlar her zaman, hatta dandik olanları bile, sözüm ona başyazılardan daha ilginçti. Seri ilanlar, bazen şifreli bir şekilde de olsa, insanların gerçekten ne düşündüğünü gösterir""gülmekten kramp girmiş ayaklarını gevşetmek için ye [...]

    25. Ana on said:

      Tom Baker e Tim Burton deviam ter um tête-a-tête. Porque o resultado ia ser francamente assustador na mesma medida que seria épico. Negro, muito negro, e por isso, profundamente britânico - com direito a piadas pythonescas e tão senseless que é impossível não sorrir com a história de um rapazote de 13 anosque por acaso é um sociopata de primeira categoria.Já estava a espera de uma coisa grotesca e full of horror, bem ao estilo de Burton. E não me enganei.Baker - que trabalhou nas obr [...]

    26. George K. on said:

      Από τα πιο κουφά βιβλία που έχω διαβάσει τα τελευταία χρόνια, σίγουρα πρόκειται για κάτι το ξεχωριστό που δεν το ξεχνάς εύκολα. Όλοι έχετε μια ιδέα γι'αυτή την γκροτέσκα, νοσηρή ιστορία. Πρωταγωνιστής είναι ο 13χρονος Ρόμπερτ Καλιγκάρι, ένας πραγματικά μοχθηρός έφηβος. Στην [...]

    27. Rachel Brand on said:

      While I loved the style of writing and the social commentary in this book, it was incredibly disturbing! I started out really enjoying the amusing narration about a strange little boy, but it became darker as the story progressed. At only 124 pages, this is a quick read, which makes the change from a bizarre tale into a rather frightening and gruesome one all the more sudden. Not only was I disturbed by the insight into the warped mind of Robert but also by the grisly descriptions of the outcome [...]

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