Death of a Prankster

M.C. Beaton

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Death of a Prankster

Death of a Prankster When Hamish Macbeth hears that there has been a murder at the home of the practical joker Arthur Trent he doesn t race to the scene of the crime The last time he was called to investigate a death at

  • Title: Death of a Prankster
  • Author: M.C. Beaton
  • ISBN: 9780553409697
  • Page: 251
  • Format: Paperback
  • When Hamish Macbeth hears that there has been a murder at the home of the practical joker Arthur Trent, he doesn t race to the scene of the crime The last time he was called to investigate a death at the manor, the victim turned out to be a manservant covered in fake blood Ready for another prank, Hamish arrives to find Trent most decidedly dead.

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    One thought on “Death of a Prankster

    1. Una Tiers on said:

      This plot reeks of one in the Agatha Raison series. A nasty person lures the relatives to his remote but opulent castle and someone murders them. The characters are pretty much despicable. Hamish is very much in the background.

    2. JulieDurnell on said:

      Oh Hamish what a card you are! This was a miserable lot for characters/suspects but our beloved Constable Hamish ferrets out their secrets with a little help from the inimitable Miss Pricilla! This was a great manor house mystery with the requisite blizzard giving a proper backdrop. The ending had me chuckling out loud! On to book 8.

    3. Suzanne on said:

      I love this series. The only people who are ever knocked off heartily deserve it. Obnoxious, rude, vile people better watch out; they're going to get murdered. And in a perfect world, shouldn't that be how it is?!?Another great installment in the series - I thoroughly enjoyed it.

    4. Zoey on said:

      Enjoyable cosy mystery set in the Scottish Highlands. No.7 in the Hamish Macbeth series. Brilliant narration (as always) by Davina Porter

    5. Thezoo232 on said:

      I recommend reading these in order of release. I really enjoyed the whole MC Beaton series of Hamish. He's like Andy Griffith of Scotland.There's a dog and everything!

    6. Greg on said:

      "What a cheeky writer is Beaton" Austin Powers would no doubt say. When Beaton gives us a bloody murder, she serves us a dinner of lamb chops with red currant jelly. While Macbeth's heavy Scottish accent gives us "verra" instead of "very", Beaton types "saracasm" instead of "sarcasm". And as an ode to Dame Agatha Christie, the master of the "cozy country house murder mystery", Beaton places us in a 14th century manor house, then she snows us in and cuts the phone lines (careless of the fact that [...]

    7. Jerry B on said:

      We've read two of Beaton's more recent "Death of" set, featuring village cop, Scot Hamish Macbeth - and generally enjoyed rather charming stories with slightly more crime solving and suspense than a typical "cozy". "Prankster", one of the early novels in the series, unfortunately came up short -- short on pages (just 151), short on mystery, and maybe worst of all, short on charm. The plot is little more than a game of Clue. An old man known life-long as a practical jokester, summons the family t [...]

    8. The Flooze on said:

      *3.5*Another death of someone we can't possibly be sad for. Another chancey Gather the Suspects in the Library reveal from Hamish. I sincerely hope Hamish comes to his senses and doesn't use such dramatics again in confronting the murderer. It's one thing when he has proof. It's another when he's working off of a theory (strong as it may be). Staging the confrontation seems far too theatrical for our sensible Hamish - though I can give him a little leniency when Blair's treatment of him is taken [...]

    9. Vanet Jensen on said:

      I usually love, love, M.C. Beaton's Hamish Macbeth Mysteries. But this one didn't press my five star button. Probably because of the relentless prankster. That being said, I really enjoy Hamish even when he is so thick headed in relationships. An honorable man - mostly.

    10. Michelle Harvey on said:

      I bought the first ten books from the Book People for £9.99 and wasn't expecting much but loved the whole set.

    11. Kim on said:

      Another Hamish Macbeth tale- I love these as they are easy to devour in a sitting!

    12. Sue Smith on said:

      Geez, I needed this wee book. After enduring a historical biography that was as dry as toast I really needed a book that gets you into it quickly and is complete fluff. Fast read with a classic who-dunnit that keeps you guessing till the end, this book was just the ticket. Certainly didn't end the way I thought it might, which is all to the better!

    13. An Odd1 on said:

      Scottish Highland constable Hamish Macbeth is snowed in with a family long subjected to cruel pranks by the millionaire patriarch. Someone, could be a servant or sweetheart, finally cracks, and stabs their torturer. One wife pays the servants to clean up the evidence. Lovely Priscilla drives Hamish to Perth for background on the adopted son and search for answers. The first date of scientist Melissa and her fickle imagination, tempted by wealth, occupy overly many pages. Only silly luck leads to [...]

    14. Andrew on said:

      I really enjoyed this book in the Hamish Macbeth series, which are always funny and quirky. In this one you saw the murder coming, but there were so many potential suspects it was difficult to decide who the murderer was and why. A very intriguing storyline despite being quite a short book (204 pages). It was also interesting to see the relationship (?), if that is the right word, between Hamish and Priscilla, and particularly to see jealousy rear it's head! I look forward to the next book in th [...]

    15. LJ on said:

      DEATH OF A PRANKSTER - GBeaton, M.C. - 7th in seriesWhen Constable Hamish Macbeth receives news that there has been a murder at the home of the practical joker Arthur Trent, he prepares himself for another prank. But on arrival Macbeth finds Trent most decidedly dead, and a houseful of greedy relations all interested in the contents of the will.Another light, fun book in the series. What keep me coming back are the characters.

    16. Terri on said:

      A Snowstorm. An old secluded mansion. An annoying old man who plays mean pranks on everyone around him. Throw in lots of money, and you know someone is gloing to kill him. And this house is full of suspects. Hamish has to sort through it all to solve the case. A really enjoyable mystery and I really didnt see where it was going to one clue was dropped and then it all started coming together in a very satisfying way

    17. Kelsey Hanson on said:

      I liked this one a lot because for the first time Hamish and Priscilla were able to work on a case without having to spend too much time focusing on their complicated relationship. On fact, this one tones down the backstories quite a bit so you can actually focus on the mystery, which is pretty good. This was a good recovery from the previous novel.

    18. Jammin Jenny on said:

      I love Hamish Macbeth. In this story, Andrew Trent, known for his practical jokes, is murdered. Hamish's old flame, Priscilla, tries to help out in the investigation. Hamish uses all his powers to figure out who did the crime, and catches the criminal. MC Beaton's characters are great and full of life (until they're murdered).

    19. Selah Pike on said:

      I skipped a few books because of what my library had available in eaudio format. As far as I can tell, the only major event I missed was Priscilla's family starting a hotel. The mystery was decent but Hamish was kind of in the background, similar to book #1.

    20. Russ Cross on said:

      I enjoyed this book very much. Very entertaining, interesting characters, and a nice little twist at the end. I'll keep my eyes open for more from this author.

    21. Mandy on said:

      Brilliant easy read. Another of my challenges from 12 Book challenge completed woohoo

    22. Lisa-Jaine on said:

      You know what to expect with Hamish MacBeth books, a crowd of people, a murder and a nice little mystery as Hamish works to solve the crime. I love these books and this one did not disappoint.

    23. Alison on said:

      I like the fact that it's always the unpleasant person that is killed! And I like the fact that Hamish is satisfied with his life.

    24. Michael Tildsley on said:

      I didn't like this book as much as I wanted to. I was in the mood for a good mystery story, but this just didn't trip my trigger. I liked the set up for the story. An old, rich man with a pension for pranks in bad taste has called all of his relatives to his house because he is supposedly close to death. When they get there, he just pranks them some more for days on enduntil he himself winds up dead with a knife in his chest.A good start, but not realized into a story that I could enjoy. I didn' [...]

    25. Denise on said:

      I go to this series as a break between more intense reads. I love the simplicity and how the plot and character's carry me along. Hamish's easy going style gives him the edge again as he is underestimated by everyone except Priscilla (who still unknowingly has his heart). This time, the death is a wealthy old prankster. All of his visiting relatives are focused on who will inherit his money. Added to the mix of relatives is a young, punkish, woman who has arrived escorting a the nerdy grandson. [...]

    26. Berry Muhl on said:

      Less Harry Bosch than Miss Marple.Perhaps intended for a more mature, mannered audience. There was some black comedy, but it was mildly amusing at best, most of the time. This wasn't a detective story of the kind I'm used to reading. It was more about relationships and conversations than procedures and clues. The mystery is solved not by analyzing evidence but by talking to people. Talking, talking, and talking. Not a lot of suspense, and no real action. I found it hard to get into, and kept put [...]

    27. Anastassia Dyubkova on said:

      После не очень понравившейся мне предыдущей книги серии от этой я не ожидала ничего особенного, скорее, просто очень нужен был детектив, чтобы у меня перестала ехать крыша от "Осени патриарха". Книга с задачей справилась, крыша остановилась, а я в целом получила удовольстви [...]

    28. Peter Barr on said:

      In this story, Scottish Constable Hamish Macbeth is assigned to the area of another while that person is on vacation. In a nearby castle, the lord of the manor has brought all of his relatives home with the lie that he is dying and his money will be divided. A horrible practical joker, it is a lie. But he is soon murdered and Hamish Macbeth is called in to solve a murder where everyone has a motive. This is a good tale of old wounds and lifelong resentments.

    29. Gypsi on said:

      Hamish MacBeth investigates the murder of a hated practical joker where all the family is suspect. This was a fun mystery, but yet another one where the key information isn't available to the reader all along. I continue with this series, even though I'm never really impressed with them, because I do enjoy MacBeth's character and Beaton's lighthearted style.

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