The Library at Night

Alberto Manguel

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The Library at Night

The Library at Night Inspired by the process of creating a library for his fifteenth century home near the Loire in France Alberto Manguel the acclaimed writer on books and reading has taken up the subject of librarie

  • Title: The Library at Night
  • Author: Alberto Manguel
  • ISBN: 9780300151305
  • Page: 498
  • Format: Paperback
  • Inspired by the process of creating a library for his fifteenth century home near the Loire, in France, Alberto Manguel, the acclaimed writer on books and reading, has taken up the subject of libraries Libraries, he says, have always seemed to me pleasantly mad places, and for as long as I can remember I ve been seduced by their labyrinthine logic In this personal, dInspired by the process of creating a library for his fifteenth century home near the Loire, in France, Alberto Manguel, the acclaimed writer on books and reading, has taken up the subject of libraries Libraries, he says, have always seemed to me pleasantly mad places, and for as long as I can remember I ve been seduced by their labyrinthine logic In this personal, deliberately unsystematic, and wide ranging book, he offers a captivating meditation on the meaning of libraries Manguel, a guide of irrepressible enthusiasm, conducts a unique library tour that extends from his childhood bookshelves to the complete libraries of the Internet, from Ancient Egypt and Greece to the Arab world, from China and Rome to Google He ponders the doomed library of Alexandria as well as the personal libraries of Charles Dickens, Jorge Luis Borges, and others He recounts stories of people who have struggled against tyranny to preserve freedom of thought the Polish librarian who smuggled books to safety as the Nazis began their destruction of Jewish libraries the Afghani bookseller who kept his store open through decades of unrest Oral memory libraries kept alive by prisoners, libraries of banned books, the imaginary library of Count Dracula, the library of books never written Manguel illuminates the mysteries of libraries as no other writer could With scores of wonderful images throughout, The Library at Night is a fascinating voyage through Manguel s mind, memory, and vast knowledge of books and civilizations.

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      498 Alberto Manguel
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    One thought on “The Library at Night

    1. Jeffrey Keeten on said:

      ”When evening comes,” he wrote, “I return home and go into my study. On the threshold I strip off my muddy, sweaty, workday clothes, and put on the robes of court and palace, and in this graver dress I enter the antique courts of the ancients and am welcomed by them, and there I taste the food that alone is mine, for which I was born. There I make bold to speak to them and ask the motives for their actions, and they, in their humanity reply to me. And for the course of four hours I forget [...]

    2. Huda Yahya on said:

      كلّ واحد من كتبي هربإمّا من النار أو الماء أو غبار الزمن أو من القراء المهملين أو يد الرقيب وأتى إلى هنا كي يحكي لي قصّتهــــــــــــــــــــكل واحد من كتبي له قصة وكلها تحكي رحلتي المتواضعة مع القراءةكلها تعبر عني وعن حقيقتيشغفي ،، تدرجي في معرفة الكتب المفيدة ،، آثار مراه [...]

    3. Kris on said:

      Alberto Manguel understands you.He knows that you look at your shelves at night, remembering a favorite passage, or how you acquired a book, as your gaze moves across titles on spines in the moonlight.He sympathizes with your attempts to figure out new ways to organize your books, a task that becomes more urgent and, at the same time, more impossible as time passes and your collection grows outside the spatial boundaries of your shelves, or perhaps even of your home. He understands your frustrat [...]

    4. BlackOxford on said:

      Paradise in Danger The Library at Night is my Bible, Quran and Vedic guide on the aesthetics of this somewhat odd institution called the library. Odd because the concept of a warehouse filled with printed volumes available for general consultation is a rather late development in European civilisation, and odd because it is a concept that seems to have run its course as that civilisation becomes more technological. For this latter reason alone Manguel's aesthetic observations are critical: someth [...]

    5. karen on said:

      hey, what did you guys do on your friday night? get drunk? get laid? spend a quiet evening with friends? see a fillum??me? oh, i just sat at home, nursing a sore back with painkillers, and decided to let my thoughts about cloud atlas percolate a little before writing a review for it, and decided to play a little booknerd game with myself. as part of my new year's resolution to finally get around to reviewing all the books on my "favorites" shelf, i scrolled through all of 'em until i came to the [...]

    6. Riku Sayuj on said:

      Dreaming The Perfect LIBRARYThe Quest & The QuestionThe starting point, Manguel says is a question. Few today can doubt that the main features of our universe are its dearth of meaning and lack of discernible purpose.And yet, with bewildering optimism, we continue to assemble whatever scraps of information we can gather in scrolls and books and computer chips, on shelf after library shelf, whether material, virtual or otherwise, pathetically intent on lending the world a semblance of sense a [...]

    7. Algernon on said:

      This is the best book to finish the year with.I have read many great novels this year, but of all of them this last one has become a true friend, one I hope will remain by my bedside, to comfort and inspire me when darkness rules outside my shelter.Review to follow. Until then, here's a few of the many quotes I saved : But at night, when the library lamps are lit, the outside world disappears and nothing but this space of books remains in existence. To someone standing outside, in the garden, th [...]

    8. Forrest on said:

      I once dreamt an entire novel. It was brilliant - a mystery replete with private eyes, conniving crooks, and a plot line convoluted by betrayals and double-agentry galore. It was vivid. I woke up wondering where I was, which almost never happens, groggy and disoriented. It was difficult to gauge my place in reality. This dream had really enveloped my mind. I got out of bed and looked for a notebook so that I could take notes, but as I did so, the memory of the dream collapsed in on itself like a [...]

    9. Lynne King on said:

      The library in which I have at long last collected my books began life as a barn sometime in the fifteen century, perched on a small hill south of the Loire. Here, in the last years before the Christian era, the Romans erected a temple to Dionysus to honour the god of this wine-producing area; twelve centuries later, a Christian church replaced the god of drunken ecstasy with the god who turned his blood into wine… .What a splendid beginning to a book about libraries. But Alberto Mangruel now [...]

    10. ايمان on said:

      بعد قراءة هذا الكتاب فكل منا سيرى مكتبته بشكل مغاير و سيجري بينه و بين كتبه حوار من نوع آخر فيه من الشكر الكثير و من الاستفسارات الكثير عن كل ذكرى رافقت كتابا ما و عن التفاصيل الصغيرة التي يضمها نفَس كل كتابكتاب جعل منه البرتو مانغيل موسوعة مصغرة لأهم المكاتب في العالم لكن بشك [...]

    11. فهد الفهد on said:

      المكتبة في الليل لم أفهم حتى الآن كيف يمكن للكتٌاب الكتابة عن كل شيء، ثم لا يكتبون عن الكتب ذاتها، عن ما ينتجونه، عن ما يربطنا بهم حقاً، لكل مؤلف قصة مع الكتب، كيف يقرؤها ! وكيف يكتبها ! ولكنهم للأسف قليلاً ما يكتبون عن هذا، يتركون هذه المهمة لمن سيكتبون سيرتهم فيما بعد عندما ي [...]

    12. Greg on said:

      For anyone who loves books and reading this book will probably be delightful. I'm pretty sure that except for the intricacies of cataloging books (and how to be king of the file clerks in a company, something I'm going to forget I ever had the misfortune to learn as soon as the class is over, so we'll ignore that) everything I've learned in my 3 semesters of Library School is in this book, and generally presented in a much more enjoyable manner than any of the things I've been required to read s [...]

    13. Teresa Proença on said:

      " não busco nenhuma revelação, pois tudo o que me é dito é necessariamente limitado pelo que sou capaz de ouvir e entender. Nem busco conhecimento além daquele que, de algum modo secreto, já possuo. Nem iluminação, a que não posso razoavelmente aspirar. Nem experiência, pois, em última instância, só posso ter consciência do que já está dentro de mim. Então que procuro eu no fim da história da minha biblioteca?Consolação, talvez. Talvez consolação."Sempre que ouço falar de [...]

    14. Lyn Elliott on said:

      Alberto Manguel has created a life space for himself in which he can read, muse on reading and books and write about them to share his musings. Libraries are complex beings. Most of us have our own collections of books, but would we call them libraries? Manguel can, he has built a large room specifically to house his collection, and where he likes to read at night, in a carefully contrived pool of light, surrounded by shadows and books. But if you're like us, we have books in unmatched shelves i [...]

    15. بثينة العيسى on said:

      كتاب ساحر وعالمه قريب من القلب.

    16. Hameed Younis on said:

      الكتاب مضر للجيب بصورة رهيبة، فما ان تقرأه حتى تصاب بوسواس شرائي مبالغ به لجميع الكتب الموجودة في العالملذا اقتضى التنويه

    17. Paul Secor on said:

      P. 72 - "To compensate for the deficient planning of the new main San Francisco Public Library, in which the architect had not allowed for a sufficiently large amount of shelving space, the administrators pulled hundreds of thousands (my italics) of books from the library's hold and sent them to a landfill. Since books were selected for destruction on the basis of the length of time they had sat unrequested, in order to save as many books as possible, heroic librarians crept into the stacks at n [...]

    18. Jenny (Reading Envy) on said:

      Great book although not a lot of new things if you've read any history of libraries. I was reminded of a book that brought me to tears - A Universal History of the Destruction of Books: From Ancient Sumer to Modern-Day Iraq - although Manguel also looks at positive events in book and library history. He also talks about building his own library. The book is organized by topic - library at night, library as space, library as power - I found these topics to be more accessible than a typical histor [...]

    19. Adam Floridia on said:

      This is a book I'm tempted to add to my "Favorites" list, an honor even more prestigious than my "5-star-books" list. It's not that I don't have a few complaints about the book, but this may just have been the perfect book at the perfect time for me. Recently, Life (new job, new baby mainly) has been inhibiting my regular-reading and, dare I say, my ability to become absorbed in a good book, all of which has caused my book-a-week pace to fall to a pathetic book-or-two-a-month pace. That is why I [...]

    20. Chris on said:

      The greatest thing about any online site or program that allows a reader to create virtual shelves for books is that it allows the reader to create virtual shelves for books. If you have a library, a private library, than you know the contrasting feeling of joy of rearranging the books but also the terror of doing it. But you also know the joy of being surrounded by your books. This is a book about books en masse for people who own them in masse. If you have two books, this is not the book for y [...]

    21. Mahak on said:

      It is imperative that I state you should dismiss my ratings when it comes to Manguel. It is personal as I find myself largely inept at comprehending the various references he makes. His knowledge is impressive and powerful and his understanding of literature infused with history even more so. With him, I have to research on the net as well but that's something I don't mind putting an effort into because this man doesn't ramble pompously about. Alberto Manguel delivers:-"The power of readers lies [...]

    22. طَيْف on said:

      "في الليل يتغيّر الجوّ وتصبح الأصوات مكتومة والأفكار يصير صوتها أعلى. الوقت يبدو أقرب إلى تلك اللحظة في منتصف الطريق بين اليقظة والنوم. بِرَك الضوء التي تتسرّب من المصابيح تشعرني بالدفء. وفي رائحة الرفوف الخشبية وعطر المسك المنبعث من الأغلفة الجلدية ما يكفي لتهدئة الأعصاب و [...]

    23. Nahed.E on said:

      اللقاء الثالث مع البرتو مانغويل هذا المثقف العاشق للكتب مثلنا مانغويل تبهرني دائما ثقافته العالية ومعلوماته الكثيرة ورحلاته المتنوعة واحسده كثيرا علي ما عاصره وشاهده وما صادفه في حياته من مشاهير تقابل معهم ودخل منازلهم وقرأ في مكتباتهم الخاصة ، وشاهدهم بعينيه يتجولون و [...]

    24. Hidaya HK on said:

      ثاني كتاب أقرأه لألبرتو مانغويل.أول كتاب كان مدينة الكلمات وامتنعت عن تقييمه لأني شعرت أنني يجب أن أعيد قراءته عندما أكون قد طوّرت مستوى قراءتي في المستقبل إن شاء الله.والحال تقريباً نفسه مع هذا الكتاب، لأنه أيضاً يعتبر للقراء المحترفين والخائضين عميقاً وبعيداً في رفوف الك [...]

    25. Yousra on said:

      من حين لآخر أحب أن أبتعد عن عالم الروايات والقصص الخيالي وأبحث عن السحر في كتب أخرى وأركز على سحر المعرفة والإكتشاف وياله من سحر هذا الذي يحتويه هذا الكتاب ! عالم يحيا بداخل كل قاريء . هذا الكتاب عن المكتبات والكتب عن الشغف بهما منذ قديم الأزل الكتاب يتتبع تاريخ المكتبات وبال [...]

    26. Okbah on said:

      ألبرتو مانغويل مجددا وقصة عشق أخرى مع الكتب والمكتبات وغوص لا متناه في هذه العوالم السحرية وكعدد من كتب مانغويل الأخرى لا نستطيع تصنيف هذا الكتاب ضمن سياق أدبي محدد بل هو مزيج من العواطف والمعرفة والخيال والقصص بأسلوب يخاطب به مانغويل القلب أكثر من العقل وان لم يغفل عن الآخر [...]

    27. Jeff on said:

      I found this book while browsing on and was immediately entranced by Manguel's opeing chapter in which he describes his personal library. He has converted a 15th century barn in the French countryside into a home for his books. Wow! How cool is that? For me, this is a dangerous book, as it gets me thinking"Maybe someday I can buy a hobby farm in the picturesque rolling hills of the Wisconsin country side, convert the barn into a library, and spend hours in retirement exploring the depths of my [...]

    28. فاتن on said:

      مازال ألبرتو مثل كتابه السابق (تاريخ القراءة) يستحضر التاريخ ، وإن كان في كتابه هذا قد انطلق من تاريخه الخاص وتجربته الشخصية إلى التاريخ العام للحضارات كلها،، ويشهد هذا الكتاب حضور شخصيات الحضارة الإسلامية أكثر من كتابه السابق.

    29. Quiver on said:

      Every library both embraces and rejects. Every library is by definition the result of choice, and necessarily limited in its scope. And every choice excludes another, the choice not made. The act of reading parallels endlessly the act of censorship.A versatile book, brimming with ideas and references. Can be read straight through, or dipped into, chapter by chapter, according to inclination. Each chapter approaches the notion of "library" from a different angle: The Library as Order, The Library [...]

    30. Alyazi on said:

      " الكتب هي أفضل ما نملك في الحياة ، إنها خلودنا " حين ينتهي كتاب ما بهذه العبارة ، فإنكَ بحاجة لتروهل نحو مكتبتك و تحتضن كل كتاب فيها ، تخبره كم تحبه ، وكم أنتَ ممتن لوجوده ، و أنك ستقرأه حتماً ، أو ستعيد قرائته ، يخبرنا مانغويل في كتابه ما تعنيه المكتبة للقراء ، فهي ليست مجرد أرف [...]

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