The Hunt Club

John Lescroart

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The Hunt Club

The Hunt Club When the rules of the hunt don t apply A federal judge is murdered found shot to death in his home together with the body of his mistress The crime grips San Francisco To homicide inspector Devin Ju

  • Title: The Hunt Club
  • Author: John Lescroart
  • ISBN: 9780451220103
  • Page: 193
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • When the rules of the hunt don t apply .A federal judge is murdered, found shot to death in his home together with the body of his mistress The crime grips San Francisco To homicide inspector Devin Juhle, it looks at first like a simple case of a wife s jealousy and rage But Juhle s investigation reveals that the judge had powerful enemies some of whom may havWhen the rules of the hunt don t apply .A federal judge is murdered, found shot to death in his home together with the body of his mistress The crime grips San Francisco To homicide inspector Devin Juhle, it looks at first like a simple case of a wife s jealousy and rage But Juhle s investigation reveals that the judge had powerful enemies some of whom may have been willing to kill to prevent him from meddling in their affairs.Meanwhile, private investigator Wyatt Hunt, Juhle s best friend, finds himself smitten with the beautiful and enigmatic Andrea Parisi A lawyer who recently has become a celebrity as a commentator on Trial TV, Andrea has star power in spades, and seems bound for a national anchor job in New York City Until Juhle discovers that Andrea, too, had a connection to the judge, along with a client that had everything to gain from the judge s death.And then she suddenly disappears Andrea becomes Juhle s prime suspect Wyatt Hunt thinks she may be a kidnap victim, or worse another murder victim And far than that, she s someone with whom he believes he may have a future.As the search for Andrea intensifies, Hunt gathers a loose band of friends and associates willing to bend and even break the rules, leading to a chilling confrontation from which none of them might escape.

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      193 John Lescroart
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    One thought on “The Hunt Club

    1. J.S. Bailey on said:

      This book has so many characters that I was often confused about who was who. The mystery itself was intriguing, however.

    2. Johnny on said:

      As a reader hooked on the Dismas Hardy series of mystery novels by John Lescroart, I was initially disappointed to realize I had picked up the first Wyatt Hunt novel. As I began to assimilate the character background of the new protagonist, I was glad that I had picked up this novel. I realize that Lescroart’s efforts with this cast of characters since The Hunt Club hasn’t met with critical acclaim, but I enjoyed this one and believe I will read further into the series.I like The Hunt Club f [...]

    3. Carol on said:

      Soooo very close to being 4-star worthy yet, a few too many unrealistic statements and situations changed my "I'm enthralled" opinion to "seriously, you've got to be kidding!" Intriguing first half, then most semblances of reality left the building. Don't mind a tad of creative leeway, but too much is . too much. After such a solid, believable beginning, the storyline disappointedly crumbled ~ so don't pee on my leg and tell me its raining!Rather enjoyed about 75% of the plot; Lescroart is certa [...]

    4. Lynn Pribus on said:

      Introducing Wyatt Hunt, a new character, but with many recurring characters from Glitsky and Hardy novels. Typical complex plot and entertaining with its mention of many streets in SF that I'm familiar with -- lived near Sacramento for more than 25 years and often visited.Book also spends time in the Napa Valley including a visit to Meadowood, a resort we overnighted at once, mentioning their gorgeous croquet court with tiny well-behaved grass. (One is requested to wear white when playing.)The H [...]

    5. Carol on said:

      The Hunt Club by John Lescroart (pronounced less-kwah)Wyatt Hunt Series Book #14.5★'sFrom The Book: At first, "The Hunt Club" had a membership of one: private investigator Wyatt Hunt. Since then, others have joined with a common interest in obtaining justice. One member, inspector Devin Juhle, has just caught a major case: the shooting of a sixty-three-year old federal judge and his twenty something mistress While Juhle works, Hunt plays, hooking up with TV star and legal analyst Andrea Parisi [...]

    6. LJ on said:

      THE HUNT CLUB (Private Investigator-San Francisco-Cont) – GLescroart, John – StandaloneDutton, 2006- Hardcover***Wyatt Hunt began his career with Child Protective Services but has moved on to private investigation. A federal judge and a young woman have been murdered at the judge’s home. A beautiful journalist, Andrea Parisi, in whom Wyatt is interested, has disappeared. Who is the dead woman, what is the motive and where is Andrea. Wyatt and members of his team, The Hunt Club, are determi [...]

    7. Bonnie on said:

      Probably my rating should fall between 3 and 4 stars. I did enjoy this book and plan to read more by this author. The plot was interesting and the resolution was satisfying. There was very little objectionable about it. Though I did wince a bit in Mr. Lescroart's depiction of Mr. Juhle's Mormon partner. But there are jerks in every religion or political group.My problem with the book was with the main character of Wyatt Hunt. I really liked Mr. Lescroart's depiction of his days with CPS. I thoug [...]

    8. Joe on said:

      I found this tough going, decent start but plot was very limited and a little boring / too long winded. This was not one of Mr Lescroarts better efforts

    9. Freda Witt on said:

      like his style of writing. Funny, and serious when he needs to be. Will finish the series.

    10. Mary Ann on said:

      This was a good read - as John Lescroart's books are. I love his down to earth characters and having lived in the Bay Area for 7 years 39 years ago, I love the locale's :) I do find it too drawn out, especially at the end and have to fast forward to see what's to be. I will say - I put notes to myself in the book guessing who done it (I read only Kindle books nowadays) and I was never right! This is a great writer who can do this to me, as usually I am right on with guessing. I miss the original [...]

    11. June on said:

      I have been anxious to read a book by this author since hearing him speak at a scholarship fundraiser at his former high school. (He and Bob Dugoni, both authors and alums spoke.)I was not disappointed and would give this book 3-4 stars. I read the kindle version. The author is from the San Francisco Peninsula and the story took place in SF and surroundings. It was great to read a book where the locations were accurate and travel times between cities were realistic!Smart crime story, not predict [...]

    12. Jeanette Scrimshaw on said:

      Enjoyed the book enough to order the next in the series. Have read Lescroat before but all have been stand-alone novels. Now I'm hooked on a new protagonist which has joined the many others I MUST follow.Good reading and enough suspense to keep me up 'til after my bedtime to finish it.

    13. Barbara on said:

      Though I love the Lescroart Dismas Hardy series, this focus on some of the supporting characters from that series seemed a bit off. There were: too many characters floating in and out, and the writing was not up to the usual level.

    14. Terri Floccare on said:

      I liked Wyatt Hunt and the group he's gathered and calls The Hunt Club. They are clever and dedicated, and from a variety of law and order related professions. Wyatt Hunt is the heart of this group and I thought the book was at it's best when Wyatt was front and center.

    15. Connie on said:

      One thing I am sure of after reading this book is that I want Hunt for a friend. He just doesn't give up. Sometimes to the point of being annoying but he gets results. I liked it enough to put the next one in the series on my list to see if it will be a new author for me to invest in.

    16. Sarah Ehinger on said:

      I enjoyed this introduction to wyatt and the rest off the hunt club. solid initial outing

    17. john nugent on said:

      Loved itOne of my favorite authors. An earlier work for sure, but an insight into Waytt Hunt's beginnings. Highly recommended for mystery and action fans.

    18. Doug Clark on said:

      John Lescroart's new series starts with a bang. After a short preliminary section on the main character, Wyatt Hunt, giving us some of his background, the novel opens with the murders of a federal court judge and a young woman in her early 20's. They are found shot to death in his home. The crime seems to have no relevance to Wyatt Hunt, a San Francisco private investigator, until one night. He takes a very drunk Andrea Parisi, a well-known lawyer, to his home to sleep it off. Ms. Parisi is not [...]

    19. Carl R. on said:

      I haven’t read a Lescroart for a long time, though I was avid for a while. No record, in fact, that I’ve picked one of his SF-based novels since I started my website, Writer Working, 2006. The other day, I saw an ad for The Hunter and knew it was time to return. I heard the guy speak once at Squaw Valley (He lives in Davis) and was bothered by the fact that he deprecated his works as [my paraphrase) action-driven, glossy-cover airplane books. Or something to that effect. I think they’re co [...]

    20. Mark Soone on said:

      I would go 3.5 stars if that option existed, and I came a hair from going 4 stars. This was a quality beginning to a new series, by Lescroart that incorporates some characters from his Dismas Hardy series including dis himself. I found the beginning just a little bit slow to get started and for me to piece togetherSome of that may be my fault and not the authors as I usually like to finish a book in a day or two at the most and had to spend 4 and half on this one, due to time. The disjointed rea [...]

    21. Laura Rittenhouse on said:

      I liked this book. It's a well-paced mystery but it isn't a slave to that pace. It gives a lot of really good background on the protagonist before the core drama even starts. This is done without distracting the reader, because the background is interesting in itself. The fact that this is billed as the first in a series, probably explains the extra time spent on fleshing out the hero.All the characters are very believable and totally realistic. What I appreciated was that the hero isn't the onl [...]

    22. Susan on said:

      The Hunt Club by John Lescroart is the first book of the Wyatt Hunt mystery series set in contemporary San Francisco. Currently a private investigator with his own business, Wyatt Hunt has many contacts from his wide variety of professional experience. Among his best friends are a homicide detective, a prosecutor and a defense attorney. Wyatt is of great assistance to his friends "within the law, outside the system" - when they need results faster than the bureaucracy can handle. When a federal [...]

    23. Sherri on said:

      This is the 2nd book by Lescroart that I have read and I really enjoyed this. From the moment that I started, until I finished, I was hooked was very hard to put this down. I loved the characters and the author seemed to know what he was talking about. At the start of the novel, the main character worked for child protective services and I was impressed with how accurate the description of the job and atmosphere was. I spent a number of years working at The Department of Human Services in Maine [...]

    24. Mike Barker on said:

      This was a fine book. I've read a few of Lescroart's books now and kind of like how he has hooked several together. Hooked together not by a single protagonist though, but by a rather large group of folks. Each of the books I have read have included the same large coterie of folks, but each individual book has focused on one or two individuals from the larger group. So while some of the folks are familiar, the books are not cookie-cutter similar, weighed down by a single lead character, no matte [...]

    25. Davisburns on said:

      Library audiobook. Don't have the first disk so haven't read it yetThe Hunt Club introduces a new Lescroart's character…Wyatt Hunt.A federal judge is murdered, found shot to death in his home —together with the body of his mistress. Homicide inspector Devin Juhle's investigation reveals that the judge had powerful enemies . . . some of whom may have been willing to kill to prevent him from meddling in their affairs.Meanwhile, private investigator Wyatt Hunt, Juhle’s best friend, finds hims [...]

    26. Linda on said:

      Wyatt Hunt, having lost his job with Child Protection Services for refusing to be bribed, has decided to channel his skills in another direction. He opens The Hunt Club, not to ride to hounds, but to do private investigations. His high school pal, Dev Juhle, is a cop, and is now working on the murder of a federal judge and his mistress. Wyatt has recently hooked up with TV lawyer Andrea Parisi, and when she goes missing, it seems her disappearance may be linked with the murder case. But when Juh [...]

    27. Thomas on said:

      First time reading one of Mr Lescroarts books. Will add him to my list in the future

    28. Carl Alves on said:

      In The Hunt Club, John Lescroat starts off with a new series also set in San Francisco, this time featuring private investigator Wyatt Hunt and homicide detective Devin Juhle. Both have troubled pasts and are part of a group called The Hunt Club. They are investigating the murder of a federal judge and his young girlfriend. Hunt and Juhle complement each other in their investigational techniques. Hunt is unconventional and on the edge, while Juhle is analytical and has law enforcement resources [...]

    29. Lee on said:

      I like John Lescroart's books and so perhaps my expectations for this one were too high because I was disappointed. While the character of Wyatt Hunt - private detective - is shown early on to be a man of principal and determination, I could not understand why his friends, in particular Police Inspector Devin Juhle, were willing to follow him down a path of potential ruin while Hunt heedlessly corrupts crime scenes and interferes with witnesses and suspects. Hunt and Juhle sit around over a coup [...]

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