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Vanished The New York Times bestselling master of the modern thriller Boston Globe returns with his most compelling hero and his most electrifying tale yet Lauren Heller and her husband Roger are out to dinn

  • Title: Vanished
  • Author: Joseph Finder
  • ISBN: 9780312379087
  • Page: 186
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The New York Times bestselling master of the modern thriller Boston Globe returns with his most compelling hero and his most electrifying tale yet.Lauren Heller and her husband, Roger, are out to dinner one night when they re brutally attacked Twenty four hours later, Lauren awakes in the hospital to find that her husband has vanished without a trace The only one wThe New York Times bestselling master of the modern thriller Boston Globe returns with his most compelling hero and his most electrifying tale yet.Lauren Heller and her husband, Roger, are out to dinner one night when they re brutally attacked Twenty four hours later, Lauren awakes in the hospital to find that her husband has vanished without a trace The only one who has any chance of finding him is his brother, Nick, a high powered investigator with a private intelligence firm.Nick Heller is tough, smart, and stubborn Trained in the Special Forces, he specializes in digging up secrets that powerful people would rather keep hidden He and his brother have been estranged ever since the imprisonment of their notorious billionaire father But Nick will do anything to protect Lauren and her son He never backs down Even if it means taking on the most lethal enemies he s ever had to face.Plunged headlong into a desperate chase, Nick begins making shocking discoveries about his brother s life and about the giant defense contractor he works for Now, in order to keep Lauren and her teenage son alive, Nick must take on a powerful and deadly conspiracy that will stop at nothing to protect its secrets.With breathtaking suspense and pulse pounding action, right down to its final, astonishing twist, here is the finest of the contemporary thriller novelists Pittsburgh Post Gazette at the top of his game.

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      186 Joseph Finder
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    One thought on “Vanished

    1. Sue on said:

      Joseph Finder has done it againwritten another amazing action packed thriller.The first chapter has lots of drama and suspense and sets the tone for the rest of the book. It starts out with Lauren and her husband Roger Heller going out to dinner. As they are walking out of the restaurant, Roger forgets his wallet. He turns to head back into the restaurant, when he hears Lauren call his name. The last thing Lauren remembers before she awakens in a hospital bed is Roger saying “Why her”? Now R [...]

    2. D.B. Woodling on said:

      His brother has vanished. His sister-in-law brutally attacked. Larger-than-life Nick Heller wants answers, and he will inflict serious damage to get them. A talented writer, this author possesses the ability to simultaneously engage, educate, and entertain. He fluidly drops in backstory, much like a paratrooper infiltrates a war zone.With Vanished, Finder gives us a complex yet transparent plot involving military contract bribes, a deceptively happy marriage, Special Forces Ops, Defense Contract [...]

    3. Mark on said:

      A nice little thriller novel in the category of Ludlum-light. It opens with a brilliant heist of an airplanes contents and the hero of the book gets introduced while he solves the seemingly impossible crime. This first part never will bettered in this book about a generic Ludlum-like hero who investigates his own brothers disappearance and finds trouble on the way to the solution of this novel. The end is not that surprising for the weathered thriller reader.The saving grace of the book is that [...]

    4. Susan on said:

      I like Joseph Finder's books, but they can be uneven. Some were great, some so- so, but they always have a nice page-turning quality. This was a solid action thriller with a new ongoing character, Nick Heller, who has potential. There were some holes in the complicated plot that were all sort of tied into a nice package at the end. It will be interesting to see if the Heller series gets better. I'd like to see Nick move to Boston from D.C. Finder does his best writing when he really knows the ar [...]

    5. Freda Malone on said:

      This was a good heist or financial mystery thriller but I'm finding that I need to be really picky with Joseph Finder books. Sometimes I get a good one that compels me to give it 5 stars and some only 3 or 4. This one was typical, nothing new, common, unordinary. Finder is a great writer, but the stories don't grab me or make my heart beat faster with intensity.

    6. Joe on said:

      After eight stand-alone books, and at least to this reader, a steady decline with each subsequent release, this author has started a series with Vanished and has hit rock bottom. The protagonist, Nick Heller, is ex-Army Special Services now working in the private sector. Nick is a very obvious and unfortunately, a very poor caricature of Lee Child’s protagonist Jack Reacher.While Reacher is a loner, Heller works alone until he needs help. Then he picks up his cell-phone, and much like reaching [...]

    7. Book Haunt on said:

      Joseph Finder’s Vanished is the first book in the Nick Heller series. Nick Heller is an international investigator working for the high-powered intelligence firm, Stoddard Associates. His current assignment: locate the missing cargo which was part of a shipment belonging to the Traverse Development Group. But when all signs point to the case being wrapped up too tidily, Nick just isn’t buying it. Coinciding with Nick’s case, his estranged brother Roger is kidnapped. Nick’s relationship w [...]

    8. Giovanni Gelati on said:

      Last Sunday, I shared with you a series of novels I thought would make you laugh and cringe at the same time. This week I have a novel for you that have recently been released in paperback, Joseph Finder’s Vanished. To say I am a fan is an understatement. I have read all his novels and always look forward to the next. So, if you wish, click off here, thinking I am a homer, see you tomorrow, maybe. Me being the Yankees fan I was raised to be, always can find something wrong with things in Bosto [...]

    9. Kristin on said:

      Please allow me to emphasize, I read this as an audiobook. Much of my impressions may have been influenced by the narrator - audiobooks are like that. A mediocre book can become stellar by a voice, and stellar book can be tedious.This was a interesting book with a narrator who's voice bugged me, the result of which more often than not I was left sniggering and snickering at the book or banging my fists against the steering wheel in frustration. My main contention was with the female character - [...]

    10. Mr on said:

      No Jack Reacher is this Nick Heller guy, although they bear some superficial similarities and fan-fiction types like to hypothetically match them against each other like Batman v. Superman. Nick is ex-Special Forces, now an investigator with an elite, D.C.-based private intelligence firm that specializes in both digging up secrets and burying them on behalf of powerful people and corporations. He also is rather boring. Nick spends most of VANISHED on an off-the-books mission looking for his brot [...]

    11. Stuart on said:

      Vanished by Joseph Finder: I was unimpressed with this book. It was OK, but, for me, somewhat formulaic. I read a review that encouraged me to read it; a new series by a thriller master. The new series features a Jack Bauer / Jack Ryan type of superhero, called Nick Heller. The story revolves around the brother of the hero who is the “vanished” of the title. At first the brother’s disappearance seems like a kidnapping, but it spirals into something much more complicated, which is a nice pl [...]

    12. William Ramsay on said:

      Another thriller. I keep saying I don't generally read this sort of book and now I know why. I bought Vanished because I liked Finder's earlier book, Paranoid. Paranoid was original and fast moving with a hero I could relate to. Vanished is contrived and conceived, I think on a white board like so many TV shows. The main characters are super heroes or arch villains. This whole mess was a vast disappointment. This is why I generally avoid vest selling thrillers. I have to move on to something mor [...]

    13. Pierre Tassé on said:

      This is not the typical book for me. I am more covert ops etc. Having said that, there is a lot to be said for the way that Joseph Finder writes and how the chapters are crisp and keep you reading and interested in how the story line develops. I had some of the story figured out but there are always twists and turns and that is what makes a good writer. I have already reserved Buried Secrets (Nick Heller #2)-which tells you I found the book worth the read.

    14. Jerome on said:

      Boring, easy to put down, but less easy to finish.Heller works alone until he needs help. Then he picks up his cell-phone, and much like reaching into a tool-box to find what he needs, dials a number - demolitions expert, computer genius, security expert - they're all one phone call away.Heller can also become a one man army when necessary. Up against a Blackwater-like security/military firm, Heller decides to go right to the top and break into the CEO's isolated secure compound, for a one-on-on [...]

    15. gert on said:

      (same review for both books in the series, copied and pasted. because i'm lazy).i read mostly romance, but am finding myself completely bored with most. so i sought out my other favourite books - suspense-ish. i came upon the nick heller series by accident, and am seriously resenting there being only TWO books! so damn good!here's what you need to know:- similar to jack reacher, but better. nick heller has a great sense of humour and is far more self-aware then dear jack. - way smart - the story [...]

    16. D.K. on said:

      Joseph Finder did follow the hero rulebook with the creation of Nick Heller:Special Forces background (check)Troubled childhood (check)Has trouble with authority (check)Can punch his way out of a situation (check)Loner (check)Cracks cynical jokes when a pistol is pointed at his face (check)Tough guy with a good heart (check)What sets Nick Heller apart from the others is that Finder places him in a business environment (Heller is a corporate investigator). Heller isn’t fighting against a corrup [...]

    17. Arapahoe Libraries on said:

      One of my favorite corporate intrigue thrillers has long been Paranoia, and I'm terribly excited to tell you that this best selling author has done it again! In his new book, Mr. Finder introduces Nick Heller, an elite corporate intelligence specialist and former Special Services extraordinaire!In California, Nick receives a frantic phone call from his fourteen year old nephew begging him to come to Washington D. C. immediately as his father has vanished without a trace, and his mother is in a c [...]

    18. Bernie Charbonneau on said:

      This was a very good thriller novel. Mr. Finder introduces us for the first time to Nick Heller, former American Special Forces soldier. Unlike some of the other novels that I have read with these type of special training characters, Mr. Finder, for me, has made his character more realistic. By this I mean that Heller is not portraid as this super hero, larger-than-life fighting machine. The plot was well developed with enough twists in which, when you thought you had it figured out, nope, wrong [...]

    19. Chris on said:

      The vanished person premise for a plot is a little shopworn, but the author makes it work pretty well in this story about intrigue in the financial sector featuring a "Jack Reacher-lite" protagonist. On the plus side, the book is an easy read, it held my interest in the story, had some clever twists and good characters. I thought that the events towards the very end of the book were a bit of a letdown and that there were a few plot threads that were never resolved (perhaps that will happen in su [...]

    20. Sylvia on said:

      This is the first book I’ve read by this author and it’s in my favorite genre, Murder-Mystery. The story revolves around the assault of Lauren Heller and the disappearance of her husband Roger. Roger’s brother, Nick Heller, unravels the mystery and takes us through the shadow world of quasi government contractors and consultants. Nick is a former Special Services operative who now works for a private risk management firm which makes him especially suited to investigate what happened to his [...]

    21. Laurie on said:

      Good and Valuable Consideration written by Lee Child and Joseph Finder is what pointed me to the Nick Heller series, so I had a ex-Special Forces ass kicker in mind when I picked up this book and didn't fully get it. I would label this book as a Mystery but a Mystery Thriller is stretch it. Not saying there isn't excitement in the book but maybe not enough to make the book an easy read. I'm hoping it's just because it's a interdiction book and he had to get a lot of character building out of the [...]

    22. Renee M on said:

      3.5 stars. I don't read a lot of thrillers, but this really hit the spot and kept me turning pages. The text switches between the first person narrative of Nick Heller and third person for everything else. This was handled deftly and kept the important details from being obvious.

    23. Rob Cook on said:

      I read the fourth book in this series first and enjoyed it enough to want to start from the beginning. I liked this book and Heller is a fun character. I thought some of the situations were a bit hard to swallow (how many times can you sneak into a high end security company and steal stuff?) But overall it was a good story and I'll be back for more.

    24. Lchamp on said:

      This was a real page turner for me. The author kept me interested from the beginning and I finished it in just 2 or 3 sittings. I've already started #2 in the series.

    25. Jane Stewart on said:

      Really well done mystery. I was engaged all the way. But the audiobook narrator was annoying.I loved the way Nick and the reader learn things and clues along the way. No tell-all at the end. There were many interesting things, like the way Nick repeatedly set off window alarms to get in a building. I liked what he did with a FedEx envelope. I liked what he did to a key card. I liked how Nick learned something about Roger by what the father accidentally said.Someone compared Nick Heller to Jack R [...]

    26. Julie Davis on said:

      Where did I first hear of this? I'd have thought Brandywine Books which keeps my mystery/thriller "to read" list filled. But I don't see it there in my extremely casual search. Perhaps it was via The Curt Jester.Wherever I found it, I am enjoying it a lot so far in these first few chapters. Here's some of the description.Nick Heller is tough, smart, and stubborn. And in his line of work, it's essential. Trained in the Special Forces, Nick is a high-powered intelligence investigator--exposing sec [...]

    27. Tony on said:

      Joseph Finder- Vanished (St. Martin’s Press 2010) 4.25 StarsNick Heller’s brother was grabbed outside of a downtown restaurant and Nick’s nephew, Gabe, has asked for his help in finding his dad. Special Forces training and a job as a spy for hire has prepared him for a moment just like this. He intends to locate his brother no matter what secrets he must uncover and what scandals he will unearth. He will find out just how little he really knows about his brother and that he may not be so i [...]

    28. Michael on said:

      Lauren Heller is attacked after she and her husband Roger were out to dinner. When she wakes up in the hospital she finds that Roger has disappeared.Nick Heller is Roger's brother and although he and Roger haven't spoken in years, he is fond of Lauren and her son, Gabe.When they ask for Nick's help, he agrees and finds that Roger works as the CFO of a corporation and investigates corruption. He's found something, according to Lauren and she thinks he may have been kidnapped.When Nick investigate [...]

    29. James on said:

      This is the beginning of a new series, featuring Nick Heller. Nick was trained in the Special Forces and took those skills into the rough and tumble world of the private intelligence investigator. He is tough, smart, and stubborn. He needs those traits as he exposes secrets that powerful people would rather keep hidden. He is a guy that you want on your side in any problem. As the plot opens, Nick is on a routine(?) assignment looking for a stolen air transent shipment. What he discovers is a pa [...]

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