Runaways vol. 9: Dead Wrong

Terry Moore Humberto Ramos

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Runaways vol. 9: Dead Wrong

Runaways vol Dead Wrong The beginning of a whole new Runaways Comics legend Terry Moore Strangers in Paradise Echo and super star artist Humberto Ramos X Men Wolverine Spider Man run back to Los Angeles with your favorite

  • Title: Runaways vol. 9: Dead Wrong
  • Author: Terry Moore Humberto Ramos
  • ISBN: 9780785141198
  • Page: 426
  • Format: Paperback
  • The beginning of a whole new Runaways Comics legend Terry Moore Strangers in Paradise, Echo and super star artist Humberto Ramos X Men, Wolverine, Spider Man run back to Los Angeles with your favorite teen heroes But it s not the same city they left so long ago The Runaways try to stay off the radar, but the sins of their parents won t make that possible CollectsThe beginning of a whole new Runaways Comics legend Terry Moore Strangers in Paradise, Echo and super star artist Humberto Ramos X Men, Wolverine, Spider Man run back to Los Angeles with your favorite teen heroes But it s not the same city they left so long ago The Runaways try to stay off the radar, but the sins of their parents won t make that possible Collects Runaways Volume 3 1 6.

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      426 Terry Moore Humberto Ramos
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    One thought on “Runaways vol. 9: Dead Wrong

    1. Nicolo Yu on said:

      Except for an issue or two that I’ve read of Joss Whedon’s arc on the characters, this is the first time that I’ve read Runaways not written by Brian K. Vaughan. Terry Moore is an eminently capable writer whose work on his own characters in Strangers In Paradise is critically acclaimed. The artist on the art, Humberto Ramos, whose expressive art and affinity for depicting teenagers (Crimson, Impulse) makes him a perfect fit for these characters, so much that I wished he could have with Vau [...]

    2. Cisz Strasters on said:

      nee ik vind de originele runaways leuker. de oldskool artwork, de humor, de crossrefrences vele malen beter in de eerste serie. niet slecht, maar de magie is voor mij weg.

    3. Sesana on said:

      This felt like a huge step backwards for Runaways as a book. Chase's character growth? Thrown out the window. I can't be the only one who thinks that his character regressed to something like the second or third issue of the original series. That alone is very disappointing. But the central story, about a group of Majesdane soldiers come to collect Karolina, just wasn't very good. That Karolina is going to be put on trial for her parents' actions (which lead to the destruction of their homeworld [...]

    4. Scarlet Cameo on said:

      No se sí Terry Moore no entendió que los personajes habían crecido, si no supo como tratarlos o que ch*****os fue lo que paso. Debería parar aquí con esta serie antes de que comience a aparecer el instinto asesino.-RTC-

    5. Ana ☾ on said:

      3.5 maybe? Since Brian K. Vaughan is not part of the comics anymore they have been not as good as before. I still liked them, of course, but they were better before. Also, I didn't like the art of this volume, I miss the old one.

    6. Shera (Book Whispers) on said:

      It ticks me off when a good series suddenly changes things up. Sadly this volume not only changes up the art style, but it takes all the character development and stomps on it, and basically flips readers the bird. Chase is basically back to being an idiot jock. Even more brainless then when he first came into the series, and really mouthy. Talk about slapping Gert fans in the face. Overall the plot bored me. The resolution was sad and broke up the best thing about Runaways. Who knows if it will [...]

    7. Joana Veríssimo on said:

      This was quite a change, and really noticeable in the art and I honestly didn't like it as much it wasn't bad, it just didn't fit my personal style as much. But it did fit with what this comic set out to be, since the sypnosis centered around Molly and the art felt more childishI really like the new character - she's sweet, fun and excitable :) Everyone else is still good, but yeah, things have changed and the characters have changed - which makes sense, they've grown up and been so much but I t [...]

    8. Amanda on said:

      I didn't really enjoy this volume for several reasons. First and foremost, the story doesn't feel that strong. It's not really tried to any of the firsthand events that have occurred nor is it the result of the Pride's or their children's actions. The story, along with it's antagonists, appear completely out of left field and by volume's climax disappear just as quickly. Military personnel from Kar0lina's home world arrive on Earth with the intent to bring her back to her Majesdrane and put her [...]

    9. Julie on said:

      Man the art. Ugh, ugh, ugh! I thought it looked bad on the cover, but that it was just the cover, and maybe I could get over it. Then the introduction is from the youngest member of the group, so I thought maybe the whole thing was her point of view and I could handle perhaps the more childish style. But no, that didn't seem to be the case.And just when I thought I was finally getting used well, ignoring it fairly well, it would get even more horrid. UGH!! Chins, and noses particularly, but just [...]

    10. Chris Aylott on said:

      Spent last night and some of this morning catching up on several volumes of Runaways, the Marvel comic about a bunch of modern-day super-Boxcar Children battling evil in the streets and skies of Los Angeles. Unless they're in New York, or in the past, or dealing with the complications left by their dead villain parents, or all three of the above. Nothing deep here, just some good characters and storylines. I have to wonder if at this point they're making the series and assuming it'll be mostly r [...]

    11. Feather Mista on said:

      Había escuchado que la serie perdía toda su gracia en esta etapa. Y fue grato encontrarme con que no es así. Si bien deja la sensación de "lo mejor ya pasó", la historia de esta tomo está bien contada y narrada. El dibujo de Ramos le da la onda necesaria a una serie "juvenil" y desenfadada y el guion de Moore, aunque algo más cargoso que los de Vaughan y Whedon, se defiende. Las referencias pop están ahí, el lenguaje adolescente está ahí y los dilemas existencialistas también. A lo s [...]

    12. Jane on said:

      The feel of the series becomes lighter at this point. The characters become whinier and I felt like I'm reading an entirely different series. Molly seems to be acting even younger and has become bratty. I didn't find the Karolina story to be that interesting and it was a cheap way to lose Xavin. Nico is still weak as a leader and has poor control over her powers. Overall the characters feel stagnant and exaggerated. They've been on the run for awhile now, I would've liked to see the characters' [...]

    13. Amanda [Novel Addiction] on said:

      I didn't like the art in this one very much. The story was still good, and like with all the other volumes, the ending was epic and made me desperate for the next one. But yeah, the art was meh. Definitely reading the next one though. There's only two more volumes in this series (I think), so I will probably just go ahead and order both at once.

    14. Simon on said:

      One of the things I was most excited about, getting Marvel Unlimited, was catching up on the Runaways volumes I hadn't read yet.But whoa boy, was this a disappointment.

    15. Virginia on said:

      Though I didn't like the artwork in this volume, I enjoyed the story overall. (Even if I predicted several of the twists.)

    16. Nelson on said:

      This was a surprisingly good arc. I was expecting it to be a significant drop in quality from Vaughan and Whedon's runs, but Terry Moore managed to keep up. Sure, I will concede that it's not as good, but it's pretty damn close. Moore got all the character's voices right, especially Nico, Molly, and Xavin. Just overall a very fun story. Humberto Ramos' art can be hit or miss with me, but it was very enjoyable here, especially with the amazing Christina Strain on colors. She makes the Majesdanian [...]

    17. Martin Kurniadi on said:

      Nope. Nope. This just went downhill from the last volume.I don't know why they changed Brian K. Vaughn to Terry Moore, but they did. The illustrator who drew this too, changed (I don't like the drawing very much, thank you). The story became irrelevant, and not as original, like all usual Marvel movies when they have aliens fighting against each other.I hope the next one would be at least half good than this.

    18. Kend on said:

      Definitely an improvement over the previous volume. Karoline and Xavin's relationship matures and becomes the vehicle for a rewardingly complex conversation about personal responsibility and the ethics of love. Molly gets a few moments. The art is less distractingly mediocre than in some of the other volumes. All in all, a solid installment.

    19. Naslha Espinal on said:

      I undestood the "Scatted Spell" plot line, but seriously, the characters went down the pipeline. Also, the majesdane thing should have had more importance.Overall, very disappointing volume. Specially after the last two ones.

    20. Patrick on said:

      I'm fairly certain that the name of the Runaways game is roster change. Someone is added or removed from every 4-6 issues. There's no consistency.That isn't a huge problem, but it isn't the best format for me as a reader. I like the art and I dug the overall story.

    21. Jenette on said:

      Not a huge fan of this one. The artwork took a dive and the plot was seriously lacking, not to mention there was next to no character development and Chase seems to have regressed while almost all the other characters flailed.

    22. Felipe on said:

      se nota el cambio de escritor, los personajes son más como eran en el principio (se pierde un poco el desarrollo que llevaban avanzado) el estilo de la ilustración igual es un cambio drástico, pero no me molestó tanto

    23. Lorna on said:

      Runaways Vol.9: Dead Wrong (#1-#6): 2.5 ⭐ It wasn't that bad but something just fell weird on this vol.9 #1: ⭐⭐⭐.5 (3.5/5)#2: ⭐⭐⭐ (3/5)#3: ⭐⭐⭐.5 (3.5/5)#4: ⭐⭐⭐.5 (3.5/5)#5: ⭐⭐⭐ (3/5)#6: ⭐⭐⭐⭐ (4/5)

    24. Errrrrrick on said:

      I'm still enjoying it, but the trend of it becoming a more mainstream superhero comic that began with Joss Whedon's run is getting more noticeable.

    25. Chris on said:

      Had no idea what to expect from this but I picked it up on sale as I was curious about the TV series. While not a team I would normally be interested in, it was a really fun read.

    26. Joshua Williams on said:

      Moore’s is by far the weakest run on runaways of the three authors.

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