Destiny's Star

Elizabeth Vaughan

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Destiny's Star

Destiny s Star View our feature on Elizabeth Vaughan s Destiny s Star A return to the world of the Warlands Bethral a beautiful warrior and Ezren a quick witted storyteller are confronted with a civil war and a

  • Title: Destiny's Star
  • Author: Elizabeth Vaughan
  • ISBN: 9780425234679
  • Page: 246
  • Format: Paperback
  • View our feature on Elizabeth Vaughan s Destiny s Star.A return to the world of the Warlands Bethral, a beautiful warrior, and Ezren, a quick witted storyteller, are confronted with a civil war and a tribe or warriors with their own code of honor and their own rules of pleasure and partnership To stay alive they must learn new customs, confront their enemies, and conView our feature on Elizabeth Vaughan s Destiny s Star.A return to the world of the Warlands Bethral, a beautiful warrior, and Ezren, a quick witted storyteller, are confronted with a civil war and a tribe or warriors with their own code of honor and their own rules of pleasure and partnership To stay alive they must learn new customs, confront their enemies, and conceal Ezren s fiery power.

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      246 Elizabeth Vaughan
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    One thought on “Destiny's Star

    1. mlady_rebecca on said:

      The third book in the Palins series takes us back to the Plains. Turns out Bethral's mother was from the Plains, although Bethral had never been there before. But she had a tattoo marking her as part of the clan of the Horse, and she knew enough of the language to get by. Rewinding slightly. At the end of the third book, Ezren lost control of the wild magic and Bethral begged Evelyn to open a portal to a distant place where the magic couldn't hurt anyone. Bethral and Ezren literally fell to the [...]

    2. Barbara ★ on said:

      I really enjoyed the first two books in this series but I read them in 2008 and 2009 respectively so when I started Destiny's Star I had no clear recollection of the previous stories other than knowing that I liked them. This book is not a stand alone and cannot be understood or enjoyed without first reading Daggerstar and White Star immediately receding Destiny's Star. I couldn't follow what was going on at all and I suddenly didn't like either Bethral or Ezren and I liked them just fine in the [...]

    3. Stephanie Lorée on said:

      I've never been a fan of the romance genre, but Elizabeth Vaughan has me hooked with her romantic fantasies. Destiny's Star is Book #3 of her "Star Series" and Vaughan takes us back to the Plains from the "Chronicles of the Warlands Series." Avid readers of her work will find this enjoyable and newcomers will be instantly pulled into her wonderful world.Destiny's Star is a classic love story about one talespinning guy who can't properly sit a horse, and one warrior girl who's shy with men but no [...]

    4. Mandi Schreiner on said:

      REVIEWED BY AMANDAOur heroine is Bethral a fierce warrior charged with the protection of her young queen Glorianna.Our hero, Ezern Silvertongue is a storyteller with a pain filled past. Bethral on a whim that she cannot explain saves Ezern from a life of slavery and certain death.Bethral harbours a love for Ezern since the moment he looked up into her eyes while she was rescuing him from his slavers. Feeling that there is no way that he can ever feel the same about her, she chooses to watch him [...]

    5. Blodeuedd Finland on said:

      This is book 3 but you can read it as a standalone novel. I read book 2 two years ago and I had forgotten some things but thanks to the book I was soon up to speed on things. Because each of these books are about a new woman. I actually read book 2 first, then book 1 and then this one (you know how it is.) Also to be noted is that yes this is the series by Elizabeth Vaughan but she is published as Beth Vaughan in the UK.Bethral is in love with Ezren and he is on love with her. But neither thinks [...]

    6. Darcy on said:

      I love the world that these books are set in. This time we start out in the Palins, but very quickly leave there for the Plains where the past few books have been. The Plains people have a very simple life, what I love about them is their way of speaking. Should you want to ask someone a question you think might upset them you ask for their token and both parties speak freely with no consequences. This ritual was put to the test quite a bit during this book in interesting ways.I also loved the q [...]

    7. Donald J. Bingle on said:

      Destiny's Star is a fantastic, richly-detailed, exhilarating, and satisfying conclusion to Elizabeth Vaughan's second fantasy trilogy. Not only are the characters complex and flawed and compelling, the world of the Plains is rich and beautiful, the emotions portrayed true to heart, and the dialogue set forth credible and entertaining. Most important to me as a fantasy fan, however, is that the legends and the customs and the practices and the beliefs of the tribes on the Plains are so incredibly [...]

    8. Maria on said:

      The conclusion to Vaughan's second trilogy looped around to the Plains of her first trilogy. Bethral is a mercenary and when she is sucked into a magic portal with Ezren Silvertongue, she knows that she must protect them both and return them to their home.Why I picked up this book: I new from the teaser that they would be sent to the Plains, and I love that culture.Why I finished it: I loved the different perspective on the land that I had fallen in love with in Vaughan's first trilogy. (Warpriz [...]

    9. Milly on said:

      Very disappointing. Really tried to get into this book but found it very difficult.I thoroughly enjoyed the first two books so picked this one up.Betheral - our main character didn't seem as solid as the heroines in the first two books. Her personality seemed to vary between "timid" (around Ezren mainly) and "Strong". Two traits which are difficult to imagine in one character.In comparison to Red and Evelyn (Red Gloves and White Star) I actually found her quite weak - even though she's supposed [...]

    10. Barb in Maryland on said:

      A lovely wrap up to the story arc that began in Dagger Star. This story focuses on Bethral, lady warrior and Ezran Silvertongue, a story teller by profession and unfortunate possessor of Wild Magic. A burst of that wild magic sends Bethral and Ezran dropping out of the sky onto the Plains. Bethral has knowledge of the Plains(her mother was a daughter of the Plains) and helps Ezran cope with life among the horse nomads that we first met in the Warprize story arc. Danger comes when the warrior-pri [...]

    11. MaryLennox on said:

      Much better, EV, much better.I really should have taken notes throughout the series about things that bothered me (there were a great many) but with Destiny's Star finally with some decent pacing I decided to shut my inner yap and just keep reading to find out what happens next.It was a satisfying read - unlike the first of the star trilogy (abysmal!) I really do appreciate the world-building that EV accomplishes, but there's so many questions left unanswered, so many starts and stops to charact [...]

    12. Estara on said:

      How lovely to get a crossover from the Star Series to the Warlord series (and the knowledge that the next book will have two of the side characters from the Warlord series at the center). I wish the author would get a better style editor, because there are occasional repetitive phrases about the beauty of the heroine or the unworthiness of the hero - and while the heroine's leg is broken for quite a while at the start (and she seriously thinks she might have to die) she then seems to need to exp [...]

    13. Pam Duddy on said:

      It is an enjoyable beach read. You should definitely read the other books in the series before this one - otherwise you will be a little lost. It adds more to the customs of the Plains and shows that people can change and grow, even when thought to be stuck in their ways. The characters are engaging and the story of Ezren and Bethral is satisfying. The only drawback was the ending - it was very abrupt and clearly was intended to leave an opening for the next story. Yet reading the author's note [...]

    14. Clarke on said:

      At the end of the last book (White Star) Storyteller Ezren's wild magic flared up and Lady Bethral carried him though a portal. They awake to find themselves stranded on the Plains (I loved how this story tied into the Warprise Series). They now must face new dangers as they struggle to survive in a new culture and place. This book focuses on the Warrior- Priests their magics and why Ezren was sent to the Plains. The story is good but the ending pops up adds some action and then leaves us hangin [...]

    15. Lynn Calvin on said:

      Third in what I think of as the "Red Gloves" sequence, ties back to the previous Warlands series by this author.She does a pretty good job of creating a fantasy world that works, more or less, for me as a fantasy reader.I found the bad guy to be a bit over the top, and would mind more nuanced antagonists, but the female warrior heroine worked for me and while I usually have little or no use for horse nomad stories this one was better in that the horses were so supermagical and the people actuall [...]

    16. Patrice on said:

      I was right about the characters this book would be centered around. I knew that it took place in the Warlands world, but this book really connected the lines of stories from both series and was pretty enlightening about the world. She's hinted at the subject of her next book (revisiting some characters from the original trilogy) and I'm really excited about it. Will it be another trilogy and if so, will the character focus remain through out, as in the Warlands series or shift with each book as [...]

    17. Ruth on said:

      c2010. This one also appeared mysteriously. I do not remember ordering it but there it was waiting at the library for me. Definitely YA - not for adult comsumption. A banal and simple romance set in another world and called fantasy. I would recommend as an introduction to speculative fiction for say 16-17 year olds although there is - what could be described as an explicit sex romp and even that wasn't very well written. Sorry, Ms Vaughn - could not recommend.

    18. Katie Mcmillen on said:

      A companion to the original series, this book can be read as a stand alone but is much more meaningful if the other books are read first. This books is written in third person point of view but is still only a four star book. Although it is a solid book, I have read better. Destiny's Star is worth the read but not the buy.

    19. Marianne on said:

      It's funny how this was the Pallins book that I didn't feel that keen to read, and it turned out to be the most engrossing of the trilogy. I liked both Bethral and Ezren, and the new characters, and buildup to the final "battle" and the battle itself was great.

    20. Mariah on said:

      This was an interesting read; from a female warrior to a male singer with magical gifts this story brings out both humor and action. I really enjoyed it, especially the male character Ezren, who provided much interest for me.

    21. Laura (Kyahgirl) on said:

      I liked that this book brought us back to the people of the plains who I quite liked from the Warprize series. There were lots of interesting personalities and the story of Bethral and Ezren comes full circle. I hope that Elizabeth Vaughan writes more stories tying the two worlds together.

    22. Kendra on said:

      Re-ReadBethal and Ezren's story and takes us back to the Plains, and basically ends shortly before the final couple of chapters of Warcry. I forgot how much I enjoyed everything being tied in without knowing it.

    23. Trinity on said:

      The main plot if this story was looking good and interesting however the ending disappointed me a little bit, there wasn't enough at the end to wrap it up it up completely to satisfy me. But I would still recommend it, The love story inside the story was waning a tiny bit too- Not enough for me.

    24. Kerr on said:

      I didn't like this one as much as the other two, but it was still quite good! (not sure if the early mornings had something to do with it) And an open ending! What happened? Will there be more books? ugh

    25. Valora on said:

      I loved the whole trilogy! Can't wait to get my hands on the WarPrize series. Great read, highly recommend. :)

    26. Lesli on said:

      I think I liked this one of the three the best. There's something about Ezren I like.

    27. Maya on said:

      cover women in sleeveless tops and holding swords I've seen before, but cleavage that absorbs lightning strikes? awesome

    28. Melanie on said:

      Same world as Warlord series, leaves open end to more in the Star series and note in back says there is another Warlord series book.

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