Dark Embrace

Mina Carter

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Dark Embrace

Dark Embrace She wanted vengeance He didn t want a wife One bite changed everything Maria Ravensford is a woman on a mission A mission of vengeance Determined to avenge the death of her young sister at the hands o

  • Title: Dark Embrace
  • Author: Mina Carter
  • ISBN: 978160081453
  • Page: 148
  • Format: ebook
  • She wanted vengeance He didn t want a wife One bite changed everything Maria Ravensford is a woman on a mission A mission of vengeance Determined to avenge the death of her young sister at the hands of Rogue vampires, the petite Dhampir takes to the streets to hunt them.Unfortunately things don t go precisely to plan and it s only the arrival of Marak, a darkly handsomShe wanted vengeance He didn t want a wife One bite changed everything Maria Ravensford is a woman on a mission A mission of vengeance Determined to avenge the death of her young sister at the hands of Rogue vampires, the petite Dhampir takes to the streets to hunt them.Unfortunately things don t go precisely to plan and it s only the arrival of Marak, a darkly handsome vampire Warrior, that saves her life Trouble is, the bite that saves her life also takes her fully into the world of the Kyn where Marak is waiting to claim her.

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      148 Mina Carter
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    One thought on “Dark Embrace

    1. BookWormAli on said:

      I liked this book but I wish it had been longer into a full novel and more developed.Full review laterybe

    2. Ingrid Stephanie Jordan on said:

      Title: Blood Vow  Series: KynDestination: Book 1 93 Pages,.Author: Mina CarterReviewer: Ingrid Stephanie Jordan Genre: #PRN #Vampires #WarrioroftheKynMy Score:   #5Stars☆☆☆☆☆♡¤▪♡¤▪♡¤▪♡¤▪♡¤▪♡¤▪♡¤▪♡     Ohhhhh yeah this was good, just the other day I was saying I can't get into a Vampire story latly and here Ms. Mina sends this rewritten book of the Kyn. Oh wait it's rewritten, with extra extraordinary pieces added and I know for a fact it is r [...]

    3. Hayat on said:

      1.5 starsThis novella has a kick-ass half vampire heroine determined to get revenge on the crazed rogue vampires who killed her sister, a protective hero who is a prince of the vampire warrior race, lots of action and romance. Within a few pages I realised this book reminded me of the The Black Dagger Brotherhood, but the excellent potential and promising beginning gave way to a disappointing hypocritical hero, a heroine with serious self-esteem issues, contrived overly dramatic misunderstanding [...]

    4. Yvonne Daniels on said:

      WOW This is so EntertainingBlood Vow Vampire Warrior Romance Kyn Series Book 1by Mina Carter🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟OMG! I enjoyed this story and it's fantastic. This is a must MUST read! It's one of the my favourite book that I have read. There's parts that is scorching hot and the chemistry has lots of sparks and the danger need I say more! The sister is a force to deal with and she is so wicked! The story has twists which will put you on the edge of your seat. This story is so exciting that I cou [...]

    5. Pet on said:

      I have a low tolerance for contrived drama, an even lower tolerance for sudden Saintly forgiveness.(view spoiler)[First of all, she didn't even know his real name, he forced himself into her life, and I think getting yourself almost killed would have been a little extreme for any woman to use to get a husband. So how did he possibly convince himself she was a gold digger?Then after calling her names, tossing her out of his home without even making sure she got to her home safely. He struts back [...]

    6. becky on said:

      Opinion on this bookReally hot book read it in 3 hours. Very good characterizes and good story line, was sorry it ended so quickly.

    7. Daria on said:

      Mina Carter’s newest release oh so does it for me. I read it in one sitting being a short great and great read. I liked the fact the story wasn’t long and drawn out And just enough story, detail and personality to catch and keep my attention. The story moves pretty fast as a halfling female is set out on revenge and out for rogue blood.Her father would rather see her settle and married, but that because of her blood that may not happen. No one wants a half-breed.The King a Vampire breed know [...]

    8. Diana Rising on said:

      This excellent vampire romance has a unique world of vampires. I hope the author writes more with this vampire culture.

    9. Monica on said:

      I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book. I really loved it! It was different and had a kick butt heroine BUT she was also a realistic heroine who got her butt handed to her. Maria is a half human/half vampire Kyn. Not totally a vampire. human but she makes up for it in kicking butt. Her sister was killed and ever since she has trained and taught herself to slay rogue vampires who were responsible. Maria has a lot of baggage because of what she is. She lacks a little self-confi [...]

    10. Poetic Puppy on said:

      Out to avenge the death of her sister, Maria crosses paths with Marak and both are more than happy to lie about who they really are. When the truth comes out, they’ll have to work through their issues or lose what could have been.I’m really not sure this book is worth the money to be honest. It’s a nice, easy read but that’s really all it is. It’s seriously lacking in substance and could do with some editing to pad out the story. If you don’t want anything too deep then this is proba [...]

    11. Dakota on said:

      It was alright. defiantly something quick to read in the afternoon. The only thing is that the while the MCs day they love each other and all that as the reader I don't know if I believe them. All the feelings are rushedspoilersThis was really annoying, he dumps her, she is about to marry some other dude, he shows up at the wedding to stop it and they get together. Completely ignoring the fact that 1) he just kicked her to the curb without so much as a explain yourself. and 2) she was about to m [...]

    12. Stephanie on said:

      Short but hits all of my sweet spots!I stumbled upon this by accident and my how glad I am that I did! After reading just two chapters I stopped and went ahead and bought the other two books in the series so I could read continually. I love this couple and how they work together. Marak and Maria are a great pair. I love how she fights rogues and how sassy she is. This book is short, only 120 pages, but the way it moves leaves you feeling like there was more, it totally satisfies you. I've read m [...]

    13. Goddess of Chaos on said:

      Marak and Maria are and attitude filled delightMarak is accustomed to bring in command of his situation, and his people. But Maria has no clue who he is, or why she shouldn't stand up for herself and the goals she is determined to achieve.Their frustration with one another as each tried to figure out how to deal with someone who broke the mold they were accustomed to was delightful.Having already read Feral's story, I enjoyed his role here, having some idea what lays ahead of him.This is a solid [...]

    14. Carole Klimesch on said:

      I enjoyed the Blood Vow by Mina Carter . Actually I've read several of her books.I don't know if it was too short or I wasn't ready for it to end. I could dissect the values in it but I'd rather u do that. It created a world that consisted of Kyn Vampire warriors born and trained to kill rouges. The heroine is a Dhampir who wants revenge for her sisters death. Unfortunately, the warriors didn't take kindly to a human trying to do their job. Unknown to them, she wasn't the human they thought but [...]

    15. Trish R. on said:

      I love Mina Carter, she's one of the few authors that can write short stories and packed in quite a lot given how short the stories are. The only drawback about how Mina Carter writes is the H never have to grovel a lot to win his lady back and it always leaves me dissatisfied. He's in the doghouse, make him grovel a bit more before you drop your panties! Other than that, I quite dig this series. The second book is so much better.

    16. Louise Nunn on said:

      A fantastic vampire as the good guys story! I loved this fast paced, action filled story. The vampires nature is secondary to this compelling story line. Maria is a complicated character with a mission to complete. Marak is kind of arrogant, but still sweet. The characters make this great story even better than the most excellent plot. I enjoyed reading it, in fact, i read it straight through! I highly recommend it!

    17. Questian on said:

      I was given a ARC. However, i just around reading it just now.I love the way Ms. Carter writes her stories. Simple yet fulfilling. I am actually hoping for another book in this series. From the start to the end of the book, it made me happy. I mean, i was feeling really gloomy today, and reading her book made things easy for me. There is not much to say. But i look forward to reading another book from this new series of hers.

    18. Chrismcandrew on said:

      It felt like I was there watching and experiencing the story.I literally read this in one sitting,which I have never done.It was 5am when I went to bed ,I had stayed up all night .I loved this book and got lost in,the story.The characters are so well written.It was like I could picture what each looked like,feel what each character was feeling.I cried.My second review EVER THIS WAS AN AMAZING BOOK.

    19. Jeri on said:

      Woo hoo, sexy times and vampires. And some bad rogues to battle, fight and overcome. Great feels, great dialogue and fantastic story. Can't wait to read the next installment in this series. Enjoy! This book has been provided by the author with no expectations and that in no way influences my review.

    20. Barbara Stewart on said:

      after her sister was killed maria decided she was going to kill as many rogues as she could. she took classes and went out to kill rogues. her first one is a fresh turn so he wasn't as hard as the older ones. when she is found by a warrior who is the king, she is told to go home. she is to human to kill rogues. but he doesn't know she is half vampire.

    21. Michelle McCaulley on said:

      Took a chance, loved it!I was pleasantly surprised on a book I found browsing. Great story line, characters seem real in emotions. It's a quick book, but the love wasn't rushed. A great balance. I have a new author to love and I'll be reading her other books.

    22. Carol on said:

      I enjoyed this book. I would have liked it to be a little longer and to have a little more detail, particularly about how it all works. But I liked the characters and the story.Overall, it was well-written and a good read.

    23. Lydia on said:

      Vampire.or rather Kyn societyA good variation on vampires. Thoigh i was a bit disappointed Maria just forgave Maral so quickly. The things he said plus the pain she suffereddidn't seem enough to just say "sorry". Other then that, awesome book!

    24. Vanessa on said:

      It's has a very good and well written intro into the romance - which takes up probably 3/4 of the book. But when the novel finally gets to the sappy part, it seems rushed, with little detail and little further character development.

    25. Jennifer McKay on said:

      Enjoyable Fun story by a great author. I really enjoyed the story. I would recommend it for anyone that likes vampire love stories

    26. Greeneyes Belle28 on said:

      I absolutely loved this book. Mikal or may I say Marak and Maria's book was really good.

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