Chronicler of the Winds

Henning Mankell Tiina Nunnally

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Chronicler of the Winds

Chronicler of the Winds World famous for his Kurt Wallander mysteries Henning Mankell has been published in thirty five countries with than million copies of his books in print In Chronicler of the Winds he gives us so

  • Title: Chronicler of the Winds
  • Author: Henning Mankell Tiina Nunnally
  • ISBN: 9781595580580
  • Page: 366
  • Format: Hardcover
  • World famous for his Kurt Wallander mysteries, Henning Mankell has been published in thirty five countries, with than 25 million copies of his books in print In Chronicler of the Winds, he gives us something different a beautifully crafted novel that is a testament to the power of storytelling itself On the rooftop of a theater in an African port, a ten year old boWorld famous for his Kurt Wallander mysteries, Henning Mankell has been published in thirty five countries, with than 25 million copies of his books in print In Chronicler of the Winds, he gives us something different a beautifully crafted novel that is a testament to the power of storytelling itself On the rooftop of a theater in an African port, a ten year old boy lies slowly dying of bullet wounds He is Nelio, a leader of street kids, rud to be a healer and a prophet, and possessed of a strangely ancient wisdom.One of the millions of poor people forced to eat life raw, Nelio tells his unforgettable story over the course of nine nights After bandits cruelly raze his village, he joins the legions of abandoned children living in the city s streets An act of the imagination, an effort to prove to his comrades that life must be than mere survival, cuts short Nelio s life.Already published in thirteen countries, Chronicler of the Winds was shortlisted for the Nordic Council Prize for Literature and was nominated for the Swedish Publishers Association s August Prize.

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      366 Henning Mankell Tiina Nunnally
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    One thought on “Chronicler of the Winds

    1. Pequete on said:

      Acabei há umas horas e é difícil descrever o quanto gostei. O livro descreve a vida dos meninos de rua de Moçambique (mas poderiam ser de0 outro sitio qualquer). À partida poderia parecer uma "história batida", mas não é. Está contada com uma sensibilidade tal, que nos faz entrar naquelas vidas de uma forma que não é muito vulgar um livro conseguir. Ainda só acabei de ler o livro há poucas horas, mas acho que ele vai ficar comigo por muito tempo. E de cada vez que olhar para as minh [...]

    2. Perihan on said:

      "Dünya böyle işte İnsanlar ev değil , saklanacak yerler yapıyorlar."Çocukluğunu sokaklarda yitirmiş olan , sokak çocuklarının dramı, hiçbir kitapta bu kadar duygusal bir şekilde anlatılamazdı.Şiir gibi bir anlatım, su gibi akıyor lakin geçtiği yerlerde derin çukurlar açıyor Koca koca hüzün çukurları

    3. THE on said:

      The CHRONICLER OF THE WINDS is a work of such haunting imagery, vivid emotional appeal, and serious intent that any attempt to characterize it or review it is doomed to reveal the faltering skills of the commentator. This is a novel of such infinite interpretation, mythic splendor, and humanistic intent that it cannot simply be read, but must be savored as a rare literary treat.Mankell, noted for his Wallander detective series, provides a diversion from his earlier writings to enter the world of [...]

    4. Anna on said:

      I can't remember ever reading such a haunting book about the injustices of the world and the cruelty of humans (with a nice kick at "aid workers"), told with such respect for the characters.

    5. Conny on said:

      Der Erzähler in diesem Buch ist eigentlich der Zuhörer: Er hört dem mosambikanischen Strassenjungen Nelio zu, den er mit einer Schusswunde in einem Theater auffindet und jetzt zu pflegen versucht. Jede Nacht erzählt Nelio etwas mehr von seiner Geschichte: Von der Vertreibung aus seinem Heimatdorf, von verschiedenen Begegnungen und seinem Leben auf der Strasse. Der Anfang des Buches ist leider etwas zäh und mit vielen Wiederholungen; aber plötzlich kommt der Moment, in dem man in die Geschi [...]

    6. Wilde Sky on said:

      A man finds a wounded street child and hides him on the roof of a theatre where the child recounts his life.For first forty odd pages I was going to give up on this book, then the boy started revealing his dark past and I was hooked. The writing is full of detailed imagery (some of which is very disturbing) and thoughts/ ideas that made me stop and think. Even after finishing this book I still find myself thinking about some of the ideas in it.This book won’t be for everyone but if you are loo [...]

    7. Hande Dilbaz on said:

      kitap akıcı ve kendini okutturuyordu ama sokak çocuğu olmak zor! Yazarın anlatımı da beğendim.

    8. Charles on said:

      Manning Henkel's "Chronicler of the Winds" places me in Africa with voices that will not be silenced; voices that must echo; voices that long to heard by all who will listen.

    9. _speedy on said:

      I have to keep talking about this earth, which is sinking farther and farther into unconsciousness, where people must live to forget and not to remember. I have to keep speaking so that the dreams will not grow hot with fever, then cool and finally die.Oh, Henning Mankell you genius!I loved Kurt Wallander, I liked your thoughts about Sweden, I liked how you saw the good and the bad in people and how you incorporated that in your books. And did I like this book? Of course I did. I can't imagine e [...]

    10. Abailart on said:

      Not Wallander, yet a line taken straight from a Wallander novel - referring to the fact that people build houses not as homes but as hideaways - this is a carefully constructed fable of an eternal permeation of the horrors of life and love. It is dreamlike, symbolic and draws attention to itself as a construction, a theatre attached to a bakery offering many possibilities here. The violence of attrition, the steel iconography of past horrors (in statues and toppled relics), the precipitous verti [...]

    11. Maryjoamani on said:

      I was skeptical the first 40 pages, it read beautifully but reminded me of too many other books, almost as if copied, but then, as I came to know Nelio and the other street children, I fell in love--with each of them, with the author, with the writing. This book is set in Mozambique, written by a Swedish theater director who shares his life between Sweden and Mozambique. A poetic, lyrical book that provokes more questions than it answers. I saw Nelio's story as that of the classic hero in mythol [...]

    12. Ayse Sen on said:

      Bu kitabı ucuz olduğu için almıştım. Ama hikayeyi öyle sevdim, öyle benimsedim ki, neden daha önce bu kitabı keşfetmemişim diye hayıflandım. Sokak çocuğu Nelionun hayatı içimi parçaladı, hikaye anlamlı, çeviri çok güzel, kitabın kalitesi de çok iyi. herkese tavsiye ediyorum.

    13. ReaderSP on said:

      This book (and another by the same author) was given to me by a Swedish guy I work with as a secret(!) santa present, as soon as I googled the book and realised that the author was Swedish, it didn’t take my detective skills too long to figure out who gave it to me. I had not heard of this book or author before and finding new authors and reading their back catalogue is one of my favourite things, so I was excited to start reading.Set in Mozambique, the story we follow is Nelio’s, a dying 10 [...]

    14. Frances Sawaya on said:

      True! It is possible that my five-star rating has as much to do with Mankell the man as well as Mankell the writer. I finished this inspiring and haunting book this morning and then spent several hours reading about Mankell who lives with "One foot in the snow and one foot in the sand." I admire his work in dealing with AIDS in Africa, his journey on the flotilla to break the Gaza barriers, his determination to keep the African stories alive and his constant questioning about where evil comes fr [...]

    15. Eric on said:

      Chronicler of the Winds is a novel of true literary merit. Henning Mankell, the author of the very popular Kurt Wallender police detective series set in Sweden, shows his breadth of capabilities in Chronicler. We should never forget the extraordinary range of day to day living throughout our world. The kinds of lives billions of people somehow manage to live through is incomprehensible to me. The story of Nelio is just one of those billions of stories of just surviving each day. Here are some of [...]

    16. Alicia on said:

      Henning Mankell is a thriller writer (with a very good series for the mystery buffs among us) who has branched out with his latest book and has successfully pulled off a completely different kind of novel. Set in an unknown country in Africa the narrator, a baker, finds what he thinks is a street boy who has been shot. Nelio is so much more however and telling his story changes the life of the baker forever.Some reviewers will find the occasional dips into magical realism to be a flaw in the nov [...]

    17. Sudama hebert on said:

      Un livre incroyable empli d'un profond humanisme.Parfois très triste comme seul les belles choses peuvent l'être.Les évènements qui y sont relatés sont d'un réalisme tel que l'on veut y croire. Tristesse, beauté et horreur y sont tellement entremêlé qu'on ne sait plus trop ce que l'on doit ressentir, ce qui n'empêche pas de le ressentir quand même. Comme un tapis multicolore fait de bout de tissus disparates et de texture différente que l'on ressent sous nos pieds.À lire absolument! [...]

    18. Rafael on said:

      Solo se necesitan nueve noches para contar magistralmente un libro. Es el tiempo que le tomo a Mankell para expresar poéticamente, descarnadamente la realidad de los niños de la calle en un lugar de África ( Mozambique). Como puede uno concientizarse que la extrema pobreza es producto de la injusticia que aflora cuando los niños uno a uno son producto de esta.Es de verdad recomendable, si lo leen, lo entenderán.

    19. Book on said:

      An engaging and mystical novel about street children in Mozambique. Centered around Nelio, a dying ten year old street child. It's a story of the loss of humanity and the disregard of these children's plight and a truly touching account of their lives. Powerful, harrowing and very different from Mankell's excellent mystery series.

    20. Barbara on said:

      How can a great writer of one genre, write so exquisitely in a totally different genre? Henning Mankell was an author who achieved just that. The story of Nelio, the street boy from Africa, is spellbinding!

    21. Dilan Çapar on said:

      Aramadan bulduğum kitaplardan biri.İyi ki de çıkmış karşıma.Denizi çok güzel tarif etmiş.Bir de aşkıDaha 10 yaşında ama yaşından çok çok daha büyük bir kahraman Nelio!

    22. Krysthopher Woods on said:

      Uno de los libros más hermosos que leí en mucho tiempo.

    23. Aileen on said:

      What could have been a very depressing tale was actually a lovely read. Nelio, a 10 year old street boy in a Mozambique city has been shot in the theatre. He is found by Jose, a baker, who takes him up to the roof of the building at his insistence, and there over the course of the next nine days Nelio tells the baker his story. At five years old he witnesses his village massacred by the rebels, manages to escape from them and starts walking. With nowhere in mind, he relies upon the people he mee [...]

    24. Paz Piña on said:

      "Los hombre ya no construyen casas, construyen escondites".Es el primer libro que leo de Henning Mankell y por lo que entiendo uno de los menos conocidos del autor, aquí hace referencia a un mundo olvidado e ignorado por muchos, un mundo que esta enfrente de nuestros ojos pero volteamos la cara para no darnos cuenta que es parte de nuestra vida diría: Los niños de la calle.La historia se situa en Africa, epoca de guerrillas, llena de violencia y pobreza donde los niños pasan a ser de nadie, [...]

    25. M. on said:

      Superbe!Une histoire poignante et poétique. Un regard sur le monde et l'humain, sa folie et sa beauté. Une superbe histoire d'amitié, de loyauté, de relations humaines. Mais une dechirante histoire de misère, d'inégalités, de vices de la société humaine. Une écriture dėliée, libre, galopante, entraînante.

    26. Rebekkah on said:

      At times Mankell lost the believability factor in his young protagonist - I could hear the forty year old author rather than the ten year old character. Other than those moments, it was well-thought out and deep in its reaches.

    27. Oznur on said:

      İyi kitapları insanlarla paylaşmayı görev biliyorum. Bu kitabı özellikle çevremdeki çocuklarla paylaşacağım. Umarım kendilerininkinden farklı yaşamlar olduğunu kavramalarına yardımcı olur. İyi kitap, büyük hikaye.

    28. Kathy on said:

      This is the story of a 10-year-old street boy, Nelio, told as he lays dying, to a baker who is also a keen observer. I know that the author has divided his time between Sweden and Mozambique, but I hadn't read any of his African stories, and this one is vague about time and place, which gives it a fantastical air. Primarily a depressing book, but I would read more of his books.

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